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Hello ladies, I just put a down deposit on my...

Hello ladies, I just put a down deposit on my surgery for the first week of June. I am 19 years old, 5'6 and I weigh about 145. I am not overweight and am fairly happy about my body but I am ready to be extremely confident. I am extremely excited and am just waiting to pay money to secure my contract. I paid a $200 deposit and am just saving up to pay the $500 for contract. I'll be putting some before pictures up soon. Please comment anything that is helpful for someone who is experiencing surgery for the first time. I don't even know what questions to ask.

Just some more wish pictures

I'm just feeling anxious and excited. It's hard not to keep looking at new bathing suits and imagine what I'm gonna look like towards the end of the summer. It's so excited.. there is so much anticipation. Just gotta keep budgeting my money and save save SAVE. Still saving money to sign the contract. $500

Dream body

I just keep looking at clothes and underwear and shorts that I cannot wait to wear when I actually feel comfortable in my own skin. The picture I attached is my absolute DREAM body. Such a small waist but such a bubble butt. Hopefully this is something realistic and obtainable.

Four months to go..

I'm gaining weight and it's so depressing. This is the first time in my life were I am not watching what I eat. Any extra weight I put on will benefit me but it's taking a toll. I feel so lazy and sad all the time. I want to start working out again to give me a boost of energy but I don't because I don't want to lose any weight..I cannot wait to get back in the gym and start eating healthy again. I'll be posting preop pictures soon.

No more weight gain

I'm gonna try and stay at the weight I am now. I think I am am as big as I can get right now without being completely uncomfortable. I feel like my stomach and thighs are a lot more thick than they were.. which is good. At the same time it's hard because I don't like feeling out of shape. I'm just counting down the months patiently and staying busy and MAKING MONEY MONEY MONEY. Saving money every chance I get. Paying this much money with a 19 year old student salary is a real pain. It will be worth it though. Here's a few more wish pics..

Before pics

Here are some before pictures that I initially had sent to a few surgery facilities to get a quota on costs. I have gained weight since these pics have been taken but are still an accurate idea of my body shape. Since I have gained weight, my love handles have gotten bigger and so have my thighs. I even have a small stretch mark I found today from the weight I've gained. (I cried about it) My boyfriend is so supportive and tells me I am beautiful and reminds me that it will be worth it.

Update on weight gain and pictures

Here's a few pictures that I took this morning!

RealSelf comparison

So I found this review on line and I believe that our body types are pretty similar. She is shorter that i am but lighter but because I have a few more inches I think our BMI is probably about the same. I'm posting her before body which I think is very similar and her after pictures. ( which is what I am hoping for) I think this is realistic since we look similar. I love how flat her tummy is! She has a very athletic look which I think looks so good and natural.

More pics and stuff

I found this review on RealSelf too!! LOVE HER RESULTS. If my body came out looking like this I would be so happy!

More wish pics

I feel like I am constantly posting wish pictures but I cannot help it. I am so so excited. I am counting down the days. My boyfriend is just as excited as I am. He is always sending me pictures. " This is a good size" or "I like this one" LOL I love that he is so happy for me and I'm not the only one obsessing over what I want too look like. I also added some pictures that Macadoo has already done. So I hope the look I am going for is achievable. That is my biggest fear- paying all this money for something that isn't my ideal image.


Hey guys! A lot has happened! My surgery is now paid IN FULL!! I have recently been getting some medication and things of that nature. I also am getting my airline tickets and hotel reservations all set up... Also, I have set up a date for my pre op medical clearance appointment. I'll post pictures of what I was suggested to buy before hand and also some other up to date on my body and weight gain.
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