20 Years Old No Kids Hate My Body Need Smaller Waist and a Fat Butt - Miami, FL

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Small waist Big Butt, More Like Bernice ....

Small waist Big Butt, More Like Bernice . Hourglass Shape. Future Mcadoo or MagicMike Doll ???? Still awaiting For My Surgery Date with Mcadoo Will Be Finshed With My Down Payment Of 1,300 to get there surgery by the end of this Month . My birthday is October The 13th The Exact Day I Want My Surgery Done On. Hopefully Things Go Out The Right Way on Mcadoo Reviews And I don't have To Change My Mind on Which Doctor I'm interested In ????

Mcadoo Dolls

How Are You Mcadoo Dolls Doing ???

Recovery Houses In Miami

In Need Of A Affordable Recovery House After Surgery, Not To Far From Seduction Cosmetic Center ? Any suggestion ?? Very clean Neat && Nice Certified Nurses ???

The count down begins

Just order my packet from suricalessence Packet A .

Wish Pic

My wish pics .

When should I start taking vitamins ?

Getting my labs done today

Steps closer to my dream

Getting my labs done today

Steps closer to my dream ms Mcadoo doll

Getting nervous

Time is flying and I'm almost ready . Awaiting for my results .

14 days away

14 days Away Surgery Date Changed To October 17th .

Surgery date got changed to October 19

Going to visit my doctor tomorrow at 11 he wants to meet with me before he does my surgery on October 19. My surgery date was supposed to be October 17 but I had to change it around but got a call this morning saying that I was going to have surgery tomorrow morning Oct 5th but to remind you I have been told them that I want my surgery done on the 17th but I guess nobody put it in the system I'm nervous but I'm ready can't wait to see the new results of my body October 19th Dr Mcadoo ????????????????????????????????????????

Has anyone ever stayed in a Hotel instead of a RH ??

I'm Trying to figure out some hotels that's close to seduction cosmetic center , I'm bringing a cousin wit me to take care of me while we stay for a couple days??? Any suggestions ?? Help please ??

Got to meet my doctor yesterday

Was so happy to see my doctor Mcadoo and so was he happy to see me he was very nice respectful he asked for pictures of how I wanted my body I showed him a picture of how I wanted my body he got the picture and look at the Picture and was Iike oh I know exactly how you want your body I was so happy :) . I talk with the coordinator sign a lot of your papers. The part that I hated about it was that I had to sit in the office for almost 2n a half hours before I seen the doctor. Because he was in surgery I saw him in between the surgeries . It was very slow but everyone who walked past me asked me did I want anything they was very polite and nice which satisfied me while I was there. So now all I'm waiting for is for October 18 for them to give me a call and let me know what time I come in to get my surgery done on October 19. and everything Is Good . :)

Mcadoo really did a great job on these Dolls

Oct 19 can't get here fast enough I'm so ready to get dolled up . :)

Any Updates On Mcadoo Dolls ????

How Are These Dolls Doing ?? any Good Or Bad News Please Let me Know ??? It's almost Close For MEE To Get My Surgery Done . And I'm excited so Far .

Stretch marks ?

Does stretch marks mean anything because I Have them on my sides ??

Everyday I Get nervous and Nervous

But as soon as I get on Real self I Feel much better because I start seeing all the mcadoo dolls who've just gotten there's done and looks really good. So that makes my nerves go back done and I get excited and be ready to get my surgery done . Only 8 days Away. And I'm Ready :)

Happy Birthday 2 me

Wish I would've gotten mines done before my birthday . I would have slayed my birthday pictures . But I guess I will slay after my surgery????????

Getting Closer October 19th surgery day

Is there anything I need to know about, Like the Extra Costs & things that I need to bring with me. How much are massages at seduction ?!?! Prescription medicine ?? If there is anything I need to know please let me know ? ?

Is it safe to go home the next Day After Surgery ????

Couldn't change my surgery date anymore and I saved enough money to go down there BUT I heard about all these other fees All the dolls are telling ME about but seduction cosmetic didn't mention it to me NOT ONCE !! So I quess I will be going home and coming back and forth to see the doctor , Have anyone ever done this before ???

On surgery day ????

What all did you dolls bring with you on surgery day ????

How long do I take from off work?

How many weeks do I need to request off?? When can I start back working ??? Answers answers ?? I need them .

I have Trust In Dr mcadoo

Yes I am Nervous But So Am I Ready . I'm ready for this New New Look . 1 more day . Today I will be going to get my personal things like Ankel socks , my Go Girl , face towels , slippers , I have my summer dresses , compression socks to the thigh , large underwear , a bath robe , and baby wipes ,???????? If there is anything I'm missing please let me know . I think I will be stopping by the swap shop to get 2 faja .

The blood clod shot

How many of those do you need ??? Because I couldn't make it to they office to get the shot today So they are going to give me one before surgery and One after surgery? But they was going to give me one today ???? So that makes 3 L blood clod shot , but now I'm only getting 2 shots ??

Thank you god I made it

First I want to thank god & mcadoo for letting me get through this :) soon as I got there at 8:30am In in the morning I paid for my garment & my lipo wrap which was $256 started my Anastasia . Next thing you know I was out of there and didn't wake until bout 12pm in and out I was going but boy that pain is a mf . My whole body is pain like a got hit by a car . They didn't have me waiting or nothing he Is best Forreal . I am really a Doll he did my body exactly how I want it, I f'in love him . I didn't get my lovenox shot but whenever I go down there today I will get my lovenox shot. I'm so ready for this swelling to go down Fr . I'm in pain . I've been laying on my stomach but tonight I will be sleeping in a my chair that I have to cut . I had no pain medicine on my way home I was so in pain .?? Everytime I get up I get dizzy . Like right now at 12:50am I feel as if I have to throw up. But everything else is good besides my blood pressure it's was 130 over 107 . Now it's 101 over 17 . But it could be because I'm on the purp 5mg . And I'm taking 2 out of time. But my body is amazing .

This pain is no joke

My body is real swore.! I can't even help myself get up,! But I this morning I did it by myself . Day 2 I'm so lazy to post picture but i will try to post today.

Before and after Pictures

2 days post and you can see results already , I really needed Dr Mcadoo in my life he slayed me. I'm in love with my new body I can most Definitely Say This Was Worth It . :) :) :)

What is the best healing solution

I need something to heal me fast .

Still laying on my stomach ?? Any suggestions On that. & my drainage needs clean

I really forgot how to clean my drainage out so I'm needing help with cleaning it out I see a lot of blood & fluid inside the stringy part . That's that part that needs clean . & i'm so tired of sleeping on my stomach and I'm scared to sleep on my sides don't want to mess anything up .

Is my drainage ready??

How do you know if your drainage is ready to be token out?

6 days Post In A Dress , feeling lovely ;)

6days Post in A Dress


How to get the lumps out your stomach , feel as if I have lumps in my stomach . ?

When Can I Start Working Out ?

I was just wondering , I'm a squat person im ready to start exercising , any suggestions ???

Day 13 When will your butt get soft ??

13 days Post . I don't have a full back waist trainer YET , the wrap that I have seeks into my skin that's why I have this lil roll at the bottom on my back . My back is flat , it just looks that way because of the white wrap they give you after surgery I still wear it .

My butt has dropped a lil

It's still kind of hard but , it's getting soft . I'm Loving my results . As the days go by.

When can you start to have Sex??

May sound crazy but I'm not trying to lose the shape or make it flat . I need to know so that I can wait .

Think I'm Into Getting My Breast Done

Who is the perfect doctor to get breast fat transfer I don't know I was thinking maybe going back to Mcadoo or somebody that does really good breast implants . I'm ready ? Any suggestions ??

Who does Dental Smile makeover

In Miami or in Florida somewhere ?????????????!!!

Tummy feels weird

I have some soft spot in my tummy & some hard spot?? Is this normal ??

When are you able to sit on your

Butt ??? I'm 5 weeks post ???

I have theses small bumps around my

Stomach ??? Anyone ever had or knew someone had this problem ??????????

Not lipo , a shot or sum

I want more butt

Anyone knows about these Lil small bumps

It hurts to stretch

It hurts to move my back

When stretching it feels like my skin is about to rip ???


Want a bigger butt ? But not lipo or fat transfer

Loss About 26 Pounds 7 months After BBL

I Had Gotten Sick And Loss 26 pounds. Now Trying to again Weight But Afraid It's Going To Mess Up My Shape. Will My butt Get Back the Same Size It Was ?? Or Am I Going To Loose My shape ?? Will My Stomach Stay the Same Suze Or Will It Get Big ?? I Went From 179 to 153 and I'm trying to gain my weight back !!! Some please help ?????
Aventura Plastic Surgeon

I'm wishing that dr Mcadoo . Doll me up and I make it threw the procedure

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