22 Years Old, No Kids/no Major Weight Loss. Breast Lift with Implants + Lipo on Armpits - Miami, FL

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I am a young, fit 22 year old woman. I have never...

I am a young, fit 22 year old woman. I have never the "perky" breasts I desire (despite having no children, and never having lost a significant amount of weight)

I've been wanting to do something about my boob situaiton (lol) for years and I finally decided to bit the bullet.

It is really scary going under the knife for a cosmetic procedure....but after finding the right doctor I am SO glad I did. My biggest hesistation is the fact that I was never able to find a young women with similar concerns as me. Most women looking to get a lift have had kids or lost a lot of weight.

Hopefully my review/updates will help another young lady out there on her plastic surgery journey.

choosing a size

pretty squishy (these are natrelle implants

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my biggest concern going into this surgery was picking a size. I was so worried I end up too large.

I am a very active person. I teach pilates and am also a certified personal trainer. I want nice, full, perky breasts....but nothing too large!!!

A small-mid C is what I was going for. I tried on implants so many times (even asked to do it again the morning of surgery).

The staff was so kind to me and gave me time to test out the implants one more time before going under the knife. Amanda (a patient coordinator) even came into the room to give me some feedback and help me think through the decision. Ultimately, I decided that i liked the look of 240 CCs, but amanda informed me that Dr. H would likely put implants 50ccs larger than that into my body (once the implants are under the muscle, they look much smaller). In order to achieve look of 240....you gotta go with 300-310ccs basically.

That scared the crap out of me because when i tried on the 300cc implants they just seemed way too big for me!! Anyways, these people are experts so I trusted them.

Day of surgery

day of surgery

man i was nervous!!! I just couldn’t believe i was finally going through with this. Something I have wanted for so long …but obviously any kind of surgery is nerve wracking.

Also, I was still freaking out about my implant size. Having a lift means that breast tissue is going to be removed. Were the implants I picked out big enough to compensate for the lost tissue? If I went any bigger would I regret it? What if I’m not going big enough?? the questions persisted nonstop…

Finally, when I got to see Dr. H I asked for his advice. I showed him my #1 wish pick and said “do whatever you can to make me look like this!!”

He assured me that the outcome would be great and reminded me several times I had nothing to worry about. My interactions with him were brief, but they never felt rushed. He answered every question I had and then he began to mark me up.

During this time, I also mentioned to him that I disliked the excess fat near my armpits (i’ve tried every exercise and it just won’t go away!!!). He said that little liposuction could easily correct this problem. Also, unlike advice i’d received from other doctors, Dr. H assured me that having a lipo at the same time as breast lift/implants is totally safe. With that I said “GREAT LETS DO IT!!"

From there I was moved into the OR. I met the anesthesiologist. He was quite friendly…but honestly in a matter of seconds i was asleep.

About 2 hours later the procedure was over. I woke up very confused and sedated. I was shivering uncontrollably and in a lot of pain. My recovery nurse was wonderful though. She provided me a heated blanket and pain meds immediately.

I showed up to the Drs office for surgery at noon and by 4pm I was on my way out. My friend was in the waiting room the whole time. she pulled the car up and together her and the nurse helped me get into the car.

The nurse told me i needed to eat as soon as possible, so my friend had a homemade sandwich ready and waiting for me. It was just wheat bread, turkey and cheese. I was sooooo nauseous from the anesthesia though that literally, after one bite, I was threw all of it up. The rest of the car ride home was hell. I had the spins, and every bump in the road was painful

Once I got home my friend helped me get into bed. she gave me an anti-nausea pill and lots of gatorade. With in 10 mins the nausea was gone. my friend spoon feed me a smoothie (probably 4 oz) so I could take some pain pills. After that I passed out for several hours.

When i woke up around 8 or 9 pm I was feeling much better. I was experiencing pain and pressure in my chest, but thats about it! I was about to get up and walk around. I even made myself a little salad for dinner.

After that it was back to bed ????

Post op updates!!!

Ok so i had surgery 5 days ago now! Here are some pictures of my progress.

Things that are still hard to do:
- lift arms above head
- open heavy doors
- sleep on my side (my normal sleeping position)
- shower (it's hard to squeeze shampoo bottles and such)
- generally anything that requires the flexion, extension, or exertion of chest muscles (so things as simple as pushing your body back in bed, or pulling car doors shut, carrying a large purse, changing can be really hard without help)
- hard to brush hair (requires lifting arms up high obviously)
- oh my gosh and bloating......holy crap. I looked like I was pregnant by day 3 post op. After using a gentle laxative things are finally starting to come back to normal

pictures from 4 days post op and updated on how i am feeling

I wanted to share a few pics that i took yesterday. Everything is healing nicely and so far I am happy with the results. I can't wait for them to soften even more and to fully drop into place. At this point they are still pretty hard and high, as you can see. But the pain as subsided substantially. I am only taking painkillers at night at this point.

The pain killers can cause serious constipation....hence why I was so bloated for the first few days. Anesthesia apparently contributes to bloating as well. Anyways after taking a laxative (generic Walgreens brand) I was able to go to the bathroom. This relieve the pressure in my stomach and made me feel so much better in general. I am now drinking water everyday with a scoop of miralax in the morning. This is helping me maintain regularity. I know its kinda gross....but I would definitely advise anyone going into breast surgery to have laxatives on hand. You won't regret it!

As for fun stuff. I spent the day walking around South beach, shopping, and hanging out with my boyfriend. We had a great time and with his help I was able to actually try on some clothes! We walked a total of 8,000 steps today. I am pretty tired but overall I feel great. My boobs are still pretty sore but I can tell they are getting better every day.

results from armpit lipo - SO happy i decided to do this

I have always had these little fat pads on my armpits. I've had them since childhood. I've tried rigorous and diverse exercises over the years, and I could never get them to go away. I am assuming the fat just had to do with genetics?

When I decided I wanted to get rid of this fat I found it very difficult to find info/reviews about this process. Did I need lipo? Would the fat need to be excised? Could I do this in combo with my breast lift/implant surgery? How would it affect my results/healing process? Basically is it "too much surgery at once"?

The answers to all these questions should be addressed by your speciific plastic surgeon. Get his or her adivce, and plan accordingly. They are the experts.

In my situations, Dr. H told me that I could remove the fat via lipo and that it would not affect my healing process. I was also told by one of his patient coordinators that getting lipo on your armpits must be done BEFORE you get implants. Once the implants are in, there is a risk that the lipo cannula could hit the implant and pop/break them.

So this is just something to keep in mind...if you want to lipo your armpits AND you plan on getting implants you should either do it at the same time (so the surgeon can do the lipo first), or do separate surgeries in which LIPO is FIRST and IMPLANTS are SECOND.

Here are my results. I am SO happy with them .

One week post op!

Today was officially one week post op. I'm feeling great and noticing improvements in my breast everyday.

They are getting softer and slowly dropping (I can tell a difference already!)

I spent sometime shopping yesterday and today and learning out how to dress my new figure. It was a little hard taking clothes on and off, but with the help of my boyfriend, the process was totally manageable.

For the first time in my life I bought a backless top. It is so empowering knowing i can wear sexy tops with out a bra!! It's a something I've never experience and I'm loving it ????????????????

First day back to work. Hard day

Yesterday morning I traveled home from Miami to DC. My flight was at 6 am so I had to be up extra early. I told the airline at check in that I just had surgery, so I was able to get medical assistance. This included someone carrying my bags, pushing me in a wheel chair to my gate, skipping security lines, and assistance bringing my suitcase from baggage claim into the my uber. AMAZING! I was traveling alone (my boyfriend was flying elsewhere for work) and I wouldn't have been able to do this with out the medical assistance. Highly recommended.

Anyways yesterday I was so tired by the time I got home... But I couldn't go take a nap. I had so many real life things to catch up on before getting back to work.

My pain was moderate, so I took a Tylenol and made a smoothie. Out of nowhere I got soooo nauseous. 30 mins later I was vomitting. I have no idea what happened, but after that I laid down took pepto bismol and went to bed.

Today, I returned to work. For the most part I was ok. Sitting for long periods can be hard bc the 90 angle puts a lot of pressure on the healing incisions. Also the skin on the sides of my breasts feels so irritated right now. There is no visible rash, but that's what it feels like. I've been washing my boobs with anti bacterial soap every day so maybe that why....? I have no idea but at work today it was really bother me. There were two times when I went to the bathroom just to take my bra and shirt off and give my body a break ahaha. The fresh air feels nice on them (plus no bra rubbing the sensitive areas).

Anyways, all in all my first day back at work was a success. I miss Miami and the beautiful weather.... But my boobs are looking better everyday!

Oh one more thing.... The bloating is back. I've realized that the narcotics make me very consitpated. I took one two days ago and I'm looking and feeling like a whale today. Good news is with a lot of water and a little miralaX, that problem can be solved hahah

Boobs are burning! any suggestions???

Over the past two days I've noticed that a burning, almost rash like sensation on the outsides of my breasts (meaning the lateral left and right sides of my boobs).

The burning isn't the perfect term, but it's the best descriptor I can think of at this time. Basically, my skin I extremely irritated and tender. Like I said it, it feels like a rash!! Weird thing is though....there are no visible signs of rash. From what I can see, my skin looks the same as it did several days ago when this pain didn't exist

That said, I am totally confused what's going on. Anyone out there have a similar experience? Why is this happening? What remedies should I be using for the pain?

Any suggestions/intell would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks so much to anyone who shares their advice in advances :)

First steri-strips fell off!!!! (also burning has subsided)

Yesterday my first set of steri-stips fell off. I was excited by this so that I could finally see my incisions. I was nervous bc I am germ-a-phobic and the strips were providing me an admittedly, false sense of security against infection. I have been washing my breasts with anti-bacterial soap every time i shower though so I know things should be ok :)

Anyways here are some pics of what my breasts looked yesterday morning, before the strips fell off, and in the evening, afterwards.

I applied Biocorneum scar cream to all my incisions that are now exposed. Rubbing it in didn't hurt at all. In fact, it was soothing. Side note: Amazon is the cheapest place to buy this stuff (at least right now). I got my bottle on there for $78 (link below). My PS was selling the same size bottles at his office for $150 each! Amazon prices fluctuate... so can't guarantee it'll be $78 by the time you look at it. My point is, If you need this scar cream, do a little research before you buy and make sure you're not getting screwed on the price.


Physical Update: how I am feeling 13 days post op

Overall I am happy with my progress. As my pain decreases, I am gaining back more and more mobility each day. I am taking Tylenol about 2-3 times a day now. I am no longer taking the Vicodin prescribed by Dr. H. I will use valium or Z-quil to fall asleep at night though. Sleeping on my back is very unnatural for me so I the drugs help me fall asleep in this otherwise uncomfortable position. For those of you that are also post-op, how long did it take before you could sleep on your side after surgery.

- still not driving
- Not wearing bra provided by surgeon (haven't been since ~post-op day 4) . I found something much more comfortable at under armour.
- opening heavy door still hurts
- walking too fast still hurts
- pain along the incisions is most concentrated and intense
- can do most things myself at this point, except for lifting heavy objects and reaching for things high above my head
- gaining more agency....but exhaust quite easily (very tired by 3pm on a work day)

Boobs are looking more natural each day. They still have quite a ways to go in terms of dropping and fluffing, but there is notable progress each day. I will post some updated pictures tomorrow. Are there any types of photos you ladies would like to see in particular? Any questions you have?

I want to provide whatever helpful insights I can! Let me know :)

3 months post op! Sorry I haven't updated In so long...

Hey everyone,

I was getting some comments on my posts asking for updates. My result have come along way and I'm so happy!!!

I will take a few more photos and post them on here today. But here's a quick peak at what my boobs look like now!

As for pain- it's almost completely subsided. Only hurts if I squeeze my boobs really hard. I am able to workout every day, run jump, lift... No problems! Still no push-ups, bench presses or chest flys (DRs orders).
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I traveled from Washington, DC to have this procedure. I had three consultations with plastic surgeons proximal to my home, and a virtual consultation with Dr. H. As crazy as it sounds, I knew right away after speaking with Dr. H, that I wanted him to perform my breast lift/augmentation. His experience, patience, and expertise were so apparent over the phone. He made me feel more comfortable and confident than all the surgeons I'd talk to (crazy since I hadn't even met him in person!!). I received a price quote via email within 24 hours of my consultation with Dr. H. Much to my surprise, his quote was cheaper than any price I'd been quoted in DC. Given how renowned he is, I was not expecting this. Anyways, it is not about the money...but it's nice to know that he's not charging a ridiculously high price just because of his brand/name. I booked my surgery three days after my phone consultation. And about a month later I flew down to Miami for surgery. The staff at Dr. H's office is AMAZING. They are so caring and willing to answer any questions you might have. I emailed my patient coordinator 20+ times leading up to surgery and she always answered in 24 hours or less. Dr. H is very busy himself and I did not get to spend that much time with him during my pre-op/the day of surgery, but he did not rush me at all. He answered every question I had. He made me feel comfortable. He looked at my wish pics, advised me on how I could achieve my desired results, etc. All around, he was very kind and helpful. Our interactions were brief, but the guy is an expert and he gave me the attention I needed to ensure a safe and desirable outcome. I am currently 3 days post op and things couldnt be better. I am so happy with the outcome so far and I can't wait to see how things progress as my boobs continue to heal! I plan to keep an updated feed on my progress....so stay tuned!!

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