BBL 11/17/15 w/ Dr. SALAMA - Dominican Republic, DO

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Hey yall... New to this site, but I've been...

Hey yall... New to this site, but I've been researching this surgery & doctors for over a year. I'm 200 lb, 5'5" BMI 33 and need it to be under 30 for surgery. (-15 lbs) I spoke to Kretzy @ the office today, very sweet and answered all my questiones. She got back to me within 30 minutes of me emailing her my pics and my medical history, which was awesome. Total cost 6,200 for BBL + extended stay. (1,000 for deposit)
I told her I would call her back as soon as I could pay the 1,000.
I'll post some pics of me soon :)


I am sooooo pleased to announce I officially have chosen Dr. Salama for my surgeon! I am unbelievably ecstatic. 9/1/15 is my surgery date and honestly Nancy @ the office made it happen! She is incredible. She helped me out so much the passed few days on any and every question I've had. I put the deposit down this AM, and I'll be flying to Miami 7/21 to have an actual in person consultation. I WILL post before and after pics and all that... I am 24 5'5" & I weigh 200. I do plan to lose some weight before surgery just so I feel and look my best. Can't wait I'll update again after my consultation next week!

Before BBL (Dr Salama)

9/1 can't come soon enough! I know how to hold my stomach in, and I have a pretty big butt already but I want it filled out and my waist line taken in as much as can be! My arms are still big and so is my face. I'm 210 about- I need to lose a good 15-20 for me to look my best before surgery!

Dr Salama consultation

Solo last Wednesday I had my official in person consultation. I flew from MD to FL for a one night trip and stayed at the turnberry isle resort in Acentura. 20 min from Fort Lauderdale airport and 10 from the office!! My appt was for 1 pm, waiting room was PACKED when I got there, didn't get seen until 3 something. He told me I'm able to get the surgery, but 4 leters is the max of fat that they can take out of you by law. It's a lot, but not enough for me for the results I am trying to achieve. It broke my heart when he saw my wish pics, but I appreciated his homesty. He understands the surgery is a lot of money and wants me to have the best results! I cried because it's such an emotional process gaining weight... And then you think it could be taken off so easily but it's not magic. We do gotta put in work too ladies! I've come to realize that, so I rescheduled my surgery for 11/17. That was the closest date available after my 9/1 date. I want to lose at least 30 lbs in these next 4 months and that way I'll still be 20 lbs heavier than my goal weight before surgery. Ladies, for the best results you WANT to be 20 lbs max over your goal weight!! My legs arms face are way too puffy . I want to look and feel my best and get my money's worth! Anyways, he was really good, he knew exactly what to do with my butt-- he was confident and informative. He's a busy man, but he did answer my questions and also my moms because she came with me. So 11/17 here I come!!!!

Before BBL pics

These range from last summer Til now. I explained I gotta be around 185 for surgery for dr Salama to get me at my goal weight of 165 around. Just showing you guys me at different weights so you get the idea of what I'm working with and why I gotta lose the amount of weight. If you notice, my boobs and arms and face if u can see idk but all that is smaller and not as wide. I don't have a double chin when I was at 185-200. If I could have him fix that too, I would lol but again, I have more than 4 leters of fat right now, if I get my body right to 185 around than I'll be in good shape for surgery to look my best. Please no harmful comments, this takes a lot of courage to post this kind of stuff especially fully naked- thanks !

I haven't lost any weight

My surgery date is 11/17 and I am still about 40 lbs overweight. I need to lose this weight before surgery to be able to look my best. My question is, what do you ladies think about weight loss before surgery? If I don't meet my goal, will I still look good? Has Anyone who was not at their goal weight who got a BBL still unhappy? I'm scared that my double chin and my bigger arms will still make me feel unhappy even after surgery. 4000 cc's is the max of fat that can be taken out, and unfortunately that doesn't leave room for those areas to also get work on. I'm stuck???? Praying I can lose this weight with cross fit and a stricter diet!

BBL in Dominican Republic

Hello friends..... Unfortunately, I never ended up getting a BBL. I cancelled last minute, and I totally regret it. Now I'm looking again but this time in DR because I heard it's so much cheaper. Any recommendations? I NEED guidance, thank you in advance! ???? 

- another thing- is a TT worth having before kids?

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