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Liz is the best!! Been wanting this procedure...

Liz is the best!! Been wanting this procedure since i was 19. I have yet to have the horrible expierences that people spoke about. I hope to be fine as hell when this procedure is done. I just want to be happy. Although the reviews are horrible about Vanity which I don't understand because it's such a friendly environment. It's almost surreal because of how close the date is now. I can't wait praying for a result that I'll love. Haven't heard anything negative about bbl that Mcadoo did so I'm going off that

Wish booty photos

Biggest Fears setting in

I honestly don't wanna look at no more photos. My biggest fear is being botched and booty deflation. I kno after swelling it would get smaller I just don't want it be a waste of money....huge fear!

I want to binge eat today

I want to binge eat today so bad due to the simple fact that I'm 1 day pre op!!! Omg this is really happening....I don't what to think. I'm not gonna binge eat although i am hungry now. Lol. I'm freaking 1 day pre op! Pre op pics coming soon y'all

Pre Op

Dear booty gods

Please bless me with the gift of fluffiness


I've had a bad expirence with the Vanity staff this morning. It seems to be no communication between the people working in there because no one is on the same page. If anyone considers going to this place please ask questions. My times and dates got changed. I owed more money when I got here because of miscommunication. It's not hard to understand why people get so mad at this place. My price got changed the day of the surgery. After all this chaos I pray I have a good out come. Not to mention I've been waiting here for 2 hours

Not mad at my results

My new booty

My hips

I still got stitches in my back and one of my hips are smaller then the other. Kinda upset about that. I got real stiff after i got out the shower which made me uncomfortable. I hope later they become symmetrical I hope it's just swelling

So far

I'm not upset at my results. I still got too much back fat hopefully with excercise I can work this out. I don't want to go back under the knife.


Not loving my results also not hating them considering how far I've come since my bbl I'm seriously thinking of getting a revision but with a different Doctor I'm like 75% satisfied I like my butt my body needs more work

Other pics

Aventura Plastic Surgeon

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