My Eyebrow Transplant Experience and the TERRIBLE Results. - Miami, FL

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This is my experience from two past procedures (in...

This is my experience from two past procedures (in 2008 and 2009) and my eyebrow progress today, in July of 2016.

I'm a past patient from Dr. Jeffrey Epstein. I found myself in a situation where I was looking around for the absolute best person in the eyebrow transplant business, and that's where I discovered Dr. Epstein. I had my first transplant way back in 2008! We did 650 grafts to the brows, taken from the side of my head. Unfortunately they didn't have the FUE procedure back then, so I still have an incredibly ridiculous scar there. It's become a real problem, because as a guy, I like to keep my hair very short, but I no longer can do that for fear of revealing the scar - and opening myself up to unwanted questions pertaining to it. UGH! I'm hoping to get this taken care of one day.

As for the actual hair growth, it was very disappointing - sorry to say. I had visions of all my self-conscious worries behind me. As the days go by, those little hairs wold slowly grow longer and longer. Or so I thought! You see, my sparse brows are due to my genetic heritage and kinda runs in the family. But it's something that never looks correct and growing up I'd be made fun of for it. This is something I've carried with me into adulthood and still rings true today. I never leave my house without my baseball cap pulled low over my head. I hate that.

Anyways, back to the growth. It was sparse to say the least. And my extremely curly hair isn't really an ideal selection to be used for a natural appearing brow. But Dr. Jeffrey Epstein is a man of his word and allowed me to come back in for a "touch up" procedure, absolutely free of charge. Of course traveling across the country is expensive, but at least I didn't have to pay for another procedure. The second graft count was about 200 to 250, because of the initial lack of hair growth the first time around. When visiting Dr. Epstein the second time in 2009, I still remember him looking at my progress and in a disappointing manner, he said "This is not typical."

I think he was a bit perplexed at my situation. Well, he wasn't the only one that was disappointed.

That was 2009 when I had the second procedure. And afterwords I slowly watched the progress. I did have more pronounced growth, enough at least to settle my self-conscious worries for a little while. It still wasn't what I hoped the brows to be, but it was something. If I were to grade my results as if it were an exam - I'd say it was a C+. I'm not grading the professionalism of the clinic and how welcoming they were. Because they were the absolute best! I couldn't have asked for better treatment. But at the end of the day, I paid for eyebrows and my end results are not worth the time, effort and stress of the entire matter.

Unfortunately as the years have gone by, the brows slowly have become thinner and thinner. Now it's almost back to square one. the vast majority of the hairs are gone and my extreme self-consciousness and worry has returned. I'm pretty bummed about it (to say the least). My current situation is practically that of an eyebrow comb-over. No joke... Well maybe it is. The joke is literally on me.
Because much over the growth occurs in one spot, and due to the lack of growth, I now keep the hairs quite long as to hopefully impede any appearance of bald spots. It doesn't work so well. So, under the right light, my brows actually cast a shadow. It's quite unbelievable really. What a predicament I'm in...

So now the money has been wasted, I've got these terrible god-forsaken eyebrows that look completely abnormal and to make matters worse, I've got an awful, awful 7 inch scar on my head. If I sound bitter, it's because I am.

But, I'm really hoping to have another procedure done soon enough -- if I can find the right guy for the job. It's just so darn expensive and really, it's a major gamble because the results are never certain. I don't say all this to keep people from trying Dr. Epstein's services, but I just wanted to fill you in on my experience with the clinic. And hopefully let you know that nothing is the be-all, end-all. I've learned that now.

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Please see my overall review. But, I think the stars below, aren't the most accurate reflection of this procedure. It doesn't list a category pertaining to results. And that's what's most important - the results! And in my experience, the results of my eyebrow transplant procedure were extremely poor. This is why I'm grading it 2 stars, and that's being generous. As for the clinic and staff -- they were super helpful and welcoming. They put me at ease and made sure I was completely taken care of and the most comfortable I could be. The clinic itself was very clean and orderly. It's exactly what you would hope for when doing something like this. After the first procedure they did a great job of following up with me and my results. Not to mention a "free of charge" follow up procedure.

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