23 & Getting Bbl Dr Mcadoo or Llorente!?? - Miami, FL

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I am currently debating between Mcadoo @ Vanity...

I am currently debating between Mcadoo @ Vanity & Llorente @ New life. I have contacted both directly because I am curious to know if the can at least meet my expectations, dreams & wishes. I want a lot of projection and added hips. For that curvy body with a shelf. I am wanting at least 1000cc put into each cheek. I'm looking for a sx date of June 1st or June 15. I want to be able to remove in time for summer to really hit. Any of you dolls recommend either?? I'm currently 195lb carrying it very well and 5'2

Chose DR.Llorente for June 1st @ New life

Deposit made , date set, recovery house arrangements done, and my surgery is on June 1st & May 31st is my pre-op and I get to meet a very nice man! Pretty excited countdown begins 13 days til Miami. ??????

Changed doctors MCADOO! ?? weight loss

Okay so long story short new life and dr llorente wanted me to lose 10lbs after not telling me anything until everything was booked ! On top of that they said because I have cystic fibrosis they can take out the 4L of fat which is BULLSHIT! my condition has nothing to do with it and that my primary doctor and my cystic fibrosis doctor okayed. In a sense it is a good thing for me to do this. Moving far away from my stomach which lessens it on my lungs. so I demanded a refund from new life after get ignoring me for 2-3 days she responds and says it has be sent to our claims department and will reflect in your account in 3 weeks which I'm fine with ! Happy it wasn't an argument and me going to the bank to cancel everything! So now I have chosen my first chose DR.MCADOO! Very excited only set back is because of my height my bmi is 36.9 so I have to lose 10 lbs in a week. I've been dieting so well and just started the gym ! I lost 3lbs already kind of excited ???????????????????????????? ! So by Saturday night will determine whether I have to push my sx date back or I can look forward to the plane ride with my mom who's accompanying me during this journey( I'm so thankful for her) so I wil update soon!

Changed SX date

I have lost 6 lbs already within a 4 day span for my sx surgery but eating healthy and going to the gym and walking. But I didn't want to risk not being 185 (since all scales say different things) and if I'm 1lb off they will not do the surgery so my original date was June 1st I have changed it to June 16th ???????? still very excited and this weight loss journey and healthy eating is amazingly pretty easy! ???????????????? my body feels a lot better eating more healthy and going back to when I use to go to the gym everyday! ???????? I'll keep you guys posted !

Weight loss for SX Date of 6/16

This has been an amazing journey for me. Eating healthy counting calories and going to the for at least an hour everyday. I have come from 197-198 to 186 in about two weeks. Hard work pays off! If u put the time and effort in you will successful at ANYTHING! I'm so amazed with my results! My goal weight is 180 by June 15th I have 10 days left and I think it's more than possible if I continue to work hard . Woman is not impossible if u put ur mind to it. I know it's hard changing your lifestyle but I'd u want it then you got too! Good luck

@encore for my PRE-OP

I am so thankful I landed in Miami safely and made it to encore! More than excited for this new journey I am about to embark on. Big booty Judy here I come. I will post when I get to my place and let you know everything after I speak to the doctor. MCADOO ????????????????????????????????????????

Sorry it took so long to update just been resting and doing a lot of walking! Day of SX 6/16

I was given a call the night before and told to be there at 8:30 a.m. So I arrived at encore at 8:30 where they told me they needed to do a pregnancy test and try on a garment, in which we did. I must say these girls are fabulous made me feel super comfortable and made me feel like if I was one of them. So then I was told it was time to go in the or room where mcadoo could mark me and begin. Walked me over to the or and mcadoo was wide eyed and bushy tailed and had a lot of spunk. So excited for me he begin to mark my body and then take pics and a video. He then told me to get up on the table where the anesthesiologist started to prep me and then stuck me with the needle and asked a few questions and then said I'm going to place this mask over your face for oxygen and that's all I remember after that lmao. I was out. I woke up in the recovery room about 15 minutes after I got out of surgery to my nurse siting next to me. I was shacking uncontrollably but they had a heating device on me to keep me warm. I asked her for a cup of water which she got and then I said okay I'm ready to go. She said what? I said yes I'm ready to go u can take this iv out and I'm ready. Lol she laughs walks out to see if my mom is there yet considering it was on 15 minutes since my surgery well she was sitting in the car. So she comes on I get up off the gerny and stand up and she says want me to wheel you out I said absolutely NOT I can walk. All the girls in the office were so surprised at my strength and said wow your a really strong girl so my nurse walks me out to my car and I said I'll see u tomorrow she said yes Ursula well c u tomorrow and giggles. Honestly I feel like girls that get this really over exaggerate the pain level. It wasn't that bad yes of course ur body is sore and all that but it's not unbareable at all! If your strong ans have a good mindset for it than u will do well. But if you don't do well with pain and pushing urself thru it then it'll be 10 times harder. I have had my gallbladder removed and that was definitely worse than this! Stay positive and u can do it :) I also recommend u bringing someone close to you rather than staying at a recovery house I must say I don't think I could of done it without my mom!

Day 1 Friday & 2 Saturday post Op

Day #1 post op- I woke up on the couch and on my stomach laying on my back has been a real hard hard Thing because it seems to put pressure on my back. I didn't take any pain pills the first night just my antibiotics and my blood thinner shot. ****Girls please listen to the doctor and remember when to take the needs because a girl is in the hospital for shooting her self up 2 times plus the one time they do it for u while ur in surgery. *** the pain was very bareable. It isn't as bad as some girls make it out to seem but everyone's pain tolerance level is different. To me if u make it seem worse than it is than that's what ur gunna feel. Just remember that u wanted this and it'll all be worth It in the end. ?????????????????? I ate like 3 times after surgery I was starving and felt dehydrated all I wanted was juice. Eating and rejuvenating ur body is very very important. Some girls come for their follow ups and haven't eating wonder why they are sick. Also on day 1, I went for my follow up and i was taking in right away my nurse came in and took down my faja and cleaned my incisions sites which I have to say was the worse lol. Doctor came in to see me and my mom and was so happy with my results and said you look great. He's such a personable, joyous, funny, kind, & adorable doctor. They told me to come back on Monday for my second follow up visit to see if my drain was ready to come out yet. Day #2 Post op- I went for my first massage at 11:30 am with Jennifer and I must say she is amazing. I would recommend her to anyone she works in her own place at phenix salon suites. I paid $165 for 8 30 minute massages. Which honestly works best for me so I could split up my massages. She is so gentle yet rough to the point she gets the job done. I have excess amounts of fluid in my back and stomach and she knows just how to massage to get it out. So thankful I found her. She's very caring, compassionate, kind, and down to earth. And she really cares about her clients. You could contact her if your interested her number is (786) 282-2813. The massage pain I would say is a 4/10 but the right side hurts worse I must say. But once your done omg u feel ten times better.

Day #3 SUNDAY & day #4 MONDAY post op

Day #3
Sunday when I woke up I was a little sore because I hadn't had a massage the day before and most massages are closed on Sunday which sucks lol. I was still sleeping on my belly and I even called my assistant at encore and said u guys don't know how impossible to sleep on my back. Cutting out a lawn chair I tried but put way to much pressure on my thighs and lower back. I ate a good amount of food on day #3 and kept myself very hydrated which is very important!

Monday was a day sent from heaven I must say. Went to encore at 10:30 and they removed my drain which wasn't to bad it just burns a little and I told my assistant Jennifer that I didn't want my stitches out but her and my mom decided against me lol. Which I'm thankful for because she cut them out with a razor blade and I definitely couldn't do that at home. So after than I then waited to see dr mcadoo. After 15 minutes he called me to his office & said wow that ass make sure u take a pic and send it to me lmao. He's hilarious. He also advised me to put a waist trainer on next week if I can handle the compression to make my waist even smaller ( which I plan on doing) thank god I healed fast and had my drain removed day 4. Not all girls drain a lot the first few days and then are able to get it removed before the leave. Back home most doctors won't touch u because they didn't do the surgery. At 5:30 I had my 2nd massage with Jennifer at JGO IN CORAL GABLES! she's amazing by the way/ in my last post I'm pretty sure I posted her info jus let her know Ursula sent you. The massages are a little painful 4/10 but afterwards u feel so amazing.

Updating day #10 post op

I must say the airplane ride home last Wednesday was quite the ride lol thank god for the lady that moved since the plane was full and I laid down on two seats and put my head on my moms thigh. As far as how I've been feeling I feel better than ever. I'm not to swollen only in my lower back around my waist a little. I have been doing my own lymphatic massages because it's strictly pumping of certain lymphatic points WATCH THEM ON YOUTube. I'm gunna schedule one in a few days just to get one done on my back legs and arms. Thank god for my wife, my man & my mom they have all catered to me in things I still can not do. I must say that first shower when I got home was everything. Also I hadn't taking shit for over a week after my surgery but I wasn't eating an excess but after I got home and gave myself a massage I was able to go to the bathroom. Today is day #10 and starting yesterday I was instructed to remove the garment and start vest waist trainer with foam underneath it. Well I bought a size bigger because of the foams underneath so tomorrow have to buy another a size smaller because u really size down quick. Girls as long as you listen to your doctor you'll do just fine. I must say I have only two bruises both the sizes of the top of a ketchup bottle. I did not bruise very much. My body does look great so far I must say my ass is huge have went up two sizes in underwear lol. My waist is getting supper small hoping my stomach flattens out more though (if not round two will be within a year ). I also still have fluid in my back so it's causing one roll so hoping that goes away. The only thing I can say that sucks is not being able to sit because it limits what u can do and where u can go. But in dealing with it! I chose this and I wouldn't change it for the world

Today makes 3 weeks postOp

I am 3 weeks postop today and I feel amazing. I am currently down to a Large waist trainer as of today with my foams underneath it so I'd imagine I'm at a medium without them. I must say this not sitting sort of does suck lol. But it's all worth it. After my wife gives birth on January I will be preparing for round two around June 2017. Don't get me wrong dr mcadoo did my body right. I look phenomenal! But I want my ass bigger. He took out what he could and put 1500cc in each cheek. I have very little swelling in my belly and back because I waist train 24/7 except when showering •! It is truly beneficial to see your results my waist is super snatched !!!!! If you have any questions please feel free to message me or comment below.

3 months post op

Included in this will be pics from 2 months all the way u til now. Well what can I say it's been a journey for 2 months without sitting. I am currently able to sit still getting use to it. The recovery wasn't bad at all just again very hard to not sit and always have to lay down. My results could have been better I feel that all the fat could have been removed from my back and stomach. Mcadoo only took our 3000 cc when 4000cc should of been removed, for whatever purpose he didn't take it all out. And I'm not happy about that at all! I still have a pouch i understand I have to skin but there's a lot of fat that wasn't taken out. ( I will be getting a mini tummy tuck after the revision ) So Im requesting a revisions with him at seduction I had mine done at encore. What I can say is that my ass is still fat but he didn't sculpt me the way I wanted and asked for. So round 2 after the new year will be in affect.

2-3 months post op pics

Dr llorente or dr mcadoo

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