28 Y/o White Female, Had my Body Ruined. Miami, FL

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I was very hopeful when I went to Salama, however...

I was very hopeful when I went to Salama, however my results are just awful. My butt is HUGE, looks saggy on the right side and like a diaper on the left, and is lumpy with several large dents. I have a pronounced shelf indentation above the whole top of my butt that makes it look fake as hell. My hips are very uneven and my waist which used to look cute and pronounced now looks weird and disconjoined from my lower half, especially in clothes. My widest area is now my saddle bags, so my torso looks weirdly long. I had hoped to be hour-glass shaped, since that was my initial shape anyway. To top it all off, despite my efforts to use cocoa oil on my butt and mederma on scars, I have nasty stretch marks all over my entire butt, and my scars are awful and obvious in some places. Since I'm white, there is dark purple striations under the skin where he did lipo. I was unaware of this side effect, and a faux spray tan cannot hide it. Worst of all of this is that my hips are completely uneven and look deformed. I feel mortified and humiliated every time I see my reflection. I cried myself to sleep for the first three months or so, and the critical comments I've received from family, friends, and strangers has left me being more of a recluse. His office staff told me to "keep massaging the dent areas." um as if that would fix anything. Another thing I will say that no one will tell you is that you can forget about being a back sleeper. Its been a nearly a year and I don't know what its like to sleep the whole night through anymore. Its also painful on my tailbone to sit for too long, and I have to stand up very slow. I will say this: Dr. Salama's bedside manner is great. I'm going to give him a chance to fix this. If he does, I will post a follow-up about successful revision. No matter what, I don't think it can get much worse than what I've already got (knock on wood!!!!), and his revision fee to honor his work certainly beats paying for a full bbl through another doctor. PS, be prepared for the most uncomfortable beds ever in his "care house." My lesson learned here is that I wish I had loved myself enough as I was. Even if he can can fix the shape somewhat, the scars, stretch marks, lipo striation, permanent discomfort, and mental distress will always be there.

a few pictures

Its tough to get pics of the dents... This is the best I could get. Im also posting before and after of my front. I don't have hips anymore, I just have fat on my lateral buttocks that makes it look like I have wide saddle bags.

before bbl side butt

actual vs. wish pics and goals

getting quotes for revision from other doctors

Im getting a consult from Dr. Jimerson on Monday... Does anyone know of a doctor that does similar quality lipo-sculpting? I think Fisher is okay but his work doesn't seem to be as consistent as Dr. J. Any suggestions would be appreciated!!

Salamas awful lipo suction and sculpting techniques

Ladies, Ive had an OUTPOURING of messages coming to me from other women who have the same results as me and worse. I've had one message that she had necrosis of the skin. Necrosis is NOT caused by laying in one spot for more than 3 hours. Its caused by a careless doctor who lipo's far too close to the subdermal surface of the skin. The skin becomes severely traumatized and dies. It can also occur as a result of using laser lipo (thermal burns), but I dont believe Salama uses that.

As for me and several others msg'ing me, I did some research on the red-purple lacy striations under the skin. Its called "Erythema Ab Liporaspiration" and its just one step below necrosis in my mind. Its also caused by lipo-ing to close to the surface, and its like a lumpy landscape of damaged fat directly under the surface of the skin. Supposedly it can be treated by one of two options: modified tummy tuck, to manually trim some of that damaged fat away from the surface, or actually grafting fat over the top of it!!!

Not only will he potentially cause necrosis or Erythema Ab Liporaspiration with his careless lipo, he may also knick and scar up the muscles as he stabs around in your body (which is what happened to me all over my hip bone muscles). Do CAREFUL research on your doctor. I feel so hurt, depressed, and angry that myself and all these other women have blown through major $$ in pursuit of having a more ideal body, only to end up with something thats too embarrassing to even show your partner with the lights on. I encourage all others to be fearless and share their stories with pictures!

post-op vs. final

Sharing my post-op pics so that no one @ Salama office can claim that I somehow did anything to cause these results myself (which Im SURE they will try to do). Please note that all my post-op pics are reverse image because I was taking pics into a mirror. I told the girls and Salama of my concerns with shape and flat areas etc, but was told that was all just swelling. I asked if it could be fixed right away (because I knew this wasn't just swelling... If anything, swelling should hide imperfections, not pronounce them) and was told no, that I needed to wait a year to see how the current bbl would end up (ummm as if we couldn't tell right away that it was going to be screwed up). In the following months when I was really starting to have a meltdown, I was told to massage the dents gently and that would make them go away (lollll that feels like a "we got your money, now please go away" type of response. If I massage my stomach fat, will that make it disperse too?? The fat takes FAST if not literally immediately, as evidenced by before and after pics). I was also told that if I continue to wear the waist cincher, that too would fix the unevenness in my sides. Lol!! So waist cinchers can fix areas where too much fat has been removed, apparently. Anyway, I did everything I was instructed to exactly verbatim, even IF I didn't believe it would actually help (which it didn't).

Btw, bbls, just like breast implants, always drop some in the following year or so post op. When I see a doc that does more fullness on top, Im more trusting of what the final result will be a year later (probably a perfectly round "c" booty if it was a lot of cc's!). Thats one of my BIG lessons learned after all of this, for those of you searching for a doc still!

Soooo many girls don't know how deceiving swelling is, let alone the dreaded 1 year drop (I know I wasn't factoring in the drop. You better be PREPARED to be the squats queen if you've got a heavy 1200-1600 cc donk butt thats full all on the bottom!!!)

My lessons learned (pointers to help people in selecting the right doc)

Sharing this with the community because I just gave it to someone in a DM:
If I had to do this allll over again, Id look for the following things:
1) frontal pics, so I can examine the shape and quality of lipo-sculpting. Id consider no frontal pics to show the actual lipo sculpting work to be a huge red flag. Lipo sculpting takes skill, and vision for form and symmetry!! Don't forget this part! That butt might look good, but for all you know, the girl could have burns on her stomach!!
2) does the doctor have a long history of patients who experience necrosis, or purplish lacing under the skin? If yes, this is a huge red flag for poor and/or careless lipo technique. I believe any doctor can make a mistake, however if these cases span several years, it shows that the doctor has not learned from their mistakes (it also means the doc probably blames the patient for any and all complications).
3) Do the results, at least 3 months post op minimum, look symmetrical? Immediately post-op or laying-down pictures can be extremely deceiving and quite different from the final product. Laying down makes your butt spread out like a pancake, devoid of any lumps. Don't be deceived!
4) Is the doctors work consistent across various body types? If it is, the doctor will not deviate from their usual pattern regardless of wish pics (cough* Salama) If the work does vary, did the doctor do quality work on the various body types, or just on one body type? (I say this because, if they do good work on one girl with a totally different starting point than you, it doesn't mean your results will be remotely the same)
5) Find a girl whose starting point is similar to yours. Avoid staring too long at the seemingly unobtainable extreme transformations (unless thats your body starting point). This can make you jaded about a doctors actual skills for working with your body type. Once you find a similar body to your own, do a direct side-by-side comparison of their END results with your wish pics to get an idea of what this doctor can actually achieve with your body frame. This may also open up your eyes to specific things you should request in your pre-op once you find the right doc!!!
6) Shape of side butt is soooo SO important!!! I mean, its why we get a bbl! But specifically, there should probably be more fat deposited in the upper half. Best case scenario, your butt would retain the "jlo" shape year after year. Worst case scenario, your butt will drop some and you'll have more of a "c" shape butt, which is good also. All the girls who started with a "c" shape 3 months post op ended up saggy within 12 months, but thats just my personal experience with other bbl patients. All those girls end up going back later to get more added to the top. Don't let that be you!!
7) do you want good butt "projection?" if so, and assuming your starting point isn't already a bubble butt lol, you probably need a higher cc than 1000. Post op results DO shrink, and you dont want to do this procedure more than once if you dont absolutely have to. There are girls that get 1100 cc and then later it shrinks so much that they want a round two. Keep in mind, doctors will put in what can fit... However just make a mental note of how many cc's you see being put in the buttocks AND hips. Also, be REAL with yourself about the size of your thighs. Stacking a watermelon on some toothpicks just wouldn't be right!!
8) If you dont see hip cc's, but you want hips (the area between the small of your waist (or just below it) down to just below the hip bone), its a red flag that the doctor doesnt do hip grafting. Remember, lateral butt injects do not equal = hips. Some women already have big wide hips, so this might not be necessary for everyone.
9) often overlooked, but so important: Find some wish pics of girls with their clothes ON. How women look out of clothes might be one thing, but in clothes cartoonish (unless you want that!!) and you might think, oh god that's just TOO much! Kim K looks one way in a swimsuit, and over-the-top in many of her outfits (my humble opinion! but she is still beautiful regardless and Im not knockin her).

I hope this is helpful to someone!! Best of luck to all who are seeking first time bbl as well as those seeking revision!!

Approx 2 years post op -- results only get worse

I'm adding some updated pictures since VERY few girls ever post a 2 year post op update. On my right side, I have bad sagging at the bottom. I thought for sure my ass would have been done dropping a year ago, but Salamas gross overfilling of the bottom of my butt has made it impossibly heavy to lift, even with exercise. I basically have a shelf on bottom and top... It just looks so awful and in consultations with other doctors, they have recommended skin removal. Basically a TT for my butt. More scarring.

I am dying to lose weight since he never lipoed off all of my stomach fat, but am stuck "maintaining" so that it doesn't get worse. I recently did coolsculpting to my underchin so that my face wouldnt look as fat since Im trapped at this weight now.

On my left side, it hasn't dropped nearly as bad, but it still just has overkill projection that doesnt match my body at all and a boxy, pointy profile. This looks fake as hell !!!!!! Recently I went to the beach (which for obvious reasons I rarely do), and my friend showed me the pictures afterwards and told me flat out that she wasn't going to post any of them and asked me if I just wanted her to delete them... Thank god. It was unspoken that she knew it looked terrible, and she knew it would have humiliated me to go on social media. We talked pretty candidly about it and she told me I really need to get this fixed because I looked way better before and she can tell it has destroyed my self confidence. I don't even date men because of this and have had thoughts of suicide behind the stress of this, although I'm doing a little better now. I did date someone and they continuously would ask me when I was going to get it fixed. He was telling me it was a turn-off, but he knew it wasnt my fault. Humiliating as fuck. Getting the money together to do this again, getting all the time off, and putting my life on hold for this... It's enough to weigh down anyone. I wish I could have been using that money to take a trip or do something fun in my life.
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