Young Mother of 3... Getting my Confidence Back - Miami, FL

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Hi real self sisters ok first of all I dead wrote...

Hi real self sisters ok first of all I dead wrote a whole thing two minutes ago and tried to post it but some how it didn't save idk but anyway I'm a real self stalker but never posted... But now only because my surgery is in two weeks and I'm am having a lot of anxiety is why I'm posting..I am so scared of the "what can happen"... I just want a crazy shape and to be healthy I don't wanna risk my life or health doing this but I do believe this will boost my confidence back up... My surgery is July 22nd is anyone else getting their bbl at vanity around that date?

11 days to go.....

Ok so I have 11 more days to go I swear the closer I get the anxiety increase lol I'm also excited... Well anyway last week I did my labs haven't heard back from vanity yet on that but I pray everything is good... Also I've read where others have taken vitamins and iron supplements before surgery but I haven't taken anything in fact I went to the pharmacy and asked what should I take before surgery and the guy told me nothing because certain vitamin have ingredients in it that will thin my blood and not to take iron pills if I'm not anemic ... hummmmm I hope hes right cause I haven't taken anything to increase anything... Well that's it dolls hopefully u will continue to follow my journey

7 days left getting more nervous

So I have 7 days left until my surgery however my anxiety got the best of me and I decided I wasn't going to have the bbl due to the risk (even tho the risk for lipo are the same) however I took the route that comes with less risk... So now I'm just get lipo I already have a lot of hips and a big butt but we can always go bigger right lol but I changed my mind due to anxiety... Not sure if I mentioned it but I suffer from very bad anxiety and this has taken a toll on my life and my decisions I just hope I don't regret not getting what I initially set out to get but I rather be safe than sorry... Other than that I got my labs back and spoke with Roxie from vanity she said I was clear for surgery my hemo is 12.8 and that's without me taking any vitamins or iron pills strickly just eating spinach (which I love) lol also went to my primary and got a referral to the cardiologist not that I have any heart issue I just really want to be safe and take all precautions I also got an ekg done anyway both came back good cardiologist just told me she can tell I have anxiety other than that I will keep u updated....

5 days pre op

Ok so today makes 5 days pre op and as before my anxiety is bad but I'm talking it shot thru the roof now that I'm nearing my surgery day... First off let me start by saying I am afraid of planes and that's my only way to get to Miami from Ny so that with my anxiety of the general anesthesia caused me to throw in my towel.. Yes dolls I have decided to cancel my surgery... I know Mcadoo would have made me look like a goddess lol but the risk are to high.. Before I continue let me say this is not to scare anyone out of their surgery I'm just updating on my feelings.. So anyway after researching the risk of not only the surgery itself I also researched the risk of general anesthesia and that alone caused me to back out... I've read about the hustle and bustle of vanity refund scam and how it will be a problem but Ima say this it didn't take no time for them to get my money hopefully it won't take no time with me getting it back.. Vanity promotes themselves as one of the biggest surgery facilities in Miami so my only question is why is it so hard for them to refund someone's money I mean they make money operating on a thousand girls a month so why play with someone's money if they back out.. I've already email my coordinator and the refund department last night because that's when I decided this surgery wasn't for me and obviously they were closed so now I have to wait til tomorrow to call there I just pray they don't give me a hard time because I will not be like the lady in the paper that didn't get her refund and chose to do her Surgery based on vanity not wanted to return her funds and later died on the table no not me... If need be I will take legal action for my funds but I won't allow no one to force my hand... Anyway I really did want my surgery tho but my anxiety got the best of me and dictated my decisions I pray for all the dolls thats going to vanity a safe surgery and a speeding recovery... I applaud u all that went thru or are going thru with ur surgery and not let fear of anxiety dictate ur fate but I on the other hand allow mines too :( I hope i don't regret my decision... Later dolls and good luck did anyone request a refund recently and if so was it hard or long to get ur full refund back?

Cancelled sx

Ok so i kept saying how I had bad anxiety and it was getting worst the closer the sx day came so guess what... I decided that right now wasn't my time my anxiety dictated my decision once again so as of right now I will not be getting my surgery on Friday... But I will be praying for my rs sisters and I really wish you all the best as far as me I'm thinking of doing it in the winter it will give me more time to do my research even tho I probably still go to Mcadoo cause I think he's one of the best... But it will also give me time to deal with my anxiety maybe by then I can control my anxiety and pull forward with my new body and new life lol... Also I wanna say that Leo was my coordinator when I say she has been like my long lost best friend I swear that girl needs a promotion... I absolutely love her she encouraged me and even when I got discourage from my anxiety she didn't push me or force me to do my surgery she did encourage me and said that I would look so beautiful and that I would be happy with my results and yes I know thats her job but when I told her I may cancel she didn't get angry or anything... Leo had talked to me for long periods of time on the phone listening to my concerns and fears and not once got irritated or too busy to answer me.. She was the best and vanity if u are reading this I give Leo an accommodation and she's needs a raise a promotion shit even a discount lol cause she really was my motivation but my anxiety got the best of me and now I have to deal with the disappointment of not going thru with something I wanted for so long and my friends and family saying I'm a punk lol but it's cool I will continue my journey and I will be back with a new body in the winter cause next time I won't chicken out lol best wishes to all the dolls and vets see u all soon (kisses)
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