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I've been debating for a while if I should write a...

I've been debating for a while if I should write a review or not. But in the process of stocking real self, I've supported other ladies in their own journeys, so why not. I've always battled with my weight. After my second child my body and turning 30 my body just hasn't bounced back like before. Since gaining weight after my second child,my butt has spread and not the way I want it to spread. Now that I think about it spreading isn't good at all. LOL. So at the begining of my journey I reach out to 3 Dr. that I wanted to do my surgery. Dr. Yilly, Dr. Hasan, and Dr. Perry. I Love Dr. Yilly work but going out f the country for sx just didn't sit right with me. Plus when you add up all the cost its actually cheaper to just have it done in the states. Now on to Dr. Perry,I love his work and he has sooo many good reviews, plus he does wonders for girls with a little bit of weight. I was in the proces of loosing weight and he even told me not to loose any. His quote was $9400. Now I have a decent job but $9400 for sx is just too much. I even discussed it with my husband and he was all for it, if I was getting the results I wanted. But after going back and forth, I felt that it would be taking away to much from my family, and when going through with sx you already feel guilty enough. So Dr. Hasan was my man. Love his work plus he has good reviews, and I felt that he could give me the body that I truely wanted. I reached out to Vanity and they called me right way. My consultant is Lia and she calls or emails you right back if you have any problems. I've heard the horror stories but I've had a good experience during this whole process. Now my measurements are 5'3, 180lbs. Now at first I was never told to loose weight. My BMI is above 30 and I would have to loose 11lbs to get my BMI below 30. But after reading a review where Dr. Hasan refused to do a girls sx that day because her BMI was a couple of points over I had to switch to Dr. Mcadoo. At first I was very reluctant, but the stress of having to loose weight was making me gain weight. I stay in the state of florida and I was actually able to do a consultation with Dr. Mcadoo. He is very nice and has a good bedside manner, which is important to me. One thing I do have to say,is do your research and know what you want. I told him what I wanted and he said he would give me those results. I even went as far as to tell him if he didn't I was going to give him a bad review on real self. LOL. So Mcadoo is my guy. Now for my recovery I didn't choose the recovery house. At that time they were doing construction on the and were unable to send me pictures. That was a no no for me. I can't stay anywhere sight unseen. So one of my girlfreinds recently had a tummy tuck. She stayed with an awsome lady who took her to and from the airport, took her to all her appointments, and took care of her after sx. She's very reasonable and knows the Miami area. Now I will be traveling by myself. I'm a nurse so I'm treating this like a vacation. No husband, no kids, and no work. I'm only staying for 4 days, monday thru thursday. I've gotten all my supplies. I ordered my garment, abdominal board, and my lipo sheet all from ebay. I problaby paid about $110 for all three things. Which is much better because vanity wanted to charge $250 for all three. Now it's just a waiting game. Supper excited and supper nervous at the same time.

FMLA approved

My FMLA was approved on Friday. I'm so excited. Dr. Mcadoo at first only gave me 2 weeks off. Then I contacted my Cordinator Lia and let her know I at least need 6 to 9 weeks off. I do home care nursing and I do alot of lifting and pulling on my own. Two weeks wasn't going to cut it. He only gave me six but I'll take it.

Wish pics

post-op day 1

Ladies I'm finally a Mcadoo doll. Let me start from the beginning. First I was scheduled for surgery at 4:3am. I arrived at the facility and they let me right in. They took my photos behind a blue wall from all angles. Then I got to meet the anastegeologist. I signed paper work. Dr. Mcadoo came next. He marked me up then took some more photos of me. Shortly after that I was lead to the or table. I got my Iv and after that I don't remember anything. I work up in the recovery room. I was shaking like hell and so cold the put multiple blankets on me. I felt like hell. Not a lot of pain. Just more muscle soreness. I was out of recovery by 9:30am. Fyi. Dr. Mcadoo does give you drains. He gave me one JP drain right in the crack of my ass. Also he won't give you your script until you get out of recovery. My caretaker had to go to 3 different pharmacy before being to fill my scripts. He gave me a script for percocet for pain, Zofran for nausea and antibiotics. The total cost was $60 with insurance. I past out twice today. So I'm going to make sure they check my hemoglobin before I leave. The didn't give me any instructions on the drain and how to care for it. So you nonmedical people make sure they give you instructions. But I can say I Rather have one it's drainage alot. No pain just muscle soreness. I've been sleeping on my side and on my stomach with my legs elevated with pillows. I brought medical under pads which came in handy so you don't get any blood on the bed. Girl TAKE YOUR PAIN MEDS.Even if you not in pain don't let your pain level creep up on you. For the ladies who have problems with nausea take your nausea medicine with your pain meds. As far as what to eat eat healthy. Low sodium soup, no salt crackernel, lost of pineapple juice and water. Just stay hydrated. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

post-op pic

Yesterday after seeing Dr. Mcadoo I meet a girl who had surgery by Dr. Fisher on Thursday. We got the talking about surgery. She asked me who my surgeon was and I said Dr. Mcadoo. Immediately her face turned. And I asked her why? First thing she says is I think you should wait for Dr. Fisher. Her but and shape was night but she was complaining that she wanted her ass bigger. Why do we as females do that. She didn't know dr. Mcadoo and barely new his work. Didn't your mama teach you if you didn't have anything thing nice to say don't say anything at all. I would never do that to anyone. I feel like if dr. Mcadoo was not good he wouldn't be in that off. He's a trained surgeons. He knows what he's doing. Everyone wants different results. I didn't want a Nikki Minaj ass. I wanted something that was natUral and that fits my body type. I love my results. And I see a change in one day. I love Dr. Mcadoo bedside manner. I let him know I didn't want anything less than a 1000cc in each cheek and he delivered. This is a life style change for me I've changed my diet way before surgery and started exercising. I'm trying to have life long results. Trying to look good in my 50. Thank you.

Eat, Sleep, and live in your garment

Hello ladies. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who sent their love my way during this whole sx journey. I really do appreciate it. It's been a rough week. Let's start off on Monday. Well Monday was my 1st week post-op. I was feeling okay but had a lot of fluid still on my abdomen. I knew the swelling was normal but this was unnormal. Love my results but it looked like I had a spare tire around my stomach. Monday was also the first day I got a message. Which is the first major mistake I made. I waited to long to get a message. Ladies listen to all the Dr. Instructions. I am a nurse but plastic sx is not my specialty, i work in hospice care. I thought I could get away with messaging myself in the shower. Wrong. I had an excess of fluid on my back and the message removed all of that. By Tuesday I was sick to my stomach and evert time my garments were on they were making me nausea to. So I called Dr. Mcadoo and he said I had 3 choices. Go to my primary Dr, go to the Er, or come back down to Miami so he could drain the fluid. Well my primary Dr. Wouldn't touch it. My ER copay was $500. That was a hell NO. So I waited till Friday so I could drive myself down. I was so nervous. Did I do something wrong? Friday was finally here. I was able to see Dr. Mcadoo first thing out of surgery. Ladies if you're looking for a sx whose down to earth and actually takes time to talk to his patients. Dr. Mcadoo is your guy. He made me feel so comfortable and I learned a couple of things. He ended up taking out 400cc of fluid off my stomach. Which was a big difference. Like I said before eat, sleep, and live in your garmnets at least for 2 months. His assistant who was with him just had BBL sx and gave me all type of pointers. Dr. Mcadoo let me know himself he's putting drains in everyone so be ready. Your lipo foam is not only for cushioning against your garment but also for extra compression. Also keep your triangle abd in place for 2 months also. It helps with swelling and contouring your back. If you have any questions always call the office. Get in contact with Dr. Mcadoo Assistant and they'll get right in touch with Dr. Mcadoo. He said he'll even skipe with you if you need to show him something your unable to describe. Now that care. Will be posting new pics tomorrow.

Still Draining

Tomorrow I will be officially 1 month post -op and I'm still draining my stomach. Since Dr. MCadoo drained my stomach on 1-23-2015 I had to drain my stomach five times. Most of my swelling has been in the lipo areas. My back and my stomach. My ass is fine. Its just the damn fluid retention. I have a family member who is a P.A. and taught me how to drain my stomach myself. I take water pills on a daily basis. Which does help with flushing out the fluids. I ace wrap my stomach and ware my garment on top of it. The amount has decreased. This morning I only drained 60cc. Which is great. My cousin said this is normal with lipo and that some pts have to drain there stomach for up to 6 weeks until the tissues have healed and connected back to the muscle. So hopefully this should be my last time.

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