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Hiiiii Rs dolls!!! Omg im so excited about my bbl,...

Hiiiii Rs dolls!!! Omg im so excited about my bbl, yayyy! Ive been following all different stories and doctors reveiws for over a year now, now its my turn to share my soon to be experiment with the infamous Dr. SALAMA!!!! For a long time I did consider Dr. Duran and Dr. Yily because they were in my price range but honey listen im not risking my young life for a cheaper surgery im sorry but out of country ps has tooooo many complaints and deaths. Then comes Dr. Salama, I fell in love with his work and most important the way he treats his patients! A little about myself im 23 years old, single mother of 1 handsome 2 year old boy, Im starting bartending classes in 2 weeks and hair school full time to became a cosmetologist in 4 weeks. My plan is to bartend part time at night while I go to hair school full time during the day. Im currently 5'4 195 pounds ughhh big boobs and NO ass lol im very curvy and a lot of people dont believe I weigh this much because I really dont look as big as I weigh! I just got off the phone with Nancy, she is a sweetheart and remember exactly who I was (I called 3 weeks ago asking so many questions and she answered every single one). So today Im emailing her pictures of my full body and Dr. Salama will let me know what I need to do from there lol im so excited!!

waiting waiting waaaiitiingggg

So yesterday I sent Nancy and Dr. Salama pictures of my front, side and back now I'm waiting on their response about my procedure. Like I said before I'm 5'4 and 195 pounds but I don't look as big as I am, I really want to lose weight and go down to 150 - 160 that way once I have my bbl and I'm healed I don't have to go back to get extra skin cut off like -BigBootyTinyWaist- I think thats her username lol no offense, I absolutely love her body. In fact, she was the main one that helped me with my final decision between Salama, Duran and Yily. But I'm a single mother and I can notttt afford to go back!! Am I the only one that feels this way? Do you dolls think I should lose weight? Mmmm. Lol anyways dolls I'm going to post a pic of what my body currently looks like with clothes on


So last week I sent my pictures (front, side, and back) to Nancy and I've been patiently waiting for Dr. Salama feedback on my body and the ps. NO CALL! So this morning I called and spoke with Nancy, she's like "Omgosh, I didn't send you a email on Friday? We got your pictures! I'm sorry I must have been in a rush to leave work". Lol no one can ever get mad at Nancy, she is the sweetest person!!! I told her don't worry about it she explained to me over the phone which I preferred anyways!

She said that Dr. Salama believe its best that I lose weight down to 160! Yes I knew I was right!!! Lol. They were both concern that I may be too young for a tummy tuck, so I need to lose 30+ pounds. She also said that I have beautiful skin and very good flanks. Awe thank you Nancy. Dr. Salama said if I dont lose the weight then ill be happy with my back side :) and not my front :( oh hells no!!! I need to be happy with everything!!!

Do you ladies know any fast weight lose ideas you wouldnt mind sharing with me?
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I love Dr. Salama and his team!!!!

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