26yrs Old Wanting a Mommy Makeover

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Hello realself! I live west palm beach, FL I'm...

Hello realself!
I live west palm beach, FL
I'm 26yrs old, 5'2 and 123lbs.
I'm hoping to get a mommy make over in December 2016 to be summer ready woop woop !

I have 3 beautiful babies all delivered via c-section. So you can imagine the damage to my belly and stomach muscles.
I had a breast augmentation and lift in 2007 with Dr. Sean Simon when he practiced at Coral Gables Cosmetic Center. Since then I've had 3 children and fluctuated in weight tremendously, so my breast definitely need a revision. This time around I want another lift and gummy bear implants !

In 2014 I had gastric bypass at 5'2 and a whopping 220lbs. I was over weight and could not take being fat anymore ! Also, my eating habits were HORRIBLE! I made a huge decision and I'm very happy because I lost a ton of weight and I have truely learned how to eat the right way.

I've been going to consults since Oct. 2016!
And right now I'm TORN between Dr. Carlos Spera in Davie, FL and Dr. Leonard Hochstein in North Miami, FL.
In all honesty my 1st Choice is Dr. Leonard Hochstein because I absolutely love his tummy tucks and his incision placement. And let's not even talk about his boob jobs ! Omg to die for ! But he wants 20% of total cost upfront to book appt. Date and I wanted to put all costs on a Care Credit Card. He quoted me $14,000 so I would need to give somewhere around $3,000 in cash, debit or credit that I at the moment do not have for this surgery.
Dr. Carlos Spera has a few nice mommy makover before and afters on his website, but reviews done by patients I can barely find. I only found 1 review on a mommy make over patient on Real Self which is my go to for reviews on plastic surgery. He does approve all costs put on a Care Credit Card which is a plus for me. He quoted me $13,400.

I've thought about this a lot so hopefully I'll make a decision by TOMORROW lol because December will be here before I know it.
I'm going to try and call Dr. Leonard Hochstein's office tomorrow and see if he will accept everything on Care Credit, if not well then Dr. Carlos Spera it is.

Dr. Carlos Spera

So I chose Dr. Spera!
I'm super superrrrrr nervous and anxious but nonetheless EXCITED!
I'm so ready for this mommy makeover!
I just pray for a LOW tummy tuck scar, a cute belly button, very PERKY boobs with minimal scarring ! (Not too much to ask for right) ! Lol

Not too shabby !

I don't look too bad in clothes. Ladies I'm soooo confused as to what size implant to get!? I'm getting gummy bear implants, do gummy bear implants run by cc's?
Right now I currently have 250cc on the right boob and 200cc on the left boob.

And remember I'm 5'2 and 125ish lbs.

Post from previous post

Idk why this didn't upload on my previous post.
Undecided on breast size!?
I do not want to look too top heavy either. Currently a 32DD


Iron levels low

Iron levels too low for surgery tomorrow.
My surgery was cancelled and now to wait for iron levels to come up. It's a 8 and I need it to be at a 10.

On the flat side!

So I made it ! I'm alive and REALLY SORE! Not too bad the surgery went well.
I had a full tummy tuck, lipo, breast lift with implants and 455cc ultra high profile implants!

I'll post more pics hopefully Friday when I take off my binder.

3 days post op

Feeling really sore But not too bad. I'm still taking my pain mess round the clock . Today My wounds were cleaned and examined and everything looks great so Far. I'm leaning a little to 1 side in this pic that's why my boobs look different.

Very happy w/ my tummy so far

Very happy with my results so far. I'm loving how low my scar is and how flat my belly is ! I'm really sore but the worst part is really the binder. The binder I'm in 24/7 and it rubs against my number skin giving me a wired sensation it also rolls up and down. I cannot wait to stop using it I would much rather wear a faja or another sort of compression garment .

1 week post op

1 week post op and I'm feeling great went to my appt. Today to get my wounds cleaned and dressed. I got my drained pulled and the nurse said everything looks great so I'm happy.

Tomorrow will be 2wk post op

So far very happy with my tummy my breast are starting to drop and soften. My right breast is still high and sore but I belive it's from using my right hand too much. I have a Dr's appt tomorrow, I'm getting belly button and breast stitches removed tomorrow hopefully. I will ask about my breast and I will update tomorrow with pics.
As far as pain I have minimum to none. If I walk too long my stomach muscles get a little tight and I tend to hunch over. My sides where the incisions end are a little sore and feel tight. Also the lipo done to my lower back and sides feels like slight burning sensations but not to the point where I need pain meds. Been off vicodin and extra strength tylenol (pain meds) for 1 whole week tomorrow.
Davie Physician

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