23 "skinny girl" lipo W/ BBL McAdoo - Miami, FL

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Hi girls, been on RS for 1 yr+. Not going to...

Hi girls,

been on RS for 1 yr+. Not going to give a super deep bio because I personally just like to hear experience and see photos LOL.

Had my lipo with fat transfer to buttocks and hips with Dr. McAdoo on 09/10/15. I'm currently back home now sprawled across my bed relaxing as I type this review so keep that in mind in terms of healing. I am 5"7" weighing 130 pounds soaking wet. I was only able to gain 8 pounds for my surgery considering I officially locked in the day only five weeks before the procedure. However I spent the entire year changing my eating habits because I used to be extremely healthy so I incorporated some more fatty foods over the months that I knew I was considering sx.

I flew to Miami with my mother on 9/9 ( Who also is a patient of Dr. McAdoo's.) We checked in and rushed to vanity for our consultation, we stayed at the Hilton Homewood suites blue Lagoon which was roughly 10 minutes from vanity, they supplied a full hearty breakfast every day and dinner Tuesday through Thursday. It was also a peaceful place to stay considering we weren't near any of the heavy party areas of Miami. My best friend flew in that night and met us she was a patient of Dr. Fisher. We were able to get a two bedroom two bathroom suite with a living room and kitchenette it was perfect for recovery.

My mom & I got to vanity and waited about 10 to 15 minutes. We began our consultation together with a young girl who was very sweet. WARNING: THIS IS WHERE THE BS BEGAN WITH VANITY COSMETICS. The girl told me that my $1000 down payment (I had paid for my mom & I 1 month prior) was refunded two hours before my arrival and I needed to pay them an additional $1000 to move forward. I spent the next 24 hours arguing with vanity about the fact that my money had not reappeared onto my credit card and that I did not have an additional $1000 to pay them. More importantly if I did I still would not. Long story short I had to argue my way all the way into pre-op the next day because my money had not been refunded and the facility manager Samantha insisted that they would not complete our procedures until I gave them more money.

Once I got past the money drama I sat in pre-op for 45 minutes to an hour with an IV running and filled out more paperwork that vanity pulled out of no where. During his time I was disturbed and offended bc my anesthesiologist came in smelling like a huge f@$&!*# cigarette! She put her hand on my face to check my vitals and she reeked. I couldn't believe she hadn't even washed her hands or Put on gloves after having a cig break. A nurse came in and had me try on my faja-I complained that this should have been done before I got my IV. ALSO: Before going into his room I saw my best friend in pre-op laughing and chatting with Fisher, he was very pleasant.

Finally met Dr. McAdoo for the first time and he was very jolly. He peeked his head in the room and said "Hey Skinny Minnie. Skinny Minnie want a booty?" I laughed and we went into the OR to begin marking. I showed him pictures of his patients that I liked and he said ok. He chatted and hummed a song the whole time he marked me up meanwhile I'm ready to run out of there bc of nerves! I told him my faja didn't fit properly so he disappeared to get me a new one, I was moved into another OR where the anesthesiologist came in administered my drugs and I was out.


Sorry to leave you guys hanging my fingers were tired lol. OK here we go .

I woke up on a bed in the recovery room as a nurse and Dr. McAdoo we're pulling up my sweatpants. I was fully dressed and already had my faja on which is a major plus bc you don't have to experience the pain while being dressed. The nurses in the OR were helpful they assisted myself and my friend (she finished sx shortly before me with Fisher) outside and into our Uber. They waited until the uber came and gave us lots of Gatorade of water.

The only thing that pissed me off was the fact that they asked my friend to go to Chase get cash and pay for her at home nurse! I told her to pay with her card and they said no she has to pay with cash. We had spent weeks trying to coordinate our nurses with vanity and they waited until the day of sx and then only supplied us with one nurse insisting that my friend, my mother, and I would each have to pay $250 separately for three nurses that would stay with us for 12 hours. This is exactly why I opted out of the stay with vanity cosmetics and would recommend it to any other patients. They have terrible reviews saying the nurses are mean and that the driver is hardly available for you if you need him.

---Back to the surgery: I was very nauseous and my ass and hips were on fire! No pain in my abdomen back etc. I had lipo of full abdomen, waist, flanks, bra line and inner thigh with transfer to hips & butt. It was not aggressive because I am thin however it was a lot of areas because I needed fat. (I had taken a Tylenol with Codeine after waking up from sx I brought this with me because I was terrified of being in pain so this may have had an effect on that feeling) I WAS NOT ABLE TO FUNCTION WITHOUT MY NURSE THE FIRST NIGHT-VERY IMPORTANT LADIES. My mother (who arrived to the hotel 1 hour after me-Dr. McAdoo whipped her up fast ) and my best friend were way more coherent than me. My friend was up, walking around talking, and taking selfie's she actually was annoying the crap out of me. But me on the other hand I had to be walked to the room hand-in-hand with my nurse helped to bed helped out of bed and helped to pee. This lasted all night. Again I was not in excruciating pain just very sore like after working out hard but times 10.

Update on: must-have items, massages/follow ups with vanity and photos coming next.
I have to wiggle out of bed right now to use the restroom. Ttyl dolls xx

Update +1 pic 8 days post op

You will absolutely need all of these items:

Faja (from facility, if you purchase on your own it may not fit, the doc knows best)
Lipo board & lipo foams (prevents lumps and excessive fluid)
Female urinal
Arnica Tablets(work really fast and good)
Arnica Gel
Ginkgo Biloba (blood circulation)
Cough Drops (Anesthesia hurts your throat)
Bed liners
Baby wipes
Antibacterial soap
Hydrocortisone (itching during healing)
Ginger Chews or nausea med from doctor
Pineapple juice and Bromelain pills (bruising)
Lots of electrolyte water
Food that supplies protein (I fainted during a massage from not having a balanced meal)

I will post better pics this one is from a group chat my friends wouldn't stop harassing me to see lol. The doc cut holes in my faja bc my butt & hips were protruding

Before & Afters

Still swollen in waist & seeing some depreciation in projection, hoping waist shrinks and projection multiplies. Trying not to freak out bc I heard some deflation is normal but idk. The first after pic is 8 days post op, second after pic is 3 days post op.

Healing advice ... ?

Can any post op patients offer healing advice? I am a little over two weeks post and I am anxious because my waist still swells up occasionally and I still have lumps beneath the surface when I press on it. I know full swing SnapBack takes time, I just want to be re-assured I'm on the right track. :/

Considering Revision

I'm going to try to make this as short as possible but I just logged on to submit an inquiry about some revisions from my procedure that I had with Dr. McAdoo just over one year ago. For the most part I was satisfied with results however there is a considerable amount of fat around my navel that was left behind from my procedure and I am not happy about it. Long story short I googled vanity cosmetics because my experience was so horrible that I was curious to see if there had been any more debacles. Let me just say I don't know where all of these articles were last year when I was doing my research but I'm just thanking God that I'm alive right now because there are dozens of articles online about Vanity cosmetics and the doctors they employ. THE DOCTORS AT VANITY, ENCORE and SPECTRUM ARE NOT CERTIFIED WITH THE BOARD AND THEY ARE KILLING PATIENTS LEFT AND RIGHT. Google and see yourself! Ladies please be careful!!!! Names of uncertified, unlicensed, and Malpracticees include:


Girls please be careful it is so not worth it. I am definitely searching long and hard for a physician far away from there to do my revisions.
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