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Hello I'm not new on rs I had another account...

Hello I'm not new on rs I had another account AlmostPerfect321 but I forgot the password lol I had a tummy tuck with dr salama aug 13 . I want to go back to him but my bf doesn't want to pay his new price so I prob go with fisher but vanity scares me. Dr ortego seems ok but I feel safe with dr s because I had no problems with tummy tuck

Dr ortego it is

Choose my doctor dr ortego spoke with someone yesterday and will pay deposit today to hold a date

Pics to c my body type

This crap is stressful

Ok so for whatever reason they could not take my deposit at imagenecosmetic be cuz I'm using care credit they want it fax why idk becuz it my card with my name on it and I used it a billion time without having to fax it. Now I calling to make deposit and I can't understand not one word she saying idk I might just go with fisher atleast they speak english. Vivian won't call or email me back so they don't even want my money over there great.now have to deal with the bs from vanity

Deposit paid nov 15 surgery day

Paid 500 deposit going to imagene cosmetic dr ortego I feel pretty good about my choice .and I have a lil bit if booty already to work with ill will post a few extra pics too.

Anybody wanna split hotel cost

I have not booked my hotel yet but anyone who is going around nov 14 wanna split hotel cost and save money inbox me. It won't hurt to save a few pennies and be in pain with someone lol

bbl and breast implants ??

Has anyone done both my bf says I'm crazy for thinking about doing two procedures what do u bad girls think HElp lol

cant wait till its over

So I need a jam date now and literally been tryna switch for over a month something told me to go with spectrum smh.. I really dnt feel yanet is tryna help me at all. And I'm getting worried if they cnt do simple shit like switch dates God only knows what can go wrong..

getting a bad feeling

6 weeks away and i cant get anyone on the phone .. my sister was actually trying to get the same procedure i call and the lady hands up on me twice.. who does that to a patient trying to put down a deposit? totally scared my sisters she already looking for a different doctor.. my bf already telling my to look else were because he getting a bad feeling..i cant get yanet on the phone all of a sudden good thing is i paid with care credit and they told me to record me calling and if they dont respond to put in a dispute for my deposit back.

Just a small update

My date is still few 28 it's on a sat hopefully I'll will book my flight by Monday.. Funds are tight because I had to pay for a root canal with cash . I'm gonna stay happy tho because I want to have a good recovery. I so far only got neosporin shirts and gauges. I might have to use a recovery house I heard mix reviews about Marian does anyone no someone good ?

Booked a cheaper flight

found a round trip ticket for 217 dollars I'll arrive in Miami around 1 o'clock. Not sure if I'm going to stay at a recovery house or not.

Another pic of my before body

Pic not uploading

Just a better before pic

Piona stay in a th home for 130 a night

Booked my recovery home and had to switch flights to march 13 because I had to rearrange some things so I can be as comfortable as possible. Big part of surgery is being stress free and comfortable so I hope everything goes as smooth as its looking now. 650 for rh315 for flight round trip 100 for supplies so far spent a lil over 1000 for travel. Tryna stay on a budget because I feel i over spent first time

Looks like orega took over

Hey dolls I havnt seen a dr salma doll n ages do people on rs even go to him anymore? Even when I search him nothing from 2015 pr 2014 is coming up.. I havnt seen one person go to him in a year

Switch doctor to salma Ortega doesn't even work at imagen cosmetic anymore smh

Dr salma is my doctor I trust him a lot anyway he already did my tt in 2013. I got a discount because it's my 2 procedure everything happens for a reason to bad I booked my flight I probally make it a vacation and just purchase a flight home

no longer going with ortega

yes dolls i switched to dr salma yanet is so full of crap that i just decided to sick with the best bbl doctor in miami. the first lie yanet told me was that ortega can take out 5 liters of fat not true strike 2 was her telling me i can continue on with my surgery after ii broke out with a very contagious skin rash ..dangeurous for me and other patients.. this is how i know she doesnt care about patients, then there was weirdrumor going around that ortega doesnt work there anymore.. dont blame if he doesnt.. i could never get her on the phone im still fight for m 500 deposit back because she that money hungry and would rather be exposed ...if anyone is intrested i still have all of are emails.. there no way im was going to that facility if she doesnt care about people have contagious skin rashes that can contaminate the facility sorry..i was not asked about my medical history i was not giving al ist of medications not to take it was nothing like dr salma office so i guess you get what you pay for..i s till have my emails from her and evry lie she told if your intrested to see inbox me ladies.. i dnt believe in not having proof i dont reccomand the cinic i see why they have so many bad reviews smh stupid me trying to be cheap

Sept 22 is my new surgerydate

Hey fake booty girls I been off this site for a while I just moved into my first house so been a lil busy.i had to get a new surgery date things seem to keep popping up. Hopefully evrrything goes smooth in sept

Flight booked

Me and my friend booked flights 200 for round trip tickets not bad at all.we will probally use airbnb and get rental for travel.

I'm all ready

Condo booked gonna be staying in Hollywood fl.. I'm very excited but stress cuz I can't smoke has anyone had to quit smoking haven't seen any ladies talk about that..I can't be the only smoker lol..anyway I have a good shape already so salma should hook me up

Why no feedback

No help at all from the website no point in updating anymore or sharing pics..however I hope everyone has a good outcome

today is the day

I'm the 2nd surgery of the day wish me luck

I made it

I'm in so much pain but it's worth it will update pics in a few hours


First day I feel pretty good honestly but is perfect so far

can't sleep

So I peed on myself about 4 times and I can't sleep arm keep falling asleep

Salma doll

I'm so happy I didn't go to Ortega salma is a great doctor. Very professional and st8 to the point ..his staff is ok too

first massage

This massage was very painful but the nurse is very sweet and try to make you as comfortable as possible

short update new pics

Ladies please make sure u have nurse or friend with u 24/7..I took a shower and got extremely dizzy really scary too my temperature was 101 i have the dr personal number. .he told me to move around more and my temperature did go bck dwn to 98..so remember to move every 2 hours it's very important

new pics

My butt is huge looks like implants lol

finally feel good

My overall experience was good I'm glad I went back to Dr Moises salma.I did loose a lot of volume but my buttons is still very nice and my shape is Def better.i did experience vomiting diarrhea and headache it was very uncomfortable to sleep and impossible for somebody like me not to sit at All. I drive I'm a mother and have a very busy life.i don't have anyone to take me bck not forth or my son to school ..I use my boppypillow andneosporin and Shea Butter for scars.. I don't regret the bbl I thought about a round too but best friend said I'm tripping lol. I'll update pics next week
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