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Hello ladies , just like everyone here I've been...

Hello ladies , just like everyone here I've been stalking RS for a while now . just today I've decided to make a review , so far Ive chosen to have my BBL done at Vanity , unlike some of you , I have not had a problem with them yet . I don't think I'm to worried about the company , in more worried about who is working there magic on me . the docot I have chosen is McAdoo , I've seen some of his work and it does amaze me , I just really hope he can give me what I'm asking for . besides his working turning out great I also chose him because I hear really good things about his character . (I hope is right) . not ONLY that but I have a hernia issue that I have to get repared and from what I'm being told he is the only one at vanity that is allowed and capable of doing a hernia revision & a BBL at the same time . I am about 9 months away from my new booty and I'm rushing the days!!! I'm obsessed with this procedure , I constantly look at asses .! Lol , I'm constantly sending my fiance photos of asses! ???????? I also chose to stay at new body recovery home . I decided to write to see if there are any ladies going for surgery in march 2017 ? I need a bbl buddy I do NOT want to go alone . well , I guess that's all for now , I will continue to update every so often . I would really love feed back on McAdoo and/or if anyone would like to join me on this journey .....


Hey ladies , I'm starting to kind of feel down and out about this surgery ... I'm really in search of a buddy , i never been on a plane before and that's my biggest fear ! GOING ON A PLANE , AND ALONE ! if there is anyone planning on having a BBL done in March of next year. Please let me know !!! Would love to link !

Things I may need?

Can anyone provide me with a list of things I may need to order ahead of time to take with me to Miami? I already chose a recovery home, they provide food . and they say they provide everything except the faja. And clothing . anyone have any idea on how to make my own bbl pillow ?

Weight loss tips ?

So, I decided I want to lose weight again .... I was originally 185 and I went up to 193 . which makes my BMI 33.1. Dr. McAdoo's maximum limit for BMI is 34. So I decided u would like to go down to at least 180 before march. Can any of you ladies give me tips . what has been the fastest way to lose? I'm willing to try (almost) anything. PLEASE LADIES I NEED FEEDBACK

MacAdoo is Now at Seduction

I'm back!!!!! I nearly went off on vanity for not telling me that MacAdoo was no longer with them. How unprofessional are they? Long story short I should be getting all the money I put down within the next 4 weeks. I am now scheduled with MacAdoo at seduction. I texted his number and he told me he would have someone contact me and ladies I will tell you he is a man of his word!!!! On the plus side , seduction is way cheaper then what I was going to pay in total going thru vanity . I'm just so happy that I am still able to schedule with him . let's just hope there is no b.s with Seduction because if so I will be calling mY surgery off. I'm just praying and hoping everything falls and remains in place.


Hello Ladies , vanity now known as Eres has me so pissed off. I filed paperwork for a refund going on three months ago and have yet to receive my money!!!! The only excuse they evee gave me was that they been have "issues" . well idgaf , what does your issues have to do with my money ?! They sure tool it fast as hell out of my account so it shouldn't take forever to give it back !!!! Can anyone help me ? Any advice ? Please!!!!!!


Any ladies that already had surgery done at seduction that can tell me if there was anything they needed to pay for outside of the surgery itself ...? Just so I can know or have an idea ahead of time . I want to know how much extra cash I should have with me

Claudia's recovery home

Okay , so I think I decided that I want to stay at Claudia's Recovery Home . I been reading her reviews and nothing but great things . I contacted her and she sent me pictures of her home and things she sells with prices . $145 a night to stay food, transportation included. The only thing I think I do not want to buy from there is the binder. I would like to order online .. But I am so confused . can anyone tell me how I can figure out what size binder I need for anger surgery ? (Being that I'm going to be swollen? Help ladies!!! Thanks in advance .

counting down!

Hello ladies , I need help ...
For all my post-op ladies...,
Can someone PLEASE tell me what do I need (to be EXACT) for bbl post-op?
I DO NOT want to buy anything that I will not use ... Please help me !
Thanks in advance


So I have about 60 something days until my big day!!! I'm super excited!!!!! So far I have chucks, arnica cream, arnica tablets, I ordered a cot, and a camping chair, I have my boppy, antibacterial soap. Should I add anything else ? As I mentioned before I do not want to buy anything I WILL NOT use .


Question, if I wanted to purchase a garment before surgery how would I know what size to purchase ?


Hello ladies , for the ladies that have had a bbl with Dr. McAdoo, about how long were you instructed to wear your compression garment for ? And when are we allowed to wear a bikini? (Yes, in already thinking about the summer) lol.

hernia revision

Okay!!! So I'm a little on edge now! I texted the number that's on McAdoo's Instagram and I'm a little nervous because dayomie said shes gonna check with McAdoo about my hernia concern. My thing is why would Seduction quote me for it if god forbid he can't do my hernia repair . pleas ladies help me out here!! I'm freaking out!

lipo or bbl ?

So, as time is really closing in I'm really debating on if I just want to do lipo or to Have the bbl. I do like my lower half already , its just my belly and love handles I would love to get rid of . my family says to just do lipo , but I'm so confused at this point !!!!

update ladies!

new booty

5 weeks and 2 days.

Does anyone seen to know about this "fluffing" stage? I read about it all over realself.. But I'm not sure I it actually happens.. can any of you ladies give me insight?
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