23 Years Old, Want a Little Waist and Upside Down Heart Shaped Butt from Dr. McAdoo - I'm Gonna Be McADollified! - Miami, FL

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I'm 23, recent college graduate, 5 feet and 3...

I'm 23, recent college graduate, 5 feet and 3 inches tall, weigh 110 pounds, and I'm done with not having a defined stomach or butt. I love Dr. Fisher's before and after pictures, but I'm going with Dr. McAdoo because I like his pictures too. My sx date is in April and I really can't wait. I called Miami Vanity Monday morning (yesterday morning!), spoke to the patient coordinator named Leo, and she told me to email her pictures of my front, behind, and both sides of my full body. I had no idea that was my consultation, but it was! She called me in the afternoon, told me she spoke to Dr. Fisher, and that he said I have to gain anywhere from 20 to 25 pounds! They want me to weigh 130 -135 pounds! WHAT. I've never been that heavy before in my life lol. I'm 5 feet 3 inches tall and I weigh around 110 pounds. Leo told me that Dr. Fisher said I have almost none to little body fat to work with. I then told her I want to have Dr. McAdoo be my surgeon and she said sure. I locked in my surgery date already. I guess I'll be eating everything until my surgery date to try to gain this weight. I'll post some wish pictures and my before pictures soon.

I can't wait to have a tiny waist and an upside down heart shaped butt!!

Wish Pictures! Upside Down Heart Shaped <3

These are the wish pictures I was thinking about showing Dr. McAdoo, I'm sure he's seen these about a million times hahaha. I'm debating between the upside down heart shaped butt or the round butt, but so far the upside down heart shaped butt I think would look so good in almost everything you can wear... decisions, decisions! I don't mind an exaggerated shape, I think that if you're spending thousands of dollars on your body and you want it to show, then whatever! Get your money's worth!
I'm just afraid that if I get the upside down heart shape, that if too many cc's go into my hips and not enough into my butt, then my butt will look like a pancake compared to how wide my hips might look.
So far this shape is still winning in my book:)

Vitamins and Scar Gel

Among some of the things that the patient coordinator from Vanity Cosmetic Surgery told me to bring to Miami were iron pills and Absorb, and I didn't want to buy the expensive PureAbsorb iron and vitamin c liquid packets (ew) so I bought iron tablets and vitamin C tablets. I also bought vitamin B supplements (I used to take them to make my hair shiny and healthy and I thought they worked well) and calcium (I know I don't get enough so I figured why not). I got them at the dollar store. I also found this scar gel at the dollar store and figured I'd give it a try, it says on the package the tube comes in "Compare to Mederma Formula Skin Gel" so I thought it can't be that bad. I also got the 7 day pill organizer with the days of the week on it so I'd remember to take the plethora of pills I need to now, I'm at 4 a day.

Pre Op Photos - 10 weeks to go before sx date

Hi realselfers,

these are pictures of me 6 days after getting off the phone with Leo, my patient coordinator, telling me I need to gain 20 - 25 pounds. I couldn't believe it when she told me. I weighed 106 (I thought) when I sent her photos I took Sunday, January 24th. When I weighed myself today, I weighed 108 pounds. When I spoke to Leo I originally wanted Dr. Fisher, so she had Dr. Fisher look at my photos. It was like 9 am when I spoke to her. She called me back around 2 pm and asked me how much I weigh, and I told her anywhere from 106 to 112 pounds (I didn't know I weighed only 103-104 pounds when I took those pictures). She told me I have to gain 20 to 25 pounds!!! She said that Dr. Fisher said that i have to weigh 130 to 135 pounds to really get the results I want and to really like my results!!! I'm only 5'3"! I can tell the couple of pounds I gained already made me gain inch or so on my waist.
I'm looking for reviews of bbls of other people with a similar body type to see kinds of possible results. If you also had a defined waist, big love handles, and no butt like me, let me know, I want to see how your bbl came out:)
My measurements are 34-28-35. This is the widest my waist has been for at least 5 years. I can't ever get it smaller than 26 when I'm dieting, and only when I try too hard could I get it close to 25 inches. I really want it to be like 22 or 23 inches if possible, I think it would look so good on my frame with rounded hips and a bubble butt. I must have gained at least an inch or two on my waist in the past week. I've been drinking multiple Ensures a day, one in the morning, one at night, and occasionally a Muscle Milk with lunch to make those calories add up. I've been taking my daily iron pill too to help my hemoglobin levels get higher. I just started the other vitamins I took pictures of this morning.
2 pounds gained, anywhere from 20 to 23 more pounds to go, wish me luck.

Latent weight gain

Hi realselfers,

am I the only one who notices that it takes a day or so to see a difference in the scale after eating excessive amounts of calories? I will eat a lot one day, and then for the couple of days or so I notice the weight on my body, even if the number on the scale really should've went up a pound the next day. I used to weigh 122 pounds at my heaviest, and my weight would feel like it proportionately varied immediately the day after if I ate lots of calories the day before. I'm starting to think all of these calories and rich foods are starting to bind me (sorry if TMI), so I went out of my way to eat a house salad for lunch today. Salads always make my stomach feel a little less upset and improves my mood if I'm not already starving. I really need to pick up a pack or two of those prepackaged ice cream cones and leave them in the freezer at home, and maybe put ice cream sandwiches in the freezer at work. My weight gain goals were to be 120 by the end of February and 130 by the end of March. I'm wondering if I eat Eggo waffles, a banana, and an ice cream cone for breakfast and eat an ice cream cone after I eat dinner in addition to what I've already been eating if I'll start gaining weight faster? This is quite the struggle. Is it unrealistic to attempt to gain 10 pounds a month? I used to be able to gain 5 pounds a week in no problem when I was a teenager, ugh. The good news is as the numbers on the scale doesn't seem to be getting higher fast enough, at least my clothes are fitting tighter. This, to me, means that the fat on my body is at least increasing. I can barely fit in my small underwear from Aerie or Victoria's Secret, which is a good sign. My size five pants from Hollister are also getting way too tight, and they were tight on my butt to begin with. I'm wondering what size pants I'll be wearing a month after surgery. I'm not going to try to buy anything now but pretty soon I won't be able to fit in my jeans anymore, and that's exciting. I bet once I'm 115 I won't be able to get my jeans on anymore lol. I want a crazy body, the kind people will gawk at in public (in the good way) when I wear something fitted, like leggings or yoga pants. I really don't mind how big it is as long as its blended enough around the edges, like into my back, hips and thighs, so it doesn't resemble obvious butt implants sitting under my skin.

Going to Florida tomorrow, getting my BBL done the day after!


I'm getting my BBL done Tuesday by Dr. McAdoo and I couldn't be more excited. I don't know how I'm going to sleep tonight or tomorrow night. I weigh 121 pounds, and when the doctors saw my updated photos they said that's plenty of fat for my final wish pictures I sent them. I'm going to take my measurements later but I'm going to post them. Honestly I hate the way jeans fit me right now, they're almost tight in the stomach and super loose in the butt and thighs. I used to be a 25/26 in Forever 21 jeans but I've been wearing 29's since I hit 120 pounds. I'm posting my final pre op pictures before the surgery.
I don't expect these 29 size jeans I bought for my stomach during weight gain to fit at all after surgery, and so now the size 3s I wore from Hollister before weight gain don't really fit my thighs either because they're too tight. Since they're tight in the thighs I don't think they'd fit after I get lipo anyway since I'm only getting my stomach lipoed, not my thighs.
Does anyone know how long it took them to figure out what size they'd be and stay after after the swelling goes down? Like two weeks? A month? I heard that you won't see your final results for 6 months but I need to wear pants to work so I can't wait that long. I can hold out a month to buy better fitting pants for work but that's about it!

My final wish pictures


These are the final wish pictures that Dr. McAdoo said are realistic for my body to achieve. He said that since I already had hips it wouldn't take that much fat to get the hips I want based on this front facing picture. He said that the woman standing in the airport is really achievable too (oh my god yaaay!). Unfortunately he did say that the woman standing in the water from my first batch of wish pictures is unachievable and that it looks very edited. He thinks I'll be happy with the results I will get nonetheless:)

The Recovery Stage Makes aDifference in Your Results


So today is my nineth day after surgery. I received my seventh lymphatic massage today. I will post more about my experience with the surgeon Dr. McAdoo and Vanity/Encore later.

I learned after the fact, from experience, about how the surgeon's technique plays only a small part in how your results will come out. Obviously he or she plays an important part, but if you don't have the right after care, the best surgeon in the world can't promise you good results if you're not wearing a garment, if you're sleeping on your back, or sitting on your butt.

I stayed at Claudia's recovery home in Miami and I can honestly say I don't know how I'd make it through recovery without her. You do NOT want to bring a relative to help you take off and put on your garment, clean your incisions, clean the drain tube or drain the fluids out of the reservoir, or help you urinate or defecate.

Claudia picked me up from surgery and brought me to my recovery bed. As soon as she helped me lie down on my stomach, she brought me homemade rice soup and helped feed it to me.

Soon after I had to pee and she brought me to the bathroom and helped me steady myself while I tried to go. I couldn't go, I felt really nauseous when I tried to squat. She brought me back to the recovery bed and helped me lie down. This process repeated itself twice, until when I could finally pee. This is just once instance of her helping me without any problems.

Throughout the entirety of that day, as well as my stay at her recovery home, Claudia was cheerful to do anything I needed her to do. She would bring me water when she saw I was almost out from the last water bottle she gave me. She would give me a lymphatic massage when she noticed I was swollen. If I couldn't reach my phone and I wasn't strong enough to crawl to the bedside table to get it yet, she would bring it to me. When I would ask her about these things she would say okay and do them. She was so nice and caring. Never was there something too trivial for her to do for me.

The state she keeps her recovery home in is immaculate. She cleans the bathroom after its used each time. She cleans the hard surfaces and floor multiple times a day. She cleans the shower every time so you know it's safe to use.

Claudia made the difference in my recovery after a BBL. I  was very swollen until the seventh day, and I'm glad I planned to stay at her recovery house until my tenth day. If I didn't, I probably wouldn't have gotten as many massages. I therefore wouldn't have a twenty-seven inch waist already only nine days after surgery. I'd be more swollen than I am now and I would risk having saggy skin.

Claudia's number is (305)496-5110 I am considering returning to Miami for breast implants. If I do go, I will be staying at Claudia again, she's awesome!

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