37 Yr Old Mother of 3 Ages 7,13,19 in Need of Tummy Tuck with Lipo. Miami, FL

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Ive have finally made my choice n thanks to all...

Ive have finally made my choice n thanks to all you on here. I've always thought of doing just thought it was a dream that I would never go Thur with it but yes I've book my procedure. With Stephaine Stover Miami Florida image cosmetic surgery clinic. I hope everything goes good scared but not happy with my self and image ready to challenge the world. Any tip on loosing weight

housing, nurse in Miami Florida

Do any body know a Vrbo or airbnb housing that closed to images cosmetic in Miami Florida

Getting nervous

Well it 25 days till its my time to get snatched. I'm starting to get the ???? why am I doing this. But it's what I want started my journey at 220 lbs biggest ever this picture I was down 10 lbs from previous pic.

Weight loss

Don't look like it but lost 10 lbs

2.5 month weight loss

Today my weight n is 202 lbs loss bout 7 inches over all done 18 lbs it definitely don't look like it to me but I've been gaining muscle to eat the fat so. I hope I'm doing right. I wanted to lose not gain but this is what I'm being told. Aiming for 10 more pounds for my transformation

Lab work

Just did my lab work praying for a successful turn out good since I've been sick this whole last week.hate being sick hopefully I'll be over it in a couple of days. Still aiming for more weight loss also

One week

One week and one day n counting n I will be snatch. Labs are great n I'm just ready for this journey to all be over with healed and all that n to have a new stomach n just be on with my life.

One day

Wow times flies bout to get ready to get boarding on my flights on to Miami . The nerves r kicking in. Definitely not ready for this pain.


It's official done and over with tomorrow starts a new journey without the baggage. Mentally preparing myself for this. Let me enjoy this weather

Day one

Hello guys I had a scare earlier I keep passing out once in recovery soon as I get wheel out side I pass out 3 time 3 bags of fluids blood pressure drop 88/60 n then I told them if felt as my sugar was low but it wasn't I told my husband go get me orange juice I need some sugar. Once I drunk the oj I recovered very quickly. I haven't eaten all day major surgery body was weak I wasn't in any pain just back hurts Lil I was in recovery for 6 hours. Cause I keep fainting n all I need was some juice. I'm at new life recovery house well treated this far. Just now taking one half of pain pill. Hopefully I can post pictures tomorrow for u guys when I see doctor in am. This is my previous pic today of the old belly also I will never put my husband Thur this again when I keep passing out OMG he was so hurt. I love that man dearly

Made it to the flat side

Hello just one photo for u not really in pain took one half of pain pills last night like 80 percent straight walk still soreness in back only thing is the coughing kinda hurts but I use pillows to hold my belly so far so good

Day 4

Hello lady's still hanging in there I will have updated picture today for u later. I'll be getting my lymphatic massage again today. Hopefully I make it Thur this one almost passed out from yesterday massage n she was very gentle body just gave out. Other than that Im just sore not really hurting .good day lady's

Day 5

Today better day went walking n to the mall n shopping etc :)

New picture

Day 10

Wow time is flying. I'm still good not a lot of pain still have one drain in but I suppose to remove on Monday but it may have to stay Lil bit longer. The drain don't bother me it just buky with the clothing .no pain from drain site either . But this pic was taken today after my lymphatic massage still swollen n lots of gas. I'm moving bowel really good natural but I'm very gases still.

Day 14

Hello lady's let me updated u all I'm doing good still just my back that ache but I went to doctor to do lab work n make sure I'm healing OK the only thyhe found was my hem is low 11 from 13 even thou I've been using liquid iron since surgery. He told me to keep doing that. My drain will be pulled after my massage tomorrow. Still kinda scared to remove it because I'm very swollen below belly button n above vaginal area but I'm only drain under 25 cc so she said it needed to be removed n go stationville stage 2 garment. OK so my hips n back is very swollen as well my belly area is going down. I hope can fit this garment with all this swelling going on other wise I'll have to drive over an hour to get new one. Good healing sister

Drain remove

Put on my compression garment n I feel naked. I'm missing my wrap Dont feel secure but it's tight her pictures before drain remove

Nice day

Together I'm bout to get out the house n go out to dinner I feel good actually

What I expected

Hey lady's well as I thought before drain remove I had lots of swelling below belly button after removing more swelling like a wave but everything else is forming small nice

Seroma or not?

Hey lady's well today was busy day went to an intervention radiologist because no one else in my whole state would see another doc work" " .i don't get but what ever n if they do see u they charging 400$ to see u which my flight is cheaper than that. They just mad :) Naw but seriously he said I have a small one not enough he thinks for drainage he think wait till Friday see if it get bigger n then they will do ultrasound n drain if needed so I won't have to keep coming back he believes that the best. It not hard it doesn't hurt n I'm not sick is his concern. He also think my compression garment is not tight enough because my waist is small n my hip butt n legs r bigger n I can't get nothing tight for the other body parts. So I did order me another garment that is waste on so now I'm wearing the over all garment plus one size of the 3 strap it just below my belly button above vaginal area. So I do get my massage Tori hope she can push some out the lymphatic drain so I can feel better with recovery. I've already made plans for my B-Day in May so therefore I need to be healing trip is no refundable I thought 2 month was OK to plan something now I'm starting to worry. I hope this too shall pass also. Wish me luck on this going down this weekend

Extra support

I was told I need extra support in the area where I'm swelling so I purchased this before my surgery for my stage 3 garment it 3 piece so I use one the pieces now for my stage two garment to give me more support it was really cheap n I thiythis holds me better then the actual full body garment I bought it from Amazon


Also lady's u can purchase an and board as well if u need more support my doc said it was fine to use one I'm using that as well taking turn with it it from Amazon as well n cheap

Did anybody get this

Regards to seroma

Hey lady's OK so I am retaining a Lil fluids not a capsule it's enough to be drain but my doctor doesn't wanna drain he thinks in time it will subside. I'm not liking that my PS said if it was her definitely drain. so I kinda piss I'm seek other doc point of view. I seen the fluid on the ultrasound it enough for me to remove. I was an ultrasound tech for many years so I know my stuff n also I was a medical assistant in the ICU for many years. I drawn blood gave inject pull drain tubes pull stent Cather etc. So if I dont get someone to remove it soon. I have the knowledge to do myself. But enough with that over all im fine excellent recovery except for my Lil pouch of fluid below belly button. I have some pictures might be gross but my PS had me keep tape on my incision for 4 weeks she changed them once n said keep on for two to 3 weeks after first week changed. So this is actually my first time seeing belly button. It freak me out lol. I immediately sent her a picture n ask am I'm OK. She said it just dry blood n scape pour peroxide on it n clean gentle scabs will fall off. N my scar is complete seal except for the last drain spot


I finally slept in bed it's was great enough of the recliner I only woke up once to go to bathroom big progress. Now all I need is to get this heavy fluid off n I'll be great. So if my referral goes Thur first I'll be getting it done by the doc but if my needs come before referral Ill be doing it my self. It's been one week already n it's really bothering me like heaviness it don't hurt it just pressure n it's there of course I feel like its 5 lbs of Fluid . Soon thou on to happy healing


Hello lady's I have a question for u so u know I got an ultrasound that said I was retaining some fluids n that I had swelling hell going on. No pain etc. But however on Thursday my body just went different my swell hell is almost gone I went to get my massage on Wednesday she told me it went down alot n Thu it was smaller today hardly none. So on monoim supposed to get drain from the fluid that I had however they drain me by putting me to sleep I don't like that idea it's call intervention radiologist so they don't like to poke around they like to go right to the source. However I ask Dr stover n she said to go still n let them decide if I still need to be drained. Here is my today picture can u tell the difference from a week ago


Hello ladys I know it's been a while. I'm just getting back into things. I see Dr Stover for my final follow up n I did awesome. I'm healing good no complaints. Im still not 100percent but close to. I still swell at night time especially the top of belly. I still feel funny in the stomach area like the numbness is starting to leave and get feeling sensation back. I love my new body I just gotta work on the arms n legs. I do have a small amount of skin from the seroma she said she could revise that small amount but I'm good I'm not chancing my life again. I'm very excited can't wait till end results n complete healing. I do get tired of the training I got so many different one cause they get to big really quick. Here is some recent picture from Miami last week for my B-Day

Back pain

Hello lady's do any of u that has lipo of the flanks n back get pain like stretching burning still? Ive just started working out n I'm doing lite work out but boy do I swell pretty quick n become very sore. I'm not doing no abs no weight n I'm just super sore n swollen . Do any of u ladies experience this. Also I'm waist training as Well


Hello lady's I know it's been a while but her is my current situation

Year n two months updated

Well I can say that this has been the best times of my life since my young age . I feel sex always n I luv it . I already had a booty but I train it after the surgery to make it look fuller. I wear the butt lift panties as I was healing from my tummy tuck her r some pictures

1 yr and 2 months post op

Where do I began. She was compassionate very down to earth let u know what u were getting n how it would look. She physically huge me reassured me. Bed side manner great the whole process I can't complain. Before n after they still had there besides manner. I had a minor set back keep passing out they didn't let me leave until I was straight. It was because I had nothing in my system to eat all day n night my body was lacking sugar. Once I got that in my system I was boost with new life. Right now I OK. I text Stephanie because I forgot to ask her questions she responds in like 10 min I was expecting next day response she is awesome. Even thou I never do another surgery I would recommend her whole heartly . The look on my husband eyes when I started to pass out did that for me I will never put him in this situation again I got what I wanted n now I'm good. She was an 10 really no wait times if it was she let u know ahead of time also.

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