39 Y/o Mother of 2 Preparing for a Mommy Makeover

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I'm currently waiting to hear back from the staff...

I'm currently waiting to hear back from the staff at Spectrum for a mommy makeover. I'm hoping to be able to book by the end of January, no later than early February. I have lost 125 lbs and have kept it off 2 years now. I'm ready to complete my journey. Any ideas on hotels? Any recommendations on what I should do pre/post op are welcomed. I'm going to journal my progress from beginning to end here an hope I can help others.

Imogens Quote

I just received a quote from Imogens with Dr. Ortega for a Mommy Makeover. I was quoted $6500. That includes TT with lipo of the flanks and saline breast implants. Still waiting to hear from Spectrum. Including some pictures. Not comfortable with naked photos when surgery is closer.


Don't let the push up bra fool you. The girls hang low after two pregnancies and over 100 lb. weight loss.

Got assigned a coordinator with Spectrum

So I called and was told my coordinator is Liz. She was busy so I was unable to talk to her. Patiently waiting for a return call. I'm so ready to get this surgery scheduled so I can get plane tickets, hotel, Fajas, etc. Ready for the new me!!!

Changed doctors

So I've decided to go with Dr. Stephanie Stover. I don't know how to change my doc info on here....hmmm I know there aren't a lot of pics or info on her but being a nurse myself her bio sold me. Her experience and having worked in cancer facility and here in my area(Nashville) lets me know I'm working with an experienced doctor. I'm not looking for perfection. I'm looking to first and foremost come out healthy and alive with little to no complications. I have no doubt the results will be better than the hanging skin I'm dealing with right now. Btw deposit has been paid for surgery and for the recovery house. I will be getting snatched on January 21st.

Curvy Angels Recovery House

As I mentioned in my previous post I will be staying at a recovery house. I've chosen to stay 7 days with Vanessa at the Curvy Angels. Her staff is clinical. She provides 3 meals per day, transportation to and from the airport and appointments, and all the wound care supplies needed. Vanessa seems like a wonderful lady. I'm pretty sure I made a good choice.

Getting it together

So my flight is booked. I've purchased 2 Fajas and one 4 panel binder for surgery so far. I have much more to purchase for after surgical care but this is a great start.

Physical and Bloodwork

I went on my own Friday to do my yearly physical and bloodwork through my insurance. I can't wait to get my bloodwork back so I can see what my numbers are. I got both my Fajas and binder in. I've start packing things into my carry on suitcase. My surgery is in 39 days and I don't like to wait until the last minute to get things together. That's when I forget things. I need to get arnica gel and tablets, bromelian, and wound care supplies for when I get home. The recovery home will supply all that while I'm there the first 7 days. I'm also thinking of getting a home massager. Any suggestions?

Bloodwork Is disappointing

I went on my own Friday to have a physical and peace of mind before I go out of state for my procedures. I got my results back today and my hemo is at 10.6. My coordinator said it needs to be at 11-12 which I knew. I pray I can get it up. I'll get more blood work at the beginning of the year.

Change in doctor again and frustration starting to set in

So today I received a text from my coordinator Yanleys telling me that my surgery has to be cancelled because Dr. Stover is having surgery and will be recovering. I'm not a happy camper because I have already requested time off from work, purchased plane tickets, and booked a RH. My coordinator said that I can either stay with Dr. Stover and reschedule for January 31st or I could go with Dr. Sergio Alvarez and schedule for January 18th. I decided to go with Dr. Alvarez. I'm really just ready to get all this over with and go on with my life. What should be one of the happiest decisions I've made for my body is turning out to be very stressful. I was able to get the airline to change the date on my ticket to the 18th but I had to pay an additional $109. I'm not happy at all about that. I asked Yanleys if they would throw in a garment to offset my costs. She said she would ask her manager. I was also able to change my dates at the RH. I pray I can change my dates at work so I can relieve some of this stress. As far as my iron goes, I'm taking Floradix twice a day, 1 blood builder tab, chlorophyll, and 1 iron pill lunch and dinner. I'm really hoping it brings my hemo up.

Bumps in the road

Well I've had a very bad experience with Imagenes in Florida. I haven't really felt like writing about it but it needs to be done. So my surgery got cancelled yet again but this time due to scheduling. I personally talked to Dr. Alvarez and he told me he was going to be on vacation the day I was scheduled. He tried to get me to switch to his private practice and he could "fit" me in. So I loss money yet again on tickets. I also learned that the doc was not scheduled to be on vacation and tried to get patients to switch to his practice to get more money. I went through my bank to get my deposit back because they were trying to keep it even though they are the ones that cancelled on me. Vanessa at Curvy Angels promised me my deposit but now is just ignoring me so please steer clear. It's a complete money game. Sooooo I'm happy to say that despite set backs I'm moving on with my surgery. I'm scheduled for 1/18 with Dr. Manon in the DR. I will be having a MMO which consists of TT with MR and lipo of the flanks, BL with BA, and lipo sculpture BBL. I fly out on the 17th and will be staying for 10 days.

It's almost time!!!

My surgery is next Wednesday. I fly out to the Dominican next Wednesday. I can't tell you all the different emotions I'm feeling. I'm ready for my new life to begin. Everything is in place. My bags are packed. I have my passport. Now if I can get rid of the jitters and just enjoy this moment. I can't wait for Dr. Manon to change my life :)

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