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I am a 20 year old female ready to be snatched by...

I am a 20 year old female ready to be snatched by Dr. Mcadoo in December! I have always been self conscious because of my flat but. Although I have an hour glass shape I have always had a flat booty. I have been researching the bbl procedure for years and was prompted to schedule my surgery after my mother had the procedure done in September with Mcadoo. I did all of her research for her and now it is my time. I'm a little nervous because this will be my first surgery but I'm excited and can't wait to see my results!

Im Ready

it's almost time and I'm getting more nervous by the day! I'm done wallowing in fear and Im ready to step out on faith and get my dream body. I picked up my lab results yesterday and my hemo was 12.6. i still will continue to take my iron pills up until surgery.

Almost time

It's getting real guys! One more week and I'll be in bootyland. Y'all are probably wondering why I don't post much about preparation or post any list and it's because I believe that I really won't need much. All I will probably need is chux pads, baby wipes, and antibacterial soap, and towels. That's all mother needed. She even figured out a method sit on the toilet and pee without putting pressure on her but. She will be coming with me to take care of me so I have no worries in that department. We saved a lot of money when it came to aftercare and outside expenses because we did Airbnb, rented a car for $10 through our flight, and found really cheap flights. Im a little nervous because I have surgery friday and leave sunday so I'm not sure what condition ill be in on the flight home.

Today's the day!

I'm omw to seduction now very nervous and excited. I'm so ready to get the surgery over with and start the healing process. So far everything has gone pretty smooth and I'm thankful for that. So you all on the flat side!

Made it the flat side

I made it guys! In bad pain but I'll be ok with time

Hey guys!

I'm feeling a lot better than I was so ill give you all the full run down. Yesterday I got to seduction a little before 8:30 and the doors were locked but a little spa is man came shortly after we got there and unlocked the door and immediately led me and my mother to the back. He gave me the surgical gown socks and slippers and stuff to change into and I put those on. A little while after the anesthesiologist came and asked me some questions. About 20 minutes later they asked my mother to leave because mcadoo would be there shortly. When he came they lead me to the room that they take pictures in and mcadoo put his music on lol and marked me up. We were laughing and joking the whole time he is really an awesome man. After he marked me up and took my pictures the lead me to the table and the anastiegiologisht began putting the monitors and stuff on me. She put my IV in which didn't hurt at all and warned me before she knocked me out I don't remember anything after that besides for waking up in recovery in so much pain. I was really sick last night and threw up the soup I ate. This morning I kept almost fainting every time I would get off the bed. I went to seduction to get my first massage but I couldn't even get it because I was so weak and dizzy. I was supposed to home tomorrow but I can't leave until Saturday. On the bright side I am feeling much better and mother told me mcadoo gave me a donkey booty.

My new body

More oics

Me in my faja with all my foams and boards

It's been pretty crazy lately

Ive been going through it you guys. A couple of days after I returned home from Miami I took lll and was rushed to the hospital. My blood count was low and I was diagnosed with sepsis. I was in the hospital for 7 days and received 2 blood transfusions while I was there. I was released the Friday before christmas thank the lord. I thought I was in the clear but yesterday I almost past out in the shower and had to go back to the emergency room. The ER doc told me I was probably dehydrated because my labs came back great. I am doing much better today and I am so happy I don't have to be stuck in the hospital again lol. My pain is getting better and better each day and I have started going on little outings I will post pics. I am loving my new body in spite of my minor set backs. On another note, did anyone else experience numbness in their fingers?

It's been so long

Hello guys Im doing great and feeling awesome. Im 3 months post up but it feels like i had my surgery so long ago. I Have been loving my new booty and am very happy with my results. I never desired a big ol donkey booty I just wanted a little enhancement so Im beyond pleased with what I came out with. Im super surprised that not many people I know even suspect a thing lol. My world has changed because I no longer have the worry about how awful I look from the back. My swelling is pretty much gone. The only drawback I have is that I see every pound I gain because my stomach was so flat lol. You seriously have to watch what you eat after surgery because you can reverse your results in a heartbeat.

Some Pics I never posted

Aventura Plastic Surgeon

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