I'm officially a Mcadoll!

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Hi RS! So I've been stalking RS religiously and...

Hi RS!
So I've been stalking RS religiously and you all have given me the courage to finally go through with this. I'm pretty active and have an OK body but i work too hard for just OK. I'm excited @ the prospects of becoming a Fisher doll n getting the curvy body of my dreams. I will be paying my deposit tomorrow and I'm looking for a date in early January. I have been told that I need to gain 8-10 pounds so that should give me plenty of time. I will be uploading present pics soon
I look forward to sharing this journey with you all!

What my body looks like now

So here are some pictures of what I look like now. Mind you I stopped working out for about a month before this because I just knew at the back of my mind that I would be getting a bbl soon.

I finally told my bf about it and he is not thrilled. He is a financial advisor so obviously his first line of defense was "you cannot afford it, it is not a wise financial decision just stick to working out, you look great when you do." After about 45 mins back and forth he finally said OK if the figures look right then you can put it on a credit card. But he does not want me to do the bbl just lipo because he knows how much and how long I've hated my mid section. So as far as he knows, I'm getting a lipo and nothing else. Well I will take it, its better than him saying no completely. He's just gonna be hella shocked when I come back home with a donk and some hips and can't sit or lie on my back for 2 months Lol.

In other news, he also don't know that I paid my $499 deposit and $1000 towards the procedure. Hey, I'm doing this for me. I just need his buy in because he is going to be taking care of me when I get back home. Anyway I'm yet to receive my confirmation and invoice from Jessica from Vanity but after reading their reviews, I'm not surprised. I'm going to record my next convo with her, where I'm going to get her to say I get a refund in case I do have to cancel. I wouldn't be playing games with these people if not that I really want Dr. Fisher and then price is reasonable.

My date is set for Jan 13th for now. I was going to stay at Vanity's RH but after reading reviews about the house being unattended for hours, that will NOT be happening. I have enough HH points to stay in a Hilton brand hotel for free for a week so I will just use that andbhire a nurse for the first 3 days. Since I will most likely be by myself. If any other Fisher dolls are getting bootyfied around the same time, I would live to connect with you!

Wish Pics

I want that sexy hourglass shape. Tiny waist nice hips and a nice rounded butt that fits my frame. Not huge shelf that looks too obvious that I had work done but I still want to turn heads. I've seen Fisher's work and I know he can hive me exactly what I'm looking for.

Faja Sizes??

Hi Dolls,
So I decided to start buying my supplies now since my date is January 13th and waiting till December will be financial suicide (with xmas gifts to buy and all).
But I really don't know what faja size (or type) to get or from where. I see a lot of ladies saying Ebay but how do I know what size to get? I expect Dr. Fisher to do aggressize lipo on my abs, back and flanks but I also know that I will be swollen for a while.


Please please help or at least point me in the right direction.

Many thanks in advance!

Did I get TOO FAT TOO FAST??? Please Help!!

Hi RS,
So I have paid off my surgery completely. I decided to go with Vanity's Recovery Home because it was getting to be too much of a headache figuring out an affordable Care giver, transportation, massages etc. And since my bf won't be able to join me until 3 days after my surgery, I will just go with Vanity's one stop shop.
Oh, I finally fessed up about the full extent of my surgery and my bf was more receptive to it this time.
I've gained quite a bit of weight (12 lbs to be exact) and I'm getting paranoid that this is too much weight. I want my waist to turn out REALLY SMALL with full hips and a bubble butt. But my emphasis is the hip to waist ratio, I want this waist to be so small, I need a magnifying glass to find it lol.
So ladies, I need your help. Please check out my updated photos and wish pics and let me know if I should loose some weight or maintain this. I really don't wanna gain any more, its already hard enough trying to hide the weight as it is. My face is fat, my arms are fat, everything is fat now. The only upside is my boobs. When I lost a ton of weight a year ago (45lbs) I lost my full breasts as well so now that I'm gaining weight, its cool to see them fill out again. I hope they stay after my sx.

But back to the real reason for this post, please let me know what y'all think I should do with this weight. Also consider that I'm getting my inner thighs lipod as well.

Fisher Dolls beware!!!

OK so I am basically crying as I update the review to think that I was really happy and excited earlier today.
I am in Miami for work and since I am scheduled to be here for 3 days, I figured I would use this opportunity to get a pre op visit in as my date was scheduled for the 13th of January. I called my coordinator Jessica Garcia, whom I now hate dearly (which is crazy because I loved her so much, I damn near bought her a Christmas gift worth hundreds on black Friday until I was told to wait until the day after Xmas for a better deal) and told her that I will be in town and would like to come in to get my labs done as well as a pre op with Dr. Fisher if possible. (I wanted to do the labs at Vanity because I had read several reviews of them screwing up when labs were done elsewhere.) Anyway she tells me to come on in as long as it is before 3. I show up at a little after 1 and I met one of my RS sisters too, I forgot to get her info but she is scheduled for Friday with Hasan, send good vibes her way y'all. Anyway I do my labs, no issues, get my photos taken, no qualms, then Yisel calls me back. I'm all excited thinking I'm about to meet with Dr. Fisher. She quickly informs me as I enter her office that Dr. Fisher is not working today, DAFUQ! Y didn't my sweet coordinator tell me this? Oh well whatever, just lemme do my damn paper work right? Well it doesn't end there she proceeds to tell me that Dr. Fisher is on vacation on my scheduled date, oh HOLD DA FUCK UP! Because EVERY SINGLE time I have spoken to my coordinator (at least 10 times at this point), I have been sure to ask if all is well with my date and she continuously assures me that it is. I just frigging purchased me and my sister's round trip tix yesterday and you're going to stand there n tell me he won't even be here? I suggest you stand more than a few inches away from me right now cuz I wanna hit something or someone and I won't be held responsible for my reflexes with any further bullshit you have for me. I asked her how long she has known and she says well its on the calendar. Then i calm my self a little ( i swear at this point, my blood pressure must've doubled) ask if he will be there any other day that week. She says well he will only be here on Monday the 12th that week and she shows me the calendar. I said ok, no problem, put me down for the 12th. She tells me well the 12th is fully booked but im sure there will be a cancellation so I will put you down tentatively. BISH WHAT!!!!?/Y'all didn't tentatively take my FULL payment that I made over a month ago so I better be confirmed for a date before I fucking leave! Then I ask for my dumb ass coordinator cuz she has to make this right right now. "Oh well Jessica is with a patient," they tell me. Oh now she is too busy to talk to me? Now that she has basically srewed me all the way over? Then they try to put me down for the 18th of Dec. That can't work for me because I have to flipping work!
By the way, if you are the girl that is scheduled for the 17th, I strongly recommend that you call and talk to Yisel because apparently Fisher is not working that day and he didn't want to see your pictures either when she asked him on the phone.

So I all this to say what hundreds of other reviews have told you about VAnity, don't trust these assholes. Take your hard earned money ELSEWHERE! don't trust lying ass Jessica Garcia, she has not a single ounce of truth in her. Also if you are scheduled for the week of the 12th of Jan with Fisher I suggest you start looking at alternate dates because she showed me the calendar in their booking system and he won't be there only on the 12th. Also if you are booked for the first week (week of the 5th) of Jan CALL and SPEAK to YISEL NOW or better yet go in there and raise hell. She has Dr. Fisher's actual calendar not that make believe shit that the coordinators work with and she says he won't be there.

So ladies I'm sitting in Vanity's parking lot not knowing what the hell to do. Does Dr. Fisher work elsewhere? Because at this point I think I had made a terrible mistake taking a chance with Vanity. BTW, if anyone is scheduled for the 12th and no longer wants their spot please let me know so that I can have it. For now, I will try not to be too depressed.
I'm happy I can at least vent here though because no one else in my life wants to hear this.

Later sisters.

I used to be so skinny... sigh...oh well

Hi sisters in the struggle!

I'm feeling rather emotional tonight so as usual, I have logged on to RS to try to make myself feel better. Since I started gaining weight for this sx about 3 months ago, I have been systematically avoiding social obligations so that now I basically Dont go out because I feel so gross. Today, unfortunately I could not get out of an event so I tried to camouflage the weight as best as I could. It did not stop people who haven't seen me in a while from commenting on my weight gain and "wondering if everything is alright". Ugh! Just drink your wine and mind your business will you, yes I'm fine! My excuse was that I've been traveling a lot for work and all that eating on the road is catching up with me. They seem to buy it and one of them starts to give recommendations on how to stay fit while on the go. I just stood there wondering at the irony of it all, I'm a certified personal trainer and this lady who I could school on this issue is over here feigning concern. As far as I'm concerned they are all happy to be able to call me fat. Me, the one who was in the gym twice a day, always prepped her meals, always nit picky about restaurants has finally let her self go.
I won't lie it made me sad and I couldn't wait to get out of there. But I know what my end goal is so I will maintain this fat till my sx date and post sx, I will hit the weights harder than ever and come summer, you best believe I will be all up in their faces in my thong bikini like " now what were y'all talking about in the fall again?"

Anyway, I was going through my pictures of when I was skinny 125lbs was my skinniest. But then I was on an extremely strict diet and working out multiple times a day. It was not sustainable for me so my natural skinny weight is 135. I realized that I have never shared my skinny pics of here before so I thought to go ahead and let y'all see what I looked like b4 I got head strong about getting some curves in my life.

Oh and I have changed my Surgeon to Dr. McAdoo, I've seen some of his work and done my research on him and feel a whole lot better. Any other Mcadolls out there feel free to connect, my sx is on the 13th of Jan.
Oh and my labs from Vanity were ready today, my hemo is at 13.2 so I'm good. Just gotta maintain it now.

Dr. Mcadoo's Transformation

Hi dolls,
So I know from interacting with a lot of my fellow Mcadolls to be that we are anxious because we Dont see a lot his BBLs. Mostly because he is new to Vanity and relatively new to the BBL Review World on Real Self. We keep reading that he has 13 years of experience but we're like "where his pictures at though" lol.

So I thought to go ahead and post some of his transformations from Vanity's website so at least when future dolls search for his name on here, SOMETHING would come up.

Oh and for those sisters that have already been "Mcafied" could y'all PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE post some CLEAR pictures for the rest of us to see? (Pretty please with a cherry on top). I know I'm not the only one that checks y'alls page religiously hoping that y'all would've posted an update by now, but every time I just get heart broken *sniff* *sniff*

I'm also posting the pictures for future potential Mcadolls. So when they search for him on here, they can at least find SOMETHING.

Anyway... Here are the pictures, what do y'all think of his work?

Playing Around with the Plastic Surgery App

This is kinda the General shape I'm looking for. Obviously these look really weird but I think you get the point. Maybe I'll show him these as well lol.
Tiny waist, nice hips n butt...

Shout Out to the Newest McaDolls on the block!

Shout out to Black1987 who had her sx on Tuesday and Latashatall who will be having hers tomorrow. I don't know them personally but I check thier pages EVERYDAY and in my mind we are bffs (I promise I'm not a creep lol) I wish them both a safe and marvelous recovery. Go and post something nice on their pages. YOU, YES YOU!!!

I've been MIA but my sx is in exactly 2 weeks

Hey dolls,
I had to take a break. Real Self had the controlling share in my life and I had to take it back lol. My sx is in exactly 2 weeks and I'm just ready to get it over with. I have all my supplies and a lot more stuff that I'm sure I won't use but I bought anyway. I've also been taking advantage of the post Xmas sales for clothes it kinda sucks because I don't know what size I will be post sx. I know I want to be a small again (No, NOT THE BOOTY lol, just my upper body mainly my torso). So if I'm not that size after the sx, I will be hitting the gym. Anyway, I have a few questions for the vets;
- did anyone try laying on a donut pool float post sx? I mean it has a big round hole in the middle and my booty should be hanging and not touching anything so I figured I could lay on it post sx to get relief from laying on my stomach.
- getting through airport security, did y'all have your foam and boards on? I travel quite a bit and I know MIA airport like most other larger airports has that full body scanner. So I'm not sure that I would be let through with all the foams and boards without a strip search ( I had a nightmare about this and it terrifies me)
-also what exactly were y'all eating the first couple of days post sx?
- are you allowed to take your phone with you into the OR? I'm confused because I see ladies taking pics of themselves in their garment waiting for the doc.

- for those who stayed at Vanity RH, at what point did they contact you with check in info? I haven't heard anything.

I have attached pics of myself in a dress. I will be taking a pic in this same dress post sx so y'all can see the difference.

Met Mcadoo; future Mcadolls trust me we are in good hands!

Just a quick update. I met Dr. Mcadoo today since I'm in Miami for work why not? The man is hilarious and very knowledgeable. We talked at great lengths about exactly what I wanted I showed him only 1 wish pic (which is kinda crazy because I swear I have over 50 pictures of naked and half naked women on my phone) and he was confident that he could get me pretty close to it (that made my entire friggin day). He showed me pictures of his work And ladies, the other RS sisters weren't lying when they said the man molds pretty awesome butts! We're in good hands!

Sx is tomorrow

Hi Ladies,
Its been a very busy couple of days for me. However, my sx is tomorrow. I can't believe it is finally here. I am majorly freaking out but acting calm so I don't freak out my sister who came with me. I went to Vanity today and I was made to pay an extra $500 for my bra line to be lipoed. I'm pretty sure McaDoo doesn't charge extra for that because he didn't say that when I met with him. But my paperwork (remember I was going with Fisher initially) says Lower Back so that's how they got me to shell out an extra $500 that I certainly did not budget for. So ladies before you come here make sure EVERYTHING reads like it should because these sales girls aka coordinators are all about the money.
They put my sister and I in the Extended Stay, and we will be here until the 15th when we will be moved to the horse ranch. Its not bad, the location is pretty good as it is in close proximity to a lot of things and you can even walk to the Walmart (its like 3 or 4 blocks away). I am upset that it is only 1 queen/full sized bed even though I specifically stated that I would be accompanied by someone. I was expecting at least a King Sized bed so we could both sleep comfortably but, oh well.
I found a faja store that my sister and I determined is walkable from Vanity. So one of these days after one of my massage sessions, we will walk there to get a second faja (I need to know what size I will be post op before investing in one). And in the case that my strength is not up to par, she will go get one for me.
I got a call at around 2:00PM today telling me that my sx time was 4:30AM tomorrow but then at about 5:30PM, I got a text saying it had been changed to 7:00AM and I cannot eat anything after 9:00PM today. I really hope they don't move it again because I am a breakfast person, and I know I will begin to get light headed after 9:00AM tomorrow if I have not had anything to eat. Gretel (my RH coordinator) called to tell me to be ready for pick up at 6:30AM.
I am currently experiencing a myriad of feelings- anxiety, excitement, anger (at spending more than I anticipated), fear, restlessness- you name it, and I'm probably feeling it right now . I also feel really terrible that I still have not told my mother or my aunt (who is like my second mother and best friend) anything. It made it worse today when she texted me today asking why I'm being distant and she feels like I'm holding information from her ( I swear mothers always know, idk how but they do). I still didn't fess up though, the absolute last thing I need is for her dramatic anxiety to add to mine. I'm telling you if she found out, she would call everyone from my father, to the pastor, to my damn congressman if she had to, to talk me out of it.
I kinda don't wanna stop typing this review because it is actually comforting to talk about these things on here. I don't wanna upset my little sister,she already was not feeling Vanity's location AT ALL. She was like "this is a catfish right? They are not seriously in a strip mall!" Then it didn't help that they didn't have their shit together, they called me back like 3 times to sign documents that they kept forgetting to have me sign. She was like "you should probably just get a refund and go elsewhere". I told her getting a refund from Vanity would probably come in time for next Christmas. I feel like if I give her the slightest idea that I am doubting my decision, she will jump on it and talk me into quiting but for now, she is being quiet and watching TV.

Anyway, just thought I would let you ladies know what is going on. By God's grace, this time tomorrow, I will be recovering safely

The deed is done!

First of all, thank you all for all the prayers and encouragement. I made it! I met hlfadzn today and she is hilarious. Plus she had great advice, stay on top of your medicine and be STRONGER THAN THE PAIN. She's been everywhere since her sx lol and I plan to be just like her. I will not be boboggled down by pain.
I will write a more detailed review when I master this whole typing while on my stomach thing.
Anyways as promised after pics for my future Mcadolls. These are same day post op.
My pain level right now is about a 5. Like that feeling you get the day after and intense leg day at the gym. Plus I can't bend down cuz I also feel really sore in my core.
Oh and Mcadoo used a drain for me.

first shower

Took my shower while waiting for my faja to dry. I'm so swollen but I figured I'd take a pic b4 I put the faja back on.

bowel movement

This might be Tmi, but I need help. I've been holding out on doing number 2 because Idk how d hell to go about it with this new butt. Well today, it seems I won't be able to put it off any longer. I read some reviews about sitting on my thighs with the bbl pillows but i got my inner thighs lipoed and it hurts like hell to sit on my thighs right now. I haven't sat since the surgery, just laying down and kneeling and I've been fine. So please help if you have any suggestions.
Thank you in advance!

I made it home!

I promise I'll write a long review soon. Anyway I'm back home and the three hour plane ride was pure hell. I have a love hate relationship with my waist. When I first take my faja off, it looks amazing. Then I swell up and I'm like where did my hour glass go??? My waist trainer should arrive this weekend. I will start to wear that over my faja. The first couple of pics withat my drains in were taken 4 days post and the others were taken this morning when I swole up waiting for my faja to dry. I refuse to form an opinion about my results until at least after a month so I haven't even taken measurements.

My long review

Ok here it is...
So what supplies did I actually use?
1) Arnica Gel and Cream; lots and lots of it. I suggest buying more than 1 tube. I use the cream to massage myself and the gel afterwards
2) My Leachco pillow. I love this huge pillow, it makes laying on my tummy and kneeling all the time so comfortable. Plus I use it to prop myself up while driving too. It's bigger than the boppy and I still carry it everywhere (ask itgirl22, she made fun of me quite a bit lol)
3) Yoga blocks; I bought this because the yoga mat wasn't keeping my booty off the seat. It is made from Styrofoam like material so it's not going to give to your weight. The only problem with this is I had my thighs lipoed so I can only sit on it for about 20 mins at a time before my thighs start to hurt like hell. So I used it for take off and landing (for my ladies who need to fly out after their sx, I think it is worth looking at, it only cost like $7 @ Wal-Mart)
4) Neosporin; I use it on my incision sites everyday (twice a day really) and so far,no infections.
5) Exercise ball; to sit while watching tv. I tried the whole director's chair thing. But like I said before, thighs were lipoed so the metal frame hurt the crap out of my thighs.
6) tank tops
7) bandages; to wrap my lipoed thighs for extra compression because my faja isn't long enough to compress the entire lipoed thigh area (this saved me from having to buy an entire new faja)
8) Pineapples; great for inflammation. So I bought whole ones and sliced them myself (cheaper than buying the ones the store already chopped up)
9) pineapple juice
10) Gatorade
11) Naked Green Machine; I finished an entire bottle (the largest size they have) as soon as I got in the car from surgery and it quenched my hunger.
12) baby wipes for when I do number 2
13)Hibeclens; I bathe with this everyday. My sister says I smell like a hospital but idc, no infections for me.
14) Plush Bathrobe; because I don't wear clothes over my faja in the house
15) Kaftan and from Ross; I bough a bunch of these , instead of maxi dresses and to me it's better because it hides all the faja,foams, boards,tank top layering craziness as well as drains if you have them. Basically I can walk down the road without looking homeless lol.
16) Straws; especially for days 1 and 2 when you're basically laying on your tummy for most of the day.
17) P-ez; because otherwise, Idk how I would've peed.
18) raw cocoa butter because well hydrated skin is less likely to itch from dehydration plus my grandma swears it's good for scars and discoloration.
I didn't buy any soups, I made mine.

What happened the day of my surgery?
My surgery was supposed to be at 8:30am but ended up starting at about 10:30. I met Hlfadzn while waiting to be called back. Dr. Mcadoo himself will come and get you when it is your turn. The nurse then gave me a cup to see in before the Dr came back to Mark me up. During this time, i reminded him to Lipo my thighs and give me hips and a butt that look NATURAL. I told him I didn't want a shelf, I want a slope, and a cuff and the bottom. Then the anesthesiologist came in to administer fluid. Then about an hour later I was taken to the operating room. I heard the Dr. Talking about me and next thing I knew I was knocked out. I woke up shivering on my butt and two nurses came to put my faja on but I had to turn over, it was so hard but I did it. Then I asked them to call my sister because I'm hungry and I want to go home. They made me walk to another bed where I lay for another hour or so every time I asked for Gatorade they gave me this tiny cup and I almost cussed the nurse out because I was shaking with hunger and it wasn't doing anything for me. Finally, they brought my stuff had me kneel on the wheel chair and wheeled me out to the car where my sister and the Vanity driver that doesn't speak any English was waiting for me.
Review continued in the next post.

my long review part 2

If you use Vanity's home away, your meds are included so you don't have to worry about finding them because apparently , they are hard to find and only one particular Walgreens carries them. I spent my first 3 out of my 7 days in an Extended Stay because apparently, the horse ranch was full. The pain right out of surgery was about a 7 on a scale of 1-10 this was mostly in my butt and my stomach. After taking my pain meds when I got to the hotel, I would say it went down to like a 4/5 and it stayed there as long as I took my meds every 4 hours. For the ladies who don't take their meds because they don't wanna become addicted Idk what to say to you. More power to your elbows I guess. My advice like Hlfadzn gave me is take your friggin meds otherwise you will have yourself to blame for the unnecessary pain u cause yourself. The hardest part of sleeping my first 5-6 days was getting in and out of bed. My stomach and back would always hurt but after like the fifth day, it feels basically normal.
As far as sleep goes, I always wake up every hour to pee. Other than that, I sleep like a baby and my secret is my leachco pillow. I sleep on it and back or neck don't hurt despite the fact that prior to surgery, I was not a stomach sleeper.
Now as far as mobility. I can tell you that I've been moving around by my damn self since day 2 and been being peeing with no help since day 1. I did not need the nurse that vanity provided.Although she could have been helpful day 2 when I took my faja off and took a shower. I walked exactly 1 mile to Wal-Mart on Day 3. It was a struggle and it was painful and I cussed my sister out for lying to me that it was only 0.5 miles when we started. But I'm glad she made me do it because although I was sore that night, I woke up the next day and all the stiffness in my legs and butt was gone. I no longer felt like I had a bag of rocks back there and alas, my penguin waddle was now more of a slight limp. Plus I could now walk longer distances before getting tired. Needless to say,the next day we went to Lincoln Mall and spent the entire day there window shopping (because at that point in was pretty broke) before the triangle in my back started to hurt me. Which brings me to another poi t don't waste your money on the triangle.from the pink room., it is too flat. Per my Dr. and nurse, I needed a triage that was a lot thicker. They made me one. So you are better off just making yours.
As far as the massages go, I wish I had a different masseuse. Nancy at Vanity simply did not do a good job. My massages were always less than an hour and she always did my front while I was standing. This made me almost pass out the first 2 days. And when I could.Finally stand the massage, she didn't apply enough force. However, the massages did make me feel better afterwards and helped me stand upright more. She just didn't do a good job working out these knots as I still have quite a few of them in front and on my sides.
Taking my drains out didn't hurt at all. I mean I was talking with Mcadoo the entire time and didn't k ow they were out until the nurse said done. I was like wait what? I didn't feel that. Maybe it was because I popped a pain pill right before.My follow-up appointment (which was 6 days post op and Mcadoo took the time.out to see and assess me) I asked him how much he took out and put back in and he said couldn't remember. I was like huh? I thought they wrote that stuff down. Other than that, he said I was healing great and to keep doing what I was doing. He also said to get more.compression as soon as I feel the faja getting too loose. He said I should expect to go down 2 Raja sizes because I will shrink quite a bit I hope he is right, I need a much smaller waist.
Also quick advice, bring some extra strength Tylenol with you in case the prescribed pain meds aren't strong enough for you. One of the girls in the RH had this problem so I gave her mine which worked perfectly for her.

I keep thinking of what I haven't covered, but I'm drawing a blank. Please, please ask me more questions and I will answer them to the best of my ability based off of my experience so far. Hopefully these reviews are helpful and worth the wait.

Much love.

I spoke too soon about sleep

So sleeping these past two nights have been a challenge. I think it is because I'm used to sleeping in the bed by myself and my bf came back home 2 nights ago to disrupt that. I've gone to bed at around 11pm and got up at around 3:30 both nights from lower back pain. The first night, I took some extra strength Tylenol and the bf moved to sleep on the couch. I went back to sleep around 5am and basically slept till 10am. This night however, the bf didn't budge and kept sleeping. I woke up with lower back pain, took my pain pill and hoped he would move so I could sleep comfortably again but he didn't. So I got no sleep after about 3:30. This is fine because it is the weekend but I go back to work next week and I'm going to need my sleep.
And all this padding is also so friggin annoying. Why can't I just sleep with the CG and wear the padding back in the morning?

This red Dress though

So I took my faja off to take a shower and decided to try this dress on really quick just because I haven't really played dress up since the sx. All I have to say is God bless you Dr. Mcadoo!

No major changes

Sorry I've been MIA ladies. There hasn't been aNY real changes, next week will make 1 month post op. My stomach still swells up when I take off my compression garment. I've started waist training. I still have hard spots. I will be going to Mcadoo for my 1 month post op visit in 2 weeks to get his evaluation. My waist is sitting at 32 inches right now but I really want to get it down to like a 28, we'll see how that goes. I started really working out again this week (P90x3 for anyone who is interested ) I will keep you guys updated on how the booty holds up with that. my butt and hips have certainly reduced in size since my last post which I wouldnt be upset about if my waist would just frigging shrink as well so I can have an illusion of an hourglass. I was tired of being boxy, curves were my main motivation to gain 35lbs for this surgery so if I don't start seeing it soon then idk if it was worth it. Don't get me wrong I look great with my faja on (I'll post a pic of that) but without it I don't see any major hip to waist ratio.
Anyway I took a pic of my butt today after my workout and for some reason it looks fuller than it did yesterday lol. But this butt stays playing tricks on me so idk what to believe anymore when I look in the mirror.
I'm so sick of not sitting normally. I keep avoiding people because I don't wanna explain why I'm sitting on a yoga mat or towel. I'm going to ask my dr. When I see him if he can lift this sitting curfew.

1 month post op

Went out to celebrate my 1 month booty-versary

Well I'm def going to be needing a round 2

Greetings Ladies,
I have been so unforgivably MIA but please do forgive me. I've been trying to decide whether to close my account and forget that this surgery ever happened because right now, I feel like I just wasted a whole lotta money. Let me start by saying at this point, I am a month and three weeks post op and I waited till now to vent because I kept thinking it is too early to tell. However after looking at what other dolls look like just 1 month post op, I think I can start to draw conclusions.

My hips have gone down a considerable amount (one side more than the other) and so has my butt. MY butt barely looks like I had anything done. If I at least had a slim midsection to show for all of the pain and money spent then I might not be so pissed. But noooooo, I still have back fat and def still have rolls (don't worry pictures coming soon) and 12 months ago, my stomach was flatter than this.
I paid to be sculpted not just to have a few fat cells removed from some place and placed elsewhere. Part of being sculpted is symmetry and either my doctor missed that part in Med School or he was rushing off to the next person to care to make his work symmetrical. Because I don't understand why he lipod one part of my back more than he did the other. I also don't understand why he left out my upper back (even after Vanity hustled me for an extra $500 the day before my surgery to include my bra line which he clearly didn't touch). I don't quite understand what he did with my inner thighs because I have deep incision marks on them but I swear they look the exact same post op as they did pre op. My sister even made a joke that he must have just stuck the cannula in and out because other than the scars, there is no evidence of lipo.

At this point, I understand the swelling but I simply cannot excuse the excess fat left all over. Besides that, my stomach is lumpy (I pray to God this goes away with time), and basically, I look horrible naked. But when I throw a garment on and some clothes over it, I look passable.

I'm pretty sure this rant is all over the place because I am extremely pissed. I won't be petty as to tell anyone not to go to Mcadoo because I was happy before when I thought things could only get better. However, I would say that if personally, I could do it over again I WOULD NOT GO TO HIM. He is professional, funny and knows how to make you feel comfortable even follows up with you post op (which I've read is rare at Vanity) however, as of right now that is where my praises will end because I DO NOT LIKE the results he has given me. I will let you know if anything changes for the better even though I doubt that it will.

As far as round 2 goes, I will not be dealing with Vanity ever again. I'm still trying to decide where I will be going and this time around I am actually considering Colombia (who would've thought)

This is all for now. If you need me to clarify anything ask and I will. Otherwise see you in my next post which would probably be at 2.5 months post op.

Peace and Love.
Aventura Plastic Surgeon

He is courteous, friendly, professional and very funny. He sets follow up appointments and actually shows up for them. However the results of his work on my body are so far, horrible which is why he only gets 2 stars from me.

2 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
1 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
1 out of 5 stars Payment process
1 out of 5 stars Wait times
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