2 weeks post-op, Yily Doll, updated pics

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?Hello ladies and gentlemen...

Hello ladies and gentlemen I'm sure ?, I debated about doing a review for my procedure but since I'm an active lurker,I say why not. So I'm 27 from Atlanta, GA born and raised, one of the sweetest peaches you'll ever meet lol. I'm 5'6, I float between 180-185 pounds. The reason I want this procedure is to gain a more proportionate shape. My breast are a size 36H (I'll eventually get those reduced) and my ass is non existent. Honestly I'm not totally unhappy with my body, don't get me wrong I gained a ton of weight in the past couple of years but I kind of like it and men love it, but ms. flatty back has got to go.

So here I am, I chose Dr. Hasan because I like the shapes he has given in my opinion pretty consistently. Yeah there are a couple issues with vanity but I believe in positive thinking yielding a positive outcome, besides some Dr's charge thousands more and get the same complaints and I'll be damned if I pay you 10-15k to be treated like a number. So basically let the countdown began I'm excited yet nervous at the same time, ya'll don't be shy hit me when some tips and a couple of shout outs.

Wish Pics

These are in my phone in an album titled "Big Booty Dreams" Lol sometimes friends will glance at my phone and say "Did I just see an ass in your phone" lol. I'm like you guessed it!!!!

Miami Prep

So I'm all in the process of getting everything in order for this trip. I'll probably book part of my flight tonight actually. As far as hotel I'm staying at the Element Miami Airport, I get a discount because I'm a manager at a travel based company. They have a full kitchen so my meals will be cooked by my step mom lol. She is going as my caregiver, but most of my family who I've told are on board. It would have been great for my mom to come but she is really last minute and I DID NOT want to do this alone. I rented a midsized SUV so I could lay out when I leave the clinic, the seats of the SUV let down, I got a discount on that too. I've started on my supplies but far from done. The bad part about all this is I am currently studying for the Law School Admissions Test while planning this surgery... ugh. But what can I say I'm a Sagittarius we do crazy ish.

Change of Date :-(

Ohhhh bbler's what a day I had. So I'm now going in June to get my surgery instead of March. Many factors contributed to this decision. Finances and just life happenings. I am bummed but kind of relieved because this gives me more time to get all my supplies. When I called to change my date they were really nice about it. I spoke to Roxanna in pre-op and she was great, its already on my portal and everything.

Anyway if any of you ladies can recommend nurses to come to my hotel, that would be great. I don't think I want to do the recovery house thing, to many bad stories. I am going to try to go get some rest and recoup from this shit storm of a day I had!!

Supply wish list

Hey ladies so I'm up late night IG surfing and look what I ran across. This thing looks like heaven to me right now. I need this in my life!!!

I drunk the kool-aid, DR bound

So yeah, I got tired of the Vanity unknown. Who knows when and if Hasan will ever be back. So I started out looking at Duran and by the time I got responsesome from coordinators working with her, she only had August left. No go for me because I'm looking to change jobs and I want to be settled before August. Then I loozed at Yily, who I must say has a coordinator by the name of Sasha who has excellent communication skills.

Then I looked more and more at Cabral's work oh he is a beast. He quoted me 3,800 but never got back to me on my date choice. I get it busy.

So Yily it is. Her communication is too great to overlook and it looks like she works well with my body type. So June 2, I'll be a Yily Muneca. I'm excited!!!!

Flight booked.... It's lit!!!!!!

Soooooooo my flight to SDQ went down over a $100 dollars so I had to book it. As someone who works in the travel industry I would say that going to the DR from ATL under $500 is the plug. Lol So it's getting real and I'm ready. I booked Delta comfort for the ride back and I'm in the first row of the main cabin with an aisle seat. I normally like the window seat but I think the aisle will be better this go round. Well ladies chow for now!!!

Mom is coming to DR

So at first when I decided to go to the DR I was going to go alone. Then I started thinking well maybe I'll bring my home girl and just pay for her flight. So mind you when I made my decision I kind of just whispered it to my mom lol. So the other week I mentioned about getting my passport, and she was like where you going again, Brazil?? Lol I was like no mom the Dominican Republic. She then says the next day you know I prayed and I need to go with you for that surgery. I was like ok mom but you need to get your passport it takes 6 weeks and I'll pay for your flight. The thing with my mother is that she is soooooooo last minute and I really don't have time for that. I will not be booking her flight until she at the very least makes an appointment to get her passport bc I can't deal. As for now though my home girl is out and my mom is in ya'll pray for me.

Oh yeah wish hips

Soooooooo one thing I can't stand is when someone has the surgery and they have those extra hard looking surgical hips. Looking like they were carved out of a damncardboard box. So I'm posting what I feel are soft looking hips and that is what I hope to achieve.

Passport Here and other updates

So yay my passport came, it's only been like two weeks!!!! I'm uber excited now, this is my first passport. Also booked mom's flight as well as secured the recovery house. I'll be staying at Sealilly Recovery House. Their reviews have been phenomenal. Everything is coming together. I also see that I'm writing this review for me and this point bc I gets no love lol. It's ok though don't ya'll come out of lurk mode once those post-op pics hit!!! Lol jk

Less than 30 days until I'm a walking barbie doll

Soooooooo just a few quick updates. I received my check from Vanity for refund, I did have to email them once about it bc they were getting close to the 4 week turn around they promised me. So now I have no more worries about that, I'm just buying supplies. I bought the make me heal vitamins, from the reviews that I've read they really help out a lot! I bought some dresses for 9.99 from Forever 21 and some $5 loosely fitted shorts from Walmart. I have also started taking my vitamins and eating right. I'm so excited!

Also this is off topic, but I'm taking a social media break for this last month (I need limited to no negativity), with that being said I have no where to post that I got Beyonce tickets for her concert that she is going to bring back to Atlanta!! It's just been an exciting week.

Also on a note about the doctor, my coordinator was not replying to my emails and I needed a response so I called the office in regards to needing to send my medical paperwork and they sent it in less than 24 hours! So all and all everything is going great! Bye for now ladies!

Updates: Doctor Visit and Faja Stores in ATL

Just an update I went to the doctor and everything was everything, I got a full physical. The only thing high was my cholesterol and it has been for a while. My hemoglobin level was 14! Yay! I also started the make me heal vitamins this week so hopefully that will help recovery.

Also for ladies in the Atlanta area there are at least 3 faja stores down buford highway for extra fajas. One by the name of Jeans Columbianas allows you to try them on and the sales girl was super sweet. I bought one today, Leonisa brand $60, versus buying an extra at the dra office for 150. I went with what was comfortable for my thighs, which was a size up. Ok so that's all for now!! Only 11 more days for me ladies.

Omg my life will be changed in 2 days!!!

Lol the title of this post is in true fashion of myself I'm sooooo dramatic!! Anywho here I am just 2 days away from getting this surgey done and honestly I just want to be snatched with a big ole booty.

So just a couple of updates. I found someone for post op care in Atlanta which I am uber excited about! So I went to get an endermologie treatment last Friday from Med Therapeutic Skin Care Day Spa. I had Silvia and she was great she told me that they do lyphatic massage, draining with a syringe, and more. The ladies are Columbian so that makes me feel good bc they will know certain techniques that I am interested in. Also about my Endermologie treatment I was only able to get one but basically it rids you of toxins and it helps loosen the fat so that its easier for the doctor to get to it! They recommend starting it two weeks before surgery, but I found out about them late.

So I started packing today and I do not think I overpapcked but mind you I'm a germaphobe. I honestly didn't pack any cute clothes bc I know there is no point. Im still in my excited phase and as always I believe postive thinking = positive results :-)

Here at the clinic waiting

Well ladies I'm here at Virgel in the DR, just waiting since 6 30am its 10 30am now. I'm ready to get this going. I did meet Yily she was nice and she marked me up already. I woke up this AM and I said "lets do this, me and G.O.D" lol. Anywho I hope I go in soon bc I tend to get hangry (hungry and angry when I don't eat! I'll keep you guys posted!

Ok ladies I'm getting in formation

Lol well ladies I did the best I could with getting ya'll a pic! I'll do a full review and more pics later especially butt pics. I have been having dizzy spells and I can't overdue it, I go to the doc tomorrow. Im on the flat side

Doctora review -Yily, Staff, Clinic

Lol I wanted to put a lil Spanish flare in my title bc I was a little fake Dominican while I was down there lol.

Day 1:
So my plane was late and I was held up at customs bc silly me didn't write down the address for the recovery house. Give me a break it was my first international flight lol. So by the time all that happened it was clear I was not making it to pre-op by 3pm, so I called and Luci, Yilly's assistant let me know I could come on.

Doctor Review Continued

I felt that was super cool bc docs in the US don't play that lol.

So anywho I took some labs at CIPLA and then I had to go over to Vergil clinic to take x-rays. That all went smoothly and I'll also mention that I paid my surgery and blood transfusion deposit/ med insurance fee on this day, boy was I happy to get rid of all that cash. Ladies those travel safes come in handy for all that cash,  so invest in one,  they are between $17-25.

So that's day one of the doctor experience.

Day 2:
I arrive at the Vergil Clinic shortly after 6:30am as I was told to do on day one. I wait about 10-15 minutes or so then I'm placed in a simple room, shortly after another girl is brought in and thank God she was super cool.  So then begins the waiting game. The nurses come in and out giving both of us the necessary IV and asking the necessary pre-op questions. Staff is overall nice but here is where you realize you are in a country that is less developed. The nurses hygiene practices were not up to par, simple things like disposal of needles and gloves and a few other things.  So they took my surgery mate out and what's crazy is they bring another patient in and she is laid on my surgery mates bed to perform her preop, she is there for another doctor. Later on when the doctor comes in to mark me up, she is upset to see that there is another patients stuff in our room,  so she takes me into another room to mark me up and by the time I come back the patients stuff is gone. Lol Yily don't play that! She mentioned to me that she doesn't like other doctors patients in the room with her patients. Plus again with hygiene, the lady left her panties behind in our room lol c'mon staff get it together. So after this I sit and wait and wait and watch Netflix. Then here comes the anesthesiologist with that blue pill, oh boy!

Doctor Review Continued

Day 2, cont.:
After the blue pill things move along and I start feeling loopy really quick, lol that's a hell of a pill! The anesthesiologist comes in about 11:45 and walks me over to the operating room by this time I am on a cloud! Lol so here is the thing I woke up during surgery they were doing my back,  I didn't feel anything but pressure however and I heard Yily's voice pretty much saying relax and I was out again. Oh yeah and I pointed at someone and said"you! make me b look goodthat all is a blur of in and out. That night my mom arrived and stayed with me as it is required you have an overnight caregiver. It was a rough night,  no real pain just hella uncomfortable and unable to move. I have I'm catheter, drain, and I'm bandaged around my waist,  I did not wake up in my garment. Non the less 8 get rest here and there between discomfort and the anesthesia wearing off. Also the doctor checks on us before she leaves for the evening just to make sure we are ok. She was also there when I woke up from surgery asking if I was ok. Yily definitely did my surgery im convinced, just to address certain rumors.

Doctor Review Continued

Day 3:

I wake up the next AM and staff is in and out coming to check on us, we get in our garments with the help of nurses. Yily comes in and checks on us as well,  we make small talk for a little bit,  my mom tells her "you made my daughter look fine!" Lol Yily says she will really be fine in 2-3 months. She leaves and shortly after this cutie male doctor/nurse/whatever lol comes in and says, "so I heard you go leave this morning". I'm so glad lol I'm ready to leave that hospital bed. This is where I get ahead of myself,  trying to leave I think I got up too fast bc they tried to help me down the stairs and I got dizzy as Hell! They had to bring me back to my room. Now I  must say the staff wa8s on it here they made sure I didn't faint and got some nectar in me. Laid me back down and cooled me off. After about an hour we give it another try,  this time with an elevator and wheel chair. I make it to the recovery house and going up those steps I get dizzy again,  they sit me down and get me together. I had to get some Ensure and Gatorade to help with these dizzy spells for the next couple of days.

Follow up day (4 days after surgery)
On Day 3 before leaving the clinic I was given as packet of follow up instructions including my follow up appointment time. By this day, Monday, I have had a dizzy spell or 2 everyday surgery was Thursday. The lady at the recovery house tells me that it is not good to be dizzy so frequently and the day before she was doing my massage and said my lips were white and that I may need a blood transfusion. I'm not trying to hear that so I suck it up drink beet juice (eww), I have a bowel movement Sunday evening. By Monday I feel better and me and other girls meet Yily to check us out. My drainage is getting low and running clear. I tell the doctor I plan to leave tomorrow and she says that is ok and they can remove my drain at the recovery house before I leave bc my fluid is pretty clear. I'm happy and the beet juice obviously helps bc I don't have a dizzy spell again.

Now this is where a little bit of the disorganization comes in, Yhuma, another one of Yily's assistants is at the clinic when I'm done with follow up. Since I did not need a blood transfusion I get 250 back. Tell me why she didn't have this money ready? I have no idea why like tf. The recovery house driver has to go back and get the money for me which I was charged for bc it's not an appointment. So yeah that was irritating?

So all and all the doctor experience was good. The language barrier was not a huge issue enough ppl speak English and I know a few important words to get me by. If I went out the country again for surgery I would most likely go to Yily again.

Pics two weeks post op

Sorry if there are typos I know it was a lot but I want ppl to know lol. I'll do the recovery house review tomorrow or this weekend. Here is what you have been waiting for,pics lol. Let me say that I do wish my butt was bigger but all and all I know I'm still recovering and I'm good. I'll get in the gym and squat it out and waist train. No more rounds for me right now I need to get focused on getting into law school.

Procedures performed

Hi guys, just wanted to include procedure done for you all:

Liposuction of the abdomen, armpit areas (bra fat areas), full back, flanks and waist

· Brazilian Butt Lift via fat transfer

Fat was transferred to my hips and butt. If you look at my before pics I was pretty flat. I did not show the doctor wish pics so I let her sculpt me how she saw fit.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Yily was direct and really sweet! Her staff could be a tad more organized but other than that I'm overall happy and if I were to go overseas again she is my girl!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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