25- 4 Foot 11 Weighing 177-The Brick Hoise. Miami, FL

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I am getting married in Belize on May 27th, 2017....

I am getting married in Belize on May 27th, 2017. I thought I should start working out so I can take my time loosing the weight. I started Feb 1st at 190lbs and as of April 1st I weighed 177, go me! I was working out atleast 4-5 times a week. However, I still felt defeated. I wanted to have my last summer as a single women to turn a few heads, lol! My friend suggested Spectrum in Miami. I did some researched and I was sold almost immediately. I sent my photos in on March 16th and my coordinator Liz contacted me on March 17th and said I was a good candidate for the bbl procedure. I was ecstatic because I had a comsultation with Dr.Celestine in Atlanta and it would've cost me $17k for lipo and a mini tuck! I talked with my fiancé about it and he said, "let the ass get to clapping"! I was restless that night. I woke up I called and spoke with Liz she told me that Dr. Llorente was the only surgeon running the special. I said ok, let's do it! She said it would be a $500 deposit to book the date. I said, bring it on!! Before she took my payment she started to ask me some medical questions. Everything was good until she said my BMI was 36% and I could'nt get the procedure until I got my BMI down to 34%. I gave her a weight of 180lbs because I didn't know I dropped to 177lbs. I was discouraged and I told her I would get back to her. I cried like a 3 minute old baby. I sucked it up, called back and made my appointment for May 31st! I will loose these 10-12lbs in 2 months. She said if I didn't loose atleast 5-6lbs before I did my labs then my appointment would be canceled. I've been working my butt off but my weight is beginning to plateau. I know what my issue was, drinking naked juice for meal replacement. Too much sugar! Starting today I am no longer replacing meals with smoothies. I'm committed to getting my weight to 165-168 before May 31!!! Anyone else going May 31st?

Switched to Dr. Sergio Alvarez

Real Selfies,

I changed my doctor not only because I was second guessing my results but the scheduling. I was originally scheduled with Dr. Llorente on a Tuesday ( May 31st) but I switch to a Friday (May 27). It's better for me being that I have to take time off work. I hope I'm not making a mistake! I just want projection and Llorente seemed to only give you the "cute" butt. I'm not going for that. I want my ass so big that I would have to walk sideways to get out of the door. Any ladies had a bbl with Alvarez before?

Switched Doctors

I decided to switch to Dr. McAdoo. His work is firm and he bmi limit is 35% instead of 34%. I hate that I can't get my money back from spectrum but I'll take that lost just to get the results I'm going for. I heard horror stories about vanity but I'm willing to give it a try. Since I've lost some weight I've noticed that if I get any smaller than 173 I will not have much fat to graft.... Sigh.. I'm confirming everything today and hopefully I can book for May 16th-May 21st. This is my final answer...

Need a buddy.

I will be in Miami from Friday, May 6th-Friday, May 12th. My sugery date is May 7th with McAdoo. I'll be staying at A New Life Recovery House for 5 nights. 2 days will be waisted with the pre op and sugery day. Therefore, I will need to out of the RH by day 5 which is a Tuesday. I know Macadoo will not remove my drains that fast and I refuse to pay another $1k to stay additional days. I want to get an hotel and stay until my drains are out. I need a buddy that's willing to take this road with me. Let me know, thanks!

Urinalysis ????

Came back abnormal on Wednesday. I have to retake it in a week. I went to a walk in clinic and she prescribed me cipro for 3 days and I also had her send my urine off for a urine CULTURE. I took my last pill this morning. I also purchased some cranberry pills. I'm on day 2. Drinking a lot of water and staying calm. I'll call the clinic tomorrow to see what the urine culture results read...

Isn't this some shit!

Retook my urine analysis yesterday and reviewed my results today. My wbc came back abnormal +1. I called vanity and the pre-op specialist told me I had a UTI. I could cream because I did a urine culture as well and it said I didn't have a UTI!! The coordinator told me to drink water and take some antibiotics. I've already completed that on Sunday. I'm not sure what to make of this...please help...


I'm so annoyed...I have to retake the test again. I'm so sick of this. I feel like throwing in the towel but I have so much money invested already...Jesus order my steps as I am WEAK!!!!

Recovery is real!

2 weeks post op tomorrow...

3 weeks post op

Feeling 80% today!!

3 months post op.


I know I've been MIA but it's been a really crazy summer. I must admit I did go into a bit of post pardom depression but I'm praying everyday to get through it. Today is my first day back in the gym since pre op. It feels different, of course! I have been swelling so much lately or is it fat growing back? I must admit I have not been eating right and I've been drinking 2-3 times a week. Pre Op I measured 38-36-42 and post op I measured 33-29-47. But my waist keep going up to as far as 31inches!! WTF! I stopped wearing my garment within the past two week because I felt no need for it anymore. I purchased another bottle of bromeline but I haven't been consistent. My fluid pockets still exist but not as big as they were when I first had surgery. I'm in the shock stage where my skin shocks the hell out of me whenever I'm still for a period of time. My ass looks amazing but I'm still solid. I'm content right now but I would love to get a tummy tuck in the near further after I have children. Talk to you ladies soon. ????
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