Decided to at LEAST share my RH and doctor experience...

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I've been stalking this site since 2014, reading...

I've been stalking this site since 2014, reading reviews and seeing before and after pics trying to decide on the right procedures, the right doctor to give me my desired outcome, in search of the best of the best without too far of a travel. My initial plan was to see Dr. Yily, Duran, or Baez in the Dominican Republic, but after reading some of the reviews for over a year, weighing out the risks of infection and dangers of such a long flight post op, I'm opted to find a doctor in the states that could offer me similar results, similar price ranges, but with less of a risk... That's when I found Dr. Fisher!!!! His work is truly amazing, and he really understands a woman's body and curves. I can't WAIT to become a #FisherDoll #VanityVixen! I live in upstate New York in Geneva, which is about 45 mins east of Rochester. This will definitely be a flight, but well worth the travel. New York doctors are overpriced and overrated like mostly everything else lol! Why spend more for the same work, same results? I love that Dr. Fisher isn't afraid to use aggressive techniques. A lot of U.S. Doctors tend to be less aggressive, that's why we seek surgeons overseas to achieve those sought after curves and butt! I've had my two kids, one girl, one boy back to back ten months apart, bought our first home, now I'm ready to do something for myself!!! Myself and 3 friends are going together for BBL's! This should be fun lol! We're not sure if we're going with the RH, or renting a condo and splitting costs... I did have my consultation after sending in my pics and wish pics, and was happy to hear that my look could be achieved!!! I'm so happy! I definitely want K. Michelle's hips, and Nya Lee's butt lol! K's is a lil too big lol, but I love her endless curves! My quote was $6,000 including meds, my garment, 5 days and 4 nights in the RH, 5 lymphatic massages, transportation to and from follow ups and airport, breakfast and snacks, a BBL and 12 sections of lipo... Not bad! $5,000 minus the RH and everything I mentioned. My date I want is 2/23/16, and would arrive in Miami 2/22/16 for pre op labs. I haven't put a down payment towards it yet because the ladies and I are still working on our plan before securing any dates. Some want Dr. Osak who is also amazing, and some want Fisher like myself. Once we figure where we'll ultimately stay, we will put our payments in and secure that date! There's still plenty of time lol! If you're wondering, down payment is $1,000, $500 at minimum I was told to secure a sx date. I'm excited, and k will keep all my BBL sisters updates completely on my journey!!!! Finally happening after reading about it for too long! I'm ready to get my mojo back for my husband! Small waist and a big booty chile! Yassssss! I will add before pics with starting weight now! I've been eating healthy and working out and lost 23lbs so far the last couples months getting my BMI down n closer to my idea weight so I can look amazing!!!

Before I forget...

I'm 5'6, 190lbs, BMI of 30.7, and I started taking my pre-op vitamins yesterday to ensure there won't be any delays in my surgery or recovery! You can never start too early! I'm working hard to get my BMI below at least 30 or below, and make sure all my labs are good ahead of time!

A pic of me (with clothes lol), and some wish pic...

Here is a recent pic so you of me and my two wish pics! I had on a waist trainer under my top lol! I'm a great snatcher lol! Ladies, we have to do what we have to after two kids!

Changed docs

This will be my last update on this post, being that I can't delete it! :)

Starting second review here since I can't start a new one!

This is my second review, as I have switched doctors for the third time! Originally I wanted Fisher, but he cancels too much and is unpredictable when it comes to his patients and scheduling, then I opted for Osak, but his results have proven to be unpredictable! He has burned a lot of patients, given uneven, unsymmetrical results throughout the hips and torso, and no shelf or cuff on his asses lol! Now onto Hasan... He really is KING of asses! He gives shelf, cuff, roundness, small waists, and knows a woman's body top to bottom! His work is truly amazing, and he's not afraid to be aggressive! I have been anticipating surgery since July, and finally ready to put down my down payment and secure a late February, early March Sx date! I'm super excited now and extremely anxious! It's almost depressing, because I don't know what I need for recovery! I found a great vacation rental on for $300 a/wk, only 12.5 miles/18 mins. From Vanity! So that's super great! All I have to do is secure it with a $100 down payment, but can't yet or book my flight from Upstate NY until I have secured a date! I have four months to figure things out! Ughhh! I gotta get the ball rolling here! Any advice/tips will be helpful and appreciated ladies! My husband will be joining me on this journey... I'm so ready to get my body back! So close, yet so far away... Oh yea, I'm coming alone! Other girls have backed out, but that's not going to change my mind lol!

I'm not going to hide my face... Why? You'll see all my ass soon lol!

A pi of me so we can have a more personal experience!

Plane ride home and supply list!

Any ladies on the other side want to fill me in on how you sat on the plane after your BBL? I'll be on a 5 1/2-6 1/2 hour plane flight to Upstate NY, then a 45 min drive home from the Rochester Airport... I'm so worried about all this travel and my new ass lol! I've heard rolled towels, a foam roller, boppy pillows, etc., and I just want to be comfortable during this plane ride. Also, when did you guys leave and get drains out with Hasan? I'm planning on leaving day 5. Even though my kids will be with my mother, there's no way I can leave them for the original 10 days n not be going crazy! I'll still be staying for 7 (which sucks) because I want to arrive on a Sunday and get familiar with the area and grab any last min supplies I'll need.

Bbl sisters on the other side...

Ladies, did your shirt, pants, and panty size change after your bbl? I want to start buying some leggings and tees, panties, and t shirt dresses to take on my trip, but I dunno what size I should get!!!! :( this is all so confusing! Also, I'm going to add some more nudes of me lol! Since I was going to quit updating to this post, I deleted them all! So I'll add some recent ones soon... Maybe today if I have the time!

Some NEW pics of me....

Ok! Well apparently my NYS I.D. Says I'm 5'6 lol! Actually I just had my physical and I'm 5'4 3/4" almost 5'5"! Maybe it was my hair that day?! Anyways... Here are my REAL stats lol!
I'm 5'4", 185.2 lbs, BMI of 31.8! I need to lose 10-15lbs down to 175lbs, which would put me EXACTLY at a BMI of 30.0! If I get to 170lbs, that would put me at a BMI of 29.2! I can do it lol I was just 168lbs lol I lost a total of 32lbs in 4 weeks since I began working out! I got lazy recently and put a few back on lol! I hit my treadmill and my home gym today, I'm back on dieting n Ima do it! Here's the pics of me as of today, and me on the treadmill this am lol! My feet have blisters loo should've worn my damn shoes or socks lol I usually do! Ughhhh!

Hey dollllllllls!!!!

So I've been on kayak lookin for cheap flights, and I honestly think they've lost their rabbit ass minds lol! I'm not paying $446 for round trip tickets from (My nearest airport which is a 45 min drive to Rochester, NY) ROC to MIA! Sheeeeeot! Can any of you dolls tell me where's the cheapest place to find plane tickets? I've never flown before uggggh!

Got some supplies in the mail today!!!!

Well a few days ago I got on my Amazon app and ordered a bunch of postoperative supplies! So far, I'm surprised that I've already gotten one package since Wednesday when I placed the order! I got my two boxes of 25 sterile abdomen pads, and my vitamins! Still waiting for the rest of my goods lol but I'll keep you guys posted on the items as they arrive! So excited as the days lessen and my time nears! I'm always super anxious to just be a damn doll already! Ugghhhhhhh! Hahahaha!

Supply update...!

Just got another one of my packages in the mail today! My Bromelain has arrived! Yay! I can't be all sore n bruised up lol! Let's of supplies left to arrive lol but like I said, I'll keep you all updated as they get here! I got these off of My Amazon app for $8.99 and $2.95 shipping and handling...

Recovery houses...? Help!!!!

I need some good, reasonably priced recovery houses to stay at for 4 nights! I need an all inclusive with transportation and meals please and thanks in advance! ;*

New Body Recovery!!!

I've decided after doing my research that Moni at NBR is the best place for me to stay! I'm so excited!!! I will be securing my date with her soon since the down is only $50, I'll keep you guys updated on that too as usual. I've read nothing but great things about her, and she was very responsive to all my questions about the stay...

Cosmicare Recovery House

I had my heart set on staying at Moni's, but since I found a RS sister going to see Hasan the same day that was looking for a buddy, I decided to change my plans since now my husband or friends aren't going with me. I'd much rather buddy up for an extra $200 cost from Moni's price, a better, all-inclusive package, and have someone to heal, recover and clown with lol! I always sit here and think wtf am I going to do once I'm in Miami by myself in a place I've never been, don't kno anyone, and I'll be on my stomach most of my day doing what besides face timing my husband and kids? Exactly lol! Now Ivan share my experience and save my life from boredom lmfao! I got my quote from Kesha today, and am just anticipating placing my down payment once I'm sure all is good and it's on lol! The coordinator I spoke to after Kesha I must say almost made me change my decision. Her name was Shuntale and she was mad pushy and trying to persuade me to hurry and place my down before I lose my quote price! Pause!!!! Stop trying to play me! I can't be forced into anything for one cuz I'm not gullible, and for two that's the price! There is no special promo going on! She said that's an introductory price for the business cuz it's up and coming and it's gonna go up after Nobember 30th lol girl bye n stop! When I do secure my payment, it damn sure won't be with her! Disloyal tactics like that push me away and turn me off so she will not be getting my 10% commission! So bye Felicia lol!

Officially official date now lol!

Date locked (finally lol) new coordinator Lia, she's really nice too!

Got access to my portal today!

I've been in on my portal today setting g up my account! Finally got my countdown clock lol!

Didn't know I had packages!!! Yay!

My t shirt and my maxi dress for recovery have arrived! I ordered loose fitting things for comfort and ease! I have lots more coming lol! But this is a start! Yay!

I want a nice heart shaped ass and coke curves!!!!

Here are some of my wish pics...

Plastic Surgery app lol!!!!

Playing with this app trying to simulate what I could come out lookin like lol! Pretty fun and cool!

Ok! I will not be staying at Cosmicare....

I will no longer be staying there dolls! This place is fairly new and doesn't even open until Jan 2016, I'm not sending them one copper coin and they're not even open for business yet! Won't get my $250 down payment! I don't know how they can even rush anyone to place a down, and they're not even open yet! What if something g goes wrong? There are no refunds on your down, no reviews of the stay... Yea, no thanks! So I'm back on the hunt dolls!!! I'm going to call a few of the places you ladies referred me to before! Plz give me any more reasonably priced RH... Thanks in advance! :)

K. Michelle's curves tho?! Lol!

Just some of my fave pics of K's curves! Her ass gets bigger every year lol and hips get wider! Talk about booty greed? Chile lol! Love her waist to hip ratio tho, but I just don't want a high ass like that lol too ghetto! I want a heart shaped ass!

I got my P EZ today!!!

so I got my female urinal cup today!!! Excited! Now I won't have to sit unless it's to move my bowels! I'd much rather sit the least amount of time as possible and keep pressure off my new ass once the BBL is done! Really cheap on Amazon, I only paid $1.72 for it. Took a while to get here, but worth the wait ladies! A must try... A must buy!

Got some more of my supplies today! Yay!

Here's the list of the things I received today:
355 disposable chux pads (I will drain a lot, and I don't want to ruin any beds, sheets, etc., in my home or the recovery home lol! Who wants to lay in their own fluids?! Right lol!)
7 day/night detachable pill trays
Female urinal bottle to use with my P EZ
Two wheelchair pads to make a "BBl Pillow" with (one with coccyx aka tailbone pressure relief cutout that I will use on top to keep as much pressure of my ass as possible during that long ass flight lol!
200 count box of alcohol prep pads to keep the area AROUND my incisions clean and sterile, and for my fingertips before touching any wounds in case I can't get up to wash my hands all the time... Just extra preventative measures!!
I have plenty more things to come lol mostly my garments, foams, boards, etc., and the rest of my vitamins-arnica tabs and cream, and my hema-plex. Already have my Bromelain etc...! I'm also going to look for cheap lawn chairs to incorporate myself a lil chair with an ass cutout! Saw that on here and units fucking genius lol! So I'll be making me a seat too! 3 months!!!! Ughhhh I'm so damn ready! Oh n waiting for the rest of my clothes, sports bras, panties etc. too! Dunno what I'll do for easy shoes!??? Maybe just some cheap flip flops or slippers lol I'll dead ass walk around in slippers shit I don't care lol!

My indecisive ass has finally made my decision on a RH!!!

I'm going with Keyla dolls! She the least expensive of the choices, I have yet to see ONE bad review of her cares or services, she's extremely nice and kind when you contact her and tries to give you all the info she can even tho I could tell it was a language barrier when I questioned her lol but she tries her best to clarify each answer and question... I see she spends a lot of time with her girls and even takes them out at her expense, she posts a lot of photos with her clients and texts they send her post care thanking her and blessings her for her services... Just seems like a place I'd want to stay for Care! She also has easy payment process using the square pay which I love! So next week I will secure my $50 payment and the remained we is due on arrival! I'm sold!!!!

Ummmm... Who died and took over Vanity?!!!! Lol!

Shockingly... Besides my very first experience feeling rushed at Vanity (by whomever first call wayyyy back in July) I can't say I've had a bad experience! Every time I call I get wonderful customer service, everyone is so kind and helpful, very responsive via email, I've actually developed a friendship with on r of the coordinators there and talk on FB, cell phone, etc... I just can't say I've had a bad experience yet lol?! Which is great! I see so many posts about the rude and unprofessional service that I set myself up to expect the bs lol! But I really can't lie n say I have! I dunno! Maybe it's cuz I'm always so nice and professional and well spoken, clear and concise on the phone? I dunno lol! Maybe the sense I'm not the one for the bs? Lol! I dunno lol! I just haven't been treated bad yet... They've actually been accomadating to my needs since I'm an out of town patient, and just really supportive and informative? Wtf lol? If I ask a question one can't answer I get a response from another within a half an he via email or phone and they have my answers. I'm actually again surprised by the level of service I've experienced! Just hope it lasts lol! Maybe I'm lucky? I dunno... But I really can't say anything bad about them... I can't let that one Apple that was rushing me to pay lol to ruin the whole damn tree lol! As I said before they're paid off commission so some just need better tactics n they'd easily get their money. I'm team Vanity until further notice lmfao! Go Vanity Goooooo!

Finally put my big girl panties on today and started back on my oatmeal diet... Not happy lol!

I've dreaded going back on this diet as I've mentioned before, but being that I have only 3 months, 3 weeks, and 5 days left on the clock lol... I gotta quit procrastinating and get to it! I really don't feel like explaining the "oatmeal diet" again ladies lol! It's posted up there somewhere, and I've posted it to a few reviews as well. Long story short, it's straight oatmeal (1/2 a cup only of rolled oats no instant) for 3 meals straight no sugar :( but I can add fruit or nuts to taste. I will as I have also be drinking a gallon of water a day to stay hydrated and full. I will also be working out in my home gym daily. So in a nutshell... Low calorie, and cardio and weight training.... I'll do an update to my progress next Wednesday to let you ladies know how much I've lost. I'm 188.6 today (due to bloat because I'm on my period lol sorry if that's TMI) but my usual weight is 185.2 that I've been maintaining by eating healthier. I only have to lose 15lbs so I'm not stressing. My goal weight is 170. Well here goes nothing lol! Ughhhhh!

Deposit paid, RH booked! Yay! Every step is far more exciting than the last lol!

So I paid my deposit today with Keyla's Recovery House! I couldn't IMAGINE staying anywhere else! I know I will be in very CAPABLE hands, and I can REST ASSURED that I'll be in the best of care as all my fellow dolls before me were! Choose right ladies... Your recovery and well-being depends on it!! Any dolls going to her on or around my date?!!! If so, I'll see you there chile lol! ;* yasssssssssss!!!!!!!

My arnica cream has arrived!!!

things are (like I said before lol) coming next slowly but surely! Wish Amazon vendors would ship faster lol, but it's here! One more supply item off the list!

Sports bras arrived today...

I got my sports bras today for post-op. Didn't want anything with wires or any kind of boning that could potentially leave impressions in my upper abdomen under my breasts or my back. These are straight spandex bras. Very sketchy, very comfortable! Feels bare lol! I can see my areoles through them lol! Very breathable! These were only $2.18 each on Amazon, so I got 3 in all colors to alternate... Not tight or clingy at all, like I said very comfortable! A must buy! ;)

It's been a few days lol!

update... Still gathering my supplies as they come. I did receive my cincher, but it had clasps??? I ordered a no clasp cincher! Thanks Amazon lol! Ughhhh! My flight prices are still super expensive, so still waiting on deals to book, but they have gone down from $536 to $403... It's getting there lol!! My buddy booked her date Friday, so we're officially buddies! We're setting our flights at the same arrival and departure times lol so we will def be going through this experience together from start to end. She's also staying at Keyla's with me! This is gonna be sooo fun!! I feel like I've known her forever already cuz we talk all day and night hahaha! It'll be like getting my bbl done with one of my besties! Yassss baby! Def great to go through this experience with someone if you're traveling alone! I'll have a roomie to sit up and chat with all night and crack jokes with to get over the pain and discomfort! She's a nurse and I'm aide lol go figure! So we can help each other wit vitals etc lol! That's a super plus plus! I'm gong to be starting The HCG Solution diet as soon as it arrives! I'll keep you all posted o that as well and all my progress! I'm just super excited and super eager to finally have an ass and hips! Seems like 3/2 is soooo far away, yet so close!!! I'm not scared, I'm not nervous, I'm ready! I can't wait to be knocked out on that table! It'll all be real then! I'm finally receiving my garment too lol it says before the 24th... So I'm looking out for that so i can model it ladies!!! Can't wait to try it on baby lol yasssss! A lot of these girls I'm following our hopping off Hasan's table bad af! Like yasssss chile! Those asses? Flawless! I love seeing update photos and progress ladies, so keep em coming! Well... Until next time lol! :)

Forgot to add a photo of the cincher lol!

Here's the (wrong cincher an Amazon vendor sent me with the clasps I didn't ask for lol! But for $3.50 it will do the job of adding extra compression to my abdomen on top of my garment after swelling subsides so I don't get any Seromas! Lol! It'll work lol! It's a size 26-28 (XL)

Again... Slowly but surely my items are arriving lol! I got my garment today!

I got my Vedette 929 (Celesete with clasps not zipper) size 42 (2XL) in black today! Yay! I also received my Hibliclens Soap for pre and post op showers! I'm super excited! Can't wait to try it on for y'all dolls! Like yay again lol! Stay posted! Pictures coming after I shower lol JUST got outta work so I don't wanna funk it all up hahahaha!

Everybody screaming Hasan, but can't even spell the man's name right lol! There's only ONE "n"! Sheeeesh!

The mispelling of Hasan's name is driving me crazy y'all lol! So for the final damn time... It's ANTHONY TASER HASAN! How are you so willing to go underneath the knife of a doctor, and you LITERALLY can't even spell his damn name? Lol shameful lol! Carry on! ;)

The long awaited garment pics... Lol! Sorry for the delay ladies ;)

Had my husband take a few shots of me in my garment after I got out of work today... He's not the BEST photographer lol but he gets the job done! so a recap of the garment... It's a Vedette 929 in a 2XL (42)... Again, trying it on just makes everything feel so real lol I can't wait to have ASS ASS ASS! Yassss! Lol!

Weight loss update now that my date is getting closer, I've gotten serious and started the HCG diet yesterday!

So I didn't stick to the oatmeal diet at all, and after thanksgiving and Black Friday (leftovers lol) I ended up packing on 2 damn pounds ladies! I felt so guilty! So I went to and ordered The HCG Solution 2 bottle value pack on sale for $40. I said what do I have to lose?!!!! One bottle is $40, so I may as well try it, and if it proves to be successful I have an additional bottle to spare. I was 185.2, but ended up at 187, and then dropped to 186 (maybe water weight?), so I'll use 186 as my new starting weight, being that that was my "official weight" starting the new diet. So it arrived Monday and I took the drops before my 2 meals and followed the plan carefully, using a food scale for precise weight for meats, and a George Foreman grill to make it EXTRA LEAN! so I weighed in at about 6pm (started at noon), and noticed that I had already dropped 9 ounces doing nothing at all besides working that morning lol! So then when I woke up for work this morning you won't blv me lol... I was down 4lbs and 12oz! Yay! I'm now 182.4! Those drops are NO joke! Being that my goal pre-op weight is only 170lbs, I only have 12lbs, 12oz to go, and I'll reach that by next Monday! One week of food sacrifice?! Doable! 500 calorie (VLCD) is not bad at all! It's all mind over matter! I took pics and then screenshot them so y'all can see my iPhone's timestamp so y'all know I'm not pulling your legs lol it works!!!!! So wish me luck boooooos! 170... Here I come!!! Yassssssss! ;*

Forgot to post the product pic ughhh! Wish we could just edit our posts!

Just adding new the pic I forgot lol

Packing up early since my luggage arrived today! Saves space, and this way I won't forget anything, and I can add extras as they

Just a few pics of the things I have I'm packing away since my luggage is here. Chic and cheap lol just the way I like it! I'm sooooooo ready to board that plane y'all! Y'all don't even understand! Ughhhh! 90 days o the clock y'all! Yassssssssss hunty!!!!!!

Calling all Hasan's 3/2/16 dolls!!!!!!

I know of all of you lol but we might as well all know of each other as well since we will def see each other at Vanity. Just drop a comment so we can all be acquainted... A pre-Hasan doll reunion hahahaha!

Hey dolls!!! Before I go to bed...

I haven't forgotten to keep you ladies updated on my progress with the HCG... I want a frantic reveal with photos and stats hahahahahaaaa! So tomorrow marks (well now cuz it's after midnight lol) day 7, so only then will I tell you lol gotta wait!!! Gn dolls!

8lbs down in one week on HCG diet! Here's the photos I promised ladies!

I'm melting away lol Hasan won't have enough fat to transfer soon hahaha! Proud of me! 8lbs in one week? I'll take that lol! I'm hyped lol!

Day 8, 9lbs lost.... Yassssss hunty! ???????? watch me melt baby! Lol!

Lost another pound since yesterday, and that scale keeps dropping boo! #Dedication! #TeamHasan!

It's been a while since I've posted, but I've been on ass lurking lol!

71 days y'all! I can fit into my size 32 jeans now and am just awaiting my ass day! Yassss!

Honest advice from one doll to another....!

You can't let everything you see and read on RS to affect your decision-making! Everybody is different... Just because one of us had a bad experience, weren't happy with results, got an infection, had loose skin, needed a transfusion, etc. doesn't mean you will have that same experience! We don't know the underlying health concerns that put people at higher risks for these things! Like I tell all Yu dolls... Follow your gut! If it says no, don't do it! Take things into consideration, but don't base your decision solely off the experiences of orhers! Use your own judgement! Do you know how many times I heard ppl say "oh Hasan is not board certified! He had one death! He causes seromas! He's too aggressive..." N how many other doctors are guilty of the same crime? There is no perfect Doctor! They're only human... If you're looking for perfection, call on God for a prayer! With that rant being said lol Gn dolls! #TeamHasan

Late post cuz I was tired lol but updates from yesterday with before and after weight loss pics and countdown timer!

Yesterday I took new pics of me in my garment! 1st pic is from Dec 1st, and 2nd is from 12/28! I'm looking good baby! Yassss! 63 days to go as of today lol! Woot! Woot!

57 days!!!!!! Aaaaaaah! Super excited!!!!! ;)

So the time is winding down! All I've been doing is grinding! Grinding for this body! Yasssssss! I'm so anxious n beyond ready lol

Is anyone else having trouble logging into their Vanity Patient Portal all of a sudden, and getting that error 404 site not foun

Ladies try to log into your portal!!! I've already contacted my coordinator! We need our damn access as that is the best way to stay in touch and upload important info! I'm so pissed! They better get it together and fast!

42 days til I'm Hadanified, 41 days until I board my flight! Yassss! I'm ready hunty!

Just a countdown update for you ladies! I've BEEN ready and packed, so just waiting to board my flight now lol! Me n my booty buddy are ready and anxious!

I've come a loooong way from where I was when I started this journey, to where I am now! It's grind time!!!

Here's a pics of me where I was when I started my journey, to where I am currently this morning! I've come a long way! Even tho I made my BMI mark, im still going to keep going and see if I can exceed that these next 30 days before surgery!!!!!!

Weekly update!!!!

36 days and counting ladies! Yasssss!

I'm so pissed with Vanity and their lack of professionalism!

My coordinator Lia Sexto didn't even tell me! I had to call and inquire! Hasan is in fact gone til the end of April, and now I'm cancelled and rescheduled to 3/3 to Fisher. This is so upsetting. I didn't want Fisher or anyone else for that matter! I wanted Hasan. My flight is 3/1 and non-refundable, so I'll have to stay at Keyla's 2 days before I can have my surgery, and still leave 3/5. I'm so mad. Already took off work n booked my flight and recovery. This shit is just so unprofessional. I'm so sad and hurt more than anything! I'm hoping I get the results I want! My whole day is ruined! Blv it ladies... It's true! We're all out of a date!

Vanity/Lia and Leo are a fucking joke! Don't use either coordinator, and if you're one of Hasan's cancelled dolls, run now while

Lia Sexto is a fucking joke y'all! If y'all have her or Leo, switch while you can! They both lie and play games! Bitch didn't lock me into Fisher as of yet! All she did was go on the vanity portal and place a spot in on the 3rd with no damn doctor! What am I? An open booking?!!!!! Then leo told me buddy that 3/3 was full and she has to take 3/1 or 3/4, when Lia told me via email that 3/3 only has 5 other girls besides myself. They are playing a game! None of us even got a courtesy call! Don't book with vanity! They better rectify n fucking fast, or I'm cancelling seriously and going elsewhere!!!!! I will not be played at all! Asses are a dime a dozen in Miami!!!!!

I know I seen so damn bi-polar but...... Lol

I apologized to Lia! I've been so rude and impatient with her and vanity after this bs! My concern is my ass getting my done lol that's it lol! But I shouldn't come out my character! I think she saw this, cuz boy she got on the job and made sure I got my date with fisher locked in and working now to update my portal! Just makes me feel guilty now for my post and rudeness and persistence cuz she maintained her calm, and is still working to make me happy! I'm a big girl so I can say I'm letting anger and frustration get the best of me lol she has accommodating me well this far! She's alright by me now y'all lol!

30 days til ass, 29 days til I board my flight!!!!!!!!!

Omg y'all! It's so close now! I'm super super excited lol! My body on point, and I'm ready for this ass and small waist! Legooooo!

11 days til I fly out, 14 days til in on the table! Vanity bs of course, but I'm "cleared", but still waiting on my letter of cl

Waiting since 2/11 when I had labs to receive my letter of clearance. I got a verbal "you're cleared" when I called and inquired. So unprofessional. I guess letters are only fro the elite... Lmfaoooo! Anyways fuck vanity, and I can't wait til I arrive ant Encore, get my procedure done and over with, and never see these people again. If I wasn't paid in full and know that they'd take until next year to give me a refund, I'd cancel. I would NOT suggest Vanity to anyone! The doctors yes, at a different location. Shameful. They're really fuckingn up my E pertinence ladies so sorry for the rant. I'm upset about my clearance letter lol! I don't do verbal anything with those clowns!

I love all you ladies... I swear I do... Lol! So I'm gonna answer y'all question in this ONE post... What made me choose Osak af

I chose Omulepu over Fisher because I was told from an inside source that Fisher has has now gone up from doing 8-9 girls a day, to 9-12 girls a day, which is CERTAINLY evident in his latest dolls I've seen (ahem!)... He's too damn fatigued for me! He has also lowered his BMI requirements because of this. His bmi Max is now 32. Not that it matters cuz my bmi is 29.3, but for some it does. It's cuz he's do if so many dolls, he'd rather them be smaller framed and less work. He's picking up Hasan girls and doing his and has way too much on his plate for me. So I chose Dr O cuz my health and safety comes first, and he only does 5-6 dolls a day, only a few more than Hasan's 3-4 a day. Both are inconsistent yes, both are def not Hadan yes, but both are doctors CAPABLE of giving me close enough to my Hasan result I'm looking for. So that's why I chose Dr O. He's stepped it up, and I'm impressed with his Recent dolls. Good luck. Choose for y'all. Don't let me or anyone else influence y'all! Not always about what's doc can do for the last doll! Go with your gut! girls walking around here (ahem!) with crooked hips cuz fisher tired af lol! Be careful y'all seriously tho! Mwah lol!

Body update!!! Yasss hunty lol!

Just my starting pic compared o my current body now since I've been MIA getting ready for Mia lmfaoooo!

For all of you that keep warning me and others yesterday of the coma Dr O put a girl into... You have the facts wrong! Do your r

That's was Dr O as in Ortega!!!'nn and it's not his fault either so my last statement still stands! Go by YOUR gut and research! Not by what you hear happened and other ppl's reviews!!! You never kno the full story or someone's medical history! You're welcome! Heard the rumor yesterday and Cleared it in less than 24 hrs! Smfh. Y'all have a blessed day.

No more Dr O!

No more Dr O! I don't care to elaborate and answer 100 inboxes on why because I'm sure you all know why I'm not going to his ass, so there you have it. I switched doctors. I don't care to share why I chose my new doctor either. I just want to take everything in for myself and let it settle. I'll be on a plane in 9 days, and I really don't have energy to offer why I chose this or that. Thanks for not asking....

My journey ends here! Too many childish, hateful, shameful things being said about the Dr. O situation, so I refuse to share the

For those of you who have my personal phone number, email, FB, amor IG, follow me there. Too many ignorant comments and feedback for me. Sorry to the ladies that were motivated and collecting helpful supply lists, weight loss plans etc from my review, but sometimes a few rotten apples do spoil the bunch... So I end my journey here tonight. Good luck dolls, and I hope you all make it to the other side! Goodbye!

Kayla's Recovery House is a big NO NO!

If you value your life, don't stay at Kayla's. Me and my friend left early because of the unprofessionalism, and being left to care for ourselves, and left at the RH alone for SEVERAL HOURS until the wee hours of the morning while all the staff went out and club hopped. My flight left at 3:30pm... I was outta there at 7am and waited all day sore and bleeding at the airport to get out of that house. I couldn't spend another second in there. She came home drunk put the tv on blasting in our room eating popcorn and making noise laughing while we tried to sleep. Smfh. Horrible experience. We had no food, just crackers and cream cheese and water, and had to result in ordering out while left alone. As far as medical... They have no idea how to care for a recovering doll after surgery. Myself and the other dolls took care of ourselves and each other... it was basically just a place to stay. They're all about the green dollar... That's it. I don't care to further elaborate. We made out ok because of my friend being an. RN, and me being a CNA/HHA. We didn't have meds for days, and had to share with a girl who did and give them back when we got ours... same for the new girls coming in. One of the dolls passed out in the wheelchair being brought in, and we had to run to her rescue sore as hell and stitched up ourselves, because they didn't know what to do. We were helping to empty drains, get drinks and fruit and all. Seriously nursing each other. Damn shame. They have no driver! They use Lyft. You get no meals. Just breakfast and fruit, and pineapple juice. You have to order out. Only get soup day 1. That's it. I was 2.5 hours late for my surgery cuz they weren't up to take me at 5:30am. So it pushed the doctors schedule back all day. She went shopping across the street while we were At our post op, so we waited there bleeding for about 45mins till she came with bags in hand. That's the night they all went out. Day 2 post op. We washed our own asses, emptied our own drains, followed our own meds schedule etc. got ourselves out of bed and dressed and changed etc. do not stay there. Honest review. Don't do it. No one should stay there. Not even a sewer rat. Real facts.

Here's some before and after photos dolls!!

Some photos of Dr. McAdoo's work for ladies wondering how he slays lol! He definitely slays!
Aventura Plastic Surgeon

Dr. McAdoo is kind, HILARIOUS, makes you feel comfortable, give you his own set of pre/post op care (not some generic guide to recovery), very honest and realistic with expectations, and does his best to give you the results you want. I had my surgery 3/2/16, at Encore, and I'm glad I chose him to do it ultimately.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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