27 Year Old 124 5'7

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I'm tall slime female i never had that big booty i...

I'm tall slime female i never had that big booty i wanted it forever .I been doing my research on Brazilian butt lift for some time now & i made my mind up by now ..I found a doctor in Miami by the name Dr. Leonard Tachmas but haven't seen many review about him i see so many different doctors i don't know which to pick !!! I wanna affordable great package deal with the hotal stay included can someone point me in the right direction omg i have so many answers help

Still looking for a great doctor that works alot on skinny female's

Can some point me in right direction i looking up a new doctor in Atlanta GA

Found an affordable doctor is he Good ?

I'm thinking about going with fisher or hassan but it's 5000 & i didn't wanna spend that much because i have to book a recovery stay & I'll pay over 6000 so she told me about Dr.James Mcaboo any know him or his work !! Help before i book pls

Still decided

Did anyone goto Dr.Lenord Tachmas

Depo Shot

Will the shot affect the surgery ??

Mind made up !!!

Gm doll's i decided to go with Dr.Osak Onuoetu i love his work he's my culture too lol ..Anything i should know I'm sending out my photos now I'm so excited can't Wait to march 2016

Dr.O can't wrk with my BMI

Guess I'll try Mcaboo pls help is he good ??

Dr.James Mcaboo

That's Who I'm rocking with dolls !!! Dr.O don't do my BMI type blah !!

Crying for answers

Help i need to choose someone that work's great on small slim girl ???

Hey Dolls I'm Still Planning ?

I want a whole lot of ass I'm paying so give me my wish don't wanna waste money so can someone tell me what's the most cc i can get being that im tall 5'7 130p i want i nice round Nicki ?

I'm back & still want my BBL

So hope you ladies heard Dr. Mcadoo is no longer at vanity because to many red flags ppl was getting varies infections & so on.! Glad i waited& did more research now I'm thinking about fisher hmm?

It is possible

A doctor can tell you by looking at your pic you have a umbilical hernia thur a pic my doctor never told me this??

New doctor

Dr. Juan Diego menij

Dr. Juan Diego

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