Bbl+Lipo Dr.Yily 2016

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Hey ladies, My BBL surgery is scheduled for March...

Hey ladies, My BBL surgery is scheduled for March 2, 2016 at Vanity Comestic with Dr.O. I am scared but I'm also ready at the same time. I'm scared because I've been readings mixed reviews on Dr.O but the good reviews I've read are really good. Anyone one have any advice? Anyone going around that time want to be buddies? Also anyone know a good recovery house ?

Finding a Recovery House

Hey ladies.
I am having a really hard time finding a reasonable Recovery House.. Because I do receive discounts at multiple hotels I was thinking about doing that instead. However I still some kind of package deal that includes transportation & massages ( and medications if possible). Anyone have any suggestions?

Changing Doctors

Hey Ladies,
So as stated before I am booked Dr.Osak in Miami but prior to doing research on him I have done a lot of research on Dr.Yily and I love her work. Part of me is considering going to her instead. Anyone have any feedback?

Change Doctor

I am going to DR. Yily in DR March 3, 2016.

Confirmed with Dr. Yily

So my appointment has been confirmed with Dr. Yily (March 3) and my RH has been confirmed with Spa Medical. So far both parties has been very helpful and answering all my questions in a timely manner. My mother and a close is going with me, I'm so grateful.


Anyone know how long it usually take for the drains to come out ? And are they painful?

Going To Dr. Yily

So as mentioned before I am going to Dr. Yily March 3rd. My mom and friend is going with me but anyone going alone around that time and want to link up let know.

So far everything is going good, Yily and Spa Medical RH has been keeping in contact with me. Also I brought almost everything I need, I think I just want to get three more sun dresses.

17 More Days Until I Am A Yilydoll!

I think I'm ready!

Wish Pictures

Less Then 2 Weeks Away

My passport came yesterday Yayyyyyy!!!! For the most part me, her and my friend have everything we need. I'm excited!!!

Correction to the last Post

*my mom passport came yesterday

Ladies I Need Your Help.. Considering Arm Lipo

So lately I've been considering getting arm lipo because I really hate my arms. My arms make me look bigger than what I am and thats something I want to fix. Now I DO NOT want a arm lift I just want lipo. Anyone that had arm lipo from Dr. Yily or any of Doctor please leave your experience, suggests and advice in my comments.

Exactly 7 Days Away!

I'm so excited and nervous at the sand time now... Just waiting ....

1day Post Op

Hey ladies So I am one post op and so far everything went well... Yily was excellent, she done everything to make sure my family and I was comfortable. However I did wake up during surgery but the only thing I remember is Yily kissing my forehead and rubbing my face reminding me that's she almost done. The day of sugery wasn't too much pain but I was stiff as hell. Today I feel much better and I'm talking. The faja felt so good even tho I almost fainted when they put it on me. I got full lipo on stomach, back, arms and little injected in my top butt... My hands are swelling from the arm lipo. Now I'm at the RH, But for now ttyl.

Please Help, I Need My Massages

Do anyone know place in Philly or close that do the Lymphatic, MLD or Ultrasound Massages?

Late update

Sorry guys for being late, it's just that after surgery you get so caught up in trying get your life back on track that you you really don't enough time to do updates..... With that being sad I posted the pictures that I had left, I don't have many because I have a new phone but I did give you a front and back view. Also sorry for the blackouts, it's due to my own personal reasons.. Lastly I would like you know that I LOVE my results, however I do have a little bit of belly left at the bottom but that's due to me not getting a tummy tuck. Overall my body looks way better than before and I feel a lot more confident. I love Yily work and she was so sweet. Now I'm just ready to hit the gym and tighten everything up... PS I will post more pics when I get a chance and answer everyone questions
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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