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I've been wanting a booty from since I was in high...

I've been wanting a booty from since I was in high school. I always said I would do a procedure to get my booty enlarged. Years went by and I kinda forgot about it until two years ago I was feeling super insecure and didn't love my body. Even when I lost a lot of weight I still have the body I wanted. I would buy clothes that I love online and then when I tried them on later I hated how my shape looked in them. Last year I decided I was gonna do the procedure and I got a couple quotes. I finally found a doctor that was in a decent price range and had great reviews, Dr. Jose Perez-Gurri. I loved all of his before and after BBL photos and he had a lot of great reviews. I spoke to Rosemarie and she has been nothing but helpful. I just made my deposit and set my date for surgery. Wednesday, July 6, 2016 is the day a new journey for me will begin. I'm so excited I just wanna tell the whole world! So far only close friends and a few family know about this procedure. I have done a lot of research on the procedure and read a lot of reviews. Does anyone have any tips on how to prepare for the procedure? Supplies you think I will need?

Pre Op Pics

I have spoon shape (as per Google) with a flat booty :( I can't wait for July! I can't wait to have a small waist and a JLO booty!


I work for a small company that majority of the staff are females. I'm nervous about going back to work and dealing with thier stares and questions. I don't care what is whispered behind my back. I just know some people with give thier opinions regardless if I want them are not. This is my body and I've given this alot of thought. I am doing this! So my real question is....Ladies how do you deal with your first day back to work? Any tips on how I should deal?

Wish pics

Wish Pics

I just love her small waist and hour glass frame

Wish Pics

3 months until my SX

I am so excited and a bit nervous for my procedure. I have a couple questions for my real self peeps....what kind of diet should I be looking into? When should I schedule my lab work? I feel nervous because I haven't been really eating all that healthy and I think it will effect my SX. I've read that a lot of girls start taking iron pills and multi vitamins prior to surgery. How soon should I get those and what brand do you recommend?

Health tips

Heyyyy. My surgery date is quickly approaching and I'm still nervous and excited which I guess is expected. Anyways, I know I have to stop drinking at least 2 weeks before surgery. I was wondering to ensure a smooth surgery and recovery, and to also ensure my labs is adequate for surgery what kind of vitamin supplements I should take and what kind of diet I should start. Please help!

1 month aka 30 days to go!

I am so excited! I have been taking my multi vitamins, eating as healthy as i can lol, i've stopped drinking alcohol which is a little harder than i expected because when i hang out with friends all they do is drink lol but im staying strong because it'll be worth it. I am waiting until i go to Miami to get my supplies. Does anyone have any tips they can share.


So I originally scheduled my lab June 24 but I became nervous thinking about if i would get the results in time so I resheduled it for next week. I have been taking a women's multi vitamin for almost a month now. I started reading about how it's best to have your hemoglobin level above 12. I have no idea what my level is and I'm kinda nervous. So I started to read up on how to quickly increase your hemo levels. I read that you can do so by eating hemo increasing foods eg. Eggs, Red Meat, Spinach, Beet Root, Apples, Pomegranate,etc. I already eat/drinks most of these. Plus I just started to take the S.S.S Tonic. So I'm hoping with the natural intake, the multi vitamins n the tonic I should be fine. Have me in your prayers ladies.

Lab Day

So this morning i went to my doctor to do my labs. I gave him the prescription from Dr. PG advising what kind of tests they require. I told my doctor my only concern is ensuring that i am not anemic. He told me that since its about 3 weeks until my surgery, even if my results come back with my Hemoglobin low they could give me something to boost it up in time for surgery. Which is great to hear. I should get my results this afternoon. I will keep ya'll updated on my results.

Lab Results are in!

I am healthy! My hemoglobin is 12.0 which is great for surgery???? the doctor cleared me and I just got my surgery consents & instructions from Milly at Dr. PG. It's quite a long read so I'm gonna go through it thoroughly and send it to the doctor ASAP. The days are fastly approaching and I'm beyond excited. I can't wait!

This time next week I will be in Miami

I am so excited for my trip. I've finalized my consultation date and time. I've confirmed my massages with Esperanza. I'm gonna get my supplies when I get to Miami. I didn't wanna have to carry some many things with me. Plus it's probably way cheaper to just purchase my supplies in Miami. I can't wait!

SX Paid!

Rosemarie took my final payment for my sx. Hard work paying off. I know it will all be worth it.

I'm in MIAMI!!!

4 days until my SX and I can't believe I'm here. All the planning, waiting and organizing. I'm gonna try have a little fun before my SX put me on bed rest.

SX Supplies part 1

So I started purchasing my supplies and this is what I've collected so far:

• Qtips
• Pill organizer
• Compression socks
• Laxitive
• Peroxide
• Anti-bacterial soap
• Disposable latex gloves
• Alcohol prep pads
• Baby Wipes
• Arnicare Gel x2
• Neosporin
• Tylenol Extra Strength
• Maxi Pads - super
• Surgical Tape
• Large Gauze Pads
• Ensure protein drinks
• Reduced sodium soups
• XLarge Cotton Underwear

I have a couple more things to purchase. Please comment and let me know if there is anything else I need to get for my post op. I researched a lot of RS sisters and narrowed it down to the most necessary supplies needed.
I will update when I collect the rest of the supplies......3 days to go!

SX Tomorrow!

It's really starting to feel surreal. Tomorrow my life will change and a new journey begins. I ordered my Booty Buddy pillow and Female urinal on Amazon. I should receive it tomorrow. I also picked up a 100 pack of chux pads from the Pet supermarket. My appointment with Dr. PG is at 4:15pm for consultation. I'm really excited to meet him. I can not eat anything past midnight tonight. I have to get to his office tomorrow at 8:30am for processing and my surgery is suppose to start at 9:30am....*screaming* :)

Met Dr. PG

So I went to my doctor's consultation today. I waited for about 20 mins before I had to remove my clothing and put on a robe. I met with Dr. PG. He was very pleasant and made me feel super comfortable. He discussed the procedure and what to expect. He said that I'm an ideal candidate for the BBL. My mom came into the exam room with me and she is very overprotective and he made her feel like her daughter is in great hands. We then took my before pictures (back, front, sides and slanted sides). He told me I'm gonna look amazing. Afterwards, I spoke to Jillian and she gave me advice from her personal experience about the procedure, what to expect, how to sit, compression garment tips and pain tolerance. She expressed to me that everyone has different pain tolerance. It all depends on the individual. After I put back on my clothes I met with another lady, to which her name has slipped me. However, she gave me my prescriptions for pain, antibiotics, sleep-aid, nausea, etc. She then gave me more instructions... I can eat after midnight tonight, not even an ice cube or mint. She said it will activate the acid in my stomach which makes you throw up when your on the anesthesia. I have to remove all jewelry, no nail polish on my fingers, no make up, wear loose clothing and bring a sweater cause i will be cold. I then purchased my compression garment for tomorrow since I don't know my size. I will purchase another one later.

I must say I'm super excited and can't wait to start my new journey. Pray for me ladies. If not wish me good luck!

Imagos Waiting Room & Exam Room

Before Pics - Day before SX

Imagos Waiting Room & Exam Room

First post didn't upload.

Day 1 post op

Day of

I woke up and brushed my teeth. Put on my maxi dress, large cotton underwear and slippers. I came into the surgery room and they took a urine sample to do a pregnancy test. I completed a couple forms. Then I changed into my surgical garment, socks and hair net. Then the nurse started to set me up with my iv. Then they gave me some "happy juice" and I went into the surgery room and I was out like a light. Next I woke up in my garment, dizzy and being wheel chaired to my van. The drive was kinda rough but at least I could've laid down. I barely could walk on my own. Plus it was hard getting comfortable in bed. I barely slept last night. Laying on my stomach for long was uncomfortable. I would get up on my knees to ease the pressure off my stomach. I can say everyone in Dr. PG office was very pleasant and made me feel very comfortable. I can't wait for my massage tomorrow so I can feel better.

Day 2-7 Post Op.

Sorry for the delay but the last couple days were rough. But here are my notes:
Day 2
Still hardly sleeping. The pain keeps waking me up. I had my Massage with Esperanza. It was good. It wasn't as painful as expected but there was discomfort. When she started to massage my stomach I became very light headed. The nights are hard as I keep waking up from discomfort.

Day 3
The Massage was much better. Still a lot of discomfort but it's expected. The swelling has gone down by much. I'm excited to see my body. I had my first bowel movement today naturally. Esperanza recommend that I try to walk around in the room just to get my fluids flowing and it will help with the stiffness.

Day 4
Pain is a little less. It's still hard to sleep throughout the night. The incisions are really itchy I guess that means I'm healing. I can't wait for this part to be over with I'm so sick of being so weak, itchy and in pain.

Day 5
My lower back is still killing me. Feeling super stiff. Esperanza came and did some serious work on it. It was painful but so worth it.

Day 6
I went to the complimentary post surgery massage place that was advised by the doctors office. It was soooooooo painful. She used a ultra sound machine on my sides and stomach. She also did some massages in those areas. She said I was vary tight in my stomach and sides. But when she was finished I could feel the difference in my stomach. She gave me tips on how to bathe and get the fluids out of me. She was very gentle and did what she had to do to get results. Her name is Susana. I've also been using Neosporin for the incisions. It helps with the itching. The Arnicare gel really helps with the pain.

Day 7
Last night was the first time I slept throughout the night. I went to bed at 1:30am and I didn't wake up in pain until 7:30/8am. Usually I can only sleep for a few hours before my body wakes me up from either pain and stiffness. I saw Dr. PG. he and his staff was excited to see me. He said I looked amazing and will look even better in the next 2 weeks - 6 months. He asked me how it has been and I was honest. It was rough. But I'm so thankful. Today is the best I've felt in since the surgery and I know it'll only get better. I asked how I should sit on my Booty buddy pillow for work and driving and the nurse was very helpful. She also told me when apply the ab foam board I should stretch my arm to the opposite side when applying the foam board to avoid creasing on my sides. So I hope it's not too late to fix that. They also recommended a place I can purchase my second stage compression garment. The name of the store is "Perfect Bodies" they also have a website. I'm going back to the "CS Post Lipo Massage" for 1 more massage. I know I said it was super painful but it truly was helpful I will endure the pain to ensure results.

Day 10 post op

I got back home yesterday. I stood for about 3 hours while waiting for my plane to arrive as I knew I would be sitting on the flight. I used my Booty Buddy pillow to sit during my flight. I still use my arms to still avoid any pressure on my butt. Luckily my flight is only 1 hour 15mins long. I'm in a lot less pain compared to my day 1 pain. I'm still a bit numb and there is still a lot of stiffness but everyday it gets better and my waist becomes smaller. So it's all good. My incisions itch like crazy! I'm gonna try grab an anti-itch cream ASAP. I have to go back to work on Monday and I'm kinda nervous. I don't feel comfortable with driving just yet so I'm gonna wait 1 more week and see how I feel. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how long I should wait before driving and any tips?

Lymphatic Massages

I have had 6 lymphatic massages post op. They're very important for getting the fluid out of you body. The first 3 massages I did with Esperanza she came to my hotel room. Her phone number is +1 (786) 390-9108. She is very sweet and gentle. She help me feel relaxed. She used her hands only. She is very good when it comes to not having to travel anywhere. She comes to you. Which in those first few days you're gonna be in too much pain to wanna go anywhere.

Then I got a complimentary massage at Post Lipo Massage (http://www.cspostlipomassage.com/) with Susana. She was super sweet and knows what she's doing. She tried to be as gentle as possible. She used an ultrasound machine to massage into my lower back, sides and stomach. It helps with inflammation. Then she massaged me. I felt alot of discomfort. When she was finished I was so tired I was ready to pass out. But afterwards you feel a difference in your skin. I liked it so much I scheduled another one the day before I left Miami.

I've found someone on island that also do Lymphatic massages and I might be able to use my health insurance for my other massages (fingers crossed).

These are very important for recovery. The fluid needs to be worked out or else it will get hard and leave your skin lumpy. Just brace yourself for the pain and discomfort. It's not fun.

2 weeks post op


I had an lymphatic massage today. They're so painful. Even after taking two Tylenol it still was so uncomfortable. I really want a speedy recovery so I'm gonna do as many as needed. So far looking good for 19 days post op.

4 week Post Op

So im still loving the results from Dr. PG. I still drink Pineapple, Cucumber and Celery juice every morning. The lymphatic massages are still very painful but I feel less lumps in my skin and my stomach feeling softer. I got a triangle foam board to wear with my garment. I use it to help compressing my lower back. I cant wait to be able to sit down normally and start working out. Since I have a desk job which requires me to sit most of the day i got a Booty Buddy pillow which has been very helpful. I sit on it on my thighs so no pressure is on my butt. I sit for 40 mins and walk around for 20mins. I highly recommend this pillow. It's a little pricey but worth it. Im starting to feel a little jiggle to my booty but some area are still stiff. I cant wait for my 2 month post op.

5 weeks post op

I'm feeling a lot better. The numbness is going away my butt is starting to get a little soft at the top and it jiggles a bit. I got my garment adjusted by the waist by a seamstress. The "Booty Buddy" was a great investment for sitting at work and driving. I put it under my thighs and sit up straight. My doctor say I can stop using it 6-8 weeks post op. I can't wait to sit down like a regular person lol.
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