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Hola everyone...well I booked and paid for my...

Hola everyone...well I booked and paid for my surgery in full for Dr Mcadoo and I can't wait! My surgery is approximately 10 days away! I'm more overly excited at the fact that I got a date so soon in advance (well someone had to cancel because her bloodwork came back saying she was pregnant) as I wanted to have my surgery done so I can be out and about and flaunt my new body for my birthday in July????! Anyhow, I will continue to update you guys and I'll also be posting my before pics! Can't wait!

Need That Tiny Waist

Tomorrow is tha big day!

Well I landed in Florida on Saturday and I saw the doctor today and needless to say he was a sweetheart. I told him what I wanted and also what I didn't wanna look like. So I'm set for surgery in the am...pray for me ladies and I will update you guys!

Surgery day!

I'm here..been here since 8:38! I was told yday that I would've been the first one into surgery and that I would go into surgery at around 9:30 and it's now 10:38. Was told that the doctor is in surgery with another patient (rolled eyes). I mad cause that's not what I was told that would happen! Smh...anyhow...woosah...don't want any negative energy. Hopefully I get in soon.

Surgery day

All went well! Thanks to everyone for the prayers! Well I must say I love my butt isn't all that humongous as I wasn't going for that look...was more concerned about a tiny waist n hips! My hands are hurting from typing so I'm gonna make it short until next time I'll give more details.

Day 3! This recovery process is no joke

I lay in this position for about 1hour then I walk gets uncomfortable at times as there's a triangle board in my lower that they told me not to remove. After 1hour it starts burning and hurt really bad!

4 days post-op

Flight back home

Well I'm back in NY and this is how I flew back home! Thank God I had the whole entire row to myself!

1 week post op vs 1 day!

Drastic change

18 days post op

I love it now! Last week my hip measurements were 48 and today it's 45..I pray to god it doesn't go down anymore. I'm still sleeping on my stomach so I hope that's not the reason why it's shrinking as my doctor said it will shrink 1% everyday I sleep on my stomach.

1 month post-op

1 month postop

1 month post op

So far so good!

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