A year after my BBL!!!! - Miami, FL

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I have been looking and doing research for months...

I have been looking and doing research for months about getting a BBL. I really wanted a liposuction because I cant stand my midsection anymore, so my boyfriend told me that I might as well add a little something something in my booty. I have been trying so many diets, pills, workout to get rid of and its not going away :/ I scheduled my surgery with Dr. Salama in Miami and I am so excited. He has always been my number choice so I picked him! Surgery is in a month and I will go see him next week for the blood work and to meet him! I am so excited!!!!!

Appointment preop!

Hi guys,

So I had my appointment with Doctor Salama yesterday! I had my appointment at 11:45a, but it took over 2 hours.
When we got to the office, the ladies were very very nice. However, other patients seemed to look miserable. I mean that is my opinion, but I got there excited with my boyfriend, and we were just happy and cracking jokes. I mean maybe it was us that were just "too happy".
I had to pay the remaining balance, and filled up a lot of paperwork.
Then, we went to the room. Nomie came to check on us, explained the procedure to us and asked diverse questions. She was very sweet. She gave me my boppy pillow. However, apparently you cannot sit on it before 4 weeks after the operation. The first four weeks you cannot sit at all. If you want to "sit" you have to put a foam roller under your thighs like that your ass does not touch anything. That got me worried a little bit, because 4 weeks is long time!
After that, we waited for over 40 minutes for Dr. Salama.
I was happy when Dr. Salama came, he was very nice, very professional. He answered all of our questions. I could tell he knows what he is doing. Apparently I have a square ass and a A shape which is good for the BBL. He told me I do not have too much fat, so I need to try to keep gaining weight until the surgery. He also told me the skin of my stomach is very thin, so he will not be able to do an aggressive liposuction on my stomach or my skin might die.
When he left, I got my blood work done and will get the results tomorrow. Hopefully, everything is all good and I am good to go for my surgery in 3 weeks. Yaneisy, the lady who did my blood work messed my vein terribly. I think she broke my vein because it ended up being stiff, swollen and I could not fully extend my arm. Today, I have a huge bruise.

I'm excited I am 3 weeks away from my surgery!!! I can't wait!!

Things to buy:
- small medicine ball to roll up on my stomach
- foam roller
- a robe

One more week!

I have one more week before the surgery!! I'm slowly starting to get nervous! This is getting real and I still have so much to do!!

However, I'm kind of pissed off because I did my blood work two weeks ago at the office and the nurse ended up breaking my vein or something because I'm still bruised up and it still hurts!

Hotel and such

So.... I live 3 hours from Miami, and it's Spring Break so hotels are so expensive!! I decided to stay from Thursday to Saturday down there, and to come home if everything is going well on Saturday. I will just do the back and forth. I rather being comfortable at home than paying $200 a night for a hotel. I am sure the drive is going to be a pain, but I am sure I can suck it up kneeling or laying on my sides or stomach.

Also, after a week I have to be back in school because I cannot miss too many days, so I hope I am one of those having a good and fast recovery!

BBL Pillow?

Did you hear about the BBLpillow? (Www.BBLpillow.com) I have been trying to research it, but there is nothing on it. Did someone use it? Is it good? Is it better than a foam roller and a boppy pillow?

Any last minute advice??

Does any of you have last minute advice? What should I absolutely buy/have? What should I expect after the surgery?

Today is the big day!

I can't believe today is already here. I'm enjoying the last few hours I can spend sitting on my ass. Hopefully I didn't forget anything.

From the day of the consultation I have been eating like a pig to try to gain weight: pizza, pasta, rice, sweets, burgers, and so on... But on the scale I haven't gain weight :/ I think it's my muscles turning into fat and fat is not as heavy as muscles. I feel like I have more fat and more rolls when I sit.
I am posting my pictures of this morning on an empty stomach and being thirsty. Not drinking is hard!

Just a little be annoyed...

So when they call yesterday to confirm the surgery they told me to come an hour early (1pm) and to be in the neighborhood by 12pm which we did... Now of course it's past 2pm and we are still in the waiting room. In my opinion I think this is not professional and nobody even greeted us. We can hear people talking so I am sure someone could have opened the door to tell us they will be late or something. They caused some stress yesterday because we had to change travel arrangement to get here by 12pm... Not cool.

I cannot believe I did it!

So I cant believe I did it. I am happy and in pain, but it is part of the game.

They took my to the back around 330p - 4p. I had to change and pee to make sure I was not pregnant. I went in the office where I met the anesthesiologist. He went over my lab results, and the questions I may have. Very good person. Then, I waited on Salama to take pictures and mark me. He went over all the risks of complications that can happen. Soon after, it was time to kiss my boyfriend and go under general anesthesia.

We went to the surgery room. Doctor Hernandez, the anesthesiologist put the IV on me and it took me a few second and I was out!

I woke around 7pm. It was a very weird experience to wake from general anesthesia. My mind was awake but my body was like dead. Anyway, I woke up on my booty, and I wanted to switch position. I did not want to mess up my new booty right after the surgery. Then, she put on a wheelchair on a boppy pillow. I told I wanted to walk, but it did not work, so I was trying to put as much weight on my arm, and elevate my booty. We got downstairs and I got into my boyfriend's car. I stayed on my 4 paws. It was not uncomfortable or painful.

We got to the hotel, walked to the room. I tried to eat Broccoli and Cheddar soup but it was too fattening too soon, so my boyfriend got me another yummy soup. Ate that, took my medicines and I have been drinking a lot of water, Gatorade and pineapple juice since.

The pain is manageable. It feel very sore mostly and my butt hurt the most I believe. I have a few burning sensations from the tape and garment rubbing, but nothing bad.

Big dummy as I am, I had to go pee and I had no idea I had an opening to pee without removing the garment, so we opened the garment, and I am pressure we messed it up because the drains are not draining in the bulb, but on my garment. We called Salama and he said not to worry about it he will take care of it tomorrow.

I am posting pictures as well, they might be hardcore and gross but I want to share my complete experience and hopefully it will help other woman preparing for it.

My sleeping situation... I have not been on my sides, stomach or butt. I have been taking naps kneeling or making a hole between the chair and ottoman. It is really not that bad actually.

I think my garment might be too tight on my butt because it is just squeezing it too much and I cannot even walk straight. I have to bent.

1200 cc on each but cheek

The pain and soreness is kicking in today :/

1st shower and number 2

This morning I woke up feeling nauseous for the first time... Probably because of the pasta I ate last night that were too fattening. However, my body feels better as a whole.

I was feeling like I was going to have to go to the bathroom since last night and this morning it was time. It took me over an hour to do it but I did it. Taking off the garment was not too bad because the swelling has been going down so some parts of the garment were loose. Number 2 is not pretty with the drain and the thightness of my ass, but oh well you got to do it.
Showering is also an experience because I could barely touch my skin without being in pain but it feels good to feel fresh.

I have to give a big shout out t my boyfriend for all the help and catering to my needs. He is truly amazing! I'm so thankful he is helping me through that!
Also, if you bring maxi dresses make sure they are cotton. My loose maxi dresses were all synthetic and it rubs on my ass which is not a good feeling. Cotton is the best

Swelling is going down.

I finally got to wash my garment while I was taking a shower yesterday and a clean garment feels so much better! Also, my garment is too big now even with the board, so I'm excited to get the second one tomorrow. However, I worried about the massage because putting pressure on my skin has been hurting pretty bad I must admit.

My days go by in a really weird way... They go fast and slow at the same time. I take a lot of naps, wake up in between to walk and take my meds. I feel tired very fast and it's hard for me to focus on doing something even watching a movie. I think it might be the position I stay in too. I only have a few options: stand-up, kneel or lay down on my stomach and two out of three makes me sleepy. I haven't tried to sit using a foam roller or lay on my sides either. I try to get the best results!

Stretch marks

I have huge stretch marks all over my butt... Ugh... They are huge... Not sure if I was ready for that. I put cream on it so hopefully they will get better aka fade away...

I have my first massage in a little bit... I'm scared...

1st massage

Now I understand what everyone means by painful... they are painful.... At first you take everything off and lay on your stomach, then she does ultrasounds to reduce the swelling, and warm up your back, and then she starts massaging you aka pushing all the liquid to your drains. When she was doing the right side of my back you could literally hear the squishing of the liquid coming out. It is pretty gross. Then she turns you over and you get to put your ass on a boppy pillow and lay down on it... it is heaven. It was the first time my booty touched something since the surgery. She did ultrasounds again and then tortured my stomach, and flanks. Then it was over. It hurts but Eileen is very good about it, very patient and communicates with us very well. After the massage I felt much better, and she assured me my skin was good: no lumpiness or anything. I did not have much liquid coming out either.

I was supposed to switch garment, but they did not have my size so I have to wait until Wednesday. I am bumped, but she explained where all the foams go to very well. I hope she massages me on Wednesday!

The drains start to get on my nerves... I cannot wait to have them removed!

Oh I got an edge pillow that I put under my stomach with a pillow and it actually feels very good to sleep on your stomach.

Late night insomnia

I wasn't able to go to sleep tonight, so I decided to take a nice shower. My body was itchy I don't know why...

After my shower... I decided to try some clothes on... It was a fail... Nothing fits me anymore... My butt is too huge! I am not sure how I will be able to hide it.

Does anyone have a booty buddy pillow I could buy?

Today, I had to sit for the first time. I used my foam roller. Not the worst, but not the best. It is a lot of balance work, and my legs went numb after a while. It does the job, but it is not very comfortable.
I came across a few good reviews on the booty buddy pillow, but it is sold out. Does anyone have one that they do not use anymore and would be willing to send it to me??

Back to reality

I had my second massage yesterday, and grabbed my stage 2 garment that has been toooooo tight on me. I had to remove it last night. I also saw Dr. Salama and everything looks good, therefore I left to go back home. Like always the massage hurts but it feels good afterward.

Now that I am home and life start all over
again I'm fairly sad and depressed. It is very hard to keep up with everything because my body hurts so much so easily. All I want to do is sleep, but I have homework, work and so on. It is not easy. I'm doing so much with the rest of my body to offset putting pressure on my butt that it is a workout of its own. It's only been 7 days... The road ahead is still very long ????????

No more back drain!

Oh I forgot to mention I got the back drain removed! Apparently it's graphic and gross. One more to go!

Driving and getting smaller

Hey dolls,

I start to feel better and better :) I had to drive a couple of times and it is a pain. It is so uncomfortable and I feel like my ass is stretching everytime I have to sit. I sit using a pillow that my boyfriend made for me. It is pretty comfortable, but nothing compared to being able to sit your ass down. I put it under my tights and it does the trick while at school or driving. I avoid as much as possible having to drive or to sit. My knees are my best friend now.

Also, the swelling is going down, so my booty and hips start to look smaller. I'm okay with that as long as it doesn't get too small. My two garments are being washed so I put on my waist trainer and I will attach a few pictures. I can't wait to only have the waist trainer to wear!
Also, I absoly need to go grocery shopping. I have been eating stupid food since the surgery and I am not trying to get my fat back! Hell No! I haven't been eating as much, but I don't want to have my fat back. I want to keep my beach body ready 365 days a year.

I still haven't slept on my sides, only on my stomach and I still have agitated nights. Hopefully, I can take my drain out tomorrow because the liquid has been under 25cc those past 2 days.
I measured myself and I am 29 for the waist and 42 1/2 for my hips

My boyfriend made me try some clothes :)

My boyfriend got me some new clothes

Be Careful of What You Eat

Hi dolls,

I am not going to be very charming tonight, but I want to give you one advice. Be careful of what you eat after the surgery. I had some type of sushi rolls on Friday night and I have been sick the whole weekend. I literally spent my day in the bathroom. Honestly, it is not something you want to experiment. Removing the garment, putting it back on, taking it off again a million times a day is no fun. I stayed for a few hours without the garment and I did not like it. I feel safer wearing the garment. Anyway make sure you eat "safe food" that will not get you sick after your surgery.

Trying on swimsuit

Hi dolls,

Recovery is going well... It's just very slow! I get my massages twice a week and I try to massage myself everytime after the shower.
My hips are growing... I am at 43 right now and my waist is getting smaller (27).
The garment is annoying and the board crushes into my ribs... But it is the price of beauty right?
I'm still sleeping on my stomach. I haven't slept once on my sides. Kneeling is still my best friend. I am debating if I need to buy a smaller garment because I feel like this one is almost too big.
I tried on bathing suits and now I can't wait for week 6 to go to the beach!!

Quick update

Hi guys! I know I haven't updated my review in a few days.... Everything is slowly getting better... I honestly can't deal with the full garment anymore so I started to wear the waist clincher during the day for the past 2 days and I sleep with the stage 2 garment. I tried to order a smaller garment, but it was way too small so I just gave up. I'm not trying to spend crazy money because the swelling has been going down so much that I don't really understand the point of wearing the full garment. You can feel all my ribs and bones right under my skin.

I massage my stomach, flanks and back after every shower. I do like a deep tissue massage. Also, I still do the lymphatic massage. She starts to go deep which I love!!

I totally had "sexual acquaintance" before week 4... Sorry I tried very hard to fight it, but couldn't help it. It was just extra work to not touch or put pressure on my butt.

My measurements haven't changes. My butt slowly start to get softer. I attract so many eyes with the little waist and the big butt it's beautiful. Salama did an awesome work on me! I cheated a couple time with and did not wear anything... I felt free!!

4 weeks Post Op!

I know today is going to be a good day!! 4 weeks post op! I feel everything is going to get better very soon! 2 more weeks before sitting! However, I'm scared of sitting... I love my butt just the way it is and I don't want it to go smaller...
I am still looking for a new garment or bring it to a seamstress but I'm struggling with my 26" waist and 43" hips!

5 weeks Post- OP!

Hi dolls! Not much have changed! I finally found a garment that fits me... I ordered a LipoExpress small garment but for some reason I think it is already too big but I have a hard time fitting my butt so I don't know. I will stick with this one. Also, for the past week I have been removing my garment in the middle of the night because it was so uncomfortable and I felt it was squeezing me too much. I am not sure why... Maybe because it's hot and my body get swollen and I am not moving so my blood is not flowing that much?

I still haven't used the boppy pillow to sit... I'm too scared to lose my booty. My measurements are pretty much the same depending on when I take them. My waist goes between 25 and 26 inches and my hips between 42.5 and 43.

I really love me body! However, I have been so hungry lately and I have been eating to much chocolate and candy, but I haven't gained weight. I'm at 134lbs. I really need to stop because I don't want to have my fat stomach ever again. Now the the swelling has been going down I can see my little pouch of fat Salama left because he didn't want to be too aggressive. I'm okay with that. My ass still hasn't softened.

Next week is the big week! I really feel now it looks natural.

Stretch marks and things

Hi dolls!

Dramatic_curves asked me about my stretch marks so I decided to post pictures, so you guys can see. You barely see any... It is like back to normal from before the surgery.

On another note, my measurements haven't changed. I don't think my waist will get smaller than 25" because of my rib cage but I'm happy with that :). My butt is still pretty hard and it feels like I have an enormous bruise. I think the fluffiness is slowly starting too. However, I slept on my back and on my ass by mistake for a few hours this weekend and it was amazing!!!! I can't wait to be able to sleep like a normal person again. I also slept on my sides for the first time too and it felt normal.
I still haven't used to boppy pillow I just keep avoiding sitting. It doesn't bother me anymore because I am so used to it. It's my new normal.
My only "issue" if we can call it an issue is the stitches.... For some reason they did not dissolved and my body is not rejecting them to the surface either, so I have little infection until I can grab the stitches and pull them out with my tweezer. It is kind of annoying.

Almost 8 weeks!!

Hi beautiful dolls!

I know I have been slacking with my updates but I have been busy moving and finishing up school!
I didn't tell my parents about the surgery and they got here a few days ago... Let me tell you they knew right away! I told them the truth... And it went well!
I am almost at week 8 and I barely start sitting... Kind of... I still try to avoid sitting as much as possible because it kind of hurts. My ass is still very hard and it's not comfortable.
My measurements haven't changed much. Still 43 inches for my hips and a little bit under 25 inches for my waist. I only wear the full garment at night and wear the waist clincher during the day. I am supposed to stop wearing the garment on Thursday but I might keep wearing it a few extra days. I also need a smaller waist clincher.
Other than that... I try to eat healthy. I haven't been back to the gym because my butt hurts like hell when it bounces!


8 weeks post op!!!

Im at 8 weeks!!! Soooooooo happy!!! I love my body! I still need to buy a lot of clothes because nothing fits me but it is so worth it!!!
The surgery is different for everyone but I think I recovered very fast. I am not swollen anymore (I think). I made sure I didn't put pressure on my butt for over 6 weeks and it paid off! I didn't lose volume from week 2 to now and my booty looks very natural too! I uploaded a few pictures!

Just feeling myself :)

I am in love with my new body and I have to share it with you because I know you guys will understand!!

I was just in Miami Beach with my family, and they took a few pictures!

Stupid internet...

Butt shrinking.... Not happy about it!

I know I haven't been posting lately because quite frankly I didn't have much to say....
Now that I am over 3 months post op I thought my butt would stay just like this... But nope... I finally started to go back to the gym and sitting more and I lost one inch within the past week... :/. My waist is still the same at 25 inches but my butt is now at 41.5 inches instead of 42.5 inches. I'm not happy about that! Also, my butt still doesn't feel normal and it hurts and is very uncomfortable if I seat too long.


I feel like my stomach is a bit weird because you can see all the bones and muscles and I still have a little pocket of fat left by Salama... I guess I need to get used to it because my rib cage is fairly wide...

Update at almost 5 months

My butt feels normal a little bit more everyday. I can sit longer on it without feeling sore and uncomfortable.
I haven't had the best diet because I have been traveling, studying and such and I can see it in on my stomach... I don't want to go back to my old self so I really need to be eating better. I am starting to wear my waist clincher again and workout in it as well. It helps to keep my waist small.
However, finding pants that fit is a mission... I had to throw away all my pants or have them tailored.... That booty is no joke!

Update 5 months

5 months is tomorrow!! Whoop whoop!! Still the same! Booty is there! Waist is small! I have been in Atlanta for work and it has been so funny! People love curves overthere! Some people stopped my boyfriend to tell him that he was winning. It was hilarious!

Update at 8 months!!

Hi dolls,

I know I haven't been updating my page but time is flying by and work has been kicking my butt!!

I am still very happy with my surgery and I can tell that now my butt feels 95% normal. Most days, I can sit down all day without any pain. Sometimes it feels a little bit painful and sore, but it's much better than before! I really love my body now. I'm back working out on a regular basis and it feels great.

I have stabilized my weight at 135lbs, and now my waist is even smaller around 24-24.5 inches. My butt is stabilized at 42-42.5 inches. I absolutely love it!!!

I must admit it has been a journey but now I embrace my body like never before! I included a few pictures as well.

Exactly 1 year after surgery!!

Good morning Dolls!!

I'm so excited this morning! It has been a year since my surgery! That's just crazy! A year after I am still in love with my booty! It has not gone down and I am embracing my small waist and no fat/rolls! I love my body and I really don't regret doing the surgery!

I took pictures with the same panties I had on before surgery. Those panties are now too small in my waist, but you can see the difference!

Quick update


Booty is still here and I don't think it will be going away anytime soon! Couldn't be more happier with the surgery!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I am only 5 days post-op but so far my results are amazing! He gave me an amazing body! The liposuction looks good, he gave me hips, projection and a big butt! I'm only 5"3' for 137lbs and he was able to inject 1200cc on each cheek. I do not know where he was able to get that all that fat from! With the drugs he gives you, the post op is not that bad, it is just uncomfortable. You will feel like a robot,sore and bruised up. Dr. Salama is very professional, and he definitely knows what he is doing! He is a straight to the point kind of guy and definetely gives the impression that he is all about your body and business. No fun, no games. The surgical center is very clean, and the anesthesiologist was great, very helpful and informative. The downsides are Dr. Salama is very busy, so it is hard to get an hold of him, and you might not see much of him outside your surgery and pre-op consultation. Also, I would expect his staff at the surgical center to be more helpful. On my surgery date, Dr. Salama was running late, and we waited for over 2 hours with no staff even greeting us, or acknowledging the fact that we were there. It was very frustrating. The same happened the day of my post op consultation; My boyfriend and I were in the waiting room alone for 30-45 mins and if I did not knock on the door asking if I would be waiting for another 2 hours, we would have probably waited hours before seeing the nurse because we were taken in right away. Though some staff is GREAT some do not explain enough especially for the post-op care it is kind of rushed. You are kind of on your own unless you know what questions to ask or you get one of the informative staff members. The massages are very painful, but Eileen was very patient, nice and very helpful. She was one of the most informative staff members post-op. She thoroughly explained everything I needed to know. She was very kind. Nomie and Cynthia are also great! They get back to you right away, are very nice, and make sure you get all the information you need and you follow the instructions. Finally, Dr. Salama is very talented and very good at what it does, but it is only half of the battle. If you want your booty to stay big, and your body to stay amazing you will have to follow his instructions and take care of your body after the surgery. This is so important! Do not do just the minimum, but keep working on your body to make sure it heals properly. I believe walking a lot helped speed up my recovery not just walking a few paces every two hours but going for decent walks and drinking plenty of fluids. I would definitely recommend Dr Salama and his team to anyone because I truly believe he is the best in the business.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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