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Been planning this for 3 years & I'm finally ready...

Been planning this for 3 years & I'm finally ready. Making my deposit Monday. Super excited. I'm 29 gonna be 30 when the actual surgery happens. I planned 3 weeks off of work. I've put in my days just waiting on approval. Taking it regardless tho. My pud from work is doing it with me. My butt buddy lol. Anyways just preparing myself to get prepared. I smoke weed & that's gonna be the hardest thing to quit I'm a proud stoner lol love weed but imma LOVE that ass more! Lol

few things about me

I'm 5 foot 6 170lbs was told not to gain or lose weight. Was quoted 5000 for dr. Hasan of vanity Miami. April 2016 here I come. Totally ready. Planning on taking some pre op vitamins MAKE ME HEAL.

a few wish pics...

Love tahiry Jose. Rah Ali & bernice burgoes...

I need hips

Hips & projection. All I need in this life of sin ????????????????

131 days....

I have nothing done.

ass watching...

I look at ass more than my husband it's ridiculous lol.... seen a few bodies I like. Here's more wish pics.

post op pics

I honestly don't think I look atrocious. But for sure I can look better & for damn sure be more curvier.

for sure those were preoperative pics

I wish you could edit your post.

plastic surgery app

hotel or recovery house?

I'm conflicted to spend $2000 for 6 days at a recovery house. Especially since I have a partner that I can split hotel & nurse cost with. Any good nurses that can be recommended.? & any masseuses that specialize in lymphatic massages?


just made my 500 deposit to hold my date. so freaking excited I want to tell the world but I wont. Lol this just made it so much more real than just talking about it and now I only have 130 days to prepare myself for surgery.

sitting after bbl

I was just discussing sitting down after bbl with my coworker and friend who is also getting it done at the same time I am. just wondering on how I'm not going to be able to sit for so long. like how will I manage especially when you're traveling. I'm guessing a three hour flight shouldn't be too damaging to my new butt.


Just thinking what measurements I'd actually like to have. I need measure myself now. Will I need to replace all my clothing? I need answers ladies.



So I was quoted 2000 for 10 days. 8 lymphatic massages include along with a whole bunch of things. Boppy pillow...


Everything that's included. Look at pictures... I don't think you'll really need anything else. The kit has it all.


so it definitely feels good that my husband is being supportive and so is my mother. what they think of me means a lot so that's important. I couldn't imagine going through this with both of them frowning upon me. so shout out to them. I'm also very happy that I have my good friend coming with me. we are also coworkers so we talked about this a lot while we supposed to be working lol.we are going to look so smashed after the surgery. I cannot wait to go shopping.


so I was really considering doing my boobs. now in D.R. you can get all the surgeries you want in One basically. but at Miami vanity with doctor Hasan they do not combine multiple surgeries I was told. so since I can only get one I'm going for the BBL first. my breasts aren't so bad to me but I feel like once I get liposuction they're going to look even more saggy and flat. really wish I could do both. honestly I don't even know if I can afford both at the same time unless i was going to DR. I actually never wanted implants before I actually want to do a fat transfer but with breast cancer running in my family I'll pass on it. overall want to be save I have a wonderful husband and two great kids to live for.


I don't know about yall ladies but I cannot wait to have sex with my husband with my new body. but I'm really just wondering how longs can we not have sex for. how was just assuming 6 weeks like when you have a baby. even though there's nothing happening to my vagina during the surgery so it might be shorter. anyway this was super random.


Juju body is perfect. I'm looking like this is exactly. Her ass is ridiculous her waist is thick as well as her thighs. That bish BAD & she's smart I love it. Inspiration.

numbers don't lie

So I measured myself

Waist 33.5inches
Breast 39inches
Hips 41inches

I want a 28 to 30 waist
My booty 45 would be cool
I think....


hoping & wishing & praying...

more app pics

If it was just this easy lol


So before I made my deposit my coordinator usually responded right away or in a timely fashion. But once I paid that deposit, I haven't really heard much from her. I emailed her about some vitamins I wanted to take. Never got a response. Is anyone else experiencing this or has in the past?

my day countdown timer

Got an app for everything. I had 1 for my wedding love it. I like the constant reminder. I'm really excited. I'm having a pre pre op physical. Inform my physician as well.

flights booked

Found super cheap flights 100 bucks each way. this is getting so real. Excited

new life recovery

Yane has answered every single question I have asked her. Given me suggestions. Super sweet funny has personality! So far so good. We are renting the house. We as in me & my butt buddy, my mother & my 3 year old daughter. My cousin may come also she supposed to do her boobs. Her allowing my baby to come was like EVERYTHING to me. I was gonna have my mom stay with my baby at a hotel but Yane suggested we all stay. PERFECT. she also said to just bring a tooth brush & comfy dresses. Like more perfection. She texts you like yall friends. Super comforting. Can't say enough good things. She offers 7 days for $1250 basically all inclusive. Airport pick up & drop off. Great price.

new life recovery & Yane.


Includes 3 Nutritious Meal Per Day

& 3 Snacks

(Airport pick up & drop off & any of surgical needs, Store Run)
1 Massages
2 Lipo Foam Boards

Boppy Pillow
Arnica Cream
Feminine Pads
Cleaning Wipes

**Licensed Medical Nurse Dr Assistant **
$1250.00 each

If you make a deposit of 500 you will have 1 free garment

If you pay in full you will have 1 free garment and 3 free massages

the booty buddy?

Has anyone tried this?


So I'm obsessed with thinking & talking about surgery. Now it's time to start preparing myself mentally, physically & spirituality. Vitamins & stop smoking weed are probably the hardest for me. I forget pills & I love weed lol. Do I forget cause I'm high? Lol no I'm just terrible with remembering meds. I'm gonna start my vitamins next week. Set my appointment & stop smoking March 1st.

make me heal pills

They're sold out! Anyone know any good alternatives?


So finally spoke to my coordinator. She changed her number. Like I was supposed to know that? Anyways I'm just really excited about my procedure.

to take vitamins or not to take vitamins

OK so I've been reading for 3 years on how important preoperative vitamins are so important. But I just spoke to Roxy dr.hasans assistant & she said absolutely no vitamins except iron. So now I'm just lost. Idk what to do.

yane temp info

make me heal

So my pills have arrived. Very excited. Can't wait for my day. Currently taking nature made iron pills 1 a day. My clearance appointment is on 3/16. I'm just ready. Hope all goes well. Nothing can stop me now.

compression socks & sleeves Groupon

finally paid offed vanity

One step closer! I know I've said this plenty but I can't wait I'm so excited. So I started taking 2 iron pills a day yesterday(from 1 a day). I'll keep going up as the days go by. Appointment is 3/16 hopefully everything goes as planned. I want to make a dental appointment very soon just case. Can't have nothing go wrong.

hate that you can't edit

Paid off vanity...

friends how many of us have them

So do you find some of your friends kinda hating? Me too. I've caught subs on fb, subs in their tone of voice & just Lil slick isshh. Even saying shit like I hope you don't die. Bisshhh what? I'll be loosing at least 2 friends. Lol I lost 2 when I got married to so f it.

shout out 2 my real ones tho

I have few good friends who are checking on me and asking questions in excitement. Some said they wanted to molest me lol. I'm thankful for all the positivity & support.

serious question but lmaooooo

So since your ass is bigger, does it sweat more? Do you need bigger panties? Do you need smaller bras because your back is smaller?


Do your breast look more saggy since your stomach is so flat?

forced to change my doctor

So I got a call today from vanity stating that has an will not be back. My body was instantly covered in sweat! WTF!!!! Gave me a few options I chose Dr.Osak. I'm just upset. He was cheaper but still. I can't even get a refund until after my surgery. Kinda like a clothes fund lol. I'm trying to be positive. I'm just ready. I've booked everything so there was no way I could not get this ASS! Fawwwwwk that. Anyways that's what's going on.

Hasan will not be back...


1 step closer

I'm having my clearance appointment today after work never been so hype to go to the doctor lol also going to the dentist on Saturday for a cleaning & make sure nothings wrong. I can't have nothing ruin this for me. Deadass!

Dr. Osak is out

Idk what's going on at vanity but I'm livid. 3rd time I HAVE to change my doctor. Smh I'm disgusted. I can't change my dates. I took off of work, bought flights for my mom , daughter & myself. Booked a recovery home. Like wtf they think people don't have jobs or plans. Smh they lucky I'm no quitter lmaoooooo fuck it Dr. Macadoo it is until it's not I guess. 23 days to go.

@inkedbyjoanna at @plastymunecas

Ok so Saturday I went to plastymunecas in Brooklyn. 517 53rd street to be exact & saw Joanne for my microblading needs. She did a great job. I love them. Very professional & personable. The place was clean & decorated beautifully. & all the woman there have had some kind of surgery so they are all BEAUTIFUL. I just loved the energy there. I will be doing my post op treatments there I've already booked my 1st massage. They do everything there facials, massages, permanent makeup, you can buy a bag & get an outfit lol EVERYTHING.

Results R in

So my hemo is 12.3 & I sent my labs to my butt buddy so she could translate lol. She gave me the thumbs up. Yasssssssss I will be taking 2 iron pills a day til thursday 3/24 and then I will start my MAKE ME HEAL preoperative pills on Friday 3/25. I will be taking those til the day before my surgery. 14 days.

Officially ready

Got the good word. My labs are good. This makes me 1 step closer to my dream. I'm so excited. No luck on gaining a few pounds yet. I'm 170 still I'm just hoping I have enough for ass & hips.

14 days to go

Finally down to the final last 2 weeks. I'm going to start my MAKE ME HEAL preoperative packets today.


I cant believe next week Saturday ill be snatched to the gods!!!!

I didnt

I didnt buy alot because thats what im paying a recovery house for. She literally said bring your tooth brush & a comfy dresses she has the rest. So thats what im doing. This procedure is expensive enough & post op care is expensive as well. It all adds up. Massgaes are a must & thats about $800 & of course all the new clothes im going to need/want. When i come back i will buy new fajas etc.


I stop smoking weed & lost 8lbs but was trying to gain 10. I feel like I'm not gonna get the ass & hips I want. I'm 163 & 5 foot 6. I'm so upset. I'm gonna be force feeding myself until surgery wish me luck.


I've been stuffing my face for 2 days & I've gained 2.5lbs lol I know usually it's people's goal to loose weight but I'm striving for slimthickness lol slim waist thick everywhere else. I'm 164.5 today. Goal is 170 or more. Next week Friday is my glo up...

It's almost here

I can't believe that I'm really getting snatched in 4 days!!!! YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!


So I'm not getting a tummy tuck but I was looking at my stomach this morning & I really hope I don't have to much hanging skin after the lipo. Stretchmarks I'm ok with, I've basically always had them. But sagging skin idk. Ugh maybe I should've gotten a tummy tuck. But I don't wanna lol plus I can't be out of work more than 3 weeks. I'm only taking 9 days off. Anyways wish me luck. Lol


So I fly out tonight at 9:36 pm. Super Uber excited. Yane from new life recovery will be picking us (my butt buddy jenn, my mom, my daughter & I) at arrival at 12:30am. I got the call from encore with our surgery times. I'm at 7:30am & jenn is at 3:30pm. I hate that the times are so far apart but they explained why & it made sense. We are so excited. I can't believe it's finally here. Yasssssssss.


We've landed safely. Waiting on William now to pick us up from New Life Recovery. Our plane landed 20 minutes earlier than it should've.

Just got to the recovery house

William is really nice young guy. He's the owner. He picked us up in a white Lexus. Good conversation & personable. Now the house is in a gated community & it's gorgeous. Clean, very accommodating, & he said act like this is your home. Frig was full of food plenty of options. Juices sodas fruit basically everything you need.


Met mcadoo today. He's really nice, funny & down to earth. Good vibes from the good doctor. Long day tired as hell. Good night surgery in the morning.

Final measurements

37 chest
33 waist
39 hips

We on the way

In the car headed to encore with my butt buddy jenn. I so love her for going thru this journey with me. Probably wouldn't have done it without her.

Surgery went well

We both are doing well. Expect lots of stiffness & heaviness. My ass literally feesl 100 lbs by itself.

Post op pics

1st massage

1st massage was great. Didn't hurt at all. I did get sleepy & a Lil dizzy while in the shower tho.

Feeling good

Went to encore to remove my drain. Everything went well. Going home Saturday early morning. I love my results so far. Just can't wait for my butt to drop it's high.

Post op pics

Best 4k ive ever spent

So i LOVEEEEE my results. I havent had any complications (knock on wood) so far. I love my shape. Love how flat my belly is. Was worried I'd regret not getting a tummy tuck. But i didnt. Still have stretch marks but they dont bother me much so im good. My ass is fat love that. Pictures dont do it justice. Im still amazed that i actually did the surgery! Faja life is very annoying but i know its necessary. July 8th will make 3months & i cannot wait to stop wearing it. Ive been breaking all the rules. I sit on my ass alot. Too much probably but i haven't lost an inch ive been wearing jeans alot also i was told thats a big no no. O well not wearing sweats everyday & nyc weather been terrible so i barely can wear dresses. Ive been getting my massages tho. Had 4 in miami & ive had 4 in nyc & 6 more to go. Once again i love my results

Faja life

It sucks... period. Im over it. I didnt wear it all weekend. Shrugs lol


B4, right after & yesterday (belly)

No more faja life

Against everything i know ive stopped wearing my faja. Its to hot for that shit. I feel fine without it. When i feel smalls lumps i oil my skin & rub them out myself. I know id get a "better" shape with the religious use of the faja but honestly im fine with the shape ive acquired already. Ill wrap my belly here & there with my belly belt.

New life recovery (Miami) & William

So new life recovery is where me, my butt buddy, mom & 3 year old daughter stayed for 10 days. William was a great young vibrant guy. He is the owner. Also was our caretaker and driver. He happened to be under staffed those days but real shit he did everything that we asked him to do. Got our meds from walmart. Helped with fajas draining cooking serving cleaning. Basically everything you expected of him. He was dope. The waterfront house was beautiful and clean. The kitchen was over flowed with food. You can eat w.e. you want whenever you want. So did my mom and daughter. I loved my experience there. I definitely recommend. I paid 1250 and got a free faja too.

New life recovery MIAMI

Ask for William tell him Krystle sent you
Aventura Plastic Surgeon

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