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Hi RS! So, I'm writing this under African American...

Hi RS! So, I'm writing this under African American Rhinoplasty, even though I'm still not 100% sure I will do it. My journey started a few years ago, but firstly let me say, I love myself, and I think I'm a pretty girl and my body is pretty fierce (120lbs, fit, natural 32DDD breast, and thanks to braces a great smile :), I hope that doesn't sound conceited...however, I have always felt some kinda way about my nose. I've always felt it was too big for my face, so two years ago I finally decided to start doing the research and I met with a RS top rated doctor and when he did the simulation, he was showing me how he would remove my dorsal hump and then he went to the bottom of the screen and said "and we can give you a nice chin". I looked at the picture and I was like WHAT!!! That's what was throwing my whole face off! I walked out of the office and was baffled, I couldn't stop looking in the mirror and I kept contemplating the surgery, but in the end, it didn't bother me enough for the cost because I'm a bartender and meet guys constantly and they thought I was pretty without that price tag, or they are trying to score free drinks!

Anyhoo, its 2 years later and I'm working at a very high end steak house and I see all of these beautiful women. I affectionately call the group of girls who all have Brazilian butt lifts and over sized perky knockers "the parade of plastics" but now I wanna be a plastic girl, too! But unlike most Miami Plastics, I want the most natural look possible.

So the thing is, with most people who have a recessed chin, their noses always seem to look bigger because there is no balance, the face is "out of harmony", so I decided to just do the chin and see if it would make me nose look better. I had my consultation and I feel secure in what the doctor can do with my chin, and after talking to my friends about it, they suggest I do the nose now if it's something I've always wanted, plus the cost for both is much less than two separate surgeries. I am seriously contemplating just doing it, but I don't want my face or nose to look too different.

So, today I told my prospective PS that I may want to add the rhinoplasty, as well, and sent him images of my ideal nose. I have a girl crush on Keri Hilson and people use to tell me I kinda look like her. Anyway, we'll see what happens. I speak to the doctor tomorrow.

Depending on what the doctor says, my surgery will be scheduled for the second week of march! Any feedback is appreciated!

Second Consult - I'm going for it!

Good Afternoon RS-

Today was my second consult, and I really wish my first one would have gone this great. I have a degree in Finance and statistics and numbers, aka logic, always win with me, so after reviewing all of the doctor's credentials and all of his 5 star RS reviews, I decided to let him do my chin, but I wasn't sure about my nose, but after today, I know for sure that Dr. Perez-Gurri is the perfect PS for me. He really listened to my worries (triangle nostrils, pinched looking nose, and to maintain my ethnic nose), and went on the explain in great detail how he would make sure I look like me, just a little more refined.

Dr. Perez-Gurri doesn't believe in simulation because no one can truly promise you that outcome, but he uses this awesome program called Touch MD to draw in the idea of what he plans to do. This program is amazing and after reviewing my photos, he realized me chin is not only recessed, but has an awkward downward point, so he will be using a different implant, because the anatomical implant will not provide the projection we are envisioning. It's super DOPE and I have uploaded the images for you all to see. Welcome to my new face!

I'm feeeling nervous and excited and anxious and...I could almost throw up b/c I'm going to call tomorrow to set me date in stone. Pretty Profile...here I come!

Oh Yea...

Sorry, I forgot to say, please excuse my bags...I work late hours and they have me appointment at 10 and I had to be up by 8:45 :(

Also, my "wish profile" and me and my boo thang!

Pre-Op Done! 2 weeks away!

RS! This is now officially a done deal! I had my pre-op appointment yesterday, final photos done, made my payment and I have already picked up my meds. I think my PS is more excited than me, I think his word was "pumped!". It was very encouraging and it really eased some of my doubt.

I am definitely anxious and have gone in to OCD mode on RS. I'm reading any and everything you all post. Luckily, I have my Plastic Pal, we live so close together and have our Rhino surgery scheduled 4 days apart! I can't wait to take our new faces out on the town! She is amazing and gave me so much great advice, but I'm open to so much more, so do share!

I'll post a few more before pics, because I posted all of my "cute angle" photos...be prepared for the real deal!

The Universe is on my side

You can debate the Universe, she knows best!

29 Hours Pre-op

Hi Everyone! I just wanted to post an update before my surgery. My emotions have been on a roller coaster, but I have no doubt that this is exactly what I want to do. I have been following so many of you and seen so many beautiful results. It is very encouraging, so thank you to everyone sharing their journey!

So, I took 10 days off from work. I have picked up all of my after care supplies (Thanks for the list Lovinglyme!). I haven't told anyone in my family because I want this to be a positive experience and I know them well enough to already hear the comments, so my best friend decided to come to town to take care of me for a few days (and take a break from her kids..lol). I feel very thankful to her and all of you for the support you are giving! I'm just trying to stay positive. I definitely am keeping my PS consultant on her toes...I keep sending "ideal out comes" and "PLEASE don't do this to me" images, I mean, it's my face!

Ok, so that's all I have for now. I will try to update after surgery. Wish me luck and say goodbye to my old nose, FOREVER!

Day 1 Post Op

Hi Everybody! I'm in great spirits and quite some pain, but thank God for pain meds! Let's start the journey...

Yesterday, I arrived at 7:15 and filled out some paper work. I was unusually super calm, but I was talking quite a lot. After signing my life away, Angie took me in to do a urine sample (pregnancy test). After, she showed me my bed and had me remove my clothes, cotton underwear only, and no jewelry. Then came in Mr. Jason, my anesthesiologist. He was just the best! He kept me distracted and laughing because for reasons unknown to me they packed my nose before the drugs. I'm not sure if most of you know, but they pack your nose with these cloth strips soaked in a capillary restricting fluid (for less bleeding). It was so uncomfortable, she used long tweezers and got all the way up in there and then within a minute I could feel the capillaries restricting, it was like alcohol on a cut! OUCH! Then came the needle to insert the IV, for a second I was certain they were torturing me, then came the juice :) They rolled my bed into the room and I could barely lift myself to the operating bed...he asked my address and the next thing I remember was waking up and waving at Angie :) Not sure how long I was in but I left around noon. They gave us some instructions and a time to come in the next day and wheeled me down to the car...all done.

I was bruised and swollen immediately after, mainly on my left side...not so lucky. I slept a lot. My chin implant was done intra-orally (in through the mouth) so I had a lot of dried blood stuck to my lips and teeth...gross! I am on a clear liquid diet for 48 hours, and no one told me I can't brush my teeth for like a week! Listerene and finger brushing...Doc doesn't want the bristles to possibly hit the incision. I am bruised like a peach and swelling like a ballon. I am on Arnica, Arnica Gel and Ice packs. I woke up with one eye almost swollen shut, but I think it's all helping. My nose has zero pain, unless I raise or lower my eyebrows, but this chin is KILLING me!

I hope I gave good info... I am on drugs and in pain, but I wanted to update you all. I think I look like a bobble head and it cracks me up. I'm staying positive :)

Enjoy the pics!

Cast Removal Day

Hi RS! So, today, I got my cast off...BUT...he taped it before I could see it! I'm diggin' the side profile, though.

So, a little info about my procedures...I had a closed rhinoplasty, with bridge narrowing and a slight alar reduction (from the inside, no incisions on the outsides of my nostrils), slight tip rotation and mild dorsal hump removal. I also had a custom chin implant (b/c of my downward pointing chin, the custom implant gave better projection), inserted through the mouth.

Recovery - This chin is silently KILLING me! I think the reason my chin recovery is more difficult is because I had a recessed chin, and the amount of skin and nerves that stretched around it is causing a longer recovery. My pain today is about a 5 and I still have lots of swelling and numbness in the left side. Since I was unable to feel my lip, when I was drinking or brushing or using mouth wash, it was leaking into my tape and I didn't feel it, and it caused a rash :-/ As for my nose, still very little pain, but I also developed a mild rash from the cast and my nose is definitely drying out often. The upside is he fixed my septum b/c I am finally able to breathe through both nostrils :)

I honestly thought I would just fall in love with my new face, but when the chin tape came off on Sunday, I had a very sad Monday. I couldn't recognize my face, and the swelling made me feel so ugly. I keep trying to focus on my eyes b/c they didn't change, but I'm still struggling. However, I want to thank everyone for the encouragement and kind words. RS really does make this journey much easier.

Here are some before and afters. Please feel free to ask any questions. Thanks everyone!

Back to work!

Hello Lovely Ladies! I want to thank you all so much for your kind words and enthusiasm.

So...I took the tape off on Thursday because I wanted to see what I was working with and do a makeup test run before I went back to work today. I can't lie...I HATED IT! I almost broke into tears! When I look at my face, I feel like something is missing. I feel like my bridge is too flat and my eyes look really spread out...I think I miss my dorsal hump. It also looks like my tip is too turned up...a little bubble at the tip of my nose. Plus, I still have the swelling in my chin! UGHHHHH!!! Sorry, but I needed to get that out! On the upside, I love my profile. The chin looks great, even though it is still swollen, out of place, and numb. LOL... I know I sound disappointed, but I think I may just be having a bout of dysmorphia. I've looked at my same old face for 32+ years and it's hard to get used to this new one. ** Note - the skin on my nose is super dried out, but I'm lightly exfoliating and using aveeno, which is helping***

I went back to work today and got a very good response. I was told I kinda look like Vivica A Fox...not current Vivica, but "Independence Day" Vivica! I'll just post my photos and you ladies tell me what you think. I appreciate you all! Cheers!

One Month Post Op

Hello All! Sorry I didn't update Friday, I got busy, but here I am and I've got lost to share.

Firstly, I want you all to know that I have calmed down, a lot!! I know my last post was a rant, but I was having a difficult time recognizing my face, but now that the Avatar stage has calmed down, I can see me eyes again, seeing me again :)

The healing process has been and continues to be a roller coaster. The swelling is no joke! Depending on what side of my face I sleep on (which is mainly my right because of my chin, but more on that later), my nose swells to the opposite side. My tips is still stiff and swollen but my bridge is starting to gain some definition. My doctor has had me doing even pressure on my bridge since my cast came off b/c he said the broken bones can shift and I think it has certainly helped and thanks to another RSer I have recently started light pressure where my dorsal hump was removed bc it was starting to look like it was still there (calcium build up or something or other), and that has also helped! I have also started back taking the Arnica Montana pellets. I am starting to see what this nose will be and I like it! Thank you ladies so much for all of the encouragement, it was honestly what kept me off of the ledge.

This chin! Uh! In all honesty, I do not regret it one bit. I love my resting face profile and my view from the front (just check out those selfies ;), but it has been the most difficult part of this journey. A few days after my cast removal, my implant shifted upward on the left side of my face and it was about 2 cm from my lip. Of course, I was extremely concerned and wrote my PS and he had me come in to the office the next day and explain why this possibly happened. Basically, he said...blah blah blah, swelling, but that wasn't flying so he explained that the pocket the implant is placed in, there is a muscle there and the muscle can retract, similar to that of a breast implant and it needs time to relax, so to be patient and wait, so that's what I am doing. My bottom lip and chin is still numb, but only on the left side where the implant is out of place, and I can still see there is swelling, BUT shout out to Tiffanysinclair, because I started using vapor rub on my chin and wrapping it at night and it is helping a lot! I am starting to get a little feeling in my lip. The best way to describe the feeling is..If I had a bar code on my lip, I could feel a few of the stripes. It feels weird, but I'm just glad to feel anything! Unfortunately, because my implant is raised, when I smile, instead of having a nice looking chin, I get this round looking bubble, so I still avoid smiling profile pics. I am staying positive and hoping that the implant will settle back in to place but if it doesn't...revision city, here I come! I started this journey for the chin implant and I just want it to be perfect for my face.

Fun Fact:
-My nose is a target on my face - I read on many reviews that this happened and oh boy did it happen to me. I am constantly waking my nose and it seriously hurts! Yesterday I was washing my face in the shower and my pinky went right in to my nostril and pushed straight up and the other day I was fanning the fire alarm and the towel I was using smacked me in the face, not face, my nose!...OY!!!

Ok..I have said a lot, so here are the pics. Please let me know if you have any questions and any suggestions or advice is highly appreciated! I have my follow-up appointment on April 19th. I'll keep you all posted!

3 Month Update!

Hello Beauties! Sorry I've been MIA...work...ugh! It has officially been 3 months and here's what's been happening... My nose is coming along beautifully, I am loving the shape it is taking, however, my tip is still swollen, painful and numb to the touch. I have the dreaded uneven swelling, but it doesn't bother me since I am the only one who notices it. I do have keloid scaring within my alar base, but I think it is getting better over time. I am going to try to set an appointment to talk to my PS about options for better healing remedies. My chin...with great regret I have to say, I am going to have to have a revision. Unfortunately, the implant shift is permanent and can only be fixed with revision. I have a pre-op scheduled for July 21st (revision in August). My PS will do X-rays and discuss a revision plan. Honestly, it isn't very noticeable (only my closest friends can see it), but it is extremely uncomfortable. It shifts daily which creates a tension pain. I can also feel the implant against my bottom gums and I find myself constantly contorting my face or pushing my tongue between my lip and my gums for some comfort. I wish my revision could be sooner, but a longer healing time will make for a better revision surgery. All in all, I have zero regrets. I really like the way my face looks and once my implant is in place, I know I am going to love my profile! Thank you ladies for following my journey and any/everyone, please feel free to make any comments or ask me any questions. Happy Healing!

6 Month Update!

Hello RS!! I'm so happy to update you all. I FINALLY had my chin revision surgery (left wing was out of pocket) on Thursday (9/1). I am very happy and super thrilled for my final results. It hasn't been easy. They say you don't swell as much, but that is far from the truth, for me anyway. I have a head that looks like a box...lol. My surgeon was so kind and did my revision surgery complimentary. He said it was a little difficult as my bone tissue had started to cover the implant, and this time around he secured the implant with sutures (My implant was placed intra-orally and normally, they create a secure pocket and the implant should fit perfectly into it). I am in a bit pain and it is still a little difficult to sleep, but it's worth it!

The Nose! I am loving the results. I feel like I have the ever shrinking nose. When I wake up in the morning, it still gets bulbous but dissolves as the day goes on. My tip still has quite a bit of swelling and is still numb to the touch, but I'm starting to get tingling, you know, like the feeling right before your leg falls asleep, and I hear that's good news :). The nerves are regenerating. I literally have had ZERO issues with my nose. I've had one sinus issue in 6 months (normally it's more) and I love that I can breathe out of both nostrils. My only thought is, I may need my alar base reduced a little more, however, I won't know for sure until the swelling goes away b/c with my cast, they looked great, but once the swelling kicked in, they flared like crazy (see photo above). Here's hoping it's just swelling.

Here are some photos over the last few months. I will update with you all with current photos once my chin heals. Happy Healing!

8 Month Update

Hi RS! I'm here for a quick update. My chin is healing quite nicely...still have quite a bit of swelling, but it feels in place. I have dimpling or "pebble chin" which is a lot more noticeable with my implant, so my PS did 1cc of Botox and it looks fantastic!

As for my nose...it looks really good. The tip is still a little numb and I have started waking up with pain again, so I'm guessing it is healing. My tip is sooooo huge in the mornings. I asked my PS..."why is it even bigger than before?" and he said "it just takes time", so I am just being patient.

Here are the pictures my PS took and posted to his site. I hope you like. I'll update again once my chin swelling has subsided more. Also, I got new glasses for my new nose :) Can't wait till they arrive!

Thanks again for all of your support. Happy Healing!

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