28 year old BBL journey, began with Dr. Fisher, ended up Mcadoll.

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Hello all, like many of you I have followed this...

Hello all, like many of you I have followed this site religiously. Reading reviews, good and bad, and after a lot of doubt, and questioning I finally decided the I would get my BBL. I consulted with a few Dr.'s here in California, but finally decided on Dr. Fisher in Miami. Specifially for a few reasons. #1. A co-worked of mine has followed his work for a long time and she says he is one of the best. #2. His work speaks for itself. #3 The price, I am from California, and the cost of living here is much more expensive than that of Florida, including cosmetic medical procedures. With that said my surgery date is May 12th, I will be departing from Cali to Ft. Lauderdale on May 10th, and arriving on May 11th, when I will have my post op and go from there. I decided to cough up the extra dough and pay the recovery house, although some people say its not worth it, I figured it will eliminate the headache of looking for a hotel, renting a car, buying the 1st garment (since I will not know what size I am until after the procedure), booking the massages, going to my visits with Dr. Fisher, and breakfast for me and my domestic partner. In my price I am including the procedure, the recovery house, and my flight. As far as dealing with Vanity cosmetics, my first coordinator was some girl Yiselle I think, but when I spoke with her she seemed inexperienced, I did not like her pushiness, or the vibe she gave me, I was about to give up on going out there for my BBL when Karen entered my life. She has been awesome to deal with, she answered all of my questions, and she has sent me any information I have asked, sometimes you have to remind them a few times, but I am pretty sure I am not her only client, so I just continue to remind her and she finally comes through. So far I bought a few maxi dresses as I read in the reviews that is all you will want to wear. I plan on purchasing, the lipo foams, additional garments (once I know my size lol), compression socks, the BBL pillow, and maybe arnica gel? I read most girls did not use all the things they purchased. If any one has questions or comments I would gladly appreciate them. Thank you for reading.

Quick update.

Was just contacted by Vanity, and was offered a free garment if I made a payment on my procedure. So I did, so according to Vanity I will be receiving an additional garment on top of the one I paid for in the recovery house price.

No real update.

I have no real update on anything right now. Other than I hurt my back at work and currently am recovering. I hope the medicine I am taking does not affect me later. Also I was trying to lose weight before the big date but obviously that isn't going to happen right now. I ordered my things online. Waiting to receive them. The time is coming closer and closer. Hope all you other dolls are doing good.

Question to my RS sisters dealing with Vanity cosmetics.

I got in contact with Vanity in an attempt to pay my remaining balance. I heard about their paypal "not working" but figured they got that issue fixed by now. Well turns out they have no, so they want me to deposit the remaining balance into some bank account. But the name on the account is not Vanity cosmetics. I have trust issues when it comes to money. So I ask you ladies have you guys deposited the money into this account? I'm on the fence about doing this, it seems a bit sketchy to me. I hope to hear from you ladies. Thank you.

We fly out tonight

Tonight we fly out to Miami, and land tomorrow. In hopes that I will be cleared for surgery. I have not updated much because after my back surgery it has been one thing after another for my body. I hope my body is fully recovered in order to go through with this procedure. If not I do not know if this procedure will happen in my future, this is pretty much it for me. Either way ladies I will keep you guys posted. I would like to thank all the people here who have been supportive through this. You girls truly are amazing.

Fisher overbooked, unable to perform my surgery.

Well ladies, I was scheduled to have surgery with Dr. Fisher today, but as vanity is so unorganized, they overbooked Fisher and we're unable to fit me in for my procedure.

They told me some BS story that the labs machine broke down and were unable to check my labs.

They gave me 2 options:

1. Have surgery with Dr. McAdoo tomorrow May 13th.

2. Have surgery with Dr. Fisher Thursday May 14th. If he even has room.

After looking at Mcadoo's work and actually speaking with him and having a consultation and showing him what I want. I decided his work is good, and I trust he will create what I told him I wanted.

So tomorrow I have surgery with Dr. McAdoo at 6am.

So I do not think I can change the Dr in this review, so I will make a new review for Dr. Mcadoo's work.

As far as vanity ladies, regardless what they say, get your labs done in your home town. Get copies of everything that way you will not get pushed out. Good luck to you all and safe healing to all of you.

?Hi ladies I guess it's my turn to write my actual review on my BBL

Hi ladies I guess it's my turn to write my actual review on my BBL. As some of you may know I was scheduled to have BBL with Dr. Fisher on May 12th, but after vanity over booked him the day before surgery I was left with 2 choices. #1 Have surgery with Dr. Mcadoo on May 13th. #2 Have surgery with Dr. Fisher May 14th. After having a bad experience with Fisher, meeting Dr. Mcadoo, having a pre op with him, and seeing his work I decided James Mcadoo would be my Dr. I had surgery May 13th, 2015, tomorrow I am officially 3 weeks post op. I am very happy with Dr. Mcadoo work, I had a pretty good recovery, I did not take the pain meds prescribed since I had minimal pain, I only had nausea the first day and took one nausea pill. I drained pretty well, on the 2nd day of removing my Faja to shower I did get light headed and fainted and fell on the floor, so ladies eat eat eat. Specially if you are going to attempt to walk or remove the faja. I drank a lot of gatorade, ate home made chicken noodle soup, ate fruits, and vegetables. Do not attempt to eat greasy or heavy foods because sleeping on your stomach with a meal like that will give you massive heart burn. I stayed at the vanity recovery house and it was really nice. It's a ranch style home, and they have big rooms with their own bathrooms and a big kitchen to have meals cooked. It is 20 mins away from vanity, and the neighborhood is nice a d quiet. And greten is very nice. I had my massages with Vanity and the massage girl there was so nice. And gave me good advice about things to do and not do. I had my drain removed Monday 18th, and flew from Florida to California. The flight was dreadful!!!! It was probably the worse thing of the whole experience. Once home it has been very easy for me to recover I have bee. Off work for 3 weeks and return tomorrow. At home I began to move more and more everyday, I have dogs so I walk them 2 times a day and have been doing chores here around the house. I am still wearing my Faja, foams, board, and triangle. I still sleep on my stomach and sometimes lay on my sides using my boppy pillow.

As far as sitting down I have been using a combination of the boppy pillow and yoga mat. If I'm sitting in the car or a hard chair I use yoga mat under my thighs as close to butt, then boppy pillow on my back to support me and make it comfortable to sit back and be straight. If it's a soft surface like couch I place boppy pillow first with opening facing the backrest then place yoga mat under thighs as close to butt and then relax. Since Dr. Mcadoo did hips on me I cannot lay on side but I use the boppy pillow wrapped around my hips to keep me elevated.

As far as other tips I have for you ladies is if you have time get a P-EZ it was the best specially the first couple of days.
Try to have someone with you to help you, it can be scary at times
Walk, even if it's only a little bit.
Get a boppy pillow, even if you don't use it on your butt it really helps you sleep comfortably on your stomach. I got the big kind for babies.
Eat, rehydrate, pee, and poo as much as you can.

Here are some before and after shots I did, and I hope this helps any girls with my same body style, I did find there was not many girls with my body style.

Waist trainers

Ladies, as I am approaching a good time to begin waist training, I ask your advice.

When did you guys begin your waist training?

What brand of waist trainer did you buy?

What material is it?

And where did you purchase it?

Let me know ladies.

Quick update on my post op. I have been at work since Wednesday. I work about 8-12 hours a day. Wednesday and Thursday was ok. Sitting in traffic sucks specially since I cannot sit on butt yet. But I endure. Friday however was bad. I got swollen, just to fill you guys in, since I began work I have not been wearing foams, board, or triangle at work only after work at home. Well Friday when I got home I noticed an odd dent on my stomach right above my belly button, I believe since I have not been wearing board it is a dent that got created from sitting down. So today I am at work and I am only wearing my board to keep my stomach flat. I am experimenting with what works best and as I figure out I will post. So far the board is helping flatten out my stomach again. So please ladies keep this in mind when you remove your board. I have gone down in faja size as well. I started at the Vedette 42in. And I am now at the Vedette 40in. I brought my other 2 fajas size 42 to the size 40.

That is all for now ladies. To all the new dolls happy healing, and if you guys have questions do not hesitate to ask.

New pictures.

I am officially 5 weeks post op. My butt has remained at a steady 45 in. I love my shape. I have received many compliments. If you ladies have any questions let me know.


Sorry didn't post all pictures.

2month update

Well ladies it has officially been 2 months since I got my BBL with Dr. Mcadoo. And I will say this, I have my ups and downs with my body. Some days I feel great and other days I feel like it's getting smaller. Paranoia I guess. I measure it and it is still holding at 45in. So I know it's not shrinking but I guess my imagination gets the best of me. I have been sitting on my bare butt for quite sometime now. Not long periods of time, at first it felt weird. My fat grafts were very stiff I guess. I still drive with my yoga mat underneath thighs though because like I said I don't want to sit on it for too long. I have been eating like normal, and I have not noticed weight gain, I haven't weighed myself since. But once I do I will tell you guys what it is. I ordered my waist trainer, so I will begin that part of the journey. And I still feel numbness on my lower back, but it goes away after I begin to move around and stuff. Here are some pictures for you dolls.

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