38 Years Old, 1 Kid and a Much Needed Mommy Makeover

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I have been on yoyo diets and as much as I hate it...

I have been on yoyo diets and as much as I hate it I knew by me losing weight and gaining weight and lossing weight again all of a woman's body parts change. I had a DD cup and wanted smaller breast I could never find cute blouses that fit over my chest. Deciding to do this has been for the past 3 years I did all the research I could went to many doctors but none made me feel comfortable till I meet Dr. Stover. Today I am 2 days post opt and I can say no pain just feel bruised like I got hit by a car. First day post opt I just couldn't get comfortable Everything hurt and I was on my pain meds every 3.5 hours.

Post Opt Day 4

Post Opt Day 4 has been a lot better! Sorry I didn't post pics prior it's kind of hard having someone take pics so I can post. I tell you that I have been doing lymphatic drainage massages since day 1 and it has help tremendously. I was so swollen and my back was so full of fluids I felt I weight more than I have in my life. I recommend the lymphatic drainage massages right after surgery. I have had energy to walk a little around but do get drained quickly. I have been able to do a bowel movement today with no problem. Healthy eating and drinking lots of water has definitely help with the process.
I haven't taken any strong meds since day 1 pain is bearable and but energy level is very low. Like I said I managed to walk after my massage and go to the store but feel drained right after. Once I would go home for a nap and wake up I would feel a lot better. I love the results and although I still am not 100% sitting up on my own I still feel it's the best decision I have made. I will post some things that crossed my mind tomorrow getting extremely tired!

6 Day Post Opt

I have to say that today I had my last massage before I headed home. It definitely helped before I took a 3 hour flight! I feel a lot better I can't walk fast though because my stomach starts hurting. Still left with little energy I started taking a multivitamin and ordered iron drops. It's been along day.... I got my drains removed from my breast and one from my side this morning but it wasn't painful uncomfortable yes but not painful. The last drain comes out next week along with all my stitches. I will post pics tomorrow traveled all day and I'm exhausted.

Post opt Day 10

Today has not been a good day! I need to ask the ladies who have done this and now are on week 3 or 4. I feel so swollen and under my pelvic area hurts. Is this something normal? Yesterday I did walk and sit for longer than I have since my operation. Other than that I feel good but when I stand up or sit down I feel like they are pulling my pelvic area apart don't know if this is normal so ladies if anyone could let me know I would really appreciate it. Thank you

Post opt pic

Post Opt Day 10

Today I was still fighting with my swollen, text the doctor and was recommended to do another lymphatic massage. Today it hit me we woman pay money and the pain we continuously go through is unbelievable. I am very active and my decision to do this has slowed me down tremendously. I got a little depressed today wondering if I did the right thing. My breast are sore and one looks bigger than the other,my stomach is swollen and it has prevented me from walking because around my pelvic area it feels super heavy. I also have a pain striking down my right arm that has been killing me all day. I believe it's due to my breast surgery. I know it's only been 10 days but I don't know if I'm the only one going through this or is I'm a little scare I will not heel from this.

At first I was happy I did it but these couple of days has made me revisit that thought! I don't even want to put up pics cause it would only depress me even more. Stuck and need advise!

Post opt 11 Day

Today was a very good day dispite the past two days. I have to say thank god for the lymphatic drainage massages. I was so swollen the past two days I felt miserable I had pain in my lower abdomen area. I couldn't walk nor I could stand up it was bad. I also couldn't find a comfortable spot.
Today I had a lymphatic massage and it definitely helped out with the swelling. I was able to drive me around and walk to the supermarket to get groceries and other meds and vitamins I was running low on.
My incision are still taped up I have one drain that will be removed along with the stitches on Monday. I had the whole where the drain is at hurting me as well as I pulled the drainage by accident as it got caught in my clothing while undressing. So to not have that occur again I pinned it with a safety pin against my garment.
I'm in better spirits this procedure is definitely a tough one and one needs to be prepared physically and mentally (Mind and Body).

I am still taking Tylenol when I feel discomfort by breast are still sore. Hoping they settle in sooner then later. I don't have any pain around my breast just some discomfort but nothing that is not manageable. I read one should massage their breast to reduce the discomfort and sore feeling and I started to do so and it has helped tremendously. I have also put over clothing ice packs at nice to help with the swelling.
Sleeping is tricky though, I only can get a few hours of sleep if I don't drink anything. I purchased chamomile tea to help relax and induce some sleep. I don't like taking pills to sleep so after day 1 I was strictly on Tylenol. The pain is unbearable the first day after that it can be managed with Tylenol.

Post almost 7 weeks

Sorry I haven't updated my blog it's been almost 7 weeks since my surgery. I returned back to work after 2 weeks post op and it was a little hard walking up stairs and sitting in meetings but manageable. I continued to take vitamins, arnica pills, and Tylenol for the stiffness I felt. The faja helps tremendously and wearing long dresses did it for me. Even though my jeans look great they didn't feel great until week 4 the best thing for me was dresses. I started the gym week 5 but it really depends how you feel. I started with mild cardio as I didn't want to set myself back any. I don't like to keep stationary and it kills me to sit still so I rather take it one day at a time. There are days I feel exhausted but I do realize this is a big surgery and I can't expect to heal over night. The scar are healing lovely I have continued to do lymphatic drainage massages which are helping out tremendously. I love my results I just wish the healing process wasn't so long I wear the faja all day and use the binder at night to sleep just to feel comfortable. I can't do much of the exercise I really want to do but I've tried Zumba and try some yoga but still not able to do yoga 100% my stomach around my belly button is still numb. And certain movements feel uncomfortable. I will try to post result now once a month and fill you in how everything is healing and if I had gotten myself into any set backs. This has been a life changing experience and if I had to do it all over I think I would but if you ask me if I would do this all over again a second time I will say HELL NO! LOL. I'm to active to be limited as to what one can do and not do in order not to set yourself back or hurt yourself. But I'm going through it now and it's a good experience so far I had a set back but it was my body filled of fluids. Once I got my lymphatic massage I felt back to normal.
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Dr. Stephanie Stover is very sweet. She makes you feel at ease the moment you meet her and best of all she hears what you like and provides recommendation based on the results you would like to see. I knew I was in good care from the very beginning.

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