21 Years Old, 1 Child, Time To Get Brazilian Fine With McAdoo - Miami, FL

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Hey everyone! I've been waiting to do my review...

Hey everyone! I've been waiting to do my review for months now. I was going to start a long time ago, but I wanted to do more research and figure out what was what before I decided to post. That way I will be a lot more beneficial to you all. I'm a very visual person so I will be uploading A LOT of pictures. I want you all to feel the WHOLE experience. First and foremost I've changed my doctor about 3 or 4 times. I was extremely indecisive, clearly lol. Reason being is because I obviously wanted the best procedure possible. I originally wanted Dr. Miami of course but he was booked up until 2017. Definitely wasn't waiting that long so I started out with Dr. Osakatukei Omulepu at Vanity Cosmetic Surgery. There was issues with him at their facility so I had to switch my doctor. I then went along with Dr. Jonathan Fisher which was an excellent choice in my personal opinion from what I've seen of his work. My date was originally May 19, 2016. Well, I ended up listening to someone else's opinion "Dr. Fisher's waist wasn't small enough". So I began to do more research and came up with Dr. BBL. I saw he was affiliated with Dr. Miami, that's honestly why I started to look into him. He was much more expensive, that's not what I was worried about. I just wanted the best Dr possible. I decided to refund my deposit back from Vanity and go with Dr. BBL. It seemed as soon as I made the decision to back out with Dr. Fisher I started thinking about how Dr. BBL could only take out 5 liters of fat due to state regulations and I felt like I need more than that taken out. So I called Vanity back to see if they still had a date available at the end of May beginning of June with Dr. Fisher. He was fully booked. Just my luck huh? Lol it was my own fault though. I looked into Dr. Curves as well but he was booked up also. So I cancelled my refund with Vanity looked into Dr. James McAdoo and decided to go with him. I'm going to post some pictures of me around the end of March. Along with pictures of me now. I've been working out with a trainer 4 times a week for almost a month now. Trying my hardest to stick to his meal plan. I gave myself two months to lose some weight and to get in good health being that I'm about to do a major procedure. I will be constantly updating. Okay sisters talk later. Enjoy

Hello Dolls!

Yay I'm so excited my review finally posted. I've been waiting to post again lol. So as of now I have 29 more days before my surgery and 28 more days before I fly out! I've been doing a lot of research on everything I'm going to need for the surgery and also where I will be staying since I will be traveling from New Orleans to Miami. I was going to stay at the Xanadu House, that's who Vanity referred me to. I didn't like any of the photos of the rooms though. I was going to get the package for $2,500, but it didn't seem worth it. I wouldn't feel comfortable staying there at a time of healing from their photos. Thanks to you guys I was able to find a wonderful, clean, upscale, highly reviewed recovery center, Miami Escape. Everything wasn't included in the package but it still ended up being cheaper. It's a lot nicer. I was planning on staying 6 nights and purchasing 6 massages, I felt it would speed up and help the process of me healing. My mom decided she's going to stay with me so I'm just going to stay 4 nights purchase 4 massages and if I still feel I need more time, I'll just go to a hotel and my Mom will finish helping me until I leave back to New Orleans. I might schedule to go get another massage as well if I decided to stay in a hotel. If I didn't have her coming with me, I definitely would of gave myself more time at the recovery home. At least 2 more days. I just want to be safe and well recovered. Make your healing process the easiest process. Miami Escape is running a special right now, $150 per night if you book with them before May 15, 2016. I will be paying an extra $130 a night for my Mom to stay with me at the recovery home. Their beds are made for patients, not guests. I don't mind paying extra, they lose a patient. I understand they can't lose out on that money. Plus, it gives my Mom insight on how to take care of me after we leave the center. I'm putting down my deposit tomorrow, 50%. They allow you to purchase supplies from them for $60 or you can bring your own. I found out about a website from you all that assists in supply packages for plastic surgery http://www.chiseledlux.com. As well as other important surgery supplies such as garments, derrière chairs, pre & post op vitamins, etc. So far, I've only purchased some loose dresses when it comes to the supply list side of it lol. i gotta month left. So I'll be good by the time I fly out. Okay I'm out for now. Be Back Later BBL get it? Lol
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