10 Months Post Op - Surgery w/ Dr. Grigoryants + Travel & Supply Guide

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Going into surgery in almost 1 month. Starting to...

Going into surgery in almost 1 month. Starting to get a bit nervous!
I have loved reading everyone's stories and experiences so I decided to now document my own journey as a way to help other people as others have helped me :) Let me know if you have any questions!!

As background I have never liked my nose. I used to play a lot of soccer growing up i.e. getting the ball in my face constantly along with hitting into things which caused a lot of trauma (I think).

I have a deviated septum, crooked nose, and a dorsal hump. These are all things I am looking to fix through my surgery. Going into this I want to come out with a natural looking nose with minimum swelling, bruising etc.

Nose Examples

Pictures of me now

Hi Everyone! Thought I would update you with some photos of me now so you can see what it looks like before. The bump is my biggest concern in photos and then breathing as my septum is deviated.

If anyone here has had rhinoplasty with Dr. Epstein I would also love to connect!

I'm currently making my shopping list of things for pre/post op - quite tedious but exciting as the date approaches. Let me know if you have any "must haves" ! Thanks!!

3D Visual of What to Expect from Dr. Epstein

Here are photos of my 3D before and after! The plan is to remove the dorsal hump, fix my deviated septum, and refine the tip.

Cancelled my surgery date

So today i decided to cancel my surgery date that I had booked (3 weeks out). I am just not convinced that Dr. Epstein is 100% the surgeon for me. At this point I feel I would like to explore my options more. I love Dr. Epstein's work over all. His videos and photos are great. My only issue (since I am not in Miami) is the lack of real patient reviews (with photos) here on Real Self and online in general. Being an out of town patient it would have eased my mind to see more people on here who had Dr. Epstein do their primary. Since this is my primary I really don't want to make a mistake with whom I choose. Dr. Epstein was also the only doctor that I reached out to because I liked his work and videos overall but now i feel I should do more research on other doctors. I will be looking into Dr. Grigoryants primarily. Does anyone suggest another surgeon in North America ?

Does any one know if it is possible to change doctors on reviews on here? Or do i have to start a new review all together ?


New Wish Pictures and 3D Morph

Through my research I have refined more what I am looking for via wish pics. Will be removing some of the older ones I don't like as much.

I have also included an updated 3D morph. Dr. Grigoryants does not do any 3D imaging so I took what Dr. E made and sent it to him for feedback on Dr. Epstein's morph and he suggested the following:

"It looks good but the tip looks disproportionately bigger because the nostrils were made narrower. I think the tip should be a bit less bulbous. The side looks good but once the bump was removed the nose looks longer and when you smile, it would look even longer and droopy. The columella is a bit hanging which would get worse over time. I would recommend raising the tip a little higher to make the nose not so long and tuck the columella a little more."

I agreed in concept so I tried to morph it on my own. Ended up with the image above. I shared the new image with Dr. G and he said that it looks better now (with the changes he suggested).

Thoughts anyone ? Left (Epstein) or Right (Grigoryants) ?

Any thoughts on Chin augmentation at this point ? I'm thinking since I'm going under why not get it ? Seems scary/painful though.

Looking for other Grigoryants Patients :)

Looking to connect with other Grigoryants Rhinoplasty patients here on Real Self. I would love to know your experience and to see your results if you don't mind sharing them with me via PM.

Any thoughts/concerns are also welcome. I would really appreciate your input as this is such a big decision in anyones life. I feel pretty set on him but again I would love to know if there is anything I need to know about him before hand. On RealSelf he has loads of amazing reviews but just in case I am putting the question out there.

Thanks in advance to everyone reading!

Thank You!

Just wanted to say thank you to all of the amazing members who have reached out to share their stories and photos with me. You have all been so amazing!!! I encourage anyone else out there looking into surgeons to reach out to members with questions and to get their insight and opinions. It really matters and helps in the process!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

1 Month Away

I'm now one month away from surgery with Dr. Grigoryants. I am super nervous to be honest. Starting to realize that there is no going back / no undo button. I am hoping that I will get the results that I want. I do believe 100% that Dr. Grigoryants has the skills and expertise to give me the results I want but there is still a risk. I have spoken to a couple unhappy patients of his so my expectations are not perfection. If anyone has some tips to calm my nerves that would be helpful. I'm already having trouble sleeping.

I'm also terrified that I wont look like my self anymore. Posting some photos of my currents nose saying goodbye :( I hope that I will still look like me especially from the front. I'm planning to be very clear with him about what I want to keep about my nose... anyone who can share their best ways to communicate their ideas/wants to their surgeon would be very helpful right now.

2 Weeks Out = STRESS

I can't sleep - I can't eat - my stomach is in knots. Any tips ? I feel like i just need to hold on and wait for it to be over. I don't know how i will survive 2 more weeks like this. I feel so so sick... pure anxiety that this whole thing will blow up in my face (figuratively and literally). Just wanted to get this out there!

One More Morph!

Decided to do another morph to help calm my nerves :) I hope my side profile looks something like this after all the swelling goes down.

Day of Operation

Just posting photos for now. I'll write more tomorrow when I have the energy. Lot's to say ! Dr. G's team is really amazing - everyone today/yesterday have been very nice and helpful :) Hardest part was waking up from anesthesia (so far). I can actually breathe out of my nose and taste food still which is great. More to come! Thanks everyone for your messages - i will be responding shortly :) Happy Healing!

Day 1 Post Op

I'm still very tired which is making it hard to write but i told myself i'd post once a day through recovery. Spending my day in bed sleeping/icing. My nose is now congested - horrible. I don't know how i am going to get through till Tuesday for Cast Removal. Any tips on how to keep sane are welcome! Here are some photos of my bruising/swelling from today. Also my throat is killing me - its all sore and red at the back which is making it hard to eat anything. I'm looking forward to my throat getting better. I'm now taking half 1 Hydrocodon and 1 Tylenol Extra Strength instead of 1 whole Hydrocodon. When I take a whole one i start to get really out of it and I have been told the constipation is killer.

Does anyone know if your congestion goes away before cast removal? Also, anyone cleaning their stitches etc before cast removal? I asked Dr. G and he said only to clean it the day before coming in.

Day 2 Post Op

Hello!! I have a lot of swelling in my face so I have been icing it on and off all day. I am hungry but still can't eat properly due to my throat/uvula being swollen. I think the reason my throat is so swollen is because i told the anesthesiologist that i really didn't want to throw up and begged him to catch all the blood possible. I didn't have any nausea or vomit thankfully but now i have a sore throat (which i prefer).

My nose feels fine for the most part. I get some tingly sensations and some pain here and there (there's definitely something happening under my cast). Bruising is still looking good. I'm posting some photos from last night before bed and today. One day closer to cast removal YAY! Thanks so much for the tips I will be trying them to help ease my throat and keep myself sane. I can't wait to be able to eat a burger .... don't know when that will be but that's all i want right now haha.

Day 3 Post Op

Today is supposed to be the worst day before it gets better (based on reviews i have read). Today I can report that I am very swollen all over - definitely more than the past 2 days. Between my eyes, my lips, cheeks and teeth are all sensitive. I have been icing as much as possible but still very swollen. My bruising is still minimal so I guess that was all but the swelling is intense. I get sharp and tingly pains in my nose from time to time - i am guessing that's normal. I'm spending my time in bed watching Friends and eating ice chips for my throat.

I'm going to write a long review once I have more energy and clearer thoughts to go through all of the details and things I wish I had known and key products (like my way to stop dry mouth at night etc). In the photos you can see the swelling is crazy my cheeks have exploded and so has my bottom lip. My top lip is still frozen in this position. Let me know if you have any questions!!! I am just excited to be more than half way through the cast wearing phase - 2 full days left!!! I'm starting the get nervous about seeing my new nose =S I know i will look like an avatar/pig but still just nervous. I'm also scared about how much it's going to hurt when he cleans my nose - changing my drip pad kills me when it gets stuck. OK - enough babbling for today !! Happy Healing to Everyone!!

Day 4 Post Op

I called Dr. G's office and I am getting my cast off tomorrow instead on Tuesday morning. Now I only have one more night of serious mouth breathing. I'm still very swollen today. Today was also my first day without the drip pad which has been interesting. My nostrils are SO disgusting. I don't know how anyone is going to clean them out. We will have to see how all of that goes down tomorrow. Here are some photos of the look of the day. Bruises are turning yellow now which is a good sign. I'm so nervous for tomorrow - it feels unreal!!! More tomorrow!!!

Day 5 Post Op - CAST REMOVAL!

YAY! I made it to Cast Removal day :)

Yesterday when I was changing my gauze I had a bit of a panic attack as I thought I had removed one of my stitches. I ended up calling Dr. G on his Sunday afternoon sending him photos of my nose etc. He said everything was fine but that I can come in tomorrow/Monday for him to take a look and he can remove my cast at the same time. So instead of Tuesday at 9am we met today/Monday at 5pm so not much difference overall.

I took 1 pain killer (norco) an hour before arriving at his office. I'd say in hindsight my anxiety made the whole thing a lot more nerve wrecking than it needed to be. Cast removal is not painful but you will cry just from the bloody bouger pieces being pulled out with the hairs etc. It's that type of pain - like an internal nose bikini wax ;) Dr. G was very nice and patient. He tried to take everything out as fast as possible to get over the pain. He then cleaned up my nose and then the big reveal. I was honestly in shock/crying from the nose waxing/different look. I couldn't believe that it was me in the mirror at all - absolute shock!!! I am very happy with the results so far.

As many of you already know, the tip and columella will continue to drop and my tip will refine more and more as the swelling goes away. Today is the piggy/avatar look and not the final result. Only gets better from here ! I'm looking forward to hearing what you all think about my new look and I hope this is helpful for many people considering rhinoplasty or Dr. Grigoryants!!!

Update on swelling: as you can see i'm still in full on chipmunk mode! It should be going away in the next couple of days (i hope). Bruising is almost all gone. I'm not wearing any makeup in the photos so you can see the full extent/transformation of the bruising and swelling.

Happy Healing Everyone !!!! I'll check in tomorrow with more :)

Day 6 Post Op

Hello Everyone!!

My first outing in Los Angeles was today. I checked out Venice Beach and had an amazing lunch - check out the photo- so delicious!! So so happy to eat a great meal. It was tough as I had to make small bite size pieces but it was delicious and worth every bite. One big learning came from this experience. Yummy food like in the photo will make your nose swell :( Right after the meal my nose was all tingly, tight, and uncomfortable. So I have decided for the next month to 2 months to go super clean (like i was for the 2 weeks pre-surgery). Pretty much going to eat "green", smoothie, juicing, salads, soup diet and stay away from coffee, alcohol, sugar, salt etc. It's going to be tough but worth it in the long run (I believe). The impact that one meal had on my nose was crazy - i can't say as much visually because I am really swollen still but how it felt overall. So here I come super green/healthy diet. (CAVEAT: I am planning to squeeze in 1 in-n-out burger before I leave just because i can't come to LA and not try it :D)

OMG people stare!!! Like i had so many people staring at me with my tape on - felt super uncomfortable but I won't let it stop me from exploring LA for the first time!!! I only did one other outing to CVS and Whole Foods with my cast on - that was super random. I was dressed as a hobo (sweat pants and hoodie on) so it was a sight to see. Today I looked normal just that I had tape on my nose obviously.

Everything is looking good so far. Took my first real shower today and washed my hair and face. Touching my nose is very trippy. Changing my tape is also trippy. I feel so dizzy when i'm doing it - like my brain does not understand what this new nose is doing on my face. I had pretty successful taping experience though. I'm not too comfortable sharing my non-taped nose photos yet as I believe I look like a seal since my columella has not dropped. Let's see in a couple days how that's looking :D My nostrils are looking pretty good. I can't say that my swelling has gone down since yesterday. I think my nose is just getting used to not being in a cast. I have been cleaning my nose with Saline Spray, Olive Oil (Dr. G recommends), and Neosporin. I'm working on my big post on supplies coming soon. I just finished my product photo shoot ;) Need to sit down and write it all out now.

I have been able to breathe since Dr. G removed my cast yesterday. I was actually able to breathe out of one nostril yesterday afternoon before he took everything out which was trippy as well.

So right now i'm just waiting! Waiting for one of my nostrils to heal up nicely and for my tip and columella to drop. I am happy right now - it's only been 6 days. Hopefully with my super diet we will speed along the process ;)

Taping - do any of you push the water out of your nose before you tape it? When Dr. G removed my cast he pushed down on my nose to remove the water which then revealed my nice new profile. Then he taped it. I am wondering if any of you do that same process of gently pressing on the bridge to remove the water and then tape or do you just tape directly.

Swelling - if anyone has some super secret / amazing swelling fix - herb - supplement - witchcraft - i am interested in knowing more ;)


Day 7

My tip is slowly starting to drop. Patience. Patience. Patience. This is going to be tough!! I am loving my profile and 3/4 view. Just waiting for my tip to come down so I look less piggy/avatar like from the front. Mentally it has been tough coming to terms with such a big change in my life/face. I can't believe that it's done and that I went through with the surgery. It feels surreal. I'm very happy just that i'm still accepting that this is my new nose. I think once my front view feels/looks more like me I'll feel ecstatic. It's only Day 7 so lots more to go!!

Happy Healing Everyone !!!

My Supplies Guide - Part 1

Hi Everyone! Here is a guide of all the products I used/needed throughout my recovery so far :) I will be posting it in two/three parts that are more digestible. I hope this helps !!

***DISCLAIMER*** These are only things that I have personally used for my personal recovery. I am not a doctor or a medical practitioner. These are only my thoughts and experiences with the following products. Please ask your surgeon if you are not sure about any of the following products. Thanks :)

Swiss Therapy Eye Mask- this is how I avoided bruising. It's pretty expensive ($45) but feels so good post op. I ordered it from Make Me Heal. I actually cut these in half to avoid them from touching the cast and placed one on each eye.
Purple Gel Eye Mask - great for your forehead and cheeks. Also ordered from Make Me Heal.

Bamboo Bed Tray - obviously a must have! Purchased at Sears for $16.
Back Rest Cushion - super super must have! Also purchased at Sears for $16 to make sure I could sleep upright. It really made a difference. I am bringing it home for sure!

Evolution Pillow- amazing neck pillow with memory foam. It closes at the front. Again making it easier to sleep. This one is great to buy if you travel a lot.
Ear Plugs - to ensure a deep sleep ;)
Sleeping Mask - for sleeping during the day time

Humidifier - so so so important!! Was only $25 I think from Walmart. This keeps your skin and mouth moisturized.

Part 2 coming tomorrow :)

My Supplies Guide - Part 1 Photos

Real Self didn't upload the photos with the post :(

Day 9

Today I met with Dr. Grigoryants for one last time before heading back to Canada. We took some more photos. Compared my results to the photos we took before the operation. I have posted one of them here for you. He also calmed any fear I had about my tip and nostrils de-swelling over the next few months. I love the way my nose is shaping up just excited for it to get closer to the final result. I have seen a drastic change in swelling over the past 3/4 days and my tip has already dropped a lot (still more to go). Speaking with Dr. Grigoryants was helpful as he verified that all the things that are missing now are going to come out eventually (columella, V shaped tip, nostrils coming in etc). My swelling is still present in my cheeks but it is sloooowly going away. I have been having my green smoothies and juices everyday as well as fresh pineapple juice 2/3 times a day from whole foods. I have also uploaded my first no tape photo here (side profile only haha). Starting to get more comfortable with my nose now which is very exciting.

On a separate note - looking at my before photos and the after it is so shocking. My nose is A LOT smaller now and I am pretty happy about it. I'm very happy that I just trusted Dr. G to do his thing. I came into my pre-op with many photos and morphs etc. This was important to communicate the look and feel that I would like for my nose but in the end I trusted that he would do what was best for me.

More to come :) Happy Healing Everyone !!!

My Supplies Guide - Part 2

Hi Everyone! Here is the second part of the guide :)

***DISCLAIMER*** These are only things that I have personally used for my personal recovery. I am not a doctor or a medical practitioner. These are only my thoughts and experiences with the following products. Please ask your surgeon if you are not sure about any of the following products. Thanks :)

Tissues - straightforward
Hydrogen Peroxide - cleaning up your incisions
Ricola Throat Lozenges - my throat was killing me post op. So this was very helpful.
Alcohol - to sterilize stuff like tweezers to remove stitches etc.
Vaseline - great for inside of your nose post op. Also for your lips and outside your nose post op to make sure the gauze doesn't stick to your nose.
Q-Tips - no brainer must have - great for everything!
Straws - my upper lip was swollen making it hard to drink so these were necessary.
Saline Nasal Spray - important for cleaning out your nose post op.
Biotene Mouth Spray - SOOOO IMPORTANT!!! Great mouth spray!!! Takes away the dry mouth and helps you sleep at night. Use with a humidifier.
Afrin - using this if my nose gets blocked. Only used this once.

Simple Face Wipes - really great to clean your skin since you can't shower. Also to avoid breaking out after surgery.
Water Bottle - to ensure you always have water available. They say cute water bottles make you drink more water ;)
Kids Toothbrush - I read this somewhere from someone's review. I couldn't use my electric toothbrush so I was very happy I picked up one of these :) sparkly pink is the way to go!
Klorane Dry Shampoo- not washing your hair for 5-7 days is tough. This makes if better ;)
Face cream - keeping my face moisturized was important. I love Kiehls and it kept my skin feeling hydrated post op.
Pimple Cream - I had some stress pimples since I was so anxious pre-op. This helped keep them all under control :)
Lip Balm - all the time! everyday! all the time!

My Supplies Guide - Part 3

Hi Everyone! Here is the last part of my guide :) I'll be making another one about foods to eat and avoid etc.

***DISCLAIMER*** These are only things that I have personally used for my personal recovery. I am not a doctor or a medical practitioner. These are only my thoughts and experiences with the following products. Please ask your surgeon if you are not sure about any of the following products. Thanks :)

Arnica Gel- I apply this to my cheeks, nose, and eyes for swelling and bruising.
Skin Sensitive Tape (blue one from CVS) - I prefer to use this one for gauze after surgery as it doesn't hurt. The one they provide will hurt a bit to change your gauze. I heard about this from another Dr. G patient. I highly recommend it.
Bromelain - 1000mg a day one week before and 2 weeks after for swelling.
Vitamin C - 2000mg a day for 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after for recovery and to avoid getting a cold.
Pill Holder - with all these pills and medicine I found it helpful. Especially to remember to take your pain medication before you are in pain.
AlkaSeltzer- only for the ride home from surgery.
Tiger Balm - my lower back was starting to hurt so this was helpful to ease the muscle pain in my lower back
Mederma - use this on nostril scars for a speedy recovery.
Neosporin - super important in my opinion. I use it on my nostrils and inside on the stitches.
Zicam - zinc in case you are getting sick or don't want to. I used this as I have been traveling a lot these past 3 weeks to avoid getting sick on the plane.
Tylenol Extra Strength - super important!! For most of my recovery I actually took half the prescribed norco and a Tylenol to avoid constipation from the norco. I also felt the norco was making me very out of it so limiting that was also good.
Mouth wash - for times you can't brush your teeth or if you vomit (SO happy i didn't that was my biggest fear !!)
Olive Oil - Dr. G recommends olive oil for inside the nostrils post cast removal

There's lots of talk about Arnica all over the revies/forum and I found it hard to get clear direction on using it. Here is what I used and what doses. Overall, I took Arnica 30C, 200C, 1M (most potent).

30C (5 pellets, 3 times a day) for 1 week, 2 weeks before surgery.
200C (5 pellets, 3 times a day) for the 5 days out of the week before surgery
1M (5 pellets, 3 times a day) 2 days before surgery to build up the Arnica in my system. You should not start at 1M (strongest potency) rather you should build up to it. I took my last bit of arnica 1M the night before surgery when I had to stop eating/drinking. I then took 1M for about 3 - 4 days post surgery. Now I am on 200 C until I finish it then 30 C till the swelling is gone. I also have arnica gel that I have been applying daily.

Note the little bottles the Arnica came in. You are NOT supposed to touch the pellets. They have a twisting mechanism so you put them in the cap and then directly under your tongue. It is very important not to touch the pellets (based on my research) as it diminishes the healing effect.

Here is a great link with more information on Arnica: http://www.dr-forsyth.com/Dr_Charles_Forsyth/Arnica.html

Hope this helps other patients out there :)


Day 14

Two weeks post op already! Feels crazy!! I can't believe it's gone by so quickly. This has truly been an emotional experience for me. I'd like to thank my fellow RS members for being so amazing through this time! So many of you have left me so many positive messages and have helped me through this tough time accepting my new nose. I have taken many photos from many angles to try to give you the best idea of what it looks like.

No matter how much you think you will not have the post rhino "depression" it kind of hits you out of no where. To be transparent I have cried multiple times since cast removal for various reasons- and that's completely normal! This is a serious and life changing surgery. For me, it's been hard looking in the mirror and not seeing "me" looking back and having to get used to this new person. I think the piggy/avatar look didn't help the first week but overall accepting that you won't look the same is difficult especially when you don't see that "perfect" face you envisioned you would have after spending +$10k . This is where patience comes in- have faith that your surgeon did their best and that you will have the results you spoke about. I keep going back to my last meeting with Dr. G and I remember everything he said would happen and I hold on to the fact that my tip will be smaller, my bridge more defined, nostrils smaller, and columella lower. I just have to wait and hope that everything else goes according to plan. There is SO much swelling still... this is not the end... so wait it out!

Now, I am happy with the way my nose is shaping up overall. I'm learning to accept that this is an evolution. Everyday I look different and small things are changing. The biggest thing has been learning to love myself again. There is no going back- no turning around. My nose was not perfect before and it will not be perfect now and that's the reality. I am lucky to see so much positive change in my nose and breathing so early on and I am grateful for that but the road is still long. I hope that my nose continues to refine and that all of my bones and cartilage heal correctly. That's one of my biggest fears that it won't heal straight. Only time will tell though.

Right now I have uneven swelling so one side is less refined than the other. Honestly this shows up more in the photos than in person IMO. Dr. G showed me in his office that if you take photos too close to your face it widens your nose and distorts what you are seeing. He took photos of me with my phone from close and far and the difference is dramatic. The key is to see both of your ears in the photo for it to be realistic OR use a DSLR.

One other concern is scarring on my left nostril. I had a lot of swelling on that side so the sutured skin became inflamed. Dr. G says it should heal fine. I worry that it will turn into a keloid so I'm keeping an eye on it. The other side is looking great.

What I'm doing still:
- Humidifier at night
- Taping at night - I remove the "water" from my bridge before and a few times a day.
- Sleeping upright
- Taking Arnica, Bromelain , Vit C, Multivitamin
- Lubricating my nose with Vaseline, Neosporin, Mederma, Vitamin E
- Gently exfoliating my nose
- Pineapple every day
- Green smoothie with kale spinach and pineapple coco water etc daily
- Trying to avoid mirrors haha

I'll update in another week or so with changes about my nose. Friday will be the first day I see people I know post op. Quite nervous! I'll let you know how that goes :)

Consultation / Pre-Op Review

Hi Everyone!

I have had a lot of people ask me about consulting with Dr. G and what we discussed in Pre-Op. They also want to know what I showed him or asked for.

I brought in the photos above. I had many examples of profiles, tips, nostrils, slopes that I liked and disliked. I went over each one to make sure that the overall aesthetic that I likeD was communicated. I did NOT tell Dr. G what to do and what not to do. Even he said - the only time people are unhappy with their results is when they say he can't do something specific. This was more about communicating what I like in a nose to feed into his vision.

For example: some people hate having a columella and want theirs gone. I liked having one and liked having a double break in my columella and I wanted to keep that. See that in most of the noses in my photos (Natalie Portman, Salma Hayek). I thought the non-columella look would not work for me.

Same thing for the tip. Some people like to have a pointy tip - i wanted to have more of a "double" pointed tip -look at Angelina Jolie's nose it doesn't have a singular point. Also a supra tip break was another thing I wanted and showed him via my morph and celeb photos.

I wanted a straight-ish profile. I have had many people message me saying he does super sloped noses how is mine straight - I communicated what I wanted. I showed him these photos. All of the noses here are straight with a slight slope to it and thats the result i got from the side.

Also important - i had a "NO" page. All the noses i did not like for various reasons. I wanted to make sure he knew there were specific aesthetics i didn't think would work for me and I highlighted that. I feel that this is important because we ended up discussing more and getting into the details of what would be possible and what wouldn't work. Keep in mind that I only had 1 in person meeting with Dr. G the day before my surgery so it was vital that we were on the same page.

I also brought in results from some of his patients on Real Self and on his website for reference :)

I hope this helps some of you preparing for your consultation or pre-op with Dr. G or any other surgeon !!


Days 16/17/18 - Slowly Refining!!

Just want to update you on my nose slowly refining these past few days. It is starting to straighten out more and more. One side is still less defined and swollen but i'm feeling better about it :) It goes to show what a few days can change especially this early on in recovery. Compare the front now to Day 14 above and it is crazy! The photos are not from today actually but from Days 16/17/18 over the weekend. I hope this helps some other people in recovery to see that it does change from one day to the next. Even if i compare morning to night - it's super swollen in the morning and by the evening it looks a lot better. I'm loving my side profile even though the columella will drop more. The frontal is refining nicely so i'm pretty excited to see where we are in a month then 2 months etc. Breathing is insane! I can breathe for the first time. Last night i slept with my mouth closed !!!! I didn't mention this before but i had a seriously deviated septum Dr. G was shocked, as well as a collapsed nasal valve (couldnt breathe through one nostril), and multiple bone spurs all due to an accident I had when I was a child. This surgery has really changed my life in that regard. I always had my mouth open which made me look even worse haha.

On another note - i bailed on the party on Friday as i wasn't feeling super good plus too nervous to see people. Tomorrow is the day i'll see everyone in the office so wish me luck :) I'll finally let you know what its like in my 3 week update. I'll also post separately about travelling for surgery etc.


Travelling Abroad for Rhinoplasty

Hi Everyone!

I have had many people from all over the world (Europe, US, Aussie, Canada) message me asking for more information on travelling for rhinoplasty. I have decided to answer it in detail here for everyone. FYI: this is based on my experience with Dr. Grigoryants. Other surgeons may have different requirements/schedules.

+ You need to arrive at least 2 days before your operation. Dr. G recommends you stay in LA for 8 days after surgery.
+ My operation was on January 28th, my pre-op was on January 27th, so I arrived on January 26th. I wanted the 26th/27th to set up and buy all of my supplies/food etc.
+ Dr. G normally removes the cast between 5-7 days after surgery. I have read from some people they got theirs off at 4 days. I was told 5-7. Depending on your surgery it may be different. My cast was removed on Feb 2nd (5 days post).
+ I left LA on Feb 7th (10 days after surgery) and I am happy I stayed for 10 days post op.
— Why? because I got to meet with Dr. G on 4 occasions: 1- Pre-Op, 2- Surgery, 3- Cast Removal, 4- Check Up the day before leaving. I am not sure he sees everyone for the 4th time as many people leave right after cast removal. I was happy to stay the extra days and see him again after all the shock of this new nose settled in. Right after cast removal I was crying/emotional/in shock so I wasn’t able to focus on key questions etc. Only thing on my mind was "WOW MY NOSE". Having that 4th meeting was key as it reassured me of everything and helped me collect my thoughts/questions. For in town/local patients he normally sees that at 1 month post op - since i don’t live there it was nice to see him that last time. Again not mandatory just my experience. Dr. G was the one that suggested I see him one more time before leaving since I was still in town. Again, shows how caring he is :)

+ Accommodation options are Hotel or Air BnB. I preferred to have an Air BnB because it is more private, I had a nice fridge, stove (for tea etc), TV, space.
+ Air BnB is also great if you have family/friend coming with you so they have their own room/bed/couch. My bf could not sleep in the same bed as we were scared he would hit me in his sleep. This way he could make calls/work/watch TV without disturbing my daytime sleeping. It helped this way since having him in the bed would have made it 100x harder to sleep upright.
+ The Air BnB I stayed at: https://www.airbnb.ca/rooms/4541430
— There was a Wholefoods and CVS across the street which made me VERY happy during recovery with my green smoothies and soups ;)
— I believe the final cost for the Air BnB was $2,500 USD roughly.

+ I stayed in Venice. This is by no means CLOSE to Dr. G’s office. It would take anywhere from 30 mins - 1 hr to get to his office.
+ I stayed there because my boyfriends friends live around there so he could see them AND it is a really cool hip area to walk around, shop, sightsee etc.
+ I would recommend staying in Glendale if you don’t want to be in the action.

+ Getting around LA is annoying - there is ALWAYS traffic hence the wide range of times it takes to get to Dr. G’s office. ALWAYS plan for traffic!!!
+ We rented a car from Enterprise Car Rentals for $250 for the 12/13 days that we were there. This was really great as not having a car would have been very difficult. Gas was very cheap. I think we only spent $40.
+ UberX !!! SUPER CHEAP and great to get around. If you stay in Glendale this might be a great option to get around.

+ Some people asked about airports etc. I arrived at LAX - the international airport. LAX -> Venice is 15 mins.
+ My flight cost $500 USD roundtrip from Toronto.
+ I think it’s important to have someone with you especially if you take the prescription pain killers. I would be so out of it/high that I couldn’t get up in the middle of the night to pee. Also, I think that icing for the first 72 hours is important to reduce swelling/bruising. My boyfriend would change my ice masks every 30 mins which was AMAZING! He would also make me food/smoothies/soups etc. I just focused on getting better. If you have to do it alone you can but I can’t give you guidance on that as I couldn’t have done it my self. The ladies who did this surgery alone are REAL troopers!!
+ Travel Insurance - I purchased RBC (my bank in Canada) medical travel insurance for $50. This is supplemental to my OHIP which covers me normally in Canada. I figured if anything goes wrong during surgery the medical insurance should cover the fee’s if I need to be transferred or something. Not 100% sure about this but i didn’t want to spend $500 on other insurance and felt this was my best bet.

+ They offer you a nurse to stay with you ($25/hr) if you are by yourself. I believe your are “supposed” to have someone with you for the first 24 hrs.
+ Overall they are very busy but helpful.
+ His office tends to get very busy after 5:30 PM with people after work etc. Although I never had to wait during my 4 meetings which was great. I have heard otherwise for some other patients waiting for an hour.
+ His office is located at the hospital - i didn’t know that till I got there.
+ People I spoke with: Ani (pre-op), Gayane (booking), Lorita (payment)
+ Consultation
— I emailed his office - they gave me Dr. G's email and told me to send Dr. G my photos
— Dr. G got back to me with the usual "refine the tip, remove the hump, adjust the nostrils" - I have realized that he writes pretty similar stuff for everyone. He then quoted me $9,500.
— I asked him questions and we went back and forth via email/Skype.

$3,340 = $2,500 (lodging) + $500 (flight) + $250 (car) + $50 (insurance) + $40 (gas)
$9,500 = Dr. Grigoryants, Operating Room, Anesthesiologist
$80 = Prescription Medication (pain killer, antibiotics, anti nausea)
$150 - $200 = Food (Wholefoods is SO expensive)
$300 - $400 = Supplies from my guide - I have no idea how much I spent in the end as I bought stuff over 6 months.

TOTAL = $13,370 - $13,520 USD


1 Month Post Op

Hi Everyone!! So it has officially been one month post op!! Time is moving fast yet really slowly. I keep having to remind myself that I am only ONE MONTH!!! There is still a ton of swelling and there will be for a while ... very tough!

Overall I am happy with the direction my nose is going in. My breathing is still amazing vs. my pre-rhino breathing. My concerns at this point are the following: Uneven swelling pushing my nose to one side and the scarring on one of my nostrils. Based on reviews I have read both should get better. I am emailing Dr. G tonight for our 1 month follow up and I will let you know what he says regarding my concerns. I am sure everything will get better with time but I want to hear that from him! haha

What I am still doing:
- Humidifier at night
- Taping at night
- Trying to avoid salty food... so hard
- Cleaning my nose 3 times a day at least with saline, neosporin etc
- Trying to sleep upright... i start to wake up laying almost flat now :\

I am seeing my swelling go up and down!! It's crazy!! I had a pizza with olives and anchovies (salty) about 2 days ago and I am still swollen in my tip. The swelling really does change throughout the day. I'll try to keep the salt out and show you guys photos or my less swollen nose. These photos IMO are on the swollen side.

Regarding the feeling of my nose - it's still stiff!! Getting slightly better. Lots of zingy feelings - I sometimes have the urge to scratch certain parts inside my nose with a q-tip... thank god for the box of q-tips next to my desk :D I have pains in my nose some times especially with the cold wind here in Canada.

I have pulled out some crazy things this week... very surprising at 1 month post to be having stitches and weird crusty things coming out for me but it is normal just crazy how i could breathe EVEN better after haha. I can tell now that there is a lot more stuff to come out i.e. more healing i.e more swelling to go away. I REALLY hope my nose is turns out straighter than it currently is and the scar doesn't being a Keloid... that would be a nightmare. I am optimistic that it will all turn out great but just sharing my deep dark fears with you all :)

I have uploaded lots of up close images. Showing you my scar concern etc. Please let me know your thoughts!! If anyone has some tips for healing, swelling, scars I am all ears!!!

Thanks for following my journey and HAPPY HEALING!!! :)

P.S: I took all these photos with my DSLR (almost the same one Dr. G has in his office), so these photos are more "accurate" vs. my iPhone photos :)

First Side by Side Comparison

I had some people ask for a side by side. I'll try to make more but this was the first one :)

5 Weeks Post Op

Here is an update on my nose this week 5 weeks post op. Swelling is up and down. I have posted photos of after working out and in the morning. I flew to Miami yesterday to visit family. Nose got a bit swollen on the plane but it was a lot better than my flight from LA to Toronto.

Update overall:
Swelling is still uneven (not unusual).
Nose still feels stiff.
I'm still cleaning my nose with Q-Tips
No congestion
Scar is showing more improvement
I can feel that my bridge is still swollen on either side. Compared to my BF's nose which is hard my nose is soft/swollen. Which is exciting as there is more change to come.
My tip is still very stiff (very normal). I am slooowlllyyy getting my smile back. I still feel like my lip/nose gets stuck when i speak or laugh a lot . Very excited to feel back to normal hopefully at 6 months.
Weird things still coming out - i am sure i have more stitches in there as i can feel them inside.
My nose is starting to feel more like my own!
My tip still has this semi-numb sensation when i touch it which means that its still very swollen.

Overall i am very happy so far. It looks great and natural IMO. The photos don't do it justice. I have read the same thing from other patients - depending on the person photos just dont show what you look like in the mirror. It should get better as the swelling goes down. I am excited to see the progress over the next 2-3 months. My breathing is still doing well which is nice since i am now less of a mouth breather!

Let me know if you have any questions/comments :)


6 Weeks Post Op + Swelling Tips + Dr. G response on Swelling/Scar

Hi Everyone!!

Here is an update from this week. Swelling is going down and my scar is healing up (YAY). I took pics yesterday at the office. I must attest that I have been having my fair share of wine/beer/salty food this past week + flying + unhealthy food/burgers + gyming etc. On a side note this past week I have FINALLY got like 90% of my smile back!!! YAY!!!! So so soooo happy about that!!!

I also forgot to share my response from Dr. G regarding my concerns at 1 month post op. I am sure it might help some of you with similar concerns. So here it is:

Hi *****

Thank you for the update. The nose looks beautiful.

1) Swelling - I know it is early. It seems that the tip is pushing to one side. Is this something that you think will resolve? I assume so but I’d like to get your perspective.


2) Scar on nostril - I have attached an up close photo of my left nostril for you to see. Do you think this will heal ok? Is there anything I should be doing to prevent a bad scar or keloid? It feels itchy on occasion as well. I try to keep it moisturized throughout the day and clean it etc.



I also want to share some swelling tips as I have gotten some questions from members about that.

What works for me is the following:
- Avoid salty foods ....it's hard but i can see the effect it has.
- NO alcohol! If you really want no swelling don't drink - SIMPLE. I cant say I have done this myself but I know it has a big impact. I had some drinks last night and today WOW! It doesn't feel good!!
- Taping at night = nice defined nose in the morning.
- Sleep on your back!!!!!!!!! Oh wow !!! I am trying to sleep upright still but it's hard. Try to at least sleep on your back to have even swelling vs. on your sides.
- I'm still taking bromelian 1000 mg and arnica 200 c daily
- Once I'm out of tape I will apply topical arnica at night
- I eat pineapple every other day now
- Drink lots of water and eat healthy
- I think moving/working out etc is good ... You swell for a bit but it will help overall
- I clean my nose 1-3 times a day depending. I mention what I use in my posts above.
- Patience !!! It's THE most important thing there is!!

For other members waiting for your tip to drop still - it takes time but every week I see more and more definition and more of my columella so don't worry about it especially if you are early on (1-6 months).

I will make a separate post on Post Op supplies and Skin Care (gosh what a BATTLE!) as I have had some questions on those a swell :)

Wishing all of you the best this weekend!! Happy Healing !!! xxxxx

2 Months Post Op

Hi Everyone!!

So I am officially 2 months post op. I have been super super busy and finally took some time to take photos before going out. I took these on my iPhone so not 100% accurate but you get the idea. My nose is slowly refining. I have good nose days and "bad" days depending on if I eat healthy or drink alcohol. I had a beer an hour before these photos were taken as an FYI. I have also taken a few photos farther away (by my bf) so you can see it from a far.

I still have a slight bump on my bridge it is squishy so I expect it will go down. I plan on emailing Dr. G an update and to let him know. The one side that was swollen has gone down slightly and varies day to day. Some days it is hard others it is soft and more refined. Overall heading in the right direction.

My nostril scar is fading nicely, almost all gone now. I am applying vitamin E 2x a day. I am still cleaning out my nose with q-tips. I don't feel confident / comfortable enough to blow my nose fully haha. My nose hurts when i yawn which is annoying but it hurts less and less every week. I actually feel there is a stitch or something STILL in there... idk it feels like there something that wants to come out haha.

The sides of my bridge are still soft as well meaning there is still swelling. Swelling EVERYWHERE! haha I like my nose nose now overall (amazing improvement) and I am excited to see how it refines more and more over the year. My columella has come out more balancing the height of my nose which has been great. The supratip is still visible which is also great and I hope it stays :)

Breathing is still great. Smile is like 90% there. My nose still feels stiff. I cant rub my lips together when I apply lipstick for example without it straining my face. I can say that my nose feels like MY nose now. I am very happy with my results so far and I am crossing my fingers everything else goes smoothly :)

I have posted MANY photos of many views/lighting/angles/smiling/non-smiling so you get the idea as I feel cameras can play tricks so you can get a better idea.

I am going to LA for work in May and I just booked my follow up appointment with Dr. G which is very exciting :) Please let me know if you have any questions !!

Happy Healing!!! xxxxxx

10 Months Post Op

Hi Everyone!

First of all I am very very sorry for not updating you sooner. Life has been crazy. The other reason was that the swelling was hard to deal with. It still is hard and I feel there is still swelling left. So far I am still unsure about the results. It is an improvement but i am not 100% where I was expecting. Only two things bother me right now. 1) I have a residual bump on my bridge and 2) I feel that the tip of nose goes to one side. This could resolve according to Dr. G at 12-14 months and if not he will have to fix it. Overall I love the look of my nose but I would like the residual bump to be gone and for the tip to be more centred. I am just not sure I could go through a full surgery again - maybe only an in office change. Let me know what you think and thank you all for the support you have given to me along the way :)
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

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