29, 2 Kids.......doing This for Me and Me Alone - Miami, FL

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I found this site last month, August and I'm...

I found this site last month, August and I'm already about to pay my deposit, I wanna book for July 2016 but I know my date will be sooner cuz I can't wait that long. I am a lawyer,have 2 lovely kids, from West Africa,29 yrs.
I'm really glad I found my RS fam cuz where I come from, i can't tell any1, my family included of my SX intentions. I kinda have won my hubby over through a lot of blackmail(lol) and he has agreed to come with me, everyday after work and during(like now) I'm online here, checking out supplies,looking at condo's etc it's crazy, I see my hubby sometimes want to complain but he dares not!
I weigh 139 currently, my tummy is a mess after 2 CS, I know it won't come out perfect but I don't mind,so far as my shape is hot!
My greatest wish and concern on my body are my boobs, they are non existent, then saggy, tell me! How do non existent boobs sag?......my predicament, I think they didn't develop properly, however the hubby doesn't want me getting implants, says on judgement day, God will ask why I have silicone boobs(lol),he's my bank so I can't go against him, I've looked at getting fat transferred and realised it's not wise to get that alongside Bbl so I have to choose one. I need to even physically see a doc so he can tell me if it is even possible considering how my boobs currently are.
I will post pics of my butt now,and wish pics.
Any1 going with Salama for next year, feel free to Pm me as I really would love to talk with someone that doesn't judge me, I'v been judged enough with my life already.
I need advice, i see people complain about pain after coming out of surgery and then waiting a while b4 getting meds, can I buy my meds beforehand so I can take it once I'm out and not have to wait for pain first?
Stay blessed ladies.

Before pics!

Thanks ladies! My DP is what my butt looks like now,along with these pics, towards the time of my surgery I will post a full nude ????, I have no shape,projection,I was horribly thin growing up,pregnancy helped me add weight, I waited forever for my boobs and hips to fill in,lol, still waiting............have dents on the side of my hips. have a nice day y'all

Forgot to add this pic!

I know I need a tummy tuck before I get all smoothed out but I don't mind the extra loose skin so far as my booty is all set.

I wish I wish I wish!!!

I'm not asking for too much, I just need a full booty, no shelf, more like upside down heart and my hip dent filled in

Deposit finally down

Okay guys......so I've finally paid my deposit for Salama July,so excited and it feels almost surreal. A lot of the girls that were still deciding when I wrote my review have have amazing results already. I have 2 months to go.....feels so far away. Anyone going around late July should hit me up so we can strengthen each other and totally obsess about it, lol.....well for now,take care of your lovely selves sisters ?????

Date drawing close.....I need to gain weight.

Hey guys! So I go in next month for surgery and my coordinator just informs me that I have to gain at least 10lbs, I currently weigh 141lbs. I don't know if this is my head playing tricks on me but it usually is not a problem for me to gain weight....all it takes is a couple night time eating and I add however since I started actively trying to gain weight, I am loosing the weight instead, my back rolls are gone yet I've been eating at night and eating all the wrong foods, I need Help! Guys. What do I take? I have been drinking my protein isolate everyday yet I am not adding, I have just 1mnth to get my weight up so I can have enough fat #sadface.
Any doll going on the 28th holla @ me.
I got some supplies from barbierecoveryessentials on IG

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