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Hello ladies, I am new to RealSelf, and I'm down...

Hello ladies, I am new to RealSelf, and I'm down already. Im lost, and have a few question, and is seeking guidance in selecting a doctor to perform my BBL, here it goes.

Ok last week I drove down to Dr. Mendietas for my consult, (I live four hours away). I have been interested in him for about 3 years now, he and his staff were are really pleasant, and all went well. I was shooting for a surgery date in late June, but after learning of additional expenses, I figured late July would be more suitable. So once I returned home, I decided to take to the web to learn a bit more about pain, and recovery, and stumbled across this site which introduced me to you lovely ladies, a less expensive price, and yep....Dr. Salama!

Dr. Mendieta seems to excel in body contouring while Salama as well as Dr. Pazmino excels in giving you the 'juicy booty (i want both :) ) Salamas price beats Dr. M's by roughly $3k, and that savings sounds really really good, but I also want to be fully satisfied with whichever I decide on, and don't for one second want to go to the more expensive of the two (Dr.M) and feel like 'Darn it, for this, I could have gone to the other Dr. Possibly have gotten better results anddddd saved some buks'.... BBL sissys, if you girls have dealt with either of these guys, and could possibly offer me any amount of guidance, please, please let me know. Whereas to I can feel my self beginning to obsess and stress out about this lol....I WANT BODY AND BOOTAY A.S.A.P HELP!!!!

June 15, 2012 After basically reading all of the...

June 15, 2012
After basically reading all of the reviews that my BBL sisters have posted regarding both doctors, I have opted to go with Dr. Salama. This wasn't an easy decision by far where as to them both being ultra talented in what they do, Mendieta in body Contouring, and Salama in forming and projecting the buttock. Now this is how I came up with my decision:

-really good at body sculpting, but while reading reviews, many of his patients seemed to be satisfied with their curves, but dissatisfied with there buttock not projecting as requested.
-nothing seemed to be included in his really expensive fee.
-his staff seemed to give one of our BBL sisters the run around when inquiring about a garment.
-oh, and did i mention Really expensive...$9850 and that's with the "special" he's running, regularly $14,000!!!

-really good at projecting the buttock, and sculpting the body as well. (his fee was like $3k less than Mendietas, so why not go with him, basically be guaranteed at nice butt, with a really strong chance of getting the curves, versus going with Dr.M, getting the curves, and more than likely, not the basically a better chance of being satisfied with Dr. S while saving $3k at the same time)
-his fee was $3k less than Dr. M's and included the garments, pillow, 2 massages, transportation, and I can't remember what else offhand. But all in all my sx, hotel, food, and transportation to Miami...overall total will be less than Mendietas fee alone! Woohooooo
-I love his results based off of the before and after pics on here.

That's pretty much how I came to the conclusion that I wanted to go with Dr. Salama. So two days ago, I made my first call to the office, spoke to Nancy, who was just as sweet as a button, a learned that they were booked out until January, but she happened to locate 2 appointments in December so I took the earliest one, I hoped in my car, ran out to the bank, and made a transfer to pay my $680 deposit (Dr. M's would have been $2000) locking in December 10th. So although it's like over 6 months away, and I'm ready like yesterday lol, I'm super confident that I made the right decision by selecting him, and I get to save $3000 in the end :) So the wait is worth it.

P.S. If you're going with Dr. Salama, it would probably be a good idea to book ASAP, whereas to his appointment are booked up for like 6months, and the price increasing, (which is still a better price than Dr. Mendieta's)

Hello ladies, I have a December 10, 2012 surgery...

Hello ladies, I have a December 10, 2012 surgery date scheduled with Dr. Salama, but I would like an September, October, or November date, if you're looking for a later date, and would like to possibly exchange...let me know :-)

How excited am?!I was able to score that earlier...

How excited am?!I was able to score that earlier date that I had been wanting so badly. So thanks to Strawberry10, my girl "Thattgirl" And I were able to accept and fill the date that Strawberry and her BFF had to reschedule. I can't thank her enough. So now that we've confirmed the appointment "Thattgirl" and I will proceed with our journey with
-finding a place to stay (fingers crossed for a comfy vacation rental, I'd love to have a washer, dryer, to wash dirty garments, and a kitchen to cook)
-in town transportation (not so sure about Larry's timiliness)
-setting up massage sessions for return home
-finding a reasonable place for labwork ($175 is what I'm aiming for)
-preparing a checklist
-getting the vitamins (325mg of iron, and 1000mg of vitamin c to be taken daily beginning, I believe 2 weeks prior to surgery)
Oh and did I mention busting my behind to try in lose the excess weight. (upon hearing my height and weight~~> 5'1, 158 lbs) Nancy asked me to get down to 140, and I thought you have got to be kidding me lol, I have not seen that number since high school, which was 9 years ago. But with wanting this so badly and for soooo long, I've been determine to do what I need to do to achieve the best results, so I have been walking for at least half an hour for 4-5 days per week, drinking more water, and watching my intake and portion sizes. And Voila I have lost 3 lbs lol that's a start right?! Especially for someone like myself, who seems to gain soley off of of the aroma of the simplest meal alone.
I'm super duper excited ladies as well as being incredibly appreciative of this sight for all of you lovely ladies. Your post are all so informal, and I lalaloveee the support that goes on here, you guys are the best!
Well ladies I'm off to go for a walk to 'make weight' lol October will be here before we know it.

Hello ladies I just had a few things to tell you...

Hello ladies I just had a few things to tell you all really quick and I'm on my phone so tr to bare with me, since I'm sure auto correct and this keypad are anti "______(my name there) typing on her phone in a hurry" lol, anyway
WEIGHT: 154.6
HEIGHT: 5'-5'1"
BUST: 36
WAIST: around belly button 37 1/4
HIPS: 40.5
Oh, and
AGE: 27 ( don't look so I've been claiming 23 since 23. ;)

Shortly after setting my appointment, I emailed my pics to the office. Dr. Salama viewed them and I received a response via email stating that he said that I was a good canidate for the bbl and so forth, but at that time he didn't know my stats, so once I spoke to Nancy to confirm that they had received them (which was when she told me yes, and to ck my email) they had no knowledge of my stats (I had to send the pics using my ph, and the caption didn't go through, so they didn't have any identification on the pic, just my ph #). So I told her my height and weight which was 157-159 and my height, and she told me that Dr. Salama would want me to try to get down to around 140! I thought to myself "Omg! Do you know what your asking of me woman?! I haven't seen that number since like cassette tapes and pagers, this doesn't work for me!"
(Going to submit this and continue on another update, afraid phone won't post it all.)

(Continue'd) So right away I began trying to...

So right away I began trying to work toward

-cutting out all fast food with the exception of 1 reward meal over the weekend (in moderation)
-taking I'm more water
- watching my choice of foods (been eating a lot of baked, grilled, and sauteed fish, fruit and cottage cheese, yogurt, special k's cracker chips, etc)
-walking for 30 (when I began) 45 mins now ( which works out to being 2.5 miles for me) for atleast 4-5, but going for 6 days a week

And in the beginning I. Wasn't losing, then lost, then gained it back, which was a little discouraging especially when your actually trying. And then in like the 3rd week I began seing results. Oh yea:

-I also take a "B" vitamin to help with metabolism daily now, it the liquid drops from walmart that you leave beneath your tongue for 30 prior to swallowing.
-weighing myself once weekly.
-and charting my exercise and weight.

And I've gone from 159 to 154.6 which is something like a big deal for me since I loveeeee good food, and never really lost weight when I would try....guess that's what trying to get the best results with surgery does for ya...DETERMINATION lol
Oh yea, I carry my weight in my tummy, which is more solid like a 4 month pregnant tummy, it doesn't sag at all, idk if that's good or bad. Anywho I'm trying ladies,just don't wanna lose to much, got to have enough to get my nice bootay, (although I hear he's really aggresive with his liposuction, and shall have more than enough fat, it just makes me nervous so I rather have to much fat vs not enough. (Continue)

And I wanted to tell you all what I tried out this...

And I wanted to tell you all what I tried out this evening, as far as driving after surgery

-I found my yoga mat, unrolled it, and rerolled it with 4 thick towels. I then tied it in 3 spots with ribbon

Idk how it will actually work when the time comes to put it in affect, but I took it out to my car and sat, and I think it may be a go. I think I'm going to try a little more to modify it and

- tie the mat to the bottom (where butt goes) on each endof mat with a belt or rope and tie a pillow to the back of the seat for back support.

And if this doesn't work I have one more idea

-tie 2-3 boppys together using ribbon/rope as well, and sit with thighs on them with open part of boppy facing back of seat, and tie the same pillow to back of seat for back support.

Ladies I will continue to explore and share with you what I come up with you all. I also picked up somethings from walmart, and ordered some things from amazon in efforts of having everything I may need for a smooth recovery. And so that I'm not rushing and unprepared upon time to go to "Salamas Workshop". Since my day will be here befoe I know it :)

SURGERY DATE: October 1st 2012
Oh yea, if anyone is in need of a SURGERY PREPARATION LIST
- inbox me, and I can send you my checklist, and a few reminders that I've combined from all of the other lovely ladies, and copied and pasted into my notes, and you can sift through it and use whatever you find helpful.

I will post if If I have something informal to tell you, I will let you all know, other than that, I will be updating more as my surgey date approaches. Talk to you all later (this whole update wasn't as "quick" as I thought lol)

Finallly uploaded "before pics", the captions...

Finallly uploaded "before pics", the captions still arent showing. So i must let you all know that the amazing results in the blue dress are that of Nini Fernandez, and the yellow dress is Novastar. Aren't they smoking hott?!

I began taking the calcium vitamins roughly 2 days ago, and still looking into the iron pills (i have the spring valley ones from walmart, but in order to consume the correct amount i will have to take like 6 per day, and i cant swallow that amount of pills, i struggle with one!)

called the office yesterday and was told to take 1000mg of vitamin D, 500mg a.m, and 500 p.m, and 325 mg of iron per day.

I was a bit curious about going into surgery, so i also asked where i should be, and i was told that

A good bbl candidate should be 15-20 over ideal weight.

I am currently 154.2 lbs (5'1") and an ideal weight for me would be 135-140/145. which would put me at a good current pre op weight according to what i was told yesterday, but when i initially called and gave my weight i was told by nancy that for my height i should get down to 140, and that Dr. S was really aggressive with the liposuction, so i dont really know what i should be doing lol have to have enough fat for that bootay, and again, im not trying to be skinny at all!...hmmm think i will just go for 150 meanwhile.

anyway ladies, i am now down to 8 weeks, so the things i will focus on now are
-setting up massages
-travel and lodge
-shopping around for a reasonably priced office for labwork
-and losing more weight
-and putting money away
this whole process can become a bit overwhelming if you allow it to, i think alot of it has to do withthe appointments being scheduled out so far, that were so anxious and end up having allll of this time to think about and obsess about things that we really shouldnt be to worried about...trying to do every single little thing to perfection, so withsaying that, once i can cross off the 4 above listed things, im not worrying about anything else, ive already purchased a majority of the things needed from my checklist (my luggage is packed), i will ofcourse good food shopping when i arrive, and whatever i dont have will ot be gotten, nor obsessed about lol im tired of spending money already, and the number i see when i look in my savings makes me sad :( lol

im in desperate need of that packet that they mail out 2 months prior (im less than 2 months away now) i need to know what labs are needed so that i can inquire on the best prices around town, i think theyre behind with sending them out,a fellow bbl sister told me that they said she will recieve around the beginning of sept, which is just 1 month ahead of sx, and shes scheduled for early October as well...eekkkk

oh yea, i think im going to rent a car and drive there (im 4.5 hours away), keep the rental for the Aventura duration (my friend will be cming along, so she can drive me to and from, and get out and explore), and fly back home (1hour)

Thats about it for now ladies. take care

Ladies we can know see the caption on our pictures...

Ladies we can know see the caption on our pictures again, sorry I'm kind of excited about that! Lol
Now if only we could upload from our phones and iPads :)

Hello ladies just sharing with you that I called...

Hello ladies just sharing with you that I called the office today to speak to Ruben regarding my blood pressure.
Every time I have my blood pressure taken, it generally runs fairly high...somewhere near 142/102. (I know this isn't good, but In hopes of not being dependent on medication, i have been focusing more on exercising and eating fairly healthy, never really added salt to my food anyway.) Both of my parents are hypertensive so it just may be hereditary :(
Any who, I called and spoke to Ruben about it today, since I want nothing interfering with my surgery, and for everything to go smoothly, and he told me that i called at the perfect time since both Dr. S, and another doctor were in, and he was able to consult them: I was told that my diastolic number was a bit more of a concern than the systolic, and that I should consult my primary care and or A cardiologist to get it worked out, and that I may simply be prescribed a med to regulate it, which wouldn't interfere with the surgery. (their are bbl patients that heve had the sx while on the meds.)
So no bad news, I just don't want to be dependent on meds, and wish that it could be regulated by my healthier lifestyle.


BOOKING PLACE TO STAY SOON Ladies that I have...

Ladies that I have been into contact with, or those with early first week of October appointments that are still interested in buddying up, please contact me as soon as possible, I am ready to start narrowing down places, and Locking one in really soon, time is moving! :) Thanks ladies.

Received the packet today, nowwww I feel like its...

Received the packet today, nowwww I feel like its really happening. :)

Still at 154 lbs, so I havent gained any back, but I haven't lost anymore either, my new goal is to now get down to 150lbs by the day of surgery.




Ok ladies so I have what I believe to be breaking...

Ok ladies so I have what I believe to be breaking news for EVERYONE that's looking to have the bbl, or who has just had it done. Don't fret, it's GOOD NEWS, really good news in my opinion! I'm just waiting until Monday when I can get to my desktop to upload pics! Even those of us who are sketchy about how soon to return to work and possibly school should appreciate this! I hate to keep you ladies in suspense, but a picture will definitely validate this :-)

Just left walmart basically purchasing almost the remainder of items from my list, btw they also have that rolling pin that one of the girsl was telling us about for self massages, it was $7-8, and of good quality, good thing to have!

Ok, well I'm excited so I had to let someone know, see you on Monday.

PERFECT CHAIR FOR NEW BUTT. (see pics) Ladies...


Ladies since the day that I discovered this website. and learned that post sx, you aren't supposed to sit for a long period of time, i had wondered if this would work. Ok, so I finally made it around to picking up a folding travel chair at Walmart. and let me tell you, I was soooooo excited to get home and try it out, I took a marker and marked on the underside of the chair where my butt stopped, cut it out and it worked! I was so happy that i had to come on that night, and tell you all. But yes, go out and grab you atleast two of them, as i to keep at home, and one to keep in the car to use away from home. Now tell all of your bbl friends about it. While i go over to the forum. and let the ladies there know.

Well anyway, i'm down to 4 weeks and taking the vitamins. So my mission this week is to have my labs done, and scratch that off of my things to do list. And once that is done, the only big thing i would have remaining is to book my flight, rental, and room/condo.

One more thing, i have an idea to improve driving after the BBl as well. Once im able to test it out, you guys will be the first to know. Until next time ladies


Hello, yesterday 9/5, i had my blood work done.

The test that are ordered on the script provided by Dr. S are as follows:


Thanks to genetics, I generally have an elevated blood pressure. (which it was at visit as well.) So the doctor recommended that i take and record it every morning for 7 days straight, report back to him a week from yesterdays dr.s's visit. and if he isn't pleased with it (which i know he wont be,) he will then prescribe a low dosage med to regulate it. and at that point i will have 2 weeks remaining before surgery. I asked if that would be enough time to regulate it before sx on the first, and he said "yes, one week, but definetly 2 weeks should do it." iI will recieve my lab results on that day as well.

I have been waiting on my clearance before booking a flight (non-refundable), and the longer i put the booking off, the more the price increases :( Sooooo ladies if you or someone you know works for an airline, and can possibly help me out with a better rate for little or nothing out of your/there pocket...i will gladly pay you just inbox me :) thanks in advance (its only a one hour flight, one way.)

Oh yeah, before i go, at the doctors my weight was 153, so im going to go with that number, so my current weight is 153 not 155 ;)
Until next time ya"ll.

FLIGHT BOOKED today (price was increasing, so...

FLIGHT BOOKED today (price was increasing, so decided i'd better lock it in now.)
$176 for two one way tickets through Southwest. (I will be driving down since its only 4-4.5 hours away and flying back.)

Bioflavanoid 1000 vitamin = massive elephant pill that I had to crush down to powder, mix with pudding and still ended up gagging (from the smell and taste) and expelling it, not so sure how many of these I will end up actually taking. They are flat out disgusting, but I know I need them :-/

Last Friday, two days following having my lab work done the dr's office called and told me that my results were good, but since their E.K.G machine was down I was unable to have that done (which is needed for the clearance,) they referred me to another location which performed the test today, (I will receive those results on Friday, when the cardiologist is in.) I paid a total of $100 for all labs plus testing at other location.
So on Friday he will look at blood pressure again, and if he doesn't like what he finds he will put me on a med to regulate it (which he said it should take affect by my sx date.) and I will more than likely be faxing Dr. Salamas office my official Clearance.

First Care Walk in Clinic
2802 W. Waters ave Tampa
(813) 443-4611

*for all labs and tests, my fee (uninsured, so cash) was $95.00.

The above info is for any of you ladies located in my area in search of a reasonably priced office for your clearance. Ttyl

To Salama's girls that's already had there...

To Salama's girls that's already had there BBL:
In the packet it says no paint on nails? Does this really mean that I have to refrain from having my toes painted for sx??

Hello my friends, I tried updating last Friday,...

Hello my friends, I tried updating last Friday, but became discouraged when I was just about half through, and it deleted, so I'm going to try again. With where I stand and a few pointers.

-I feel like everyone around me is sick :( coughing, sneezing, and runny noses. I am trying my hardest to quarantine my self away from them, I'm enforcing hand washing, trying to keep my distance and drinking AIRBORNE every chance I get, in the past this stuff has helped me out a lot, stopping the itchy throats right in there tracks. I just need for it to stand up now. I don't want anything hindering me from having my surgery done on the planned date.

As if that isn't bad enough, I felt early symptoms of a U.T.I coming on today, so I jumped up and hightailed it out to get Azo, and I feel much better now. Why don't these obstacles just leave me alone :(

Ok, I received my official clearance last Friday, although I had everything done with the exception of the e.k.g ( their machine was down so I had to go someplace else to have it done, and wait until their doctor returned to receive my results,) that location charged me $25 for the e.k.g whereas to two other locations i had called told me $149, which is more than what I paid for all labs and testing combined, so shop around, and compare prices.

-The clinic that performed my clearance charged me $95 for all labs and tests, but labcorp, the place where my blood work was sent to, billed me for their services, which was $223! ouch! I had no way of knowing what there fee would be until being billed, but the testing had to be done so oh well.

- The doctor decided not to put me on blood pressure meds due to my overall health and age, but did tell me that if I were 20 years older he definitely would have, he just recommended that I continue to track it, continue with a healthy lifestyle (remaining active with healthy eating habits, and refrainig from sodium). I will do just that, and return for another blood pressure visit in a month or two.
- I can't remember exactly which RealSelf member I learned about this from (thank you again!) But I was able to fill my painkiller (percocet) prescription for $12.50, and also received a pretty large discount on the antibiotic (clindamycin), which was $37.34 with the discount, and $56 without it. The nausea med (phenergan) remained the same price, either way it goes ended up saving. (Those were C.v.s's prices) The website is:
RXRELIEFCARD.COM, It's really simple and cost free, you just enter your basic information, and they will issue a discount number instantly, and you just show, or in my case read it off to the pharmacist.

(I'm going to continue this, before it decides to delete on me.)

I had been wondering about warring and would like...

I had been wondering about warring and would like to minimize as much as I possibly can, so while reading up in the question and answers section, I came upon Dr. Salamas remarks regarding this which are as follows:

Scar Therapy
As mentioned previously, scars are forever lasting. There are products out there can reduce the color and thickness of the scar i.e. Bicorneum (best product out there) when used after the procedure. Used during post surgery, the high silicone content helps in reducing the scars lasting formation. Other than massage and these products, there isn't a way to totally remove a scar that has already formed. Best of luck.

So I looked on line, and read up on the product, I'm going to search my local doctors until I find it, (shouldn't be to hard.) it comes in 20 Gms which is around $80, and 50 gms which is around $150.

-Here's is the link on where to find the product in your area:

and here is a little info on HOW IT WORKS:
Once applied, bioCorneum®+‘s patented gel dries within minutes forming an invisible silicone sheet over the affected area. This protective barrier is breathable, flexible, and waterproof. bioCorneum®+ binds with the stratum corneum (the outer layer of dead skin cells) to protect the underlying tissue against chemical, microbial and physical invasion of the scar.

bioCorneum®+ hydrates the scarred area and creates an environment which allows the scar to mature through normal collagen synthesis cycles and improves the physiological and cosmetic appearance of the scar.

The patented silicone formulation in bioCorneum®+ has been shown to flatten, soften, and smooth scars, reduce discoloration, as well as relieve associated itch, pain and discomfort of scars.

The SPF 30 UV protection ingredients in bioCorneum®+ may protect the maturing scar from the darkening effects of sun exposure, a feature unique to bioCorneum®+ as it is the only patented silicone scar treatment of this kind.


I booked my flight, $173. For two, one way tickets, I'm flying Southwest where I don't have to worry about checked bag fees, since they fly free.
- I will be driving down since I'm a little over 4 hours away, and using the rental car for the duration of the stay. I will be dropping it off at the airport before boarding my flight back home.

Im renting a mid - size car with BUDGET Rent a Car for $225 for 9 days (9/30-10/9), this was the best price I was able to find, Enterprise and Hertz both quoted me at $400-$1000! I couldn't believe it.

Ok, here is where I am now, I found a condo on the beach, it is actually a beautiful studio with two full sized beds, full kitchen, and tons of mirrors to checkout my new body (she has already rented out the 1bedrooms) but that price for 9 days is $550 +a $66 in taxes + a $100 cleaning fee for a total of over $700 (if I go with my other option, the price of the rental, and place to stay would been much cheaper than this alone)
And I also found a motel on the beach that would run me between $250 and $350 for 9 nights, depending on if i chose the large studio, motel room, or 1bedroom, the studio, they all come equipped with a full kitchen but of course it isn't as pretty, and just isn't as pretty lol. The location is a plus, its near a grocery and liquor store (my friend would love the liquor aspect haha) and I can walk down to the beach for fresh air. I had already planned on buying bleach cleaner to clean things in the place the day arrive, and bringing a few sets of my old sheets , but what's a girl to do?

My friend said that I should save as much as I can and go with the motel since we're going to make the best out of this trip either way.

What would you ladies do, I mean it's only for 9 days...I'm waiting on your input...yes you!

(I will post the links to them both once I come to a conclusion on the one I'm going to go with. Don't want to display it, and end up back at square one you know.)

I understand that the vitamin cocktail is...

I understand that the vitamin cocktail is essential to a rapid and smooth recovery but I am just about FED UP WITH TAKING ALL OF THESE VITAMINS, and this is coming from a person who would rather deal with a little discomfort and pain than swallow a pill. I look at my pill organizer and instantly get angry! I HATE THEM!!! Ok that's all, I feel better now. Later ladies.

1000 WAYS TO DIE Talk about 1000 ways to die! I...

Talk about 1000 ways to die! I almost just died in my car in my driveway...trying to take one of the bioflavanoid vitamins, actually it was a half of one!
I tried taking it, and it got stuck, sat there for a sec, and I gagged it up. Lol my eyes grew big, and my life flashed before me...the longest 2 seconds of my day! And all I could think about is "no ones here to save me, and in my autopsy they're going to find half of a vitamin in my throat" How embarassing!
I am not one for taking pills so this has definately been a challenge for me, and I think that with eery dose I whisper a cocktail of bad words, everytime I pick one up. This part of this process isn't ending soon enough for me...9 more days until sx :-)



For those of you such as myself who find it difficult swallowing pills, from recent experiance, I would recommend taking them with something of a thick consistency such as YOGURT OR PUDDING.
Initially I neglected to take the larger vitamins because I don't like to feel them touch my throat as they're going down, and I also fear choking on them. But I since trying them with the pudding, it makes it sooo much easier for me.
I will not lie and say that I take all of the infamous bioflavanoids, but I figure getting atleast some of them in, are better than none at all.

WEGHT GAIN...REALLY? Goodmorning everyone. I...


Goodmorning everyone. I just weighed myself, and I have gained back more than half of the weight I've managed to shed within a 2 week period, after maintaing it for so long. I began at 159, and got down to 153, and currently I am at I've lost 6, and gained 3 back.

It was my goal to go into sx at about 150/153, and notttt 156. True enough I hadn't been walking as religiously as I had been to help shed th weight, but I also had remained pretty good eating habits, and had continued to stay way from fast food and eating out. So today for all of the good that it will do, I will be sure to resume walking for 45 minutes, up until sx day and just hope for the best.

I will not allow myself to 'stress out' about this. Maybe I need those 3 lbs for Dr. S to successfully sculpt me to where I'm trying to be and maybe these 3 lbs will leave noticable fat deposits behind hindering my results, who knows...but Its all good, and I'm starting to excited about Thanksgiving. So I had better not get out of the groove of walking like that again. #ayyy hayeee that's what I get lol

WEGHT GAIN...REALLY? Goodmorning everyone. I...


Goodmorning everyone. I just weighed myself, and I have gained back more than half of the weight I've managed to shed within a 2 week period, after maintaing it for so long. I began at 159, and got down to 153, and currently I am at I've lost 6, and gained 3 back.

It was my goal to go into sx at about 150/153, and notttt 156. True enough I hadn't been walking as religiously as I had been to help shed th weight, but I also had remained pretty good eating habits, and had continued to stay way from fast food and eating out. So today for all of the good that it will do, I will be sure to resume walking for 45 minutes, up until sx day and just hope for the best.

I will not allow myself to 'stress out' about this. Maybe I need those 3 lbs for Dr. S to successfully sculpt me to where I'm trying to be and maybe these 3 lbs will leave noticable fat deposits behind hindering my results, who knows...but Its all good, and I'm starting to excited about Thanksgiving. So I had better not get out of the groove of walking like that again. #aaahh hahhh that's what I get...lil fatty



Hi ladies, yesterday I located a dermatologist where I was able to purchase the Biocorneum cream/gel, so I now have that for my incision sites. I also just got of off the phone scheduling a pre sx lymphatic drainage massage, which I will receive tomorrow. So aside from my hair and nails appointment, and deciding on a place to stay at once I arrive (and food shopping once i find a place) everything is done.


Initially I wanted have my inner thighs lilies just so they are bulging out and scrubbing anymore, but not with gaining 3 of the 6 lbs that in had lost back, I'm not sure if that would be such a good idea. And this is why I'm thinking it isn't:

- with my current weight and height 5'1, 155/156 lbs. I feel that with having my thighs done, That I would be guaranteed to have fat deposits left behind in my back and tummy, since legally he's only able to remove up to remove 4 liters of fat.
- plus Im thinking that if I must return for a revision or 'fine tuning' surgery ( not all goals are always achieved with just one surgery, and I accept that to a certain extent) that that is an area that could be addressed at that time.

In reading the reviews of some of the other girls here I have come across one basically the same height and weight as me and here is here take on it following here surgery:

 beautiful10 23 May 2012
I was about 150 - 155 and I'm 5"1 which pretty heavy but I always carried more weight in my lower half. Either way I wish I wouldn't have gained so much weight. I also wish I wouldn't have had my inner thighs done honestly it makes no difference you can't tell it was done and it took away from the fat that he could have taken from my upper back.

Keep I mind that realistically, I am thinking that I may need to return to have whatever fat that is left behind (which I'm sure there will be some) in my back removed as well as possibly having the axilary area (area between your arm, and boobs) done. So I can have my inner thighs done then, and even have that injected into my butt if it isn't as plump as I would like for it to be, soooo i can kind of like just leave the inner thighs on standby, just incase I need that fat for the 'fine tuning.'

Let me know if you agree or disagree. Thanks ladies OXOX



Morning guys. So I'm on the phone with my friend that's coming to Aventura with me. And she goes "you aren't nervous yet?!...(i said no) well I need for you to get nervous, because it's normal, and I'm nervous, I have the bubble guts, and I need for you to have the bubble guts too. I'm not evevn getting the survey you are!" I laughed soooo hard because she was speaking soooo fast, and was sooo serious. Lol I'm not nervous just ready!

Hello ladies, I've been super busy today so I...

Hello ladies, I've been super busy today so I haven't had anytime to come on today at all :(
Well sx is tomorrow at 10:30a.m. And I've had a longgggg day, so I had better get a little sleep. I will update my review as soon as i can informing you all of anything i think you may find beneficial. But just so you, I did end going with a Motel on Ocean Dr. In Hollywood Beach just south of the Hollywood Beach Resort. It's clean, and I will pay I think a little under $350 for nine nights. I will include the info in my review upon updating.


P.s I guess I'm going to try to get a little nervous now since my friend has mentioned it again, and told me that she NEEDS for me to get nervous, because she's nervous and she's needs for me to be "just a little" because it's what people do lol, think I'm just going to tell her yes the next time to shut her up.

I've made it inside but I vomitted when I stood up...

I've made it inside but I vomitted when I stood up getting out of th car. I'm sitting in my chair now, (to eat and take meds).and then I'm going to. Take nap. I hope LaBelle and Beautiful are ok. Text me girls

REALSELF IS MESSING UP!!!!!!!! I am ready to...


I am ready to update for you ladies but RS is clearly having technical problems ( notice it says I have 348111111111111111111111111 Comments.) and my replies/ response to you ladies are duplicated and posting all over the place. I don't not want to update you all and risk losing it. So I'm going to have to talk to you guys later. BeautifullyBroken and Labelle, I hope you guys are feeling ok. And I am truly appreciative of all of you ladies that stopped by, and kept us in your prayers. I feel just fine ;-) Forever grateful, ForeverB

Look at there...I tried responding to some of the...

Look at there...I tried responding to some of the comments, and it went haywire again...very, very frustrating! I love you all, and will keep checking back to see if this matter has been resolved.




I have some items that I must leave behind such as food, laundry soap, candles, cleaner, etc. If you want it just private message me your number so that we can arrange to meet up today, I'm leaving in the morning. If no one takes it, I wil just offer it to my motel manager since she's a sweethart, just wanted to give one of you ladies the offer first.

I have been keeping a daily journal of things to...

I have been keeping a daily journal of things to include in my update. I will update and add pictures for you all tomorrow.

I have been keeping a daily journal of things to...

I have been keeping a daily journal of things to include in my update. I will update and add pictures for you all tomorrow.

Is Realself fixed now??I have been keeping a daily...

Is Realself fixed now??I have been keeping a daily journal of what all to inform you ladies on. I will update and add pictures for you all tomorrow.

*************************EVERYTHING FROM THIS...

*************************EVERYTHING FROM THIS POINT ON IS POST OP***************************
I notice some of my pics came out blurry upon uploading and are rotated, i will fix this soon. (some didn't even upload, thats why they're all out of order)

I will update soon as well, had to finally make time to share pics with you ladies though...

I am doing just fine, aside from the soreness, stiffness, and just being uncomfortable. never had any significant pain though. Be back soon ladies oxox

Oh yea...I had my surgery on Monday the first, and...

Oh yea...I had my surgery on Monday the first, and began driving on Thursday the far so good. Lol ( I will include how in my update as well)

I'm going to begin updating a little at a time,...

I'm going to begin updating a little at a time, forgive me if I'm all over the place, I'm just trying to make sure I include everything. But before I do so....


SX WEIGHT AND CC's###################
-I went into surgery on October 1st, 2012 weighing 153.6 lbs according to Dr. Salama's scale. I am 5'1.
-I received 1000 cc's per cheek. 
  I did not give him a number amount of cc's that I was expecting since I am not a doctor. I just told him "I would like it as big as you can get it, and I don't want a high shelf, I prefer more of a slope instead."
- I wasss hoping to hear that I received somewhere between 1200 and 1300 cc's though, but i think my body would only allow 1000

The motel shown in my pictures is where I stayed. I paid a total of I believe $355.00 for 9 nights
-It's a small motel, she only has 4 units (she sold the other building)
-although it is a older unit, it is evident that she takes pride in what she has, everything was really clean, and neat. I had no complaints, it was actually quite comfy to me.
-cash only
-I don't think she takes reservations really far in advance since she only has the 4 units.
-within 2 mins walking distance to the beach and boardwalk, it's roughly 3 blocks south of the Hollywood Beach Resort.
-7-8 mins away from surgery center, which is also across the street from Walmart and the Dollar Tree.

Waveland Motel
609 S. Ocean Drive
Hollywood Beach, Fl 33019

Veronika L.
Owner and manager.      954-923-2189

RENTAL CAR#########
-Through Fox rental, I rented a full sized vehicle for a total of $214.00 for 9 days. (plus a refundable $100 deposit using my credit card, bank card deposit is $200)
-I opted to rent a car since I had a licensed driver with me, it would be cheaper than using Larry the Driver, and we would have a car to come and go as we pleased....worked out perfectly.  (I rented the car here, drove there and returned it at airport for flight back home.)

MY EXPENSES###########
-Motel and Rental Car combined ran me less than $600.
-Food, and things like Tupperware, plasticware, candles and hand soap were maybe a little over $100
-two one way flight tickets back home $173

(I will continue with useful/needed supplies next)

SEROMA############################# I am 2 weeks...

I am 2 weeks and one day post op, and I received my 8th massage yesterday. I have some stubborn fluid that has collected in the left side of my abdomen. I was hoping that with the benefits of the massage, compression as prescribed and using my heading pad with moist heat, that it would reabsorb...maybe it would have, but not soon enough for me considering that the insurance (CosmetAssure) that I purchased through the office ($160)  is only valid for 30 days following sx, I called the office, and explained to them what I was experiencing, and was advised to visit the e.r to resolve the issue. I am here now, I just had the cat scan performed, and I guess I am now just waiting to have the seroma aspirated (drained)...I will tell you more about what happens from here after it happens.

Home treatment for seroma
-have your massages done as recommended.
-apply heating pad with moist heat (google it) to the problem as often as you feel is needed within reason.

some will experience a seroma and some won't, I think it's kind of a hit or miss  thing, I've done everything as advised and I still got one...but I'm not tripping, just taking the necessary steps to resolve the issue...I told myself that I would more than likely receive one anyway, that way when and if I did, it was kind of like "oh, hey seroma! I'm about to eradicate you seroma!...I win, you lose, it's over for you seroma lol I'll let you all know how it goes later.

Btw...I'm soooo phat in this hospital..."thicka than a snicka" ;)


SEROMA CONTINUED########################
  Ok, so in conclusion to the E.R. Visit, I have two of them, one on each side of my abdomen, the one on the right side is much smaller then the one on the left. The doctor there told me that they do not aspirate them there (after seeing me running that big expensive test, and the whole nine..thank goodness for the CosmetAssure Insurance) lol so I had him give me the results from the Cat scan, which included the measurements of the fluid collection, and I will in turn fax to Dr. S tomorrow, and follow his orders.
  -the doctor there said that they should reabsorb on there on.

And another piece of advice for PREVENTING AND RIDDING a seroma
 -keep hydrated, drink as much water as you can...or can't lol

I'm not to worried about it though, it's one up on me today (I talked really big earlier huh lol)  but it will be a thing of the past before I know it #should have been a picture, you would last longer...Seromaaaaa haha

I'll let you all know how I annihilate them once and for all  ;-)


HOW I'M FEELING AT 2 WEEKS#####################
  Two weeks since day of surgery yesterday...and although I had no significant pain related to the sx, I was really uncomfortable, to the point to where I was  almost miserable. I mean the STIFFNESS that followed waking up, kneeling, sitting, or laying in any one position for over a certain amount of time was at a minimal today. 

  I noticed last night as I slept, I wasn't as uncomfortable and sore and when I went to get up of the sofa (where I've been sleeping since the sx) I actually wasn't really stiff! I couldn't believe it! 

  Before this morning, i couldn't really see these things improving anytime in the near future...and now I can see the light! Lol I almost felt like my old self today. This is really exciting to me, I can even lift my legs enough to lotion my feet now :-)  and guess butt is even softening up, she (my butt) isn't rock hard anymore. I tried to dance a little in the bathroom mirror, and let's just say shes still pretty darn firm. (she tried to jiggle a little bit, but I don't think she's ready for me just yet, she said she's been through a lot, so give her a little more time to get herself together  ;-)

Had my surgery on the first, and I resumed driving on the eleventh.

How I drive
-I take the yoga mat rolled up with the four towels that I mentioned awhile ago in my review, and place it on the sit, and sit on it with my thighs, and just place the boppy pillow behind my back (flat to the seat), and besides the fact that the  people on the road probably think that I'm the tallest woman on the planet. It's been a success.

  I  had little to no bruises (maybe I have the arnica to thank for this),
The only bruise I had was just beneath my left boob, I would have had to point it out to you for you to notice, it disappeared within I think 2-3 days.


USEFUL ITEMS##############################
Grabber- to help pull up undies, pants, garment etc, and pick up the things i dropped and so forth, I wasn't able to bend very much.
Pill Organizer- (pictured above) help organize and keep up with meds without lugging all of the bottles around.

Shower shoes- explains itself, I'm weird about my feet touching surfaces...including showers!

Yogurt- Took my pills with yogurt, easy to swallow, and hope it helped minimize chances of getting a yeast infection from antibiotics.

Boyshorts and maxi pads- maxi pads to help prevent swelling, and boy shorts...I still wear them with my garment, I don't like the feeling of my who-haa hanging out of the bottom.

Dark colored towel-I didn't want to bloody up the hotels just incase I bled.

Extra Sheet and shower Curtain or Bed Pad- I actually only needed to use 1 bed pad, and it may have had a few spots on it, so I didn't leak much.

Thermometer- I ran a temp, and was able to monitor it.

Purex Washer Sheets- brought 2 of these, instead of heavy, bulky liquid detergent, and to wash my garment, I just cut a strip, and washed it in the sink.

Stool-I brought along a Dora the explorer kitty stool to help get in and out of bed. ( $3.99 at Ross) packed upside down in my luggage so that I was able to pack other things inside of it.

Back Scratcher- for the  itchies that you can't reach

Starbucks cup(s)- cut bottom out and use to tinkle. I never made a mess on myself a single time, don't forget to bring a cup along with you while you're out, you may have to use the restroom. (The one you take around with you, keep it in a large ziploc bag, or small forever 21, wet seal, or Charlotte russe type bag.)

Wipes- to do just that, toilet paper did not work for that big ole booty. It would just eat it up, and not spit it back out lol (bring theses along with you while you're out too)

Face Wash- I forgot mine, so had to just use warm water :-(

Toiletries- liquid hand soap, candles, air freshener, Lysol, etc  (for motel)

Benadryl cream and pills- my butt itched like crazy, and these really came in handy.

Motrin pm-helped break temperature, and relied on these often instead of the percocets.

Arnica gel-Rubbed on my butt, and lipo'd areas prior to putting on garment for added relief of burning, and discomfort, etc.

2 bags of frozen peas-to put on my new cheeks when they felt like they were on fire.

Bag-something simple and cute to put things in for sx, and to carry around pill organizer, Wipes, and potty cup in.

Extra sandwich bags- these come in handy for randomness. (4-5)

Satin cap/scarf/ hair cover-self explanatory

Gauze and tape-Needed after drains are removed to care for drain sites.

Antibiotic ointment/neosporin-for drain sites once drains are removed.

Band aids- to cover lipo incisions on lower abdomen, don't like my garment touching and irritating them.

Biocorneum-to begin treating incisions to prevent scarring (starts at $40 at dermatologists offices, google it)

Cotton balls/marble- place in belly button to help it reform.

***Tip: make food list out at home before traveling, that way you already have it, and know exactly what you are looking for while at grocery store, I did, and was basically in and out.

BAG TO BRING TO SX############################
-sports bra/yoga bra
-short fitted shirt to go beneath garment
-socks (a pair was supplied, as well as a pair of compression stockings)
-snack like lunchable or crackers and peanut butter (you may be hungry when you wake up from sx)
-any questions or pics to ask or show doc
-retainers and containers/baggies for any piercings that you may have.

CLOTHING THAT I BROUGHT/ WORE #################################
*none of my clothing got ruined,
-boy shorts/panties to wear over garment.
-thin, fitted t-shirts with sleeves to wear beneath Garment ( 4-6)
-yoga/sports bra (2)
 -maxi dresses (4-6)
-cardigan, Jean vest (wear to cover garment beneath dress)
 -zip up hoodie
-pretty pair of panties to put on while garment is drying, walk around with nothing but these on, stare at yourself in the mirror, and smile, I did ;-)
-moo moo/robe/old lady house coat- to wear after sx,
** I could not bend enough to pull up sweatpants, and also didn't want to fight with them at tinkle will have to go often.

JACKEYY ################################### Just...

JACKEYY ###################################
Just so you guys know, if you ever here me say Jackeyy, I'm referring to my butt. My cousin and I came up with that name a few years ago for my butt pads, it had something to do with me wearing them out and ended up with my guy...I had to slip it off in the DRIVER SEAT, and put it beneath the seat while he ran inside for a sec lol but now that Big Jackeyy (well she isn't so big right now, hopefully something comes through for me) has touched down....thank goodness I no longer have to worry about that. But anyway, Jackeyy and 'she' is in reference to my booty, I'm sure I say 'she' when I'm talking, and people think "now this girl has lost her darn mind" lol nope but Jackeyy lost swelling and kind of disappeared on me....tear.

Classic 3/4 leg
Sz L (this brand runs smaller than my original one)

SEROMA TO BE DRAINED########################
Monday morning, going 1.5 hours away to Dr. Salama's partners office to have it drained.


I've had a few ladies ask how I feel about my over results. Overall I am very pleased with my new shape, but my butt...not so much. I do not have the projection I was wishing for, and it isn't my mind playing tricks on me, or any of that, even with the swelling, it wasn't the size I was quite hoping for. I only received or was able to receive 1000cc's so I already knew it wasn't going to be exactly what I had been desiring. A few of my friends (both white and black, and the only reason I mention race is because the two sometimes have a different 'booty views') as well as my mother, even told me that they expected more butt. So I know I'm not being delusional. I also still have the horizontal row of fat that went across my butt, which makes it appear to be an indentation, which I refer to as my 'concave' at the top of my butt. I look and feel so much better than I did prior to sx, but as far as my butt, there is still room for improvement. I just look like I have a normal butt now. My 19 year old little sister who doesn't even have a ridiculous booty, still has more projection than me.  I want a butt like 'wham' but still natural appearing. Right now it's kind of like 'she has a cute shape, look at her hips and waist', but I want ' dangg...look at her butt, and she has a badd ass shape too!'...but My body is very much so improved, and i do have a cute 'little' butt right now.


MY APPETITE###############################
  I never really lost my appetite, I've been eating like crazy. As a matter of fact at times I feel like a cow wouldn't be safe around me.
   It's kind of scary because I don't want to hinder my results, and want the best possible. But I can not stop thinking about red sauce, and cheese, so it's like pizza and lasagna are continuously on my mind...oh gosh, I'm going to end up looking like Garfield aren't I?! (he loved lasagna right?..eeekkk) I really , really, hope that any weight I gain goes directly  to Jackeyy...she can use it more than I can. 
  I have got to increase my Intake of greens and protein (meat). Especially since I am not as active right now. I can not wait to begin working out again.


CORSET, NINI'S CORSET################################
I forgot to tell you all that Nini, (RealSelf member Nini Fernandez) surprised me and mailed me her infamous corset. She told me to put it on right away, so I made an attempt, and boy was that thing not closing. I told her that after putting all of my muscles into it, I managed to fasten one clamp, and that I was afraid that that clamp would blow. She laughed and told me to keep trying. I tried again luck lol, so since I have the seroma drained on Monday, hopefully I loose more swelling soon, and maybe it will full fasten within the next week or two. I really have to get over the whole red sauce and cheese thing, and eat healthier and drink tons of water, or else I can throw it ever fastening right out the window.


CORSET, NINI'S CORSET################################
I forgot to tell you all that Nini, (RealSelf member Nini Fernandez) surprised me and mailed me her infamous corset. She told me to put it on right away, so I made an attempt, and boy was that thing not closing. I told her that after putting all of my muscles into it, I managed to fasten one clamp, and that I was afraid that that clamp would blow. She laughed and told me to keep trying. I tried again luck lol, so since I have the seroma drained on Monday, hopefully I loose more swelling soon, and maybe it will full fasten within the next week or two. I really have to get over the whole red sauce and cheese thing, and eat healthier and drink tons of water, or else I can throw it ever fastening right out the window.


SEROMA DRAINED############################################

  Ok, I had my friend drive me over to Dr. Salama's partners office near Orlando. There I finally got to meet Dr. Ghurani...really nice, and welcoming guy, he and his assistant took excellant care of me.

-Disinfect the area
-Inject a numbing agent into the seroma(s)
-aspire the fluid collection via needle/syringe

And Voila...I was seroma free, and sent on my way.

  No, this wasn't painful to me, and I took no pain medication prior to having it done. I talked and laughed with him and his assistant through the entire 7 minute process. I just refrained from  looking down.

  I believe at least 65cc's were withdrawn, and hopefully with a great deal of compression...continuing to wear my foam, board, and garment as advised and so forth, hopefully it doesn't return. If so I will just take Dr. G up on his invite, and return to have it redrained. 


I'd like to update photos using my iPad, since it's much easier.versus updating all four thousand and some odd pictures from the iPad to the desktop.

Does anyone know how update the iPads software to enable me to do so. I do not see that option in my settings (I was told by a couple of members here that they were able to do so via iPad and iPhone 4s)


OPERATION SAVE JACKEYY I don't know what's going...

I don't know what's going on with Jackeyy, but I need for her to get it together before she becomes the death of me. She's been looking really finicky here lateley. This isn't my update guys. I'm just in my feelings a little bit about her... and I need for her to know that I truly do need her.

Dear Jackeyy,
Hey girl, It's Forever. I'm not sure what's going on with you, and where you've gone...but I need for you to come back home. I need you, things aren't the same without you, and let's admit're about to flat out drive me crazy. I don't know what you're trying to prove, but this isn't cool. MISS YOU JACKEYYYYYY. From the bottom of my heart,
P.S. There is a lot of people waiting to meet you....I'll be waiting. :-)

Ok guys, now that I've gotten that out of the way...hopefully she gets my letter and returns, meanwhile, I'm going to wash my car, and talk to you all later. Oxox

To read Part 2 of my BBL journey, please click here.



Haven't personally met Dr. Salama just yet (my appointment is in December 2012) but i'm very much so impressed with all of the kind words that his post op patients have had to say regarding, him and his team?

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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