25 Years Old, NO KIDS... No Booty Either.. :( - Cali, Colombia

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OK!!!! HELLLLLOOOOOO!!!!!! LOL! I have just began...

OK!!!! HELLLLLOOOOOO!!!!!! LOL! I have just began my journey to a voluptuous bottom. Been researching for quite some time now and I have came down to the nitty gritty of who I am choosing. I am trying to choose between Salzhauer, Salama, and Fisher. All are amazing, but I have to choose one. Decisions, Decisions... *sigh* But I will maintain to keep you guys updated!!! Also, I need a buddy!!!!! I need one to go on this journey with me in September!!! Thank you!!!!!

I FOUND A DOC!!!! His Name Is.....

DR. SALAMA!!!! Yes!!! I am scheduled to come in on the 3rd of September for pre-consultation and then the 4th of September will be my surgery!!! I am too excited to get it over and done with. I can finally get rid of this pudge I've lived with for so long and put it somewhere useful... MY ASS. LMAO!!!! I've attached some before pics. Look at me!


A buddy!!!! I think it would be a experience to share it with someone that's looking into doing it themselves. Come chill in Miami. You can use it as a getaway as well. Just a thought. :)

Salama is OUT!! And Dra. Yily De Los Santos is IN!

So, after carefully researching more options, I have decided on Dra. Yily in DR. My surgery is scheduled for 2/4/2016. I am still looking for a buddy. :P Can't seem to find anyone to travel with me. :-/ It's becoming a pain. Anywho, until next time!!!!

Yily De Los Santos

No UPDATE YET!!! Will update when procedure is complete!
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