27 Year Old BBL...tummy tuck and lipo

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Before my kids i always had a curvy body...nice...

Before my kids i always had a curvy body...nice perky breast little to no stomach and a nice butt that was considered to be big. After my first child it wasn't too bad i kinda bounced back. However with my second child i totally let myself go. I didn't feel like anything but a mom....no longer did i feel sexy. I was very depressed and did not have the drive to make a change in myself. This begun in 2011 and i have been considering this surgery since 2011. My goal is to get my shape back plus a little more and my ultimate goal is to get my confidence back.

New year. ..beautiful new beginnings...BODY FOR THE GODS HUNNY!

Lately i have just been trying to make sure im making the right decision as far as my choice of doctor and the surgery that i want. I have been driving myself crazy because every other day im unsure about something or nervous about horror stories i have read about. Also i just want to look so damn good i have been thinking about getting a tummy tuck as well . Only because i wonna be so snatched. My tummy might have a little extra skin at the bottom and honestly im not one who like to repeat myself when it comes to speaking or anything else for the matter. I want to be very pleased and if it's two things that needs to be done then i would like to do it at once if possible. However Dr. O do not do the combination of tummy tuck and bbl so i have a lot of thinking to do. I already have been searching and i will list my prospects later. I am looking to have my surgery in February or March at this point. Later Dolls...ttl!????

No support system

Hey guys.....
Im feeling a little kinda defeated today because the only person I told about the surgery (my children father ) is not being supportive about this surgery at all! It really bothers me because he's the only person i trusted enough to tell and he's 100% against it. He feels as though he can help me work out and achieve my goals within a frew months but i dnt want to do that. I know that if i work out hard enough i can lose a nice amount of weight however i dnt believe i will be able to have that drastic transformation like i want by the summer. I want to be sculpted and have a little bit more butt. Im really sad about this and really feel by myself. All i wanted from him is support and i got the complete opposite. Its been so long since i really felt sexy and i just want to get back to that! He made my journey about himself saying how i dnt have faith in him but i have faith in a doctor. Smh i guess i gotta put on my grown woman pants and push through this on my own....ttyl8r realself fam!

Changing my surgeon to Fatima Almonte!

After carefully researching I've decided to change doctors. One reason is that i noticed that most of Doctor Omulepu butts come out square and wide with little to no real projection and i dnt need
that! The other reason is that i want my
belly to be snatched witch may require
a tummy tuck and Dr O dont do that
combination. Also this woman has made
plus size women look amazing and im
continually reading that she's as sweet
as pie. Also if im going to do this i want
to get my money worth and look
amazing with a drastic change.

I would also like to thank ladybug0918..if i didn't take a peak at her profile i probably would not have came across Dr Fatima Almonte...

In other news im looking for a surgery buddy so ladies if ur interested hit me up..ttl!

where are we staying??? I found a place!!

Hola Fatima dolls
I found this this really nice villa for $150 a night. I'm looking for 3 to 4 women who would like to buddy up and get this villa. I decide to go with this villa because read about so many recovery homes in DR and all of them had some kind of horror story of how they was mistreated and/or the house wasn't clean properly. Why should i pay hundreds of dollars for someone to mistreat me while I'm already under a lot of stress and pain. I rather be in a clean beautiful environment comfortable and secure focusing on healing. If its 3 to 4 of us then the cost per day would be $50 to $37 per night. That would save us money and unnecessary stress. We could also split the cost of a care giver and the massages there are pretty cheap ...like 25$ a massage. So ladies if your looking to have your surgery mid February through April please contact me so we can put this thing together.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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