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Hello everyone! im a 21 year old, mother of a 6...

Hello everyone! im a 21 year old, mother of a 6 month old boy(the love of my life!). Before him i use to weigh 115. I then shot up to 178lb towards the end of my pregnancy. Ive dropped to a steady 127lb but my skin has stretched out soo much that it basically is like it deflated lol. Especially my breast. They are so flat and droopy now. Ive lost a whole cup size and i was only a small b to begin with. My hips are genetics kind of flat in both sides. Ive been real iffy about all this but after seeing the results of "encoredoll" i decided to go for it! She got her beauty body done by Dr. Mcadoo in miami, FL. And being that i fell inlove with her results so much so i called and put in down my deposit yesterday morning! I have yet to have receive any emails like they said they were going to send me. .. ill probaby call and check on that later today. i put up some photos of the dream body id like to have! Now i know ill probably not get exactly that but hopefully goals are to get close to it! What i want is to have a small waist, fuller round hips, bigger breast maybe a full C, and bigger arounder glutes like the photos i have postedd. Hoping i can do sometime in November.

My current body

Truthfully i dont feel comfortable uploading these photos of my body but ill be fine cause i know im not going to have this body too much longer!!..

cheap flights and hotels, miami??

So i thought i should share this for those who didnt know like i didnt. you're required to pay in full at least 10 days before your appointment ! They give you 18 months to do so... meaning i wont be able to get this done in November like i was hoping. I was told that im to call and pay every week... not every month!. And with the new date i picked out, that gives me 19 payments until my procedure. Im going for January 5th, 17!!! This is going to be tough but this is something i really want for myself. Sooo now that i got that figured out im looking into flights and hotels! ((Btwww Dr.Mcadoo works here now 18205 Biscayne Blvd., Ste. #100 Aventura, FL 33160)) can anyone help recommend me to a cheap hotel out by here in miami fl ? Im not from around there.

Can getting fat transfered result to loose skinn???

I was looking at my stomach and started thinking how wrinkly it looks after having my baby. Thats after my stomach shrunk back down.. i was wondering how my stomach may end up looking after having fat removed from there and transfered? I read alot of people ended up having to get a tummy tuck after a bbl!.. The scars look serious. Do you think i may end up being someone who would need a tummy tuck? If so is there anyway i can get my stomach tighten without having to do a tummy tuck? ????????????

Wish photo

Ive lost weight......

Sooo i should be heading down to miami within a week or two and im a little nervous. I have lost some weight due to stress and now i feel like i wont be able to get the results i was hoping for. Im now 121lb.. can someone tell me what is the ideal body weight for a bbl?

Omggg, so im omw to get my bbl done!

Im super nervous right now... its 512am im currently in the car omw to Seduction by Jordan the appoint is as 530am.... my dr is still Dr.Mcadoo .. and today im getting a bbl.
You guyss! Please wish me the best of luckk and that all comes out great!
my heart is pounding soo hard lol.
And oh these are the photos i took right before i left the house. My starting weight was 127lb. Im currently weighing 122lb..

After surgery

My surgery yesterday ended around 1030am. I have to say that was the worst pain of my life! I couldnt walk or do much of anything but cry and breath.. so please if u do plan to do something like this either do a recovery home or bring someone with you. I mean everyones pain tolerance are different but still you never know. I still suggest making sure you have someone to care after you once surgery is over. You are going to need the help.

My butt is way too big...!!!

Im super nervous. Does anyone know just how long it will take for this swelling to go down? And just how much of it will? Omg everyone has been staring as i got around the airport this morning.

Day 4 post op

Today i was finally able to take off my garment, wipe myself down, wash everything and soon itll be right back on. The swelling on my butt went down just a little bit since yesterday i believe.. my hips are still crazy wide and huge tho.
Can someone tell my when is the 2nd garment im suppose to wear and when i should start? Im pretty much winging everything. My dr hadnt given me really any intrusions on what to do since the surgery other than take my shot, and giving permission to shower after a week. Ive tried contacting the office but they havent gotten back.

1 week today

In 1 week, my butt has gotten alot smaller then it was at first.. which is making me nervous being that i still have 6 months to a year until my final results. My hips are smaller and one side is a little bigger then the other. Im having lots of indented lines, lumps, uneven, sags and pouches all over.. and my stomach is stick my waist not as small anymore? Whats going onnn??

Why is this happening

My body is undoing its self and if you see im becoming lumpy!??

Drain removal

Today im told to remove my drain... by myself... im having such a hard time cause it hurts pretty bad! I cant do it!... now im going to take a break and nap.... if anyone has taken their own drain out before please tell me about your experience!

Quite sad

So im back and im a bit upset. My butt has shrunk a lott!!! I was wondering if there is anthing i can do to stop it from getting any smaller! Is there any tricks or tips to help me make it bigger? Almost feel like waisted money. Dont get me wrong my shape is nice but im back to the same small size jeans i was before i started and even they are lose now...... ive also been losing weight and have no idea how to gain it back. Ive dropped down to 120lb !
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