37 Year Old Mom in Need of a Lift! Miami, FL

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So where to start?! I've been on this site for...

So where to start?! I've been on this site for awhile now... Mostly just researching Dr's. I'm a 37 year old Mom of 3 who gained and lost a lot of weight each pregnancy. Finally about 5 years ago I underwent breast aug surgery, at the time I was borderline needing a lift. So here I am 5yrs later getting a lift! I have chosen Dr. Ary Krau, thanks to reading many awesome reviews on here! I currently have 400cc high profile implants (done by another Dr) I started with a small C naturally. I'm considering going to 500cc with the lift because I realize I will lose some size.. I'm pretty happy with my current size, just lacking perkiness! Any advice or encouragement would be greatly appreciated.. As I'm extremely nervous! Thanks in advance!

Pre op tomorrow

Super nervous! Pre op appointment tomorrow! Not sure if I should stay at 400cc and the lift or go up to 500cc with the lift? I need ADVICE! As it is it's very hard to find appropriate bikini tops because of size and they hurt my neck when wearing a bikini top now ???? but that could also be because I'm using my bikini top to give me a lift ???? HELP!

4 days post op

So here's 4 days after surgery! Loving the results but a little concerned with how close they are?! Needing some reassurance! Ended up going with 600cc's high profile, under the muscle with Dr. Krau's suggestion!

13 days post op

13 days post op and feeling pretty good! I've had some ups and downs but overall healing well! Left side is looking awesome and right side is having minor complications.. I had a reaction to the tape, so I was told to leave it incovered and treat it with peroxide..

Vacation and a little infection

I'm about 4 weeks out now and had my 1 month post op Thursday! I had a little opening under my right breast (the trouble maker) it looked to be getting worse.. I'm not even a smoker, never have been! The right side has given me so much trouble and taking forever to heal.. Feeling a little discouraged! Anyways.. Dr Krau prescribed an antibiotic , I've been taking it for 3 days now.. Hoping it will help my healing! We're heading out of town for vacation and I'm curious to know if any ladies who have had the same procedure were able to get a massage at this point? Id love to while on vacation but I don't think it's wise to lay on my tummy ???? I will post updated pics soon!


Just took a couple pictures while on vacation! Thursday will be 5 weeks since surgery. I have one day left of antibiotics.. Still have a few scabs that seem to be getting better.

6 weeks

So, this week makes 6 weeks! I still have an opening under my right breast! Every time I bathe and put on a bra or a sports bra it sticks to them and pulls off the scab its trying to form.. I went about a week without a bra hoping to let it heal that way and still not closed! Dr Krau says it will take time.. Just frustrating since it sticks to EVERYTHING! Any other ideas?

7 weeks

7 weeks yesterday! Results are getting better and better! The opening under the right side is finally healing! Yay! 1 more week until I can get in my pool and 4 more weeks until I can do upper body work outs! ????????

Just a small update!

So.. This pic is kind of dark, but I'm doing so much better! Things are looking great and the scarring is improving! Right side is the trouble maker as far as scarring.. Dr. Says it will heal up just fine though!


Bought myself a new bikini.. Is this really an XL? This one is from VS! Where can I get a good bikini that is made for women with larger breasts?! Help me friends..

10 months post op

10 months post op, loving them!

11 months

Before surgery

Miami Plastic Surgeon

I met Dr Ary Krau for a consultation last week and was very impressed! Can't wait to have my procedure done as I am sure I will be happy with the result!

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