27 y/o getting bbl - Miami, FL

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I'm so nervous about my procedure! I've read many...

I'm so nervous about my procedure! I've read many many great reviews on Dr. Macedo. (How ever you spell that lol) I'm hoping he can give me what I want & results turn out great. I already have a nice round butt but I'm looking to go more fuller/bigger. I'm paying extra to stay in a recovery room for 4 days. Is there anyone that can give me some advice & keep me calm, please?!! I'm from NY & flying alone. That alone makes me very nervous. Someone help with some advice, please!

39 dayssss

My surgery date was switched from the 19th to the 22nd. That's ok, I'm not upset. I'm so ready for a new me! I'm ready but, I'm super nervous! I'm hoping he gives me what I want & I walk out with a smile & positive attitude. I'm praying my surgery is as successful as I hear his work is amazing! Any ladies going on March 22nd?? Please let me know. Maybe we can go through this together.

14 dayyysss yall

I'm so ready for this! I just seen an Amazing review on Mcadoo!! Since he works beside Fisher & does amazing work, I know he'll give me exactly what I want! I'm excited & nervous all at the same time!!

6 more daysss

Omg guys! I have 6 more days & I can barley sleep at night!!! I need to calm myself. My anxiety is through the roof! McAdoll babyyy

I'm flying to Miami today!!!!

Flying to Miami today & my surgery is Tuesday. Nervous isn't even the word!

McAdoo Canceled me at the last minute!

I'm now going to Dr. Salas. Dr. McAdoo had his girls call me while I was 10 min away from vanity to tell me his kids are in town that he has to cancel. Extremely unprofessional!!! I flew here from NY & came alone at that.

My Big Day !!!

Finally, today is my big day. I've been crying all morning a nervous wreck. I just hope I don't wake up in severe pain like some others say. I know it's going to be painful but they make me so scared with their words. Okay guys... Pray for me & a fast recovery. I'll post pics soon. Again my doctor is not McAdoo anymore bc he canceled the last minute. My doctor is Dr. Salas

3 days p/o

Everyday really does get better guys. Today makes 3 full days & im feeling much better than yesterday & by far the first. The first & second days are really rough & painful! I would never go through this again, EVER! But here's some updated pics of my new body. I love my results & so does everyone in my recovery house! I'm very excited for this summer

Feeling sick

One day I'm ok & the next I feel light headed & nauseous. Anybody else feeling this? I'm 5 days p/o so I know I still have a ways to go but I'm just so drained & my head is pounding! If anyone has any tips & could help please?

Round 2 : (

I'm so sad that I have to do this again. I officially went with Dr. Salas. I will say he did a good job with the lipo but I have no shape & lost all my booty. After my first few weeks, I lost so much volume! I'm thinking of going with Dr. Fisher this time. I love his before & after bbl pics. I guess I'll see you again in March of 2017 Miami

6 months p/o

It's nothing like i wanted. Dr. Salas gave me a little projection, that's it. I'm going for a round 2 in just 5 short months! I want a heart shaped, fat butt!

Round 2 coming soon

I gained a little weight & headed back to Miami in 2 months! I'm hoping this time around will be my last time. I got a SHIT show last March & couldn't believe my experience was a little disappointing. But, HEYY I'll be in Miami soon again ????
Dr Mcadoo

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