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Hey to all my ladies, I finally decided to start...

Hey to all my ladies, I finally decided to start posting my journey on here and nowhere else. I have learned do not tell your business because it will greatly have an impact on your decision. I had a realself account, but deleted it just bc I am trying to start over and be all top secret. Yall, I have put a deposit down twice, took it back, and now I am doing it again. I have heard everything from 'be happy with your body', to 'I think youre gonna bleed to death'... yeah...ikr. I know these people think they are helping, but I finally realized it is my life, my body, and dammit, I only get one life to live!!! I am 10 days from my surgery that I was supposed to have. But I am being treated for a tick bite right now, so I either had to change dates or cancel. It is not who I wanted to go to, they were just close and convenient. So I am taking that as a sign to go with who I originally wanted to go with and that is Fisher. OMG he makes girls look like video vixens! I have my 1 year wedding anniversary coming up in May yall and I was fat and unhappy for my wedding and my honeymoon, so for my year, I wanna go all out. I need you realself ladies, I have yall and my husband. That is the only people that will know. NOBODY supports me in this surgery! NOBODY! My mom is totally freaked out about it, friends are telling me to wait till kids, and I do not want to! That's at least 5 years from now. So my husband and I came up with a plan, we are just going to tell our family we are going on a cruise. Totally got that idea from a former fisher doll on here and was like, oh my! That's brilliant! Don't get me wrong, I feel so guilty for not being honest about it to my mom and my grandma. I have always went by what they said, and how they feel. But...mom is a worry wart and so is my grandma and they are the reason I have been so up and down with this! I had everything lined up last year, and I couldn't even be excited bc my hubby was out of town and everybody wanted to talk about the risk and complications. :( I am healthy and I will be fine. More than fine! I reached out to my old coordinator at Vanity. I am not even sure if she is still there but she was super quick to respond and so nice. I am waiting to see what dates Fisher has in December that way I can blame this on a "Christmas Cruise". I am trying to lose some weight, my bmi is fine, but I want the best results I can get.

Shout out to all the ladies

You know what I love about realself, its that even after surgery is over, yall still find the time to keep us posted, whether yall are in pain, or living the life of miss new booty. Yall still find the time to reach out and still show love. I am so excited to share my journey with all the ladies before and after me. Thank yall so much, because every single post helps! The love is so real on here! Now yall don't laugh bc I am not sharing it with anybody, so this is going to be like my booty journal. I'm going to post what I'm feeling, what I'm excited about, just like I would if I was texting a girlfriend. The good thing is... there are so many girlfriends and yall don't throw no shade. We are all here for the same thing. I love it. I know my husband is tired of hearing about it. Bless his heart, hes just like, whatever you want to do babe. So I think that's my que to piss or get off the pot. :) Yall, I am so stoked! Like... I was saying earlier about my wedding anniversary! I mean, I didn't even feel confident to be walking around in my birthday suit on our honeymoon. Where they do that at?! I can just picture my jiggly booty all up and down cancun beach. I have so many cute bathing suits picked out! Helloooooo! Too excited!!! Can I twerk on the damn sand! I am just clowning yall, but I have had body issues all my life. I was not blessed with any kind of curves. I think under my fat is an athletic build, bc I'm square and build muscle easily, but I wouldn't know bc I lost weight way too fast as a teen through starving myself, so I totally RUINED my body. Yall my back fat is out of this world. Even when I was smaller, that back fat was so serious! My back and my stomach ended up saggy bc I went for 204 to 143 super fast and unhealthy. I was 12 damn years old weighing 204!!! I get love is blind, but my damn parents couldn't see I was way too damn big to be 12?!?!?! So after years of being a body psycho, I would stay around 165, I looked healthy, big titties, absolutely no booty. Then me and my husband started traveling for his job, meaning we would be in he middle of nowhere at times and I would just sit in the hotel room all day. Well you already know, I blew up again... and the more I tried to lose weight for our wedding the more I gained. I should of felt like a princess on that day, I have done photoshopped those pics to where I can actually stomach to look at them. Now I am here, finally realizing that I will be one of those women that will have to always watch what I eat. Which Iam totally okay with that, bc I am making it a lifestyle choice. This ya girl lot 20 pounds and I will continue to lose until surgery. I want a natural look. Not that Kardashian my booty too big for my legs look. I'm telling yall, I use to think Kim was everything until she got prego the second time. Scared the ishh out of me...I'm thinking...omg, is that what it looks like to have a big booty and be pregnant?! Totally changed my mind! I love love love Kylie Jenners body. Which my bones would never allow me to be that small and be cute with it, and my head too big too, but I Like how she looks natural but still thick. I know shes not natural, but she cute tho. Anyways...enough rambling, I just wanted to talk. Just got an email from Margaret, as soon as I get my deposit back from the other place, I am booking Fisherrrrrr. Cant wait!

Ohhhhh....My fatty fat fat measurements

My waist is 35 and my belly bulge is 35.5. This ya girl have no shape. I requested Margaret from vanity and she got back so quick. I luh her! Fisher is going on vaca in December so I need to hurry and book my date for what he has!!!!!

Could not sleep yall, was dreaming about surgery

So I went to bed at like 5 because my sleep pattern is all out of whack, and now I am wide awake at 2 am. SMH...so I figured id jump on here and talk or type to be correct lol. I had a dream I was on the bus with a bunch of people talking about kim k's huge butt and small legs in her bikini lol. Dr. Miami was there, and he was so little but so cute and the whole time I am thinking where the hell is Fisher. So the anesthesiologist was an old lady and we were talking about what I wanted, walk in the operation room and my whole family was there! And the facility was a big old house that was scary on the inside. I had to wake myself up yall. I was too scared. Prob putting my deposit down as soon as I hear from the other place to get my deposit back...How do I get a call right back when I need anything else, but if I leave a message talking about a deposit, they don't call back that day...wth... There is a grace period and I am trying to get it back before that grace period is up. My husband is so freakin cool about it. He is a booty man yall and why he married me, I have no clue. Must be love cause its not my booty :) This deposit thing from the other place is really stressing me out. Lemme tell yall what happened, so I picked the other place bc of convenience, they only had 2 pics of a bbl, should of been my sign right there. I got bit by a tick a while back and this past week, I just all of a sudden feel like I'm dying. Like I cant get out of bed. So I go to the dr, oh its bc of the tick bite. So I had to start taking antibiotics 10 days before surgery. I took that as a hint to just go with who I originally went with. I have been stalking fishers work for a while now. Everybody comes out perfect, But it seems like the front desk is who is giving him a bad rep. I'm not going to lie, I was on the fence, but me and Margaret were talking today. I want my hemo checked after surgery. And then you would hear how fisher didn't see his dolls post op, but I am reading recent reviews and everybody is being seen. Yall I'm just leaving it in Gods hands. I am already so nervous, but you only live once. I just want to be happy. Now lemme go stalk some more of fishers girls to ease my mind lol. Stalk is not a cute word, but its funny tho.

A few wish pics

I'm only putting a few wishes on here. I am just wondering how much fat I need to achieve this, I don't want huge, cause my legs are small

Still waiting on word about my deposit...I hope my slot wont be filled

Yall....oh my goodness... this has been something else... I may have to still have to go with the people I put my deposit down with. It has been a mess. I cant get it back because it is 9 days away from surgery, so it has to be put towards another surgery within a year...You know how they tell you don't do certain things before surgery, well I didn't think I was having surgery on the 29th so I have taken aspirin and ate coconut oil. The nurses are calling me tom to go over what I have been doing and to see if I am cleared for surgery. But honestly, I am thinking about just using that towards my fake boobs bc those were next. Idk, I am going to talk to my husband when he gets home bc he is the one paying all this money.

Alright so spoke to the hubby...

Hey ladies, just wakin up and having this amazing cup of coffee. Sugar free coffee mate French vanilla is heaven btw. I'm watching my carbs, but this stuff is delish! Anyways, a little update on my situation earlier, so hubby gets home and I tell him whats up. The deposit was $800 that I just found out I couldn't get back. I read the cancellation policy wrong. It was a percentage of the whole surgery they keep, not my deposit. I explain it to him like this... babe I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is... the antibiotics I'm on wont keep me from having surgery, the other good news is, if I decide to still go to Miami, I will have $800 going to my fake boobs that you thought were a good idea. (My boobs are horrible btw bc of quick weightloss) The bad news is...I cant get the deposit back. And his response was don't go somewhere I don't want to over $800. And he knows ive been doing this I'm not supposed to cause I didn't think I was having surgery, so we both agreed it would be in my best interest to let them hold my deposit for my lift and implants, and go to fisher. BC who don't want their wife looking like something out of Anaconda?!? So I will let my other coordinator know tomorrow that I am going ahead and cancelling. I'm drinking coconut oil right now as we speak lol, and I was already nervous about me bleeding a lot so I really don't need to take the chance if I haven't been following the doctors orders. So I am back on the fisher train, I hope my date is still available. Fisher is so damn popular!

Anybody want a later date??? Jan 21??

Hey pretty ladies, well I waited too long and the 8th of Dec. was gone. Wah! How am I going to talk about a secret 'Christmas cruise' now cause everybody knows we are going to mexico in may. Maybe I will tell them we are going to a romantic getaway in the mountains. Yall, I know I am bad, but dang, I'm so open with my folks and I am trying so hard to keep it from them just until my surgery is over so nobody can worry or any negative thoughts can be thrown my way. I will think of something. If anybody wants a date in Jan for an earlier date, preferably in Dec, yall lemme know. I just got back from the gym and I feel amazing. I been doing low carb, but I switched it up yesterday and started eating low carb off a saucer. I love this diet for real, or this lifestyle bc that is what I have made it. You have NO APPETITE whatsoever and I literally have to make myself eat. The only time ive ever been like that is when I was on diet pills. So this is pretty cool. I will be weighing on the 7th of Nov. That marks 2 months that ive been on atkins. I'm 170ish right now and hoping to be 150 ish by surgery. Not having a scale has done me wonders! I was addicted to the scale, like seriously. I would weight 5x maybe more a day. When I would pee, I would think about the ounces that were being dropped from the scale. Yeah I know, psycho right?? So now that I do not weigh, I stick to my regimen and go off how I feel and not what I weigh. I have a saggy belly so Ive noticed that the smaller saggy bellies come out looking better than the bigger ones. My belly is manageable I the 50's, but big in the 70s. What is the best thing to maybe tighten skin and get rid of stretch marks ladies??

Her body+this bikini=life

This is the type of stuff I want to wear in Mexico y'all. Omg this bikini tho! These are the types of pics I look at to keep me focused on my healthy diet and working out.

Okay here are my preops -_-

I bank with Wells Fargo

I bank with wells fargo and Margaret is sayin I can do bill pay through them, but when I try to, their name isn't found. Help!!!!!


Hey dolls, I am tryin to make my deposit and @blackdoll19 has been trying to help me. Thanks girl! Although I am still confused. I am about to call Margaret, bc it says to deposit to cosmetics Miami. So is it Encore, Vanity Miami, Cosmetics Miami?? I don't know!

Just made my deposit!

So... I just made my deposit. Idk why, but I'm not as excited as I should be. Maybe bc I've put deposits down before, idk. I don't feel good today, but I'm really trying to be excited. Maybe everything will seem real when I buy plane tickets. Cause then you know shits about to go down. I want an earlier date, so we shall see. But in the mean time, I will be getting healthy and trying to get some weight off. Really nothing much to post, I'm just feeling kinda blah today. Maybe I will look at sexy clothes to be motivated lol.

Hey dolls! Anybody want Jan 21?

I want an earlier date if anybody wants to switch. Lemme kno. If I don't switch in like 2 weeks, I'm going to go head and buy my plane tickets, but I figured I'd give it a try

oh hey girls! I feel so good about choosing Vanity, bc I was so nervous

So, I changed back to Jan 21. My coordinator is the shit like no lie. I love her, she is on top of everything and responds as soon as she can. I was getting a little nervous about my deposit but as soon as it cleared, she got me my invoice. Every question I have, she answers, she is jus cool. I got an earlier date, but switched back to the original bc my husband was already approved for that time with vacation. I booked my hotel, now I just have to figure out where we will be at for work so I can book where we will fly out of. I have been busting ass in the gym. I had to switch up my eating plan bc the scales stopped moving. I want to be about 155 for surgery, right now I am about 170 coming all the way from 188. I will take it. Either 155 or have a 30 in waist. So... I have about 2 1/2 months and I know I can get there. I have been trying to tighten up my stomach too cause I know I will have some saggy going on. Getting excited yall!

Marian massages or Vanity massages??

Hey ladies, couple questions for the vets, first of all... I am staying like 10 min from Vanity, so I figured it would be more convenient to just get my massages at Vanity, but you hear how awesome Marian is. What do yall think? I think Marian is like 20 min from me. I am renting an suv so I will be comfortable, but how is the drive after sx? Or the ride? My surgery is in January so I am hoping I will be nice and cool. I could not imagine being all hot and bundled up. Also... has anybody gotten their hemo checked from Vanity right after surgery? How does that work? I just want to be extra careful... And what is the best garment to get for a second stage? The maria/marie 9152 looks pretty comfy. Thanks ladies!

Just talking about some issues

Hey yall, today has been a day... Well, these past few days have really been hard. I am going to get a little deep with yall, I really don't care who is listening, I just have to talk about this. Okay, on my previous posts, I mentioned me on a diet. Not sure if ive talked about my body/weight issues I have had in the past, but I have done some pretty unhealthy things that remind me of when I was a teen. Things I haven't done is awhile. My husband is on this super strict eating plan, the man literally eats chicken, broccoli, and eggs every single day, and while that works for him, it hasn't worked for me. I wanted something to accelerate my inches dropped bc its been staying the same so he made me up a plan. I don't know if yall know what binge eating is, but I use to do it badddd when I was a teen. I would go a week on strictly protein, as soon as I would get something bad in my mouth, I couldn't stop, my body couldn't stop. I started this plan last tue, and yes I dropped a half an inch in just 3 days, but Ive also binged twice. And one day, I ate till I was sick. I haven't done that in so long. Today, I start the day out right with black coffee and then I eat chicken. Well I had a craving for chocolate. We have a snack machine here so I go for chocolate, and then I go back, and then my day just spirals from there. That half an inch is gone by now. Why am I so obessed with losing weight?? My husband has a lot to do with it, bc he is this gym fitness freak with abs and a muscle build, and I am just fat. I talked to him when he got off work today and just explained that I appreciate his help, but I am going to go back on my low carb lifestyle. I never thought about food and I never felt restricted. When I feel restricted, my body goes into garbage disposal mode. He doesn't understand. No one that has never had a love hate relationship with food would understand. But anyways, my belly still holds strong at 35.5, so I will continue with my journey. Thanks for listening yall.

It's been a minute ladies

We left for a job, and were just now getting settled in. I'm working now so I been too tired to do a thing. So for the update, I'm not sure what I weigh. I've been slipping but I'm getting back on the train. I have to. My husband and I have been eating out a lot which is not cool. So I'm trying to get my routine back. I bought my plane tickets last night. OMG it's too real. I have to request off work. I'm hoping they give me what I need off. I got my tickets for 300$ for me and my husband. I was excited for that. Well my update is short and sweet. Lemme go check out the reviews.

Waiting on my lab clearance

Hey dolls, I cant believe my day is next week! Omg I am excited, but terrified! I done my labs and I am waiting on Vanity to clear them. Which I hope they do. There were two things off, but they weren't off by much. My hemo is a whopping 14.0. I eat a whole lot of spinach and that is all I can think of that has it high like that. I am trying to get rid of this cold I have. I took some time off work to get well before surgery. I am currently at 174. I wanted 165, so I am still trying to get there. Gosh I cant wait! I have been going through here looking at stories trying to get pumped

Haven't really been updating, but surgery is 3 days away

Omg... Where do I start? I have so many emotions with this right now. Idk whether to be excited, nervous, all the above. It jus seems like a dream. I'm jus ready to get it over with actually. Wondering what my body will look like after. I want huge hips and a huge butt. I'm gonna tell Fisher to put as much as he can in there lol. The only thing I don't like is having to use a taxi when I get to Miami. My husband and I have been working out of town and haven't had a chance to go home and renew our license. But, we will manage. We're not staying far from Vanity. Ladies, pray for me. I'm staying positive, and thinking that it will all be worth it. I can't believe this is actually happening. Thank you to all the ladies who have updated your journey. I'm going to do the same.

YALL I HAVE A SERIOUS CONCERN, surgery in 3 days with Fisher!

Okay ladies, I've been studying my body these past few days and I've noticed I have a short butt. Like short butt crack and all. What I'm scared of is, what if my booty is capable of being big?! I kno this sounds like I'm joking, but I'm so serious. My question is ... Can anybody give me some insight on short big booties? Like any girls you can think of that came out with a donk with a short butt. I just really want that dream booty and idk if I'm going to get it. I'm happy with my body being contoured, anything is better than what I have now, but I jus want a huge butt. Anyways... Any insight/pep talk would be greatly appreciated! Like this is something that's been hard on my mind.

I'm here in Miami, consult tomorrow

Hey ladies, nothing really to update. I get quiet when I get nervous, I just want to get this over with. Our room is super cute with a small kitchenette and it is very close to vanity. 2.5 miles actually. I just ate pizza, I need to go to the little market down the street and get some fruit and veggies. I'm worried about how my stomach is going to look, bc of saggy skin. Ya know what, I'm not gonna worry. I'm going to be excited and embrace this body change. I'm just going to know that God has me every step of the way.

Vanity is so pleasant y'all!

So... Vanity is not what I expected at all y'all. EVERYONE has been so nice. I haven't met the doctor yet, but I'm sure he's pleasant too. The only problem I've had is getting a freaking taxi. Bc for some reason, uber won't take my debit card. We walked to vanity from our hotel today. It was only like an hour away, so no biggie. Plus I needed the exercise. Tomorrow tho, I will call a damn taxi hours ahead of time. Y'all... Lemme tell you about my cab driver from the airport! He was so sketchy man! I swear he was geeking! This dude stopped in the middle of the interstate bc he didn't know where he was going. I pulled up the address on my phone and told this dude where to go! I was not trying to die! Anyways... I'm feeling good. I gotta go get a few groceries, tried on my garment, took my last test, and now I'm patiently waiting for fisher. It's quiet here right now, which is something I didn't expect. The blonde nurse that complemented my eyes, I get back from trying on my garment and my husband looks at me and says, babe her ads was as big as the couch! I was like.. Did you love it?? He jus gave me a perverted grin. I will kill him. He betta keep them peepers to himself! More later y'all!

Surgery is super early! VETS QUESTION ABOUT THE PLANE RIDE... HELP...

So surgery is very early. I gotta be there at 6 in the morning! Omg! I hope somebody is there to let me in lol! We shall see. Omg it's really happening! Y'all my mom still don't know. She would be blowing my phone up right now if she did. Needless to say, my mom is a worry wart. I love her, but she would of freaked me out if she knew. I would of had to call her when I got to the airport, when I landed, when I got to the hotel. And yes I'm married and grown lol. She gets super nervous when I travel, so she would shit a brick if she knew I was in Miami for surgery. It feels so weird not telling her cause I tell her everything, but I knew this was best. Why am I so early? I guess I'm the fattest of the day and he needs to be alert lol! But whatever, that jus means I will hurry and get it over with. It starts getting busy after 12. When I got there at 11, it was super quiet. But when I left at about 12:30-1, the waiting room filled up and people were coming in and out. Booty everywhere. They look like they don't know how to walk with all that caboose yet. Jkjk you can tell they are in pain. I have been eating like crap since I left. I gotta go get some groceries today and pineapple and such. I'm hoping my hemo is still as high as it was a week ago. I brought my nutri bullet to make my shakes so I need to do that. My friend letting me use their uber has taken a world of stress off me. Idk what's wrong with my card. Good thing we brought cash. I love the compression garment. It already feels like my best friend. Gotta go home and pack a bag and get ready for the am. I def think I'm gonna give it a few days before I call my mom. At least until I get my drains out. She's gonna want pics and I don't wanna freak her out. I told my grandma, she worries but it's not like freak me out worry. It's, here let's pray together. I love that lady. Y'all I'm worried about the plane ride home.... Like how in the heck am I gonna sit for 2 hours on the boppy?? Has anybody used the foam rollers for muscles? I've noticed the half foam rollers being used, but now whole. I jus don't wanna be squirmy on the plane and I sure as hell don't want my fat to die. Help....

I'm first y'all!!!

Hey ladies, I'm waiting and I'm first so y'all say a prayer for me! Thank you! Will update soon!

Hey y'all, sorry about the late update

IS FAINTING NORMAL?? I KNO YOU ARE GOING TO DO IT, BUT IVE BEEN DOING IT ALOT. IVE WENT IN SNAIL MODE CAUSE GETTING UP TURTLE MODE, I will pass out. God love this man. My husband is AMAZING. When I pass out it freaks him out, bless his heart. But I just got out without fainting so that is fantastic. Vets just chime in on this please. I got done with surgery at like 11 I think. Pain is okay, I haven't taken anything g but Tylenol. Fisher gave me percs but the pharmacy gave me oxys which is weird. I'm jus gonna ask fisher about it tomorrow. Jus noticed I never uploaded this. But no more fainting. The key is super slow. I'm up walking by myself so that's a big milestone for the first day. I am swollen and my waist looks so good. I told fisher that I wanted as much hips a dads that he could fit cause I've never been shapely and I feel like he delivered. If my waist looks this curvy already I can only imagine when I heal


Booty booty booty booty I'm trying to have enough words to post. Vets read my last post please

I feel like the worst days are over

I had my massage today and I think I prepared myself for the worst cause it wasn't that bad. I actually liked it. And the lady was super gentle. I take a lot of naps, and I eat a lot of small meals. Not really much of an appetite. The hotel I'm at, I swear as soon as I lay down on these little pillows I can hear my heart beat in my ears. Don't know what that is about. I'm doing things on my own and trying to wing off of my husband even tho he's been so helpful. The light headed feeling is gone! Thank God! I couldn't handle fainting! Not really obsessing over my body. I know it was waaaay better than before, just trying to focus on healing. I been eating healthy for the most part. I needed whole food so I ate a slice of pizza. Heaven, but now I'm back on my soup and fruit. I think it was too heavy too early. I went #2 standing up today. That was so awkward, but I felt better afterwords. Gosh I can't deal with this thumping. Maybe I'm not drinking enough fluids. Idk, but hubby went across the street to get some more water. My drainage is starting to lighten up, I guess that's expected with time. I'm happy for that bc I hated being so wet all the time. Not much pain, I haven't taken many pain meds. The only thing that hurts is getting in and out of bed. Other than that, I'm good. Gonna post some pics ladies. My back is super swollen and fisher said that was to be expected bc he was the most aggressive there. My stomach hopefully will look better, but I'm happy with everything so far.

I forgot to block my face

Here's all the before and Afters. You'll see that my back is still super swollen, I hope he was as aggressive as he said he was gonna be.


Hey ladies, is okay to have air in your drain? I would imagine that once the fluid starts lightening up you're gonna have some space. And did anyone else experience their heart beating in their ears. Jus curious. THESE PICS ARE SO BACKWARDS, SORRY

Caught a glimpse of her in the reflection

So this is kinda a funny story, so my husband and I decide to walk to the little market that's by our hotel. I needed more Tylenol. Well I'm walking around this place looking crazy, moving slow, carrying a bus behind me. My husband has been calling me big booty pale face lol. He so funny. But anyways, he keeps commenting on how much ass I have back there. I've seen the pics, and actually thought it looked small. I was concerned there wasn't going to be enough fat put in it bc of how short my butt was. Like I knew it was bigger, but I really didn't know how big. So we're coming out the market, I turn to the side and look at my reflection, y'all I tripped out. It freaked me out to see how much I was carrying back there. Like there is
My back, and then my butt protrudes out like crazy. I was in so much shock! I was like, omg babe... That's me?? That's my ass?? He was like.. Please tell me you like it cause I love it. It's so freaking big and I'm def pleased. So now I feel better about it going down and softening up cause I know I'm gonna be caboosey Lucy. Fisher gave me exactly what I asked for. I told him to out as much fat as he could in my butt and hips and he did jus that. So when the girls say pics do it no justice, now I see what they mean cause it's so true. It looks like I'm about to bust out the back of this maxi dress y'all. I'm happy. On a more serious note, recovery is something else. Especially with me not taking my pain meds. It's not too too bad, but I jus wish it was over if that makes sense. Would I do it all over again, probably. I jus feel so sorry for my husband cause every time he hears me move he jumps up. He's been my life saver y'all. I can't stress that enough, bring somebody that is caring bc you're totally gonna need it the first few days. It's hard to do anything alone. I'm jus glad I had him here for me. This actually has brought us closer to
Jus see the caretaker in him makes me fall in love all over again. He's my rock y'all and you best believe he gonna reap these benefits of the booty as soon as she gets better. He deserves it. I hope all is well. I am just up walking around. About to lay back down. I will talk about my full honest review about vanity when I've had more massages. But they have been on their game. I've had no issues whatsoever.

Jus a few pics

Y'all I hated maxi dresses. And so did my husband. I never thought i would fill one out. And damn they're comfy.

When did you ladies start wearing foams?

Hey dolls, jus got up from a nap. I finally found a good place to sleep that didn't kill me. I'm sleeping on my boppy on the floor on couch cushions. It's the closest thing to my bed at home. There is nothing like my memory foam bed... Can't wait to be home. I feel good. Usually I feel like cramp after a nap, but I feel good. I WILL NEVER EAT PIZZA AGAIN UNTIL IM HEALED. I know it was a no brainier but I've been on a diet and then eating soup after sx so I wanted some real food. Bad idea! Y'all everything swelled up like a balloon! It was actually kind of scary. I don't like taking showers bc of the light headedness and the swelling. So I'm in and out quick like. I feel so good when I walk. A little tired but I feel good. I think since the fluid has stopped, I'm about to try to put on my foams. I'm pretty sure I'm not as swollen as I was last night and this morning. Ladies believe them when they say, low salt. My booty was hooongry but it wasn't worth the swelling by any means. And a question about lipo on the back? Did it take time for that to go away? I'm hoping he didn't leave me with a fat ass back y'all. I am thankful for this new body, but I'm hoping my back goes wayyyy down. I'm being patient. I haven't measured or anything like that. I can't wait for my booty to drop though. It feels so good to have curves. Even tho I look a straight mess, I feel sexy with my curves already. So I can't wait to get home and play dress up.

About lipo foams and ab boards

Hey ladies, I am so swollen and I don't think I'm wearing these foams right cause they are leaving creases. When do I need to start the ab board cause my stomach is creasy.


Hey dolls, today was a rough day and idk why. I thought I would be getting better and I thought things would get easier. My butt feels like it's about to explode, it hurts so bad. I figured this is normal, but when I lay on my stomach, I can feel my heartbeat in my head. I'm drinking the fluids, I'm eating, I'm walking, why does my head hurt like this. I'm in swell hell, is that why?? I'm jus kinda worried ladies. Lemme know your individual experiences. I have boo hoo'd today cause I can't take the pain meds. I feel like they make my headaches worse, I just want to make sure this is part of the process and something isn't wrong.

Trying to be positive today

Hey ladies, figured I'd update. I got up and moved around a bit today. I'm still in pain, but I'm trying to come off the percs so I fighting through it. I slept like crap last night. Couldn't get comfortable for nothing. This has def been an emotional roller coaster. I've tried twice to get fisher on the phone or to see him, I got told today that if he was out of surgery when I got done with my massage I could, if not I'd have to wait. I'm going to ask them to check my blood pressure and all that today at vanity just for peace of mind. Idk if I'm not eating enough, drinking enough, or what is causing these headaches, but it's only when I lay down. I thought about going to the er, but then I got up and started moving around. I'm not going to let this get me down. Idk why I'm having such a hard time, but I'm tying so hard. Anyways, hopefully I will get to see the dr today. Not trying to get my hopes up tho

On a positive note!

Hey ladies, I know y'all were getting tired of me whining, damn I was tired of whining. I feel like myself right now just more tired lol. I had my massage at 12, then we went to subway. The hubby sat down and I stood. It was obvious I didn't wanna smoosh this donk :) Then we went to Walmart. I was looking a straight mess. Lemme tell y'all, everybody is Walmart looked like they were dressed for the club in pumps and everything. Miami don't play lol, meanwhile I was looking like a grandma with this huge ass grandma booty. Y'all I pray it goes down lol. I know it will i gotta be patient. I haven't seen dr fisher, I will see him Thursday before I go home. But vanity did switch my pain meds out. I knew what I was getting myself into with fisher and post op bc he's so busy and as of right now, I'm fine with everything. Everyone at vanity has been so nice and accommodating. They don't act like the money hungry people that everyone talked about before. Everybody is so pleasant. I forget her name, but the girl at the garment counter, I love her! She is so sweet and her booty is on point! My husband said, babe you should get a ass like hers. I think fisher suceeded. I'm jus really hoping huge booty Judy goes down to medium/large booty Judy lol. My hips make me look hella thick. But on the good side of that, I wanted to drop weight and get back to working out so at least I will have nice hips and ass for a petite girl. I kept all this weight for a reason so I need to hush lol. Fisher gave me exactly what I asked for, and as for vanity, they are SO MUCH DIFFERENT then what they use to be when they first got popular. They actually act like they have compassion when at first it was all about the money. They don't act like that anymore. All the girls there are so sweet. Anyways, thank you ladies for all the kind words and advice. I was having a rough time but today felt kinda normal. And when they tell you to WALK, by all means, walk! The more you lay the more it hurts. Trust me. Will
Update soon ladies. I haven't really been taking a lot of naked pics. I don't have a full body mirror at the hotel and honestly my body freaks me out right now cause I'm so swollen but when I get home and start looking proportioned, I will give y'all all the pics y'all want.

Booty booty booty

Feeling better tonight
This is her in her garment. I love the way she looks in clothes so far, jus being patient for the final results

Hey ladies, we're finally home after one hell of a misunderstanding

Hey y'all, wooooo I'm so glad to be home!!! Technically, we were supposed to be home yesterday. How I missed that? I have no idea. I was suffering from booty fog lol. Trust me, it exist. We get up this morning to check the status of our flight... Oh it was just a day late. No biggie -_- The only card we brought was one that obviously can't book a flight. I had to call my mom at 2 in the morning y'all to get me home. Then, our uber wouldn't work, and it's hard to get a cab around vanity. Y'all it was like Miami was trying to keep me there lol! We almost missed our flight again bc I was so uncomfortable peeing standing up in public! I had to go so bad!!! Lemme jus tell you I'm so happy we're home! Ladies... The boppy does not work on the plane ride! I don't know what the hell it works with but it didn't feel like it was working at all. And my damn hips are so wide y'all, the arm rest were pushing up against them. I did lay in my husbands lap for a lot of the flight but a lot of it I had to hold myself up. Wore me out!!! If y'all don't do push ups or have some kinda upper body strength, please start now. You are going to depend on upper body strength for EVERYTHING!!! I feel normal. Like I can walk without tiring out, and my butt doesn't really ache like it did. The hubby says its softening up. He would know, he stays touching it lol. My skin is retracting well, bc I had loose skin going in. Hips have went down and my butt is starting to look normal. I kinda have gotten use to it. I thinks she cute. She is huge tho. I can't fit into nothing. Now that I'm home I will start posting more pics cause I have a full body mirror. I need to do a full review on vanity and my surgery day. My surgery day is just like everybody else's. Blue blue paper socks, the white compressing stockings, cold when you wake up, booty sore, Lalala. But I had a sweet sweet nurse and also the girls at the front were so sweet to me too. I never had a problem with anyone at vanity. My body wants a massage so bad. Dude this is tmi, but after the massages y'all, I've never dunked so much in one session in my entire life!!! And you can tell it was some straight up I been sitting in your organs for a while air it out for 2 hours kinda movement. Every time after a massage y'all. I had no idea I had that much waste in me!!! It must of been her working on my stomach cause I read that lymphatic drainage massages are good for all that. Needless to say, I wanna massage so bad!!! I have someone here in town that does them so as soon as I get the green light I'm gone. Ummmm what else, oh and foods that I ate when I was down, the sight and smell of them make me want to throw up. I can't look at a pineapple, a spinach, a chicken noodle soup, this weird sausage my husband kept eating. The thought of Cuban food makes me sick, and that stuff was so good. I guess cause my body associates those taste and smells with me being down. It's weird. Is that why pregnant woman never look at some things the same again?? I wouldn't know lol. So... The big question, I'm 8 days p.o, was it worth it... A little early to answer but I'm gonna go head and answer it. Yes, my body, even being swollen to hell and back, has looked the best it's EVER looked in 26 years. Some of us are jus not built for curves and for once in my life, I have them. Would I do it over again?? Ummm I will answer that in a few months when I take her out for a spin. It wasn't as bad as I was thinking, but it's almost like teaching your body how to do things all over again and that's the part I didn't like. Walking, peeing, eating, like the trauma our body goes through, I didn't realize until I was there. No amount of reviews can get you ready I don't think. I handled it in my own way and each individual will too. It wasn't the pain for me, it was being so dependent and helpless. You can barely even wipe your own ass dude. Oh and the headaches. Mine was from my neck tho so please please please, have a good pillow, bring a massager, whatever. Another thing that helped the pounding was loosening my straps at night. Idk if they just pulled but i would even take them off my shoulders jus to make the headaches go away. I'm open for any questions ladies. Y'all have helped me so much and I'm off for the next two weeks so I'm all yours!!!!

Questions about my garment

Hey ladies, so.... I can fit 4 lipo foams, and 2 ab boards in my garment and it still doesn't feel like enough compression. This morning I wore a corset backwards, only place it's really tight is my back which is the most swollen. Well I took it off and my back swelling had gone down. And I wear it backwards so I can adjust it easily. Considering that I'm only 9 days post op, is this a bad thing? I'm also trying to even out my waist line. It's uneven. Help...

Pics and help getting my waist even

Hey ladies, here's some pics. Today I actually felt kinda sexy. I love the size of my butt, I hope it doesn't go doesn't go down too much. Here's some pics of my waist. You think it's too soon to worry??

Here's my preops back.

I couldn't find the originals so that's why they are small. And they are side by side cause I was on a weight loss journey for a min.

Oh I wanted to post this

Hey dolls, I forgot I had this, but it is very helpful. I got it from a Salama doll.

Just a little update, booty greed is so real y'all!

Hey ladies!! So I'm 11 days p.o and I've kinda been playing dress up. Lemme jus say, I can't wait to take this body out! Never in my life have I tried everything on and it looked good! My booty is sitting strong at a 46, and my waist is a 33. I'm still super swollen in my stomach and my back. I'm thinking about purchasing a squeem soon. I jus feel I need more compression. I'm going soon to get my garments taken in, cause I want this waist to keep shrinking. I know I shouldn't get use to my nitty size right now, but it has gone down tremendously since surgery, so maybe I've already lost my volume I was gonna lose. The first week of surgery, my body looked crazy. Everything was too big, but Fisher knows exactly what he's doing like always, bc now that the swelling is going down, this is EXACTLY what I wanted! I'm glad he injected as much fat as he could cause I wanted a huge butt, and I think when my results are final, I will have exactly what I want. I didn't even want to look at myself the first week and now, I can't stop looking back at it! Y'all I LOVE MY BODY!!! And I know it only gets better from here. I can't imagine being anymore curvier but I know it's coming once the swelling goes all the way down. I have to come on here and talk bc nobody wants to hear about it in real life (family and friends) wtf is a friend. I'm all ears when they wanna talk but it's a different story when it comes to me. My mom and my grandma have been so supportive and interested in my new body. But as for everybody else, it almost seems like they hatin y'all. And I'm not being funny or conceited. Like... I'm the type of person, I literally don't have a hating bone in my body. And I will put it on anything. I've always been genuinely happy for other people. Always. But I do not get that same respect. But whatever. Mini rant over. Fisher did that like he always does. Y'all I put on tights and a cute crop top, so simple and killed it!!! So this is my advice to any ladies in the fence... If you are uncomfortable in your skin like I was for 26 years, YOU DESERVE THIS! Don't let anyone tell you any different. I would of done this years ago but I had people always talking me out of it. This is your life, not theirs. Even swollen, I feel sexy. The pain only last a few days, then after that, you're just stiff. This is the best thing I could of ever done. Fisher is a busy man, but I wouldn't go anywhere else with anybody else. Vanity was good to me
From day one! And yes I would do it all over again, 1000x bc nothing in this world feels better than feeling good about yourself!

Been a min

Hey ladies, man this thing is an emotional roller coaster. Some days my booty looks huge and some days it's small. I haven't been updating as much cause I have been trying to focus on healing and I'm trying not to be so critical of my body. And not to mention, my husband has more of a case of booty greed than I do and it's depressing. He keeps saying, it's supposed to get bigger in 3 months right? Like you did not see what I came from? I had nothing. I finally told him today, if he's not happy, then pay for a round two. If he's not paying for a
Round two, then he needs to be happy with my body so I can. Idk I'm jus so aggravated today. Like... This healing process is tough. You wanna play dress up and show off, but then you start picking your body apart. Y'all it's tough. Especially with somebody with no patience. Like I am so thankful for my new body and that's why I haven't been updating a lot. I don't want this surgery to become obsessive and it kinda has. I'm trying to pull back and realize that my body has came so far and has so far to go. But I do have a question.. Is fluffing real?

It's been a min

Hey ladies, I quit my job today so maybe I will have more time to update. Nothing has really changed. Jus steadily healing. It's crazy cause after post op you really don't have anything to say. It's just a waiting game. Went out for the first time last night and omg I felt on top of the world. I was with my husband and some girls from work. Girls from work were kinda shady, but whatever. I felt amazing. So amazing that I wanted my husband to leave me there cause he wanted to go home. That's something we don't do is go out with each other so I was def selfish last night. We got in a huge fight, but talked about it today. I tried to explain that it was nothing like he thought. That for the first time in a long time I felt like I didn't have any flaws and I didn't want the night to end. Well the first time in my whole life actually I felt beautiful. But other than the attention you get, post op is pretty much the same. I'm waiting for my butt to get all the way soft tho lol. If you have any questions ladies lemme know

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