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Ive been doing my research for over and year and...

Ive been doing my research for over and year and half now, and I know im ready to get a BBL. I always hated my body mostly my (love handles) Ive tried working out for a year straight and they would just never go down plus i gain all my weight in my stomach ugh. I know once i get this surgery it will really change my life forever. Im looking to get my stomach, sides, back side, bra roll area and my arms. Im getting it done for myself because im tired of wearing black shirts most of the time (to make my love handles look smaller), or bigger shirts. I cant wear tight or nice dresses cause i do not like my shape of my body. I want a nice big heart shape booty with nice curves. I want my measurements 26-46. I want 1300 to 1400 ccs in each cheek (I know i have the fat for it) I want ashley logan body/booty. She is in my profile pic. Bigger the better right!!! cant wait to share my experience with you all!!!

So I called Dr. Salama's office monday and had my...

So I called Dr. Salama's office monday and had my online consultation and i had to e mail pics of me and my dream pics.(ashley logan) Now im just waiting for the Dr. to call me back and let me know how many cc's i can get and what to do next. I would LOVE to get 1400ccs or more in each cheek!!! I also will be getting lipo from my chin too.

Hey ladies, sorry i haven't been updating been...

Hey ladies, sorry i haven't been updating been busy traveling a lot with my job. The first week in May i got a phone call saying Dr. Salama looked at my pics that i sent him and he told me what i should do before getting a BBL, is to lose about 20 pounds which im fine with that, cause thats what I plan on doing before i get the BBL. He said it would be more safe and healthier for me which i agree. I have been working out a lot and i have lost 10 pounds so far :) I still plan on getting my BBL in Feb of 2013. I will be getting lipo from my back side, sides, stomach, arms and chin for sure, im still thinking about my thighs because they are all muscle anyway so im not to sure yet but i will defiantly keep you ladies posted!!!!

Anyone already put their deposit down but has to cancel? I'll take it if so!!!

Looking for someone who already put their deposit down but wants to cancel for some reason....Please send me a massage and we can work something out!! Thanks!!

More wish pics!!!

And more wish pics I found!!!

New update!!

Hey ladies!! So I still haven't put my deposit down with Dr. Salama just because I WANT to lose 25 to 30 pounds before I get this surgery. I have i have 24 more pounds to lose. I just gotta keep this up!! So I was watch love and hip hop Atl last night and Mimi went to dr jimerson for breast implants, so it made me look him up online and OH MY GOSH the pics of the BIG bootys. I'm a little confused now :-/ I want a big bubble booty with hips. Dr. Salama does amazing work!! Dr.salama is a little cheaper but I don't mind paying whatever for a nice big booty!!! Ladies has anyone first decided to go to Salama but then was thinking jimerson and went with him? I was told a lot of the ladies on love and hip hop Atl got BBL from jimerson and their bootys look amazing!!! I guess I'll do more research on jimerson....take care ladies!!!

So confused :-/

Hey I called dr. Jimerson office today and spoke with maxine I believe that was her name, she sounded very sweet. She went over a lot of things and she told me the price that dr jimerson charges it's more than what dr Salama is charging :-/ but I guess I don't care how much I gotta pay I just want a safe surgery and a BIG booty. So I guess I have a hole lot of thinking to do. I started my diet 3 weeks ago and lost 6 pounds I just gotta keep it up cause I want to lose 25 pounds. If your wondering why all of a sudden I'm thinking about going to dr j cause I might be moving to NC from NY and from NC to GA is only 7 hrs away that would def save me a lot of money cause whoever is coming with me I would be buying their plane ticket. So I'm gonna do more research and when I make my mind up I'll let you ladies know!!

Found new wish pics!! Deleted old ones


Have any ladies got the bbl and had kids after? Does it ruin your booty and body? I know everyone's body is different but I'm just very worried. I have no kids but I do plan on having kids in about 3 years and I plan on getting my bbl next year from dr jimerson now he's booked up until aug. 2014 unless you pay cash and get on the fast track list which you could move up to April or may of 2014. I missed one of the webinar last night so Sarah (she's a sweet heart) she sent me a recorded video of it explaining everything for a bbl.....
10,300- if you finance
9,800- if you pay cash
1,150- to add hips
950- any extra area of lipo. I'm getting arms and bra roll so that's 1,900 more
Total= 13,800 if pay cash(I think they said 500 off if pay cash so that's 13,300
14,300 if finance

The reason I think I'm gonna switch to dr J because I might be moving and ill only be 7 hours away from dr J. So that means I won't have to buy 2 plane tickets and I won't have to rent a car (ill have my car) while I'm in GA plus I'm gonna ask dr j if I could say the first 4 nights in GA then come back to get drains out. (Not sure yet) That would be saving me a lot of money.

Before pic


So in one month I've lost 9.5 pounds. I've been working my butt off by eating very healthy and working out a lot. I feel great and I see a change in my body! :-)
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