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Where do I start....after stalking this site for a...

Where do I start....after stalking this site for a couple of years I've decided that it's time to do something nice for myself! I've always hated the shape of my booty and my overall body (will post pictures soon).

So after some major research I decided on Dr Salama. He seems to be the most experienced but from what I see one of the priciest! Although I have to admit that so far my experience with his office is amazing. They are very responsive and professional.

I'm curious to know what you guys think of my choice? Also, has anyone been approved for FMLA for this procedure?

Nervous and excited! Thanks for replying!

Pre-Op Pictures

Finally posted some pictures. As you can see, I'm naturally square-ish. Blah. Hoping he could work his magic. He's recommended that I gain 5-7 lbs. I'm also paying a little more because they're going to use the Vaser lipo on my arms and abdomen to treat some of the lumpiness I got from some smart lipo I got years ago.

I was 128 a few days ago and even though I've been eating way more I've barely gained a pound! Not super comfortable with the gaining part but the doctor doesn't want me to be disappointed if he can't find enough fat on me. I don't know...I see plenty!

If any of you ladies are around my size and height (I'm 5'5"), let me know how you did in the weight area and how your results turned out. Would really appreciate it!

Pre-Op Pictures (2nd try - ugh)

Am I paying too much?

I'm so mystified as to why Salama is so much more than Vanity? Salama's BBL price is $8200 (I'm paying a little bit more for Vaser because of previous lipo bumps) while Fisher/Vanity are $4000! Less than half! I now see why so many of the reviews are from Vanity!

I'm starting to wonder if I'm paying too much and if I should consider other options. $9 versus $4k or even $5K is a big difference!! I did get a quote from Duran $4100 but I'm not willing to take a chance in another country, especially if I can go to Miami for the same price (Vanity).

I do have to admit that I prefer the pictures I see on Salama's site than Fisher.

I would love to hear what you guys think about this! Am I paying too much? IS Salama worth it??


Wish Pics

Here are some of my wish pics. My biggest concern in this whole process is getting something that will look done and exaggerated for my body and lifestyle. Just something that's cute, fuller than what I have and perky. Kind of like I've done squats all my life!

Changing Doctors

Hello ladies - I'm considering changing doctors. No reflection on Dr Salama. I actually know someone who went to him and she absolutely loves her results. I've just noticed that Dr Fisher works more on smaller girls and seems to give the most natural results. Im not interested in a badonkadonk. In fact, if when everything is said and done I get a 25-50% improvement I would be happy. Dr Salama's results seem to be mostly a lot bigger than I'm interested in. Again, I think he's a great doctor but I'm willing to put up w Vanity to get what I want.

SonIf you're interested in a May date, I'm scheduled for May 20th (Friday) and would prefer to get my deposit back of $900. Private message me if you're interested! Thanks!

May 20th available w Dr Salama

Hello Dolls.

I still have the May 20th date available w Dr Salama. As I mentioned in a previous post I've switched Doctors. I would be interested in getting back less than my deposit at this point. Private message me if you're interested!

Well Ladies....It's finally happening!

I've been living my life for the past few months and aside form gaining the 12 pounds I was asked to gain, I hadn't really thought too much about this procedure. But now that I am less than a month away, I put my butt in high gear (pun) and purchased everything that I needed. I also bought an extra stage 1 garment (just to make sure I always have a clean one to change into).

I decided that I didn't want to buy brand new clothes to wear during the healing process (e.g. maxi dresses, short summer ones etc). So I went on ebay and bought five lightly worn maxi dresses for a grand total of $45! I also bought a cotton robe on Amazon to wear around the house etc. The robes I currently have are fleece or terry robe which would not be comfortable to wear around in South Florida (even indoors).

In terms of stay - At first I made arrangements to stay with a surgery buddy and rent a AirBnB, but that did not work out. First of all the by the time you get an AirBnB, hire a round the clock nurse, uber to post op/ pharmacy trips, buy food, supplies're paying more than just staying at a nicer recovery home with less of the hassle. So that didn't make sense.

Then, I figured since I have ton of family in florida, why not just stay with them! After reading dozens upon dozens of reviews on here I realized that staying somewhere quiet and peaceful and having round the clock care is important during those first few days of hell. So after doing tons of research I came across Miami Escape Womens Recovery Center. Turns out its a brand new recovery house that opened in March! The house is absolutely gorgeous and modern and the owner Dani is so sweet and nice. The best part is that the introductury price for the stay is $150 per night and that includes 3 meals, snacks, transportation, round the clock care, laundry, etc. If any ladies out there are looking for a recovery home, check out the website: I'll make sure to post a full review of my stay there.

Also, Dani was really informative and scared me a bit. She told me that her experience with Vanity is awful. Ugh! She said that when the girls get sick she can hardly get a hold of the office and /or Dr. Fisher. Turns out the post op care at Vanity is pretty shitty. Geez! She mentioned that out all the results she's seen so far, she likes Dr. Blinksi the best. I don't remember seeing that many reviews on Blinski though...Damn! Its too late to turn around now. I've already lost $1K when I switched from Salama to Fisher and I am not about to lost another grand. Although I am confident that Dr. Fisher is awesome, I wonder why the hell I chose to put myself through Vanity! Damn it!

Oh well, besides the brief scare Dani gave me I am SUPER SUPER excited to get this done and move on with my life. I can't wait to get through the healing process and work out again!

Labs - Low INR?

So I got my lab work back today and k thought everything looked peachy until I scrolled down and noticed my INR is pretty low at .95. The normal range is 2-3.

INR is pretty important for a procedure like this since it basically dictates how well your blood will clot. Ugh!!!!

I started doing research on what could cause this since I'm otherwise a pretty healthy person and it looks like Vitmain K can be the culprit. I take a multivitamin everyday which I just stopped taking today in preparation for the procedure.

Has anyone had low INR results and what did the doctor say? What did you do?

Just when I thought everything was going smoothly....

Another BBL death...

So sad to hear a young mohter lost her life due to a botched BBL!

It's getting real...

I can't believe there are only 12 days left! I'm excited and super nervous! Supplies are bought, labs are in, recovery house is paid for and I'm ready to put this behind me and on the road to recovery! ???? Wish me luck ladies! Just praying all goes uneventfully...????????


Ugh! I've come across a couple of reviews on here of girls who went to Blinski and I must say I'm super impressed! So much so that I had a dream w him last night! I spent years researching doctors and had initially gone w Salama. Going as far as scheduling the procedure...but his results lately made me change my mind. I lost my deposit and changed to Fisher because of his work (not price) knowing that I would take a chance w the infamous vanity.... But now I'm second guessing my choice...and only because of vanity! Wish I would have seen more of Blinski's work before I made a final decision. It's also really nice to hear that he contacts his patients personally and does a minimal amount of procedures a day. I believe fisher does about 8! I'm one week away from my procedure and I'm 100% paid. Uuuugghhh! At this point, I've gained the weight, booked my flights, paid for the recovery house, took time from work off, can't turn back now! Wish me luck ladies!!

I have arrived....T-2

Just got to south Florida and made a bee line for the beach. Tomorrow I'll go to Vanity bright and early for the preop and to sign all the papers! Got a call from Vanity a couple of days ago and all is good, so far! Will keep you guys posted!!

Yes. It's true.

...Vanity is located in a strip mall next to a discount shoe store... Got to Vanity bright and early to sign my preop papers and try on some garments (even though I bought one at home). To my surprise, I was in and out in an hour w no issues! As I was signing the papers, I was chatting up the girl (Helen). She told me that Fisher does about 12 surgeries a day!!! 12!!!! I felt sick to my stomach!!!! Im starting to wonder if I've lost my mind....

Review - Miami Escape Recovery Home

Well ladies, I made it to the bbl side and alive. Thank god! Today is day four and I finally feel human. I literally felt like I got hit by a truck and survived. I think the pain was exacerbated because he also lipoed my arms and arm pits. You never know how much you depend on your arms until you are bruised and sore! Thank you all who messaged to check up on me! Your support is much appreciated! This community has been such a source of support for me that I plan to repay you with a full review of my experience with vanity, dr fisher (separately), Miami escape recovery home and my results. Since my visit with Miami escape ends tomorrow morning, I'll start w them... Miami Escape has been a god send! Besides the beautiful and luxurious house (check out their website) , the staff is absolutely amazing. From the moment I arrived they tend to your every need. Three delicious meals a day, snacks, water, laundry service, 24 hour care and all the supplies you can possibly need. Even a bubble bed that was like heaven to sleep in! All included at a very reasonable $150 a night. I haven't heard of a recovery house this nice and this affordable yet. If you think about the expense of hiring a nurse ($150 a day) renting an Airbnb or a hotel (a nice one would cost at least $150 a night, plus you have to buy ALL your supplies, food, and cook your own meals. Makes no sense! Highly recommend Miami Escape before you waste your time spending all that money. You get top notch care at a very reasonable rate. My review of vanity and dr fisher will come in a couple of days, I need a real keyboard for that! :) Happy healing dolls! Xoxo The masseuse comes daily right to you too. Her name is Elsi and before I knew she was good, I felt that she was good. Her lymphatic massages are amazing and worth every once of the pain. You can literally hear the fluid swishing inside of you! For those that use Amy (nurse) she's the masseuse of her choice. She's reasonable and takes her time with you. She even uses an ultrasound machine to reduce the swelling. Ive had a massage w her every day and plan to do so until then end of my stay in Miami. She's reasonable too!

The great reveal...1300 ccs each!

Okay ladies, as requested, here are some pics. I'm a little concerned w the shelf. I specifically told him that I didn't want a huge shelf and more of a heart shape. Please some one tell me this will smooth out and drop!?!? It looks more on the round side than heart Note that I've been wearing a wrap around foam then the individual ones and my abdomen and sides are completely smooth. I cut up a few pieces of the traditional white foams to put around the end near my pubic area to smooth out the lines of whete the foam wrap around ends but I'm still getting the lines. Any suggestions?!?! Thanks ladies!

Wrap around foam

Here is a picture of the foam I'm using...makes more sense to have a wrap around the. All these weird pieces.


I spent 20 minutes writing my review of my whole experience (and Dr Fisher and Vanity) and this stupid website didn't save it!! Ugh. I promise to try again!

In the meantime - my belly is lumpy and I am beginning to worry. I'm 2.5 months post op and I've been massaging every day. The Dr said it will take 6 months to see the full results and that I'm swollen.

Did anyone have this problem and did it get better months later??

Thanks all!

Lumps - pics!

did any of you ladies have lumps at the 3 month mark that got better over time?

Now I'm starting to worry!

Damn fisher. Ugh.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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