Thank you Dr Velilla for amazing results!

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Hello ladies, appreciate all the reviews and...

Hello ladies, appreciate all the reviews and updates. Looking into surgeries like these make it so much easier w real life reviews like you all. I will post mine as well once I figure out which Doctor I will choose. It's so hard trying to find one. I Just wanted to let you all know your comments and reviews are read and appreciated!


So here goes nothing. Hated my butt FOREVER!!! Finally getting a new booty :)! There's hope for skinny gals so don't get discouraged if you're too small. I'm 5'8 and originally weighed 121. Like a stick. I've had 2 consultations with 2 doctors in Miami. The first one was with "Dr Miami" super sweet but told me there's nothing he can do for my skinny self lol :(. Then had a consult w Dr Cesar Velilla in Miramar. Before I met w him I met with his surgical coordinators and they were super sweet. Both told me he could do a bbl on me but I needed to gain 10-15 pounds YAY! I was so happy I went home and ate right away lol. Everyyyyy and anything fat to gain fat! Donuts McDonald dominos rice rice rice Cuban bread and pastaaaaaaa'haha! For a month and a half and I finally put on 16 pounds wooohoooo! I met w Dr Velilla this past Friday and he was soo cool and sweet (I couldn't figure out why some reviews said he wasn't personable) anyway he told me he could give me just what I desired. A small waist and a fat booty lol! Ps he's handsome as well lol. So I had my preop done after I met with him, Blood work, Ekg, and the usual blood pressure chk. My survey is for Friday September 30th I'm super nervous but super excited. I'm getting my sides, full back and under my arms done w fat transfer. I asked him not to do my belly and he was perfectly fine w that ( I'm nervous of the crinkle lipo effect on the abdomen) anyway it totaled to 5,200 before anesthesia. I've had surgery before so I'm not new to anesthesia. I wanted to be completely asleep which costed an extra 1,000. Although he can do it under local, I'm a baby and decided the 1,000 was worth having a anesthesia doctor come in on surgery :) :) ! So I'll keep you ladies up to date post surgery. I relied so much on reviews on here I felt it was my duty to do the same!

Made it!

Made it to the other side. In a lot of pain and very nauseous. So I'll update more tomorrow


Sleeping was hard. I didn't have any appetite yesterday so I stuck to unsalted crackers and water. I had to get up to pee a lot, a female urinal is a must, saved my life. My butt doesn't seem to be painful at all, only the areas where the dr lipos. Seeing you're ripped apart w a metal rod, pain is a must in those areas. I looked in the mirror about twice yesterday. I hated it my butt looked so high in the air. I pray it's because I'm swollen and it was the first day. I wasn't going for big just a natural little one I pray it goes down. I'm suppose to go for a massage today. Hopefully I make it. I will show a pic after I shower!


So I took a epsom bath and am feeling better than yesterday. My butt is still really high and hard. One cheek is slightly bigger than the other and one hip as well. Just hoping it all turns out ok and gets smaller.


Ladies, massages no more like torture. Had my first massage today and literally wanted to scream and kind of was screaming. It hurt more than the surgery. The lady Ana was super sweet she didn't speak much English but she warned me it would hurt. I did drain a lot of fluid during the massage which felt better after. I got home took another shower and rubbed my body down with Arnica ointment that I bought at target. Back to the couch I go!

5 days post op

Sorry I haven't been updating. First 2-3 days were the worst very uncomfortable and kind of just miserable. Maybe some sort of post operative depression thinking I messed my body up. My butt was hugee in the beginning and it mad me miserable. But day by day it has gone down a tiny bit. For the first day and night I wore my garment, but upon my first visit to see the doctor the next day the PA found out I had a lipo burn (scary) it wasn't huge but big enough to be a ugly scar. So she advised me to leave the garment off Until it healed some and to keep a eye on it. Well it's doing fine I went to see the PA again today and I'm able to finally wear it now. I even had to drive 2-3 times these past days ( I know scary) but had a bbl pillow under my thighs and wasn't on my butt that much. I only take pain meds at this point at night to get comfortable enough to get some rest. But for the most part I'm healing great!

2 weeks and 3 days post op

Sorry I haven't updated much. Just a up and down journey. No my butt has dramatically shrunk. I complained so much in the beginning because it was so big and now I'm almost back to square one. Literally square little butt. I'm going to hold off my final review for a couple more weeks to give my body time to heal. Hoping some sort of miracle, but highly doubting. I just don't think I had enough fat to begin with, which isn't the doctors fault.

Loving my results

Sorry ladies, once ya get the new booty you almost forget about reself. Sorry to say, I know! I'm 6 months postop and I love my results. Dr Cesar Velilla is amazing. My swelling went down a lot but I still have a little round booty. Which was exactly what I was going for. I think after surgery you have a lot of emotions, almost like a postpartum surgery reaction lol. Anywho I'm loving my booty, and couldn't be happier!
Miami Internist

Amazing! This is a actual real unpaid person review. Just have to say that because I remember looking into surgeons and reading reviews and being skeptical of paid reviews. Anyway I had a BBL with Dr Velilla back October 2016. To begin with I didn't have much fat and I was turned down by the infamous Dr Miami, telling me I was "too skinny". Well let me tell you, there is hope for us skinny people. Dr Velilla made it happen!!!! He did my full back and flanks and added it to my bootay! And I am loving my results! I'm now 6 months postop and still have my booty! Thank you Dr Velilla for amazing results!

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