1500ccs Breast Implant Revision Dr Hunsaker, Miami, FL

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Hi Dolls!!! I originally contacted Dr Hunsaker's...

Hi Dolls!!!

I originally contacted Dr Hunsaker's office to have my boobs redone and I was instantly impressed by his sweet patient coordinator Maria, who was very attentive, responsive, informing and courteous! I had lovely 550ccs for almost 13 years (a total of three augmentations in 20 years plus 2 breastfed babies) after so long with my last set I experienced asymmetry plus drooping and a wide gap between breasts, and all the typical ails of harboring old implants so after endless googling, boob stalking, boob shopping online, (Instagram, RealSelf, SimplyBreastImplants, JustImplants, Mentor LLC., and even porn sites, etc)... I was certain that an upsize to about 1100ccs would achieve the look that I wanted! Researching the best doctors in Florida with XL Breast Augmentation experience, Dr Hunsaker was one of the top surgeons suggested!!

I stayed in touch with Maria for about a month until she informed me that there was an open appointment due to a cancellation so I hopped on my broom and rushed to Miami right away! I had the consultation on a Wednesday submitted my blood work and had the surgery on Friday.

I suffer from anxiety attacks and anticipatory anxiety attacks and they were very careful with me and compassionate! The anesthesia tech was sweeter than cotton candy omg!!! I swear she was the most upbeat and cheery lady I have ever had the pleasure to meet and fall asleep on in 5minutes lol I wish I could've enjoyed experiencing her bubbly personality longer and even thank her for her positive calming nature, but that "amnesia serum" kicked in and I orbited my spaceship back to Venus! I was out like a light switch!! LoL But she was awesome! I cannot describe how amazingly sweet everyone in his office is! The anesthesia staff, the nurses, etc...

Doctor Hunsaker: Very relaxed, straight forward guy... (A modestly handsome contemporary fellow)... He was honest, down to earth and came across like a doctor and not a salesman!!! He simply was informative and kept things simple.. This helped minimize my anxiety! He informed me that he would try to achieve the look I desired based on photos and not a guessing game of CCs? It's very helpful to bring him photos of your desired results!!! He displayed a great level of professionalism with a warm personality and he was tender!

Upon my post op he informed me that he filled them to 1500ccs (Mentor Smooth Round Moderate Plus) and I'm absolutely shocked I could carry 1500ccs so well, they look normal in me and I'm immensely happy with my results! However; due to my anxiety I'm not very good on pills, drugs and other such stimulants (my idea of a good time is two glasses of Merlot at the most) so no pain killers have been able to stay down for more than 5minutes so I'm baring through the pain trying to manage with less harsh OTC pain Management! I'm a NYC chic so I've been trained to take the pain for the gain!!! I'm a NY GIANTs girl.. Go big or Go Home! Go Giants!!!

Everyday I am more grateful to transition closer and closer to a full recovery!! I'm so in love with my new round orbs of perfection!! Oh my laawd!!! :-)) He did an amazing job!!! I'm 5'9 and curvy so the 1500ccs really are meshing great with the shape of my body! There is swelling and tightness that is unimaginably uncomfortable but normal and I expect it to recede with time!

Tall curvy Caribbean Barbie with Big Guns !!!Reloaded!!! Watch out world, here I come!!!

***Will Update Progress Frequently***
**Happy To Answer Questions**
*Hugs and Kisses*

Day 4 -

Swelling going down and I'm more mobile during the day! I actually got 4 hours of sleep last night!

I'm loving them more and more everyday!

Day 6 new hair less pain up and moving.... Slowly

So so far so good moving forward getting better every day a lot of the swelling has receded and the form of the breasts are appearing more normal there is still tightness and pain and some tingling sensation sporadically but I cannot complain!

Every time I look at them I fall in love! Like newborn twins!

Nipples Healing after Mastopexy

I feel a burning tingling sensation every so often around the nipple area and my nipples are supersensitive so I just wanted to let you guys know that I did not lose sensation in the nipples on the contrary they are hypersensitive and I can't wait for the tape to fall off!

Day 6 - Constipation

Move your body ... Slowly

Explicit - Click to view

By this time your body has taking a beating and your GI system has been effected by the pain meds and swelling that slowly moves its way down the body to even the stomach and groin ... Get movin... Take a stool softener and walk...walking helps to increase circulation and significantly minimize chances of blood clots! I learned this from my Boobie Sister Jessica R. She's the best on Real Self and a Boob Goddess!

Boobsisters stick together, link up share tips and form lasting friendships with mutual interests! -Kisses-

***1 Week***

Yey!!! I made it to the 1 week mark and getting better and better everyday! Still tightness, soreness, a little bit swelling in the armpits and crease areas! I'm able to wash myself with minimal discomfort and I'm sleeping 4hours without pain at night! Feeling very positive... Not to mention my boobs are looking super great!

I'm so happy that Dr Hunsaker listened to what I wanted and gave me the full extra roundness that I desired... They are two perfect round boobies and my nipples look great!

A Boo Boo

I think I tore a stitch from doing too much too soon! My nipples were oozing a thin smelly liquid through my bandages and when I took them off to clean it I found the stitches on my left breast had popped! I contacted Dr H and he said to clean it well and add Bacitracin ointment so I've been doing that for almost a week!

***2 Weeks***

Despite a minor set back with the stitches from my mastopexy opening up I have been cleaning the incision area with peroxide and applying antibiotic ointment twice a day and covering with gauze!

The pain has receded significantly! I can move around on my own and drive, but bumps and potholes still takes teeth grinding to get through pain and discomfort!

-Morning Boob- OMG morning boob is like labor contractions... In your boob! They strike as soon as you wake up and go away usually after getting up and moving about getting your circulation going!

Barely any pain during the day just a tightness around the top of my breast pockets, that tightening sensation is achy and can be very uncomfortable if you have returned back to work at this point please take it easy and go slow! I stopped taking the Rx paid mess after I couldn't keep them down so I manage the discomfort with ibuprofen ...

I am right handed so mY right boob seems a little smaller and has dropped more than the left boob! The left boob is recovering from the stitch mishap but doing very well! I have noticed some mondors cords above and below my left breast which I call the Alpha Breast so ... Recovery is a long road but everyday is a blessing!

^*^3 Weeks^*^

Feeling Good

I still wake up with morning boob and somehow every evening at Or around 5PM my boobs hurt like clockwork! But during the day I'm up and moving, working, cooking... But still moving slowly, just much more comfortably able to be mobile and active a bit! There are some cramping and tightness in the upper pole and side boob which subsides about 10AM but other than that I am feeling no pain! Just the tightness and getting used to the weight!

I have a stair climber so I'm stepping for 15 minutes a day... It's very low impact and I take it slow but it's worth getting my legs moving and blood circulating! Im still having some issues with constipation so I'm hoping this will help because I hate laxatives and stool softners...

I have some stretchmarks around the boob and mostly under the boob so I have been applying BioOil on the breasts generously and religiously! It also helps with the phantom itching that randomly strikes ... It feels like Mosquitos at a disco...on your boob! Lol I'm guessing it's just from the stretching and healing of the skin... BioOil, cocoa butter, Shea Butter, coconut oil... These have been my saviours for three weeks and it's really helping to combat the stretch marks! I use oil in the morning to massage the areas effected by the dreadful morning boob cramps!

The torn stitch is healing very very well! I'm so grateful it's healing so nicely! Every morning the nipples ache during morning boob and my nipples are hypersensitive! I let them breathe about an hour a day propped up in my bed! There will be minor scarring, I've accepted this and have already researched options to correct the areola scars! I found nipple tattoo/Areola re-pigmentation as a highly effective option for concealing mastopexy scars! I plan to consult a professional on this after my healing process is complete! And I'm confident the final results will be excellent!!!

I Love Them... When I look in the mirror every morning I am reminded why all the pain and discomfort, sleepless nights, blood, sweat, stitches and money was worth it! I am so grateful!!!


(-: FINALLY 1 Month :-)

Feeling great! Still suffer from morning boob for about an hour each morning and still some soreness but they move and feel like boobs now, they are squishy in some areas and still stiff around the circle but they bounce and jiggle when I walk and move so Yey!!!!!!

The torn stitch has healed perfectly after following the docs advice and caring for it as he instructed... I'm grateful to have healed so well!


I've been recording progress everyday, taking photos daily and daily notes and I'm not the only one who's noticed they look fuller, rounder and bigger now then immediately post surgery! I'm falling in love with my boobs... Who needs a man when you've got a great pair or 34H boobs lol JK

I received my Mentor card in the mail and its official I am 1500cc .... Thank You Jessica.R.1986 for being my guardian angel... You're the best!



What a year! I am now all healed, totally active and the boobies have dropped and fluffed very well! I only have one issue! When I developed the infection from the spitting sutures I had to return and have the doc remove the vortex sutures in the left areola so after healing the left areola has stretched and has scarring! So one is bigger than the other!

I'm planning to have this corrected soon but I'm so grateful to have gotten this far into my healing! The breasts weigh about 3.5lbs each and are quite heavy! Around 6mos I could actually feel the weight shift and pressure of the chest! But I am ok now just ready to have the nipples corrected!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Doc Hunsaker is a very relaxed and straight forward, down to earth guy! He was honest, down to earth and very professional! He took his time to honestly advise me on how we could best achieve my desired results! His vast experience and consistent delivery of amazing results more than qualifies him to be revered as a "Boob God"... His hands crafted my excellence and I'm super happy to be a new "HunnyDoll"..

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