24 year old mom of a 2 year old

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So I have been looking into this Surgry since I...

So I have been looking into this Surgry since I was still in high school but never thought I could get it due to the fact I have always been athletic and had pretty much no excess fat to get sucked out but now after I had my son I have plenty lol. I'm 5'7 150 pounds I excersise 3-4 times a week and just started back eating healthier I am a full time mother, student and employee. I just want to feel great about myself again. I don't really want to huge butt with a lot of projection, I just have a tear drop butt and it sits really low I just want it more evened out and heart shaped. Not looking for the shelf look. My main focuse is the small waist and nice ,perky not fak looking, butt. Not sure on witch dr I'm going with but I like some of fishers work but there was another I liked just can't find him it started with an h


So I'm leaning more towards dr Hasan, fishers work seems a little hit and miss sometimes and I'd hate to be one of those misses. ???? Is there a way to change Drs on this thing? It's says fisher and won't let me change it?

Sorry had to put everything on major hold

Had a lot of life changing event happen. Got pregnant but lost baby was preg tahsin but was ectopic have to have surgery to remove then the flood that took my house and all personal belonging with it ???? And finally starting to pick up where we left off. I just want my stinking sugary so I can be finer! But in the year or so that Iv been gone I found the PERFECT dr, her name is Duran from the Dominican Republic ???????????? love at first sight!!! I follow her Instagram page along with a few of her patients and OMG her hands are blessed!!! But here are some up dated pics on what I'm looking like a year later not much have changed just updating

Wish waist line pics

The smaller the better! And fuller hips but I don't wanna look unpreportional

23 Year Old One Child Age 2

Hi I'm Ashlen, I have been wanting this for YEARS now and finally found a dr I would love to do this surgery for me. I am a part time student and a full time mom along with a full time worker. I would love to have a surgery buddy and or recovery buddy to keep me company I am very nervous but I REALLY want this surgery.

I am 5'7 157 pounds i wear a 34 D bra sometime a DD size 7 to 9 jeans and a small or medium shirt depends on how I want it to fit. I have a natural hour glass shape that got lost along the way after my son was born and want it found again! Not looking for a huge butt just a fuller more heart shaped butt!

Getting back on this BBL track

So I freaked out and tried to just work out and eat healthy even stopped eating meat for a while. Lost some weight but just not happy with my over all shape so I stopped not eatin meat and slowed back down on my workouts and put the weight right back on in my main problem areas. I just over all don't feel sexy. I want to feel sexy again as I felt post child. So I want dr Hassan to help me with my new body.

Yes I have seen he has had a recent loss and as sad as it is we all know the risks going into this thing. With any surgery even minor one complications are always a risk. But I have done my research on it and still feel good about choosing him. I wanted Duran but I am not comfortable traveling outside of the US for a surgery as serious as this. So I'll be staying US bound.

Sent and email to Hassan's office to schedule a consultation will be asking about payment options. I don't want to finance this thing but I do want to pay a few hundreds to a thousand every month or so. I want it done in the winter time next year so I don't look to suspicious with baggy or big cloths on while trying to heal through all the swelling. I won't be telling family or friends about it and still trying to figure out the lie I'm going to tell my job but I don't want them to know either but idk how else to tell them I need 3-4 weeks off:-/ any ideas?

Also I would like to have a BBL friend along the way that we can encourage each other and keep each other company and go half on a recovery room etc and hopefully become life long friends :) any dolls out there wanting Hassan around October next year 2018?

Looking for BBL Friend

I want my surgery by Hassan in or around October 2018 at the farthest or January 2018 at the earliest if I can pay if off in time and have everything set an ready by then. It all depends on my job and how good the pay is. I just graduated from college and started my career job so texting the waters to see how well Off I will be. It's salery + commission I plan on paying with my commissions and not touching my salary. I just need a friend around my age to talk to about this and keep each other motivated and hopefully go in together and recover together!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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