31 Years Old, 4 Kids... FINALLY Decided to Do It!! Tummy Tuck W Lip by Dr Hochstein - Miami, FL

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After having 4 wonderful kids, it was time to get...

After having 4 wonderful kids, it was time to get my body back. I work out pretty frequently, HIIT, running etc but no matter what type of change and improvements i saw in the rest of my body, i never was able to get rid of my gut. Like most of us on here, I stalked everyone elses reviews and experiences. I struggled with my own conflicting feelings of REALLY wanting to do it, but being TERRIFIED of the surgery, the recovery, having to pause my life as a wife and mom to little kids, potential complications etc. I met with Dr Hochstein for two consultations and his calm and confident manner helped put my mind at ease. His staff has been wonderful. The nurses are so sweet and totally do their best to make you feel as comfortable as possible. Christine, the patient coordinator I was dealing with has been nothing short of awesome. She patiently answered all my questions and emails and went above and beyond to make me feel confident in my decision.
Dr Hochsteins surgery center is beautiful, clean, organized and well run. I know some people say that they had long wait times or that he is impersonal, but I never experienced that. He is a wonderful man and a fantastic doctor who is confident in his craft.
I arrived at 11 am today for my procedure. The nurses took me in right away to take care of my vitals and to get the IV in. She went over everything with me and was so so sweet. I thought I would be crazy anxious but I was excited to get the party started! The anesthesiologist was kind and thorough and before I knew it I was being woken up in post op.
I was shaking like crazy, which i guess is a side effect of the anesthesia and I was definitely in pain. Dr H puts in a pain pump and the nurses gave me a double dose of pain meds through the IV. It settled down. I was also so loopy from the meds. I made it home, into my bed with a lot of pillows behind my back and under my knees. Took my first doese of percocet and tried to eat. The pain is there, but its been ok. The worst part is trying to change position or get in or out of bed. But it subsides. It feels like i got punched in the stomach or that I am VERY VERY charley horse. I am hoping that it gets better as the days go on though. The binder is on, I haven't seen anything yet. Emptied the drain once so far. Have been taking arnika forte and laxatives with my pain meds and trying to eat some toast. No appetite so far and the pain meds are actually making me kind of dizzy. will upload after shots when i go to the doctor.
any recovery tips or tricks? feel like i could use some!

Post op day 1

Switched from Percocet to extra strength Tylenol because it was making me dizzy and nauseous. Set my alarm and got up to walk around my bedroom every two hours as instructed. I can get up and down by myself but it's pretty sore. This morning had a BM! Big news now I dont have to worry about that lol. Trying to drink a lot. The pain is definitely there, but it's
Tolerable. I hope it only gets better each day.

first post op appt!

i was weirdly more nervous for this appointment than for the actual surgery! i was just so anxious to have the doctor check everything to make sure the healing was going ok. the nurses were great, they took out my pain pump, didn't feel a thing and it was so liberating to get rid of it. they took off the binder and i had my first look... OMG! i can't believe this is my body. Im super swollen and sensitive but i can't wait to see how it progresses. the scar looks scary but they said its totally normal, my belly button looks perfect. i got the ok to shower and wash my binder and i feel like a new person now that im clean! the only thing im nervous about is that there is one spot on my incision that stings (the rest is totally numb) and maybe its my imagination but it looks more red than the rest of it. but the nurses said its all part of the healing process and some parts take longer. so im on top of my meds and keeping it covered and dry, and i just pray it doesn't lead to an infection. anyone have a similar experience???

5 days PO

pics not uploading but GOD am i SWOLLEN!!! i think i was up and about too much today, even though i spent all of yesterday on the couch. how do i get this swelling to subside?!


you ladies were not joking when talking about the swelling that hits. ive been drinking tons of water, taking the arnika... it seems like this is the bodys natural reaction. but it is uncomfortable to say the least. but at least the pain is significant'y subsiding. lets see if the pics upload this time around.

1 week!

Hard to believe that last week this time I was waiting to go into surgery!! Thank god the healing hasn't been too traumatic so far and the pain has been manageable.
Yesterday I developed this sharp burning pain in one localized area to the left of my bb- not the incision area, internal pain.
It hurts constantly and a LOT when I touch it. The doctors office said that's normal, certain areas regain sensation and its nerves reconnecting... But literally the rest of my stomach is pain free except for that one spot. Has anyone else experienced this?? Should I go to the office to be checked? I asked if I popped a stitch and the nurse said no... But ouch! Thanks!!

1 week pics

Sorry they aren't go great. I feel really weird and not ok with the binder off, short of breath and like my stomachs going to collapse.... If that makes sense! Snapped a few- still super swollen.

8 days PO & I think I've turned the corner

Feeling a lot better today than yesterday. The horrible gassiness and swelling seems to have gone down (for now) and that sharp pain I was freaking out about has dulled. My husband keeps reminding me that I'm only a week out from major surgery and that I have to be patient with the healing... It's just so hard when I want to be at the "end" of it all already! Thank you for all ur encouragement, this community has been amazing!! Xoxo

10 Days!! Feeling good, getting IMPATIENT!

i can't believe its been 10 days... its been a long 10 days thats for sure. I feel like ive been recovering forever and i should be farther along. but i still have the drain, im emptying it twice a day! when does it stop?! any tips on how to make the draining go faster??? Im sleeping ok at night, and standing pretty straight. Pain is gone, only tightness and the occasional discomfort so thats a blessing. And im still swollen! i know all you girls keep saying it takes a long time for it to go away but im READY FOR THAT DAY lol. i tried on a pair of pre op jeans and (over my binder) and i couldn't close them... i know everyone says thats normal but the dr took off skin and contoured my body i figured id at least be able to do the button!!! OMG i was bummed. talk me down here girls. uch i think im just so over this annoying binder- i need the compression but i want my next stage garment that will be so much more user friendly, firming and slimming!! sorry, just had to vent, my husband is sick of hearing about this lol!!! thanks for listening, happy healing and happy weekend to yall!

longest 2 weeks ever

quick update- was feeling great even with the drain in but last night i couldn't sleep and had terrible body aches and chills. i actually didn't have a fever though. tylenol helped, but i was convinced i had a big infection. the drain site looks pretty gross but I emailed pictures to my doctor and he said its fine, it gets irritated but will clear up once the drain is out. i have to trust him. im so nervous about this and im SO SO SO over having this drain in. I thought for sure it would be out by now, i know 2 weeks is normal but it feels like my operation was 2 years ago already. im still averaging about 50 cc a day. anyone else have an experience like this? thanks for listening to me vent!

16 PO and feel lousy

So I feel like I took a HUGE step back. Been running a low fever with hot and cold flashes and body aches but no cold or cough... I sent pics of the drain site to my dr but he said it wasn't infected. Everything hurts and I feel like $hit. Could I have an internal infection? Maybe it's my body responding to the damn drain that is STILL in?! I just feel so awful and I'm wishing I never did this. :( :(

Drain O-U-T!!!!

One day shy of 3 weeks PO and the drain is gone!! I was so nervous it was going to hurt and i didn't feel any pain, thank god! The doctor said it was definitely irritated but not yet infected. He gave me a prescription for antibiotics though and I'm very glad I have that. I also bought the bio corneum gel from the office to put on the scar.
Next question: dr h told me I can keep wearing the Velcro binder from the surgery or buy a spanx type thing. But I have so much lower ab swelling that I feel like I need tighter compression than just spanx. What's the best second stage garment to get? Thank you!!
Also, talk me off a ledge here... I feel like he didn't do enough back lipo... I can still pull out skin... Is this swelling? The way it's going to be? Me being crazy?? You girls have been so amazing, happy journeys to us all!!

3 weeks SWOLLEN

Hit the three week mark!! Feeling really good but i have A LOT of lower ab swelling... I thought I'd be so much flatter by now :/ feeling good, last night I had the chills & hot/cold flashes again. My Drs office said that's normal part of the recovery process. Let me tell you, that first shower without the drain is incredible!! I also started the bio corneum scar therapy on the areas that have dried up enough. The band aids in the pics are covering the drain site and the a part of the scar that kept rubbing against the binder and wasn't healing well. I hope that he did enough lipo on my back flanks... It doesn't seem like enough to me, but I have to give it time. I can't wait to get back to the gym too. Trying to eat well, I get stuck in my head that I went through all this and am not healing the way I thought. Overall I am so happy I just want to see the "end" already lol ???? I'm hoping that one of the second stage binders I ordered will help with the swelling and shaping bec the Velcro binder from the surgery is definitely not cutting it. Happy healing ladies and thanks for all your encouragement and help!!

binder 1- a faja from amazon

tight but not uncomfortable, how do i know if its the right fit? feel pretty block-ish still. ordered a marena and a veronique, we'll see how those feel too.

pics didnt load, here we go

ahhhh pics not uploooaaading

One month!

This has been quite the roller coaster!! I can't believe I'm at the 4 week mark. I feel good, I still have a lot of Lower ab swelling and I feel really thick. I hope these aren't my final results because as much as there's a big difference and those damn rolls and all the flub are gone I was envisioning a more lithe flat figure. Not crazy about my back/hip lipo results, I also hope that's still swelling. Going for PO appt this morning so I'm going to ask him what to expect. I also keep telling myself once I get back to the gym things will continue to drain. Don't get me wrong, I don't regret this at all!! I love that my clothes fit better and I don't have to maneuver around to hide the flab. Happy healing to all my TT buddies :)

Drain site pain? Nerve pain?

So my drain site is still red, dr h gave me a second round of antibiotics. The actual hole is finally closing up so that's a relief but the area itself doesn't look great and it feels like there is tightness and burning In a shooting line down my thigh. I'm on the meds but can that be nerve pain? Damage? It was fine for a while these pains are relatively new :/

7 WEEKS :) :) feeling great, THANKS TO YOU!

i can't believe im closing in on the 2 month mark... this forum has been AMAZING. the recovery has NOT been easy with many ups and downs but overall i feel so much better. Still having a lot of swelling with everyone says is normal and im just telling myself "this is not the final result, this is not the final result" but i am so so happy i took the plunge and i dont regret it at all! not having the rolls over the waistband of my clothes and not having to sit or stand or dress to hide the extra fat that i couldnt get rid of has been awesome. i KNOW i need to start exercising, im just scared! and its so hard to start again after being "off" for so long. i can't wait to get the definition back and to see how my body continues to change and i know the only way to do that is to start pushing it at the gym again. thanks to all you ladies for the support!!
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