RI (Recovery Items) and RH (Recovery House) HELPFUL INFO.

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*Treatment results may vary

Had another profile on here but wanted to start...

Had another profile on here but wanted to start afresh since so much has changed. Still seeking a good doctor for my BBL and hope I receive the results I need without any recovery issues.

SOOOOOO... I am still a flatty. I initially wanted to go with Cortes (still wish I could) but unfortunately I simply cannot afford him. I am, however, trying to decide between Dr. Ortega and Dr. Fisher. I believe I'll get better care and customer service from Ortega but Fisher seems to be better at giving the result I am looking for. I have read so many horrible reviews about Vanity that I am scared to go there but I am only interested in getting this procedure done right and only once so Fisher would be a safe bet.

Another thing that worries me is I have seen so many worth its and not worth it reviews for Fisher where the patients all have drain issues. They accumulate liquid and have a hard time recovering where as I've seen videos with girls straight out of surgery with Ortega looking Fresh-to-Death and very little issues.

If anyone can give advice or info please feel free.

I wish I wish I wish

About to make my down payment with Vanity for Dr. Fisher. Jessica is my coordinator. I am extremely excited because this means it's actually going to happen. I want a surgery date in May 2015 *fingers crossed*.

Has anyone used a medical loan/credit card to pay for surgery? If so any Pros and Cons?

Also, Recovery Houses, which is affordable and gives good care? Because of the reviews on Vanity I'm scared to stay there.

Has anyone used a medical loan/credit card to pay for surgery? If so any Pros and Cons?

Thinking of applying for a loan so I don't use up all my money and then have nothing in the case of an emergency. Has anyone used a medical credit card or loan? Which is best?

Things are finally falling into place

A lot has happened in a short time.

I have definitely decided on Fisher and have made my initial down payment with Vanity. As I said before Jessica is my coordinator. She seems like a nice person, very helpful and responsive. I initially wanted to do a medical loan but Vanity no longer takes care credit so that's off the table. Care credit has a no prepayment penalty and no interest period that was interesting, however, all the others have a user fee attached and too high interest rate so I'll be doing everything out of pocket. Let me tell you, this isht adds up! Between the surgery, recovery house (I am yet to make a deposit but I'll more than likely be going to NEW BODY), purchasing all the items for post surgery comfort and recovery I'll be flat on my face broke by the time it's all said and done. Thank God I have a good job and financial recovery will be quick.

The great thing for me as well is the fact that I have a buddy so for the entire experience I'll have someone I trust with me. YAY! After making my down payment Jessica emailed a list of items to purchase etc. so I made a wish list on amazon of all the things on the list and I'll start purchasing the items as the time rolls around instead of buying everything at once. My surgery buddy It'sallaboutme (check her realself out) showed me a BBL PILLOW for sale from PilaPort creations that I'll be getting instead of the boppy pillow as it seems better to me for post surgery sitting. Yes!!!! I said sitting...check it out. They both run along the same price so no big difference there.

All in all everything seems to be falling in to place and I cant wait for May to roll around so I can be Fisherfied.

Merry Christmas Dolls

Merry Christmas and a bootyful new year to all. Hoping everyone's Holiday is off the chain.

Wish pics

BBL PILLOW fail.....

Soooo... I got fair warning about the Pilaport BBL pillow so I am not looking into that anymore. I guess it was just too good to be true. I did come across another pillow on IG though I am going to post the pic here. If anyone has any reviews let me know yay or nay on this one. Trial and error ladies trial and error!

Started purchasing recovery items and putting stuff together for surgery. I want to move surgery up from May to March. Does anyone have a clue of available March dates?

pics didnt post

Come on realself..ughh!

BBL Pillow bought....Check!

So my bblpillow came by UPS today! Yay! I have already tried it out and it does what it says. It is surprisingly comfortable and I dont feel a strain on my back or anything. Woohooo!! I would take a pic sitting on it but I dont have a selfie stick and no one is home to do it for me. I am just so excited I had to post quick. No need to fear ladies Pilaport is verified by yours truly. Its smaller than I thought it was but it's sturdy. Get it while its on sale too its $54.99 but after taxes and shipping mine came to $76. So psyched!

Before pics

I have been battling posting my own pics because I think they are HORRIBLE!! I look way better in clothing than I do without but I'm making the conscious decision to put them up because if I can't be honest here about my body then C'mon!! Where else can I be. I am just ashamed that as an athletic person (plz note the strong legs...thanks track and field) I have allowed my body to go this far and unlike some I do not have kids to blame... just laziness. Too, I have never liked my build. I am top heavy and carry most of my weight in my abdominal area *sigh* so here you go. Please do not be too hard on me y'all lol... took them at the hotel before taking a shower so NO I wasnt gonna lotion the dry skin then go shower it off. I'm blaming it on winter. I'm usually not ashy.

Vanity new payment policy

SOOO... vanity has a new out of state payment policy where you need to sign an authorization since you are paying from out of state. You also need to copy the card you payed with and send them a copy of your ID. I'm sorry I don't have an issue signing an authorization but with all the scamming going on these days I don't feel very comfortable having a copy of my card floating around Vanity's office. If I send them a copy of my ID and a copy of my card anyone in that office has the ability to milk me because they will have ALL my info ( address, full name, copy of signature and card number). Did anyone else have to do this? I made a payment on January 3 and Vanity refuses to clear the payment without me sending these? Jessica is my consult at Vanity.

Pre-op Instructions from Vanity

P ez Ladies Urinal

For those persons with surgery late march or after there is a promotion for free shipping on the P ez by fashionbox sold by Trustwory store on amazon. These recovery items add up and for those of you who like me are buying items bit by bit that dont add up to a $35 total everytime to qualify for Amazon's free shipping the actual seller's free shipping helps.

FAJA/CG- Doing some research thought it may be helpful to someone

Tip of the day January 8, 2015 FAJA'S part I

Yesterday I got a message on IG about faja's so I wanted to give some comparison to help you better choose your second stage, 1st or even 3rd.
All the doctors practices with Faja's and brands are different. Depending upon the procedures you get you will be In a
.....1st stage (TT) garment with 2 side zippers or hooks in the front.
.....Lipo BBL you may be in a 2nd stage garment.
The first stage garment will need to be changed over to a second stage garment depending on your recovery this can be anywhere from 4-7 days perhaps longer so if you don't have a second garment with you and you'll be here in DR for a decent time then $140+ will be the cost depending on brand and style with without sleeves long or short legs Maria E, Fajate or Salome.
All Faja are not the same and depending upon the desired look for that BOOTY (Apple bottom or Heart Shaped) you should choose your Faja accordingly.

Tip of the day January 8, 2015 FAJA'S part II

Zipper VS 3-4 Hook Eyes

Hook Eye closure
My preference is the hook closure because
1. For us wider hips thick thighs it opens with no restriction
2. When needing to take it in a seamstress can do darts in the front or move your hooks over too
3. Have 3 or 4 hooks is great when your waist is shrinking by the day every 1-2 days you tighten up and watch that waist disappear before your eyes
The down side
***the hooks are not the best quality, they get snagged and you may have to replace a few when taking your garment in. Stop wasting money and just have it taken in, once you're on the last hook have it taken in 5-8 inches.
**When it's tight fitted its difficult to close and it's exhausting sometimes taking 2 people.
And in those real though moments I'll have you lay down on the massage table climb over top of you and it's me you and the Faja.
***if you are wearing tight fitted cloths you may see the seam where it hooks in front

Zipper closure
1. With just 3 to 4 hooks or none at all it's easier to close
2. Doesn't show in tight cloths as much
***No flexibility to tighten like with hooks
***if you are thick on the bottom it's going to be difficult to get past your thighs maybe even painful NOT the best option for fat transfer to thighs girls
Taking it in is a little more strategic and can't be done to low because it will make the entry even more difficult if not impossible .

Tip of the day January 8, 2015 FAJA'S part III
Faja with Butt in VS Faja with Butt Out

My preference is Butt in.....
The compression material on the Butt area ISNT the same as the rest of the garment it give and is softer fabric.
***it helps form and shape
***gives a nice consistent look under clothing
***if compression is excessive you more than likely have a girdle NOT the proper post op Faja.
***crotchless allows for bathroom use without removing garment (this varies from garment to garment and what business your handling)

Butt Out
Your body is in the molding stage and just like your waist is molding and forming so is that fatty.
If you have cut outs your Booty is going to be pushing out of that area and where the edge of the Faja is it will press up against the buttocks causing it to have what I call a CUPCAKE appearance. You know how cupcakes bake over the side when they rise well it's not cute when it's ya booty. Wait at least 3-4 months for use of these garments it's more of a maintain garment then a immediate post op garment
***because of the way the garment is made with cut out I've seen a LOT of inflammation on the booty part exposed, excessive redness from end of garment, extreme chafing sometime to rawness between the legs do bottom of booty! Constant pulling at the thong part digging up into you, clients wanting pads stuffed to prevent thong part digging in.
***its not very sanitary
*** it doesn't give you the same freedom of leaving garment on when using the rest room because the lack of crotchless option

Fajate VS MariaE VS Salome

My preference MariaE....9152
1. Has 4 hooks and other styles with zippers
2. Large light cotton compression area on booty realistic of a real size (booty cheek)
3. True to size
4. Thong cotton closure which doesn't irritate hooks in back
5. Separates and lifts that booty enhancing that backside even more in your clothes
6. Gives you that apple bottom shape
7. Crotchless
8. Top brand Columbian brand (used by several of the PS's 1st & 2nd stage)
9. Wash and dry-able (check label to confirm)
10. Reasonably priced on amazon.com @$85.00

1. 1 of the most advertised & a Top Columbian brand in DR
2. Large light cotton compression area on booty realistic of a real size (booty cheek)
3. Zipper closures (I've never seen just hooks)
4. Runs Small
5. Crotchless
6. Give that apple bottom shape
7. Machine wash and dry-able double check label just to confirm
8. In store purchase in DR $140+ dependent upon style can also be purchased online amazon.com $95.00+

1. A top Columbia brand here in the DR
2. Material and shape on the booty area is not realistic
3. More suitable for the smaller framed women looks great and shapes them well
4. Gives heart shape look to booty in Faja
5. Has 3 hooks and styles with Zippers
6. NOT for big booty judy girls
7. In store purchase in DR $140+ dependent upon style can also be purchased online

Measurements.... Thinking of switching to McAdoo??

Waist: 34
Hips: 40
Weight: 167
Height: 5' 4"

Thinking of switching to McAdoo for convenience. Unwilling to play games with Fisher when it comes to scheduling. I like McAdoo's work that I have seen thus far but there are two things holding me back from a solid decision- 1. I haven't seen any results with my body type so I dont know if he will be able to give me HIPS!!! 2. Geez louise I have so much support from Fisher dolls and prospects BUT McAdolls (not McAdoo prospects) (apart from and Hlfadzn and Buttlift08) SEEEEEEMMMMM (IMO) very unsupportive. No responses whatsoever and NO PICS!!! So that just makes the decision a little harder. Le sigh!

On the bright side all recovery items are purchased or on the way for delivery. Thanks to God I was able to get everything settled. For those still purchasing, I found a superb seller on EBAY. Search Marboston/Marbostonstore. He provides his number and email and responds quickly in helping you purchase CGs in the correct size. Also, he had the cheapest prices I came across for Vedette 929 $63 free shipping and you can get it in black or nude. He also has the Ab Boards for $16 free shipping. For preference sake he also has Faja colombianas andother brands available in CG. Check him out. I'm a bargain hunter so you know I'm going for the cheap cheap!! Airline tickets are all that's left. Yippeee!

Abdominal boards

Got both abdominal boards I ordered. One from Amazon and the other from Marbostonstore on ebay. Both are fairly similar. Amazon was I think $23 free shipping and Marboston was $16 free shipping. The abd board from amazon is tiny compared to the one from Ebay but the pros and cons of that are yet to be seen as I have a short torso so a smaller board may be better for me who knows? Will see once I have to use them. Next the one from Amazon I like the fact that it is seamless. The one from Ebay is not so hopefully if I use it I wont have permanent lines (that is yet tbd be cause I saw on youtube where Marian placed the board on after placing the foams down so the board may not even be touching my skin).

S.N. I am so scared of blood. I plan on buying abd surgical absorbent bandages to place over incisions to wick away the drained blood and reduce leakage on my garment. Does anyone know if doctors allow this? Just want to know before I spend unnecessary $$$

Vanity really really sucks!!!

When everything is falling into place there must be something that goes wrong. BBL with Vanity is off for me. Ladies I will be reselling my recovery supplies I purchased so hit me up in a few. I was paying for my surgery using Paypal Credit which used to be Bill me later. I had the entire amount but chose to pay in increments just to be on the safe side which is a good and bad thing. Good thing is If I loose out it cant be much and bad thing if I had payed upfront I would not be in this predicament. I tried to pay my surgery in full last night via paypal and I was sent a fail message from the system. Vanity no longer accepts Paypal payments! (See the shock on my face?) After going back and forth with Jessica all week about wanting a debit/credit card for my payments I told her I used Paypal credit so there is no account number to give her (small fib on my part which really isn't a fib because I honestly thought there wasn't an account number but there is) I did send her a copy of my DL though. So here is where the problem comes in. I have had my Paypal Crdeit account for years so like anyone else with a credit card I ran up a tab. I decided to kill two birds with one stone I would pay off my debt and then recharge the account with the vanity payments. Whomp whomp! If Vanity no longer accepts online payment then there is no way to pay for my surgery because Paypal credit is an online payment service for online purchases only. There is no way to transfer the money back to my account to pay Vanity via debit. So I am left with a box of recovery items, money out of pocket I am disputing and a very bad taste in my mouth. I am going to contact Ortega who was my first choice and if he takes Paypal then I will be switching to him and continue with my journey if he doesn't then this is the end of my journey and I will be reselling all the items I purchased for recovery. Wish me luck girls with Ortega! *fingers crossed*.

If you get Jessica as your PC...RUN!!!!

Everything has fallen into place. I was able to switch from Jonathan Fisher to James McAdoo and I was able to pay off my surgery using Paypal. I switched patient coordinator from Jessica to Lia and can I tell you what a difference a switch makes?! I was able to do everything in 15 mins with Lia that I have been trying to do with Jessica for 3 months. So in 15 mins I switched doctors, paid in full and bought plane tickets and I am all set for surgery. Sorry about the tantrum ladies but thanks for all the support.


After reading a million and one reviews I realize I'm on the opposite side of the spectrum. Almost all the reviews Ive read dolls to be are concerned about hiding the booty when they get it AND hiding getting the booty from family, friends and coworkers. :). I took a diff route. I told everybody what I'm doing. I spoke with my mom first because I value her opinion the most. I sat on the phone with her and we watched Cortes' surgery videos on youtube along with my teenage sister who was freaked out at first but now wants one (and expects me to pay for it *side eye* but I may). My mom is still freaked out by it but they're both supportive and my mom was even at one point thinking of being my get well nurse. I speak about it at work and that's how I ended up with my surgery buddy itsaboutme1. Pretty much everybody could give two $#!ts less. Ive heard dont do too much that it looks fake to go big or go home and everything in between. I'm glad I was able to be so upfront about it because it's one less worry along the journey. Now that everything is paid for I am just sitting around waiting for the day. I wish I could move it forward cuz now it seems so far away and I'm dying of anxiety. Anywho I pray God's covering during my and itsaboutme1 procedure and same for all my RS sisters. Hoping I only have to do this once.


Hi Realself (workers?) and Realself community. Is there any way to unfollow a review? I know how to unfollow doctors but is there any way to unfollow a review?? You know like FB or IG. I think that should be an option when a new update is done to the site. I like all the new updates lately but I think that we should be able to follow and unfollow individual reviews as well.

On the other hand... here just counting the days till my BBL. Getting antsy now that everything is inplace but still a month out from actual procedure. Ladies and the (few) gents I've come across let us remain positive in all things. Things could always be worst. :-)


Just finished packing my suitcase of RI (recovery items) and I'm a littled peeved with myself because im gonna need to buy travel size containers for some of the things I have e.g. milk of magnesia, firming butter, itch cream etc. I wasn't thinking! I am only packing one carry on suitcase and a book bag (maybe) and the size of items such as lotion aren't allowed on board. As much as I travel you would think I'd remember that. Off to Wally World I go.

Butt Vacuum Therapy

amASSing bigger gluteus

Explicit - Click to view


RI (Recovery Items and RH (Recovery House) HELPFUL INFO.

I have been private messaging this info to a few people and I realize I wouldn't need to if I had it on my review. Please note at this point I haven't yet had surgery so I am just trying to be helpful. Different people need different things. Ladies if there is anything I'm missing please feel free to place your positive input in the comment section. Please see cut and paste info below:

This is my personal list of Recovery Items. Wally World is your 1st bestfriend and 2nd BF is Amazon. Sign up for 30 day free PRIME on amazon so you pay no shipping OR shop for items that are free shipping over $35 if your items do come up to $35 or over. Ebay and Dollar Tree are tied for 3rd BF. You can pick what works for you.

bbl pillow ($56 plus shipping) by Pilaport

back pillow ($8)

half round foam roller ($7)

compression socks ($7)

vedette 929 ($64)

ab board ($16)

triangular back board (this can be made easily so dont buy if you dont want to)
Lipofoam 3 pk ($20plus shipping) by Contemporary Design Inc.

back scratcher ($1)
Kneeling pad ($1)

P-ez ($4)

arnica gel and tablets ($9 and $7)

bromelain ($8)

hemaplex (any iron will do... this one just doesn't constipate so I bought it) ($10)
Scar gel ($18)

ScarAway ($15)

Firming lotion ($5)

Wipes (face+ body and antiseptic) ($2)

Disposable absorbent under pad ($9)

sterile ABD pads (I'm scared of the sight of blood so i bought these to put over the incisions so they dont bleed all over my faja some girls use maxi pads) ($7)
rolling pin for self massage ($7)

Halls (sore throat after breathing tube during surgery) ($2)

Calamine spray for Itch ($4)

Emergency foil blanket ($3 for 4)

Pick up tool ($2) by Harbor Freight Store (came across this shopping for tools with the man and thought hey why not)

SN: I havent had surgery yet so I'm not sure You need everything on that list.

RH- I am staying at a hotel with a surgery buddy. Here are the RH I have come across while on RS.

Keyla 786.518.1352
Marian 786.488.8805
Margeret (message this later)
Vivian vivianmolinares@yahoo.com
Moni 786.334.8859
Mayda 786.234.3069
Magdalena 786.443.1856

Final note/ Update: I couldnt find Margeret's number!!!!! Really did think I had it and thanks to ALLABOUTME2015 for reminding me about straws to drink while laying on your tummy. I also bought a Marble Half Round Foam Roller 12"x 6" It's pretty comfy ($7) free shipping on Ebay.

Recovery Item

4 days to Miami 6 days to surgery.

*sigh* The days are dragging on. Eagerly waiting for the next few days to disappear. With the new system Vanity set up I lost my dear LIA :'( and I am back to square "no contact", "phone tag" and "1 hr on hold" with my process. I spent $60 yesterday and the day before faxing docs/labs to the miami clinic over and over and over and till this point they somehow have not received the labs at multiple fax numbers. I even had the fedex lady do it once to make sure I wasn't doing it wrong. At this point I am just bringing the labs in hand. Over it.

Somehow along this journey I just seem to be losing money to nonsensical issues and on nonsensical things. As my mom always says, "Sometimes you have to pay to learn." Nonetheless, this has been a good experience thus far and a good lesson. I have learned A LOT about a lot of things. It holds true that experience teaches wisdom. If ever I need to do another procedure I have an arsenal of information stored away.

McAdoo I'll be there soon! I'm ready for you are you ready for me???!! :)

Here @ Vanity

Sitting here waiting. ..my buddy itsaboutme1 already went in. Paper work and U/A done. Gonfishing where you at? Surgery initially scheduled for 3 pm now moved up to 10.30am.

Still waiting

Still waiting loves. Lots of disorganisation. Im guessing either Marcia or New booty is in surgery now.

I Made it Loveys

Hey sisters I made it. It was an uphill battle. Once I'm a hundred I'll fill yall in. Just some advice though bring your chargers I was at Vanity from 6am till almost 1 am. None of the assistants would lend me their charger so my phone died around 2.30pm. I am doing well no pain whatsoever I havent taken anything except two tylenol all day and my hemaplex, arnica, bromelain a few times and overloading on gatorade. Marian said no water it doesnt do anything and no sodium bcuz it causes swelling and bloating. Walking alot too even though im really sleepy. I am sore like I went to the gym and went hard after not being there all year. McAdoo said wow you are really strong and marian did my massage and said I did really good. Ladies overload on arnica and bromelain I dont have any bruising. The butt is super high and Im hoping over time it drops. Talk to yall in a little bit more in detail.

On the other side

Hey girls. Now that i am home and i am in my own comfort i'm going to do my full review of my experience with vanity and surgery. Please be advised that i am speaking into my phone so there will be possible errors in spelling and punctuation. On day 1 vanity called my surgery buddy at 5 a.m. to tell her to come in even though her surgery was supposed to be at 10 in the morning, we got a vanity about 6 a.m. When i got to vanity they allowed me to do all my paperwork and stuff at that time alongside my buddy and told me i would be for 10 a.m. Needless to say, ladies my surgery did not begin until 8:30 p.m. i got into a bit of a blowout with a PC (dont even know her name but she was pretty nasty to me each time i questioned my wait time), another patient, Dr. MC and Peter because they kept coming in to preop taking other patients besides me. I resolved and went to sleep because at this point I had given up. Peter the anesthesiologist is a cute and cool person who checked on me a couple times while I waited in preop when he came in or out. Dr. McAdoo was pleasant and upbeat. I showed him a folder of all the things that i wanted my wish pics and my want and do not want lists. I even introduced him to "Hakuna Masquata" -nice booty for the rest of your days- which he found funny for the Lion King reference. Approx 12:30 a.m. my ride was called and told to come and get me. After the call was made the nurse/aassistant put my faja on. I was promised a 929 by Lia but instead they forced my body into a size too small faja 939 even as I told them no. The second day we went for follow up. The wait wasn't long we were in and out. Just chatted with McAdoo about the surgery, how it went, expectations, placed foam and boards in faja and recovery tips plus viewed before pics and immediately following surgery pics. Left Vanity and went to Marian for massages. She is a doll. Very informative and caring But when it comes on to the massage ladies please overdose on painkillers because she is a beast, she does not play!! Once she is done though you feel as light as a feather, no aches. She is so effective. I also had issues the first day of my massages due to being super dizzy because of lack of oxygen. Once the faja was opened up I inhaled and was overcome and almost lost consciousness. The assistant massage therapist who was helping me had to catch me and Marian placed smelling salts by my nostrils to help me maintain consciousness. Ladies please Do Not let them place you in a too small faja. Please have an idea of your faja measurement/size so they cannot trick you. Luckily I had purchased a faja in the correct size and Marian switched me into it. No problems after that. I had my first BM on day 3 and in that day alone had 4 of them. Can I tell you how much relief it is!! Milk of Magnesia worked wonders. After the 3rd day I was pretty much at about 88% I had issues with the drain and I didnt have as much energy but otherwise I was peachy. The drain is a huge nuisance. It worked best for me when I trailed it along the groin area (I didnt figure this out till day 6) It moves around and causes pain/discomfort otherwise. The last few days of my stay I slowly got up to 95%. Yesterday was my flight back home. I cant even express the joy of being home! I had my trusty BBL Pillow by pilaport ready to go but I didnt need it too much as my flight was not full so I was able to lay across the 3 seat row except for take off and landing. Ladies to save time if you are not using wheelchair service as soon as you get to security check point tell them you had surgery and request a private search. This saves you from waiting in line, doing a scan and then still being searched. I didnt request a chair because I felt well enough to do the walking. My next post will be an updated RECOVERY LIST because I wasted a whole of money for nothing! And I'll upload pics as well.

Pics & Updated RI List

Disclaimer: Everyone is different and has different needs. This is my experience and what came in handy.

Bed pads/ Chux (Handy)
Additional CG & compression socks
BBL Pillow (super handy)
Abd Absorbent Pads (Very handy)
Ab board
Baby wipes
Lipo foam>> Vanity uses 4 but Marian showed me how to use only 3 (see retailer above..Dr. Mc was impressed with these and he requested the retailer info to purchase from them)

Side note to updated list.

Aside from items mentioned above... purchase according to need. For e.g. If you are not itching there is no need to waste $$ buying itch cream. Buy itch cream if itching starts. I am still not itching at this point.

It was more effective peeing in a cup free from the hotel than buying a Pez. I actually stopped using the Pez because it would flow back and stain my CG and also spray the toilet seat sometimes. Etc etc and so forth.

Work :'(

Back to work today! Not looking forward to it but it must be done. Y'all say a prayer for me. It's 13 days post and I have to pull an initial 18 hr shift and then another 18 hr after 7 hr layover (I work in transportation/travel so its destination to destination and back). Le sigh! Let's see how this goes...

Ai mami!! Le sigh.

First trip accomplished. Ladies if you can get the time off take it please. You may feel 100 but just because outside looks great and healed doesn't mean inside is. The swell fairy did a number on me. EVERYTHING was swollen! Down to my toe nails hurt. The elevation was not good for me and the rocking tired my very soul. My poor waist blew up. The foams were super itchy and despite the A/C I was constantly hot and sweating. I made it home in one piece though. Thank God.

Fluid retention

Hey Gals. Doing well. Busy getting back into routine and incorporating my bbl pillow in all aspects of my life. I had to sit on my butt twice this week involuntarily. Was no fun. It wasn't a good feeling. Work has gotten easier. Still sore around my back and abdomen. I am not sure if Im doing anything wrong but I have retained some fluid on my lower abs despite living in my foams and boards and CG. I think it may be that I am yet to get a Lymphatic massage since being home. I have had swiss massage but cant find anyone who does the lymph drainage. :(. (Nope...its not a seroma) Overall though doing well and praying for the next three weeks to fly by so I can stop wearing foams and board and I can go out and sit without a pillow. How are all yall ladies doing?

Almost 6 weeks

Hey Ladies just saying hello. I am almost 6 weeks in. This recovery is no joke. Don't prep too much for surgery my loves that's the easy part. The recovery is the hard part. It tests you and tries you! Follow your Docs instructions to the best of your ability. I have started sitting without my pillow more often as I am placed in positions where I have to but it is still my tag-along-baby, everywhere I go lol even the movies! I still have the small pouch which I thought was fluid retention but after being so concerned about it I went to the Dr. who explained that it wasn't fluid just simply swelling that would eventually subside. Otherwise, work has gotten easier as time progresses. Just here in my garment waiting for the time and swelling to slip away so i can be back to normal life. Hope all you dolls are doing fabulous. Updated pics soon.

Vanity Cosmetic Surgery

Here chilling in a room waiting on Dr. MACADOO to see me for an 8 week check up. My tummy is not to my liking due to still having mucho swelling but the butt is lovely. I still live in my garment because its a security blanket for me. I dont feel comfortable without it. Hope all is as it should be. #fingerscrossed.

3 months post op

Just dropping in with a 3 month update. Thus far I think I've lost maybe 50% of the fat injected but that's my opinion. My friends say differently. They think the butts a good size, I think its smaller than I'd like. Basically for me, some days it looks bigger and somedays it looks like I had nothing much done. Still struggling with how my stomach looks. I comfort myself by reading realself and seeing that some ladies didn't see full results till sometimes 6 months. Overall, I'm trying to stay positive and appreciate that I do look better than how I started out in this process.

Cant remember if I updated after my two month check up with McAdoo but he didnt seem worried about how my stomach looked at the time. Planning on probably going to Miami for a 6 month check up. I did ask a question and provide pics of my stomach and was only answered by one rude and judgemental doctor so this is still a waiting game. Will continue to give updates on a monthly basis so I hope to have better news for month 4.

Still here!

Hey ladies just stepping in saying hey. Still here just not much going on or changing.
Aventura Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Mc is a beast! I love what he was able to do for me. He is thorough and so pleasant and informative. I would use him again if I choose to get a round 2 or any other procedure he specializes in. Such a jolly fellow. A pity he works through Vanity Cosmetic Surgery though. While there were nice individuals here and there the business is unprofessionalism and unorganization at its core. Julia is the best Doc's Assistant and Lia the best PC.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
2 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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