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Hello BBL community! So here's my story.... i...

Hello BBL community! So here's my story.... i haven't been on RS for long but I always knew I wanted to do cosmetic surgery on my body because simply put, I'm just not happy. I'm not depressed or anything but I want to be and feel exhilirated with having the beauty to go with the brains! I'm excited to be sceduled with Dr Mcadoo! I'm asking for advice on everything I should go to pick up before my surgery....I'll be traveling w/ the hubby so if anyone knows of nice hotels that are close to Vanity I much appreciate it and a really good place to get these massages I hear you will need. I hope to hear from all the dolls - xoxo

Macadoo Doll-May 2016*

Okay, so I have 46 days to go and I've decided to put some pics up now in order for you gals to see where I'm at & why I'm choosing to cash in on some big hips & azz!!
Here' where I stand:
Weight: 170 (plus a poubd or two:)
Bust:38inch, Chest:33,Waist:34, Hips:34.5, Butt/thighs:40

I'll post some more pre-op pics when I'm a week out from sx. I'll also post my top 5 wish pics....I'm trying to not go so crazy and put up like a 100 pictures of baddd bodies I would love to have,& I'm trying to be really realistic on what I want.

What medications to take prior to and after sx??

Hi dolls, so I'm about to get online to start ordering all the vitamins & supplements I will be needing... Now my coordinator sent me a checklist and all that is listed is just medication and iron supplements... So ladies what iron pills are you taking and are you taking anything else? Something that is also confusing is that it states on this one sheet of paper about not taking any form of pills 1 week prior to sx...(i.e. vitamins, birth control and etc).... So should I be taking anything at all? Idk, dolls can uou help me out with this one??

WISH PICS! (Part I) *I'm back like I never left before (literally!)*

So even though I've been RS stalking & posting comments on some fellow Dolls pages, I decided not to post too many reviews until I was within the 30 days pre op window. I'm so anxiously waiting for it to be my time and have my sx, so instead of idly posting about too much of nothing I've been biding my time... So lets get it started with my WISH PICS!!

Initially I stated from the beginning I was only going to post like 10 pics but as the time flew by, I've just come across so many big beautiful behinds!!! Lol. It's like I'm obsessed w/ checking out butts nowadays! I be rummaging through pics, sharing them with the Hubby so he can see what I 'm going to be looking like in less than 1 month!! You dolls got to know the feeling I'm having while going through this BBL journey. To excited for words right!?!
Shout to all the dolls I've borrowed pics from , either your body was dope and or the pic of the actual chick was! Thanks!

BBL Pillow, Booty Buddy, Foam Roller....etc

So Im so indecisive on which pillow will work best for sitting... Dolls can you give me some suggestions and or reviews from your experience??

Lab Work

Can some of you Dolls explain or know what all the lab work medical terms mean??... What is the one everyone talks about that must be at a certain level??... Or the your sx will be postponed.The lab work the coordinator sent me was :

RS Dolls don't really SHOW much luv

RS thanks for having so much information available that people like myself can come on here to take note of...I've noticed that this isn't really a supportive community/blog dialogue... Like there has only been two dolls (you know who you are !) thats been REAL and just nice overall to every doll that has been on here. So on that note I want be visiting this site anymore.

A Moment of Self Doubt...

So I just want to thank all the Dolls that have commented on my previous post. You ladies helped me to realize that I must stay on this journey by sharing and seeking out fellow dolls to help me along the way...It was just soo many things coming at me yesterday, I didn't know whether or not I would have all my sx money and it just felt as though I was in this thing all alone... I mean the only people who can relate to me about this is you ladies that are going through the same thing (past & present), I just felt a void that I was missing out on a lot of essential information because I wasn't having that much dialogue with other dolls and maybe I wasn't asking those questions that I should be asking... but I can't let the self doubt cloud my judgement because in all actually I'm able to receive A LOT of information by reading other dolls post and I may not see it now (or maybe ever) that I can be helpful to other future dolls along the way. So I'm kind of glad I was able to post about my frustrations and self doubt and I can't delete posts (lol) because I want my post to be an example to other future dolls that when you feel as though no one understand that there will be people to help and support you along the way.

Now that I have come up with a way to pay off my remaining balance, my sx date is still set. I'm more nervous then anything about what important questions should I be asking Dr McAdoo prior to sx?

Thanks dolls for reading me rant and getting me out of my rut.

Need to Start Ordering my supplies!

Now I've received tips on how it's best not to go over board with purchasing supplies for my BBL. So I'm definitely going to heed that advice because let's be real this sx is already an expensive procedure & that's counting everything you have to do for preparation. I think I went over the top as far as in purchasing things for me to sit on...BUT I want my ass to be comfortable! lol
To sit I've purchased:
Boppy Pillow (FREE...but not FREE. You have to pay S&H $14.99 OR $16.99)
Booty Buddy ($95)
Dr. Miama Booty Buddy ($100)
Lounge Chair (Haven't bought one yet)
Foam Roller (Half) ($8)

I know it may seem over the top of purchasing two booty buddy's but I wanted to be able to compare the two and see which one is better. I also didn't want to carry one around all the time, so I'll probably leave one at work (Dr Miami BB since it really looks more discreet and I like that it comes with back support).

Now I'm trying to figure out what padding I need to purchase for post sx.
So what I've gathered is that I'll need :

Lipo Foam (3)
Lipo Board (is the foam & board not the same)
Ab board
Back Triangle

Can some of you dolls let me know what padding your intending to purchase and where from.

Paid in Full McAdoo Doll May 2016

So its official! I've paid in full my sx that takes place 9 May. The little bit of supplies that I did order are coming in, my labs are cleared and I'm ready to get this new ass!!
Since I'll only be in Miami for 7 days I'm now stressing about how many massages I should schedule... Do you dolls think I should do 2,3 or 5?? Medical professionals have the package deals.

2 Weeks till SX-McAdoo Doll

So time is winding down. I'm so excited because I know my life will be forever changed and Im embracing it. Even though my journey has been short on RS, I've taken noticed that way to many people spend a lot of money for sx supplies & realize that their money has went down the drain.... No offense but since my sx already cost $4000 I evaluated how I could cut cost as much as possible. So here's what I did & more about my journey:
1st: When I contacted Vanity, I already knew that I wanted to get my BBL done around a certain time frame (which was May 2016). I initially wanted Dr Fisher....only because there were soo many rave reviews on him (initially a person always want the Doctor that everyone else is talking about) when the coordinator stated that Fisher was booked out untill August, I automatically asked her what other doctors could perform the BBL surgery. Thats when she sent me two emails containing McAdoo & Valls work. As soon as I seen McAdoo work, I appreciated the quality in his work because I felt in my gut that he could deliver authenticity. So I told her I wanted to go with him & she told me how I could lock in my date by paying $1000 deposit. I paid that deposit within 3 days because I didn't want to lose my date, nor the special they were running & the doctor availability. So the moral of my story is make sure you know what you want, whose going to deliver it, and that you act fast on coming uo with the deposit to lock in that date but more importantly the price...

Lab work was a Breeze

So once I locked in my date & Doctor. The coordinator lets me know that I would need to get my lab work done. Now dolls, they give you the option to either do all of your lab work at home,meaning with your own primary Care Physician or your have the option to get it done when you come in for your pre op appointment (which is the day before your sx date & is included in your total cost for sx). I highly recommend that you get all of your lab work done prior to sx because you may not be on the up & up with your lab work to where it'll conflict w/ you getting your sx done that next day and you'll be pissed that you wasted your time & money on coming down to Miami. Moving on...once I hit my 3 weeks mark I went to get my lab work done.. It didn't cost me anything extra so Im grateful for that and when my results were in I contacted a coordinator to see if they received them and they told me I was good to go! The only hindsight to my lab work experience is that initially Vanity gave me the wrong fax number (dolls make sure you be on it about them receiving your results) and they forgot to list HIV on my lad work sheet, so I had to turn around and get that done too. I know alot of people say you need to purchase this, this and this in order to get your blood levels to where they should be, but how will you know what you need to work on until you get the lab work done initially anyways??? Here's the tip to how I saved money.... I was already taking Womens Collegan Supplement before I even scheduled my sx date ( I don't know if this helped any) . I was taking this supplement to make my joints, hair & nails stronger). Ladies if your would like to check it out, just go to GNC. Once My collegen ran out... I then decided to get a GNC generic brand of iron pills (I don't remember the price but I know they were inexpensive) . I was only taking my Iron pulls for less than a week before I decided to just get my lab work done in order to find out what I needed to work on..this lessened my stress about it too :)

More wish pics

My wish pics should be really labeled as my like/love pics! All these beautiful women with different shapes & sizes. So no, not all of these pics are what I want to exactly look like and not all of them are achievable anyways. I'm just admiring these snatched bodies.

McAdoo Doll!! 7Days, 10hrs &16min

So time is extremely winding down and I'm so ready to find myself in bootyland!
I have my massages booked, my garments and supplies that I'll need. I'm just undecisive on what food/snacks I shoud bring or buy since I'll be staying in a hotel....huh decisions,decisions.

How many is too many garments??

So I plan to have a total of 3 garments for my BBL procedure. I will rotate two of them right after sx, then I'll have one (which will be smaller) for when my swelling goes down even more.
Doll what is your thoughts about it?

Got that Call!!!

So I wasn't going to post anything until later on because I have so much going on and only a few days to make sure I'm set before sx on Monday. Dolls when I say I'm so excited!!!!! Like I'm so geeked to see how I'll look afterwards, the healing process all the way to the final results. I'm going to embrace it all & try to stay in a vey happy, peaceful mind frame. So moving on I received my call from Claudia at VANITY to confirm my time which will be at 0430, I'm Dr McAdoo 1st patient of the day and I'm gone have the biggest smilr ever on display for his ass!! Lol. I'll post so much more later on and post a wjole lot of pics in my clothing because I want to look back and see the big transformation. To all the vets and dolls pending sx. Its our time to shine baby!!

On my way to Miami

So it's finally my time amd I'm riding with my shooter, my day one and my biggest supporter (even though half of the time he don't understand the lingo for this sx).. My husband. I know he can't wait till this booty get plump! Lol but trust I know he loves me with what I have now too. So we're on the road and I should arrive there by very early this afternoon.I can't wait. I'm wondering if I'll get much sleep later on today especially since I'll ve chilling all day tomorrow after sx. Btw: Happy Mothers Day to all the Momma Dolls on here:) may you have a beautiful day!

Bye Bye Old body...HELLO NEW BODY!!

Huhhh, can't believe I'm doing this again but I really wanted to share and see for myself the transformation I'm about to have with my body. My booty & hips looking so sad :( lol.... But it's about to go down and get revamped. Okayyyyyy

Booty, Booty, Booty Rockin Everywhere!!

Dolls I've made it too bootyland!!!
Let me backtrack to the day of sx up until what Im feeling like now. So the day of sx which was Monday, I was scheduled for 0430 along with two other ladies who were scheduled with McAdoo too. One of the ladies, she was telling us how initially she was scheduled for Saturday but due to the commotion she was pushed back to that day. The other ladie was scheduled for 0430 as well but the coordinator who was there told me that I would be going first. Dolls if you are sheduled for a very early time like 0430, just get there on time. Not too early & obviously not late. I got to encore at 0420.. and the lady who was suppose to have sx on Sat. said that they were out in the parking lot around 3am and no one was there. So when you get to Encore, you pretty much check in, they take you to one of their back rooms, you change into your gown and they have you piss in a cup just so they can do another pregnancy test. So after I did all that, to say the least I'm glad I bought my jacket because it was freezing (only in the back)!!! The only downside to my sx is that McAdoo was late ass hell!!! At 1st they tried to lie and say that he was caught up in traffic, but this man was damn near 6hrs late. I wasn't to frustrated but I was cold as shit. When he finally did come to my room, we talked, he asked did I have any pics,and then he went to marking me up. I got on the operating table (yeah they make you walk to that sucka. Lol) around 1130am and then I don't remember anything until I woke up still freezing like a mofo. A lady helped me put my cloths on and she grabbed a wheelchair, I was like na'll I'm good and then I slow walked my ass out of there!! Lol


This is the type of faja I purchased... I bought one beige and one black. Its a 2XL.Mind you I weighed 170 and I still had a little wiggle room. I guess Dr McAdoo switched up a few things because he told me not to put any foam & or ab board until day four. Which is weird because I don't want any permeanant indentations so since I put on a new faja today I just put my foam on too. It fits more snug but still comfortable.

The Pain is Real!!

So I haven't written too much about the pain you feel after sx but if I had to describe it feels like my ass has been hit by a Mack Truck, I'v done a million and one sit ups and my body is just so sore and stiff! Like no joke. The day of sx I was still pretty doped up,when I got to my room I popped 2 Tylenol extra strength and I slept in & out throughout the day. You feel so I only walked one time that day, had two jello cups, some water, and ginger ale...I'm happy to say that I didn't vomit or feel nauseous at all. The day of post op, I went to Encore, they wiped me down with some alcohol and pretty much said I looked great (and wait until day 4 to put my foam on)...I go back on Friday to hopefully get this drain removed. Like literally dolls the pain is no joke...I think it has something to do with you having a low supply of blood after sx & you have to replenish your body back to health. Of course every body is different & I consider myself having a high tolerance of pain but advice that I give to you dolls (and myself)...just be patient w/recovery. The presciption they prescribe is Percocet, Nauseous & Vomiting medicine, Two Bacteria killing medications, and some injections you will to do in order to prevent blood clots...Instead of my getting everything I asked the coordinator what was the most essential medications I the only pills that I'm taking is TylenolExtra strength (this replaces the percocet), iron pills,ciprofloxacn & bactrim ds (the two antibacteria medications) , and the blood clot shots...I went to the pharmacy at walmart to grab everything (I already had the tylenol & iron pills) total as $56 & some change (and this was with no insurance..I didn't want to use my insurance while being down here. Plus I heard they charge you more..which is wierd....

5 Days Post Op

So today I'm feeling a whole lot better than those first couple of days. There's still pain and a whole lot of stifness but is a bit bearable. I also finally went to the toilet (TMI, I know :)!!!! Whooo that was a task on its on. Lol. I go for my last massage today, boi let me tell you those massages are no of the coordinators told me of you don't feel any pain with these massages then its not working and trust me, I be feeling the pain. The massages are not only moving the fluid around in your body for it to be drained but it feels like she's conturing my waist and stomach even more.

Post Op Update

It feels like forever since I've posted anything! I just wanted to keep you dolls updated that recovery is coming along great. I still have a lot of swelling & bruising, I even have some forms of lumps (hard knots), just curious if other dolls have experienced this?? If so, how do I tend to them? I receieved a total of 5 massages and before I left Miami, Marian told me that I would be fine not doing any more massages once I returned back home...something about me not having a lot of fluid & since I've never been pregnant....I shouldn't waste my money. Does anyone know where I can get a massager from? That way I can do it myself... Now on day 7, my hubby took his time getting my stitches out and removed my drain (glad to have that thing removed!) There's some questions I have for the vets.. What do you keep in your garment, even while your sleeping?? Right now I going to bed w/tank top, foam around my abdomen &sides, and I also have a back molder (so uncomfortable) and my garment on top of everything of course and Im wearing my compression socks too. I go back to work next week and I know having on the garment is not going to work,so I think I'll just wear a waist trainer during the day... Has anyone done this? I have one already but I may need to order another one since mine isn't adjustable. Later I'll update more & pics too!
Aventura Plastic Surgeon

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